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  1. *bumps into you



    "Hail, samurai."



    1. Benleft


      “H-hey Konan-Thegn…”


      Slash me blushes. 



  2. "This warrior says you must fight him for the leadership," said Bran, and Kull, eyes glittering with growing battle-joy, nodded: "I guessed as much. Give us space."
    "A shield and a helmet!" shouted Bran, but Kull shook his head.
    "I need none," he growled. "Back and give us room to swing our steel!"

  3. I will pray for you.
  4. frostgators are almost in season.

    1. ichigomaster98


      Bouta make some frostgatorskin boots to match my seaserpentskin cowboy hat.

  5. hey. collect my pages.

  6. The romantic chivalric tradition takes, or at any rate has in the past taken, the young man's eye off women as they are, as companions in shipwreck not guiding stars.

    1. UnusualBrit


      Just kiss already omg

  7. 'Hello, sir,' another of the Legionnaires says. I glance behind Ryken, to a man several places down the line. My targeting reticule locks on him - onto his grinning face. He is unscarred, and despite his youth, has laugh lines at the corner of his eyes.


    So. He's not dead, either.


    This does not surprise me. Some men are born with luck in their blood.


    I nod to him, and he walks over, seemingly as bored with the proceedings as I am.


    The orator is declaring how I 'smote the blaspheming aliens as they dared defile the temple's inner sanctum.' His words border on a sermon. He would have made a fine ecclesiarch, or a preacher in the Imperial Guard.


    The ochre-clad soldier offers his hand for me to shake. I humor him by doing the same.


    'Hello, hero,' he grins up at me.


    'Greetings, Andrej.'


    'I like your armor. It is much nicer now. Did you repaint it yourself, or is that the duty of slaves?'


    I cannot tell if this is a joke or not.




    'Good! Good. Perhaps you should salute me now, though, yes?' He taps his epaulettes, where a captain's badges now show, freshly issued and polished silver.


    'I am not beholden to a Guard captain,' I tell him. 'But congratulations.'


    'Yes, I know, I know. But I must be offering many thanks for you keeping your word and telling my captain of my deeds.'


    'An oath is an oath.' I have no idea what to say to the little man. 'Your friend. Your love. Did you find her?'


    I am no judge of human emotion, but I see his smile turn fragile and false. 'Yes,' he says. 'I did find her.'


    I think of the last time I saw the little storm trooper, standing over the dockmaster's bloody corpse, bayoneting an alien in the throat, only moments before the basilica fell.


    I find myself curiously glad that he is alive, but expressing that notion is not something I can easily forge into words. He has no such difficulty.


    'I am glad you made it,' he uses my own unspoken words. 'I heard you were very injured, yes?'


    'Not enough to kill me.'


    But so close. I quickly grew bored of the Apothecaries on board the Crusader telling me that it was a miracle I clawed my way from the rubble.


    He laughs, but there is little joy in it. His eyes are like glass since he mentioned finding his friend.


    'You are a very literal man, Reclusiarch. Some of us were in lazy moods that day. I waited for the digging crews, yes, I admit it. I did not have Adeptus Astartes armor to push the rocks off myself and get back to fighting the very next day.'


    'The reports I have heard indicated no one else survived the fall of the basilica,' I tell him.


    He laughs. 'Yes, that would make for a wonderful story, no? The last black knight, the only survivor of the greatest battle in Helsreach. I apologize for surviving and breaking the flow of your legend, Reclusiarch. I promise most faithfully that I and the six or seven others will be very quiet and let you have all the thunder.'


    He has made a joke. I recognize it, and try to think of something humorous with which to reply. Nothing surfaces in my mind.

    'Were you not injured at all?'


    He shrugs. 'I had a headache. But then it went away.'


    This makes me smile.

    1. UnusualBrit


      just kiss already smh

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