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  1. M1919


  2. Great job on this, dude. Unrelated: I am thrilled to be able to fulfill my dream of exploring ancient tombs and engaging in combat with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.
  3. You know what they call a Quarter Pounder with cheese in Paris?

  4. Discord: herkulean ↬ Skin Name(s): Elizabeth of York Gilded Coat Dainty Blue ↬ Bid(s): $46 26 for Dainty
  5. Discord: herkulean ↬ Skin Name(s): Elizabeth of York Gilded Coat ↬ Bid(s): $36
  6. Discord: herkulean ↬ Skin Name(s): Elizabeth of York Gilded Coat Veiled Mistress Dainty Blue ↬ Bid(s): $27 for Elizabeth & Gilded 16 for veiled & blue
  7. can you get me a number 9 w fries & a powerade (blue) while you're out please

    1. _Jandy_


      I just drank the gatorade. Comply with my demands or the fries are next.

  8. A young chap wearing an oversized kettlehelm expressed great enthusiasm about this particular. "Amazing!" he had shouted, before squinting his eyes and adding, "I wish I could read."
  9. it says gullible on the ceiling 

  10. Gustaf farms. [ not reserved, this is the emote. ]
  11. Qizu informs me that he is now lifting weights. This brings a great smile to my face.
  12. A farmhand is a farmhand. Simple words, with simple meanings, yet a value placed upon each syllable. No matter the soul, no matter the design upon which Divine fingers carved in Fate; valued could be synonymous to honored for such a profession. Posters had been made, concerned toward the whereabouts of one particular caretaker in Acre. It described a certain particular being, made of neither flesh nor bone, designed by a particular forgemaster, alien to the barley-coated country north of Vienne. A farmhand is a farmhand.
  13. Discordtag : hughbie#1776 MC Name : M1919 RP Name : Gustaf de Vilain RP Age : 24 Are you entering as a Commoner/Knight/Champion of a peer? Specify which : Knight
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