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  1. IGN: Orlanth RP NAME: Diomé Indoren Diomé Indoren gazed proudly upon the missive as he recognized the work of the Marenos. Soon after, he tracked down one of them and acquired a raffle ticket.
  2. Personally I dislike the current deamonsteel refining method and I find that this makes infinitely more logical sense. Absolutely a major +1
  3. Goons do lore too.

  4. Resonite and Resonant Steel Introduction: When the descendants fled the world of Arcas and were able to journey from Aos to Eos with the help of the brev, new lands were found, and with that came new materials. Naturally occurring in the lands of Almaris, bright orange crystals termed as “Resonite” for their strange properties in reaction to sound, were discovered. As is common for descendants, innovation soon struck and talented smiths of Almaris were able to discover refinement methods and utilization for this material. Raw Form and Harvesting: In its raw form, Resonite is a curved bright orange crystal that has many natural impurities within its structure. Air pockets and streams of bubbles blur the clear nature of the crystal and create weaknesses in its structure. Resonite is incredibly reactive to sound, and any loud or high pitch noise will cause it to ring with thousands of minuscule vibrations. In its raw form, these vibrations will cause the crystal to shatter entirely as the frailty of its structure crumbles under the tension. Deposits of Resonite are capable of naturally occurring in caverns, unrestricted by biome or temperature. Despite this, the material is still relatively rare and deposits are few and far between. This scarcity is only amplified by the fact that while naturally occurring anywhere, loud noises or incidents in the surrounding area can easily destroy a vein of crystals and cause structural damage to the cave housing it. Thunderstorms, earthquakes, or even the noise of waves crashing against cliffs could all destroy a collection of Resonite crystals if loud enough. Thankfully, deposits of Resonite tend to be quite bountiful, and multiple mining trips could be conducted for harvesting the material from a single one. Due to the crystal’s unique reaction to sound, harvesting the material is quite difficult and requires relative silence from miners. The crystal is also quite brittle in nature, further complicating its collection. Proper gathering of Resonite requires the creation of no sound louder than the sound of a raised human voice, so directly striking the crystal with any kind of tool is not an option. Instead, the crystal must be cut through with slow and methodical carving, either with a pickaxe, or an incredibly sharp saw. This process could also damage the tool through its extensive use and it would require some repair after collecting Resonite. Raw Form Applications: The raw form of Resonite is fragile, brittle, and has no particularly useful traits. However, it can be refined into a much more useful state. Refining Method: The primary imperfection of raw Resonite is the natural forming bubbles and air pockets within it. Thus, the refining process involves directly removing these impurities and reprocessing the crystal. In order to do this, Resonite must be melted in a forge at a temperature around 1300 degrees Celsius (2370 degrees Fahrenheit.) Once melted, the molten Resonite must then be cast out into a thin plate or sheet to ensure no imperfections are created. This process is fairly simple and a typical furnace should be capable of producing adequate heat. However, the crystal still retains its vulnerability to loud noise and if any incredibly loud noises are produced during the process it will shatter to the point of being unusable. Refined Form: Refined Resonite can be distinguished from its raw form as it takes an entirely translucent appearance once all air pockets have been removed. It maintains the same durability of the crystal, comparable to Ferrum in resistance to force, and will crack or shatter when overwhelmed. Its properties remain the same as the crystal but due to its pure structure, it will not disintegrate when resonating. Instead, these minuscule vibrations can be felt when touched and heard as a high pitch ringing, referred to as activated Resonite. Activated Resonite will produce a ringing noise of comparable sound (in decibels) to the noise that caused its activation. Contact with the material in its active state can be felt as incredibly fast and small vibrations. This creates rough friction between the Resonite and the touching surface and by extension, heat. Between the heat and quick motion, mild bruises and burns would be caused on the skin of a common descendant, and bits of the Resonite would degrade. Activating refined Resonite is much harder than even shattering its raw form due to its density and the removal of the imperfections. While a descendant shouting may be enough to shatter a raw crystal, refined Resonite will not even be activated by it. Instead, a much louder noise such as a shrill whistle or loud bell must be sounded right next to the material for it to vibrate noticeably. Refined Form Applications: Working refined Resonite is much easier than its raw state and can be done through simple heating, gentle hammering, and even glass-blowing. The material reaches a workable temperature at around 1050 degrees Celsius (1920 degrees Fahrenheit), something a typical smithing forge is capable of achieving. Any kind of item typically made of glass can be made with the unique orange hue and effects of Resonite. Additionally, it can be broken down into any size, making it embeddable as fine detail in other items. Alloys and Resonant Steel: The refined plates of Resonite can now be forged and processed but on their own, they make quite poor items. In order to further strengthen its physical properties, Resonite must be alloyed with ingots of low carbon steel or iron to form an orange metal known as Resonant Steel. Resonant Steel is forged in a way similar to Damascus. Plates of refined Resonite must be layered with sheets or plates of low carbon steel or iron, and forged together into a singular ingot at a ratio of one to one. This process is not hard and can be done as simply as regular forging but must be done repeatedly until the materials have been so finely layered that it appears as one single color. Through this process, the Resonite loses its translucent appearance and instead appears as a foggy orange metal. In this metallic form, Resonite inherents properties akin to a metal whilst maintaining its reaction to sounds. It is capable of holding a fine edge and is strengthened in physical resistance but gains few benefits in relation to its resistance to sound. A noise powerful enough to shatter refined Resonite would create large cracks in Resonante Steel, breaking it but not making it irreparable. However, it also benefits from near-identical vibrating properties of Resonite, activating the same but maintaining its activation for a shorter period of time. Resonant Steel Applications: When weaponized, this simply translates to the regular capabilities of Ferrum when in an inactive state and strange properties when activated. The vibration of the weapon translates to its entirety and wielding one in a bare hand would likely strain on the holder. Making deep, precise cuts or strikes with a weapon of active Resonant Steel is effectively impossible. Instead, extensive damage is caused by the friction of the weapon, widening the wounds and causing increased blood loss. Heat created from this friction also causes an uncomfortable burning sensation in the wounded area, amplifying pain to an excruciating (although not unbearable) degree. Vibration from a blunt strike of active Resonant Steel carries force through, leaving the struck area with far worse bruises than from a standard attack. Making armor or defensive equipment from Resonite would be relatively ineffective. The vibrations of the material when activated would greatly hinder and strain the wearer, possibly to the point of harming them with burns or bruises. Other General Redlines: Purpose: When reading through special materials on LOTC a large number of them fall into similar categories as to what they actually affect and I find there is a lot of overlap lore. My goal with this piece was to create something entirely different from most of the currently approved materials on LOTC in the majority of its aspects. Many lore pieces also end up being direct counters to each other (which isn’t bad), but Resonant Steel is meant to be a completely neutral material with equalistic niche effects. Sound is an interesting element that can be altered in interesting ways and one that can be seen in quite a few fantasy settings. LOTC doesn’t particularly have too much lore surrounding special properties of sound and I feel that this lore would fill that area in an interesting way. This lore piece is dedicated to the homies in The Ferrymen, especially Adzy.
  5. "Who?" asked Diomé Indoren.
  6. Diomé Indoren wonders why he doesn't just try getting voted in like everyone else.
  7. Diomé looked at the redecorated church and put the artistic part of his brain to work. "Well, it's certainly a massive improvement. Better color scheme and overall structure. Still not great by any metric although it's hard to fix something that started as so terrible."
  8. Diomé Indoren heard tale of this deal shortly after returning to Almaris. "Very good. I look forward to seeing what Cyrus and the others can do as they're no longer under such an oppressive presence."
  9. @ScreamingDingo feeling based tonight, are we?

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  10. Donald the Damned took off his green fedora and placed it over his heart. Tears welled up in his eyes as he remembered the good times he had shared with this noble man during the Sutica war, and he had to lift his stylistic eye patch to stop it from getting wet. "Another good man falls today lads..." Silence followed as the Hangman looked around at the tombstones and cremated remains that served as his audience. "Goodness me..."
  11. @Narthok who hurt you?!

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