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  1. "I hate deep dolphin feeders." Said Archie Mareno
  2. Archie Mareno thinks of home.
  3. Archie Mareno makes plans to attend ^_^
  4. Ideally the best thing would be full customizability. The ability to show one name or the other only, both names in either position orientation and health/no health
  5. Whilst I feel that I do have a lot to say on the matter of the direction the server is taking I'm going to put them aside in favor of trying to clear the dialogue here. That's to say that there are a couple things wrong with this kind of thread that I think most reasonable people can get behind. First of all, a thread like this opens the flood gates to villainizing whatever may not be advantageous to a certain player base at a certain time. It is politically favorable for them to declare that X thing is a terrible idea and should never be implemented/should be removed, simply because it's not benefiting them at the moment. In terms of an objective standpoint, anything said on this thread will in turn become entirely useless because everyone is vying for their own agenda rather than what creates what we would consider 'premier' roleplay. Just reading through several of the comments here this kind of division isn't even subtle. Second of all, the mission statement itself is an unfortunate case of no one can agree what it means. It is entirely possible for two sides of an argument to site a portion of the mission statement and both use it against each other. That's not to say that the intention of it is bad, but that is to say that it's a bit of a lackluster point of measurement. It's easy for anyone to say that roleplay means narrative, story and content but it seems no one can quite agree on what those should entail for LOTC. My personal advice to the administration is to acknowledge that these issues exist so deeply that they're deeply rooted within the staff teams. At the risk of sounding a bit condescending towards administration, there needs to be more active involvement in moving the server in the correct direction. There needs to be an accepted singular guiding figure of LOTC that is inspired with the direction to turn it into something great, and that is the only way to actually surpass the road to 500 and beyond.
  6. Archie Mareno signs up for the dueling tournament!


    Screenshot 2023-07-12 001230.png

  8. At the time of me posting the issue was not resolved (as squak claimed) or actively being resolved.
  9. You are largely just lying on this post. You did not manage to do all vaults without any bugs, and your error rate was not as low as .48%. I know of at least one player (and I'm sure you know exactly who I'm talking about) who had their entire vault wiped and still has not been compensated. Any attempts they've made to contact administration have been met with indifference. If there's nothing you can do about their items, then say that, but don't come on the forums and pretend that you did everything perfectly when you didn't. update: It seems to be that admins are looking to resolve this issue now. I'm sure the player in question is incredibly appreciative of this, as am I. However, I still think covering up the statistics was the wrong thing to do.
  10. Name: Archie Mareno Age: 30s Race: Heartlander Nation: Adria
  11. Vyllaenen looked at the missive of culture for a moment, then returned to writing the Ferrymen history.
  12. Could you please respond to the RP that we're doing right now.
  13. Vyllaenen attempts to return a stolen book he retrieved from one of the Minitzian thieves. Unfortunately it was unclaimed, and now rests within the Order's library.
  14. I think there should just be a forced step down clause with pk being optional.
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