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  1. Still an odd and disturbing thing to roleplay out from an ooc point of view.
  2. I'm going to preface this with stating that I am in no way, shape, or form saying this with any disrespectful intent. Somewhere in this thread I noticed an admin pointing out that the majority of those who disapprove of the moderation team are banned. I am one of those players. Despite the fact that I was banned I still plan on being apart of this community and will be posting an appeal within the week. Regarding my ban, I was in my community when I noticed there was a raid. My character got dragged into it. Before I was dragged into the raid I let my doggo Nala outside to use the bathroom. Just before my characters inventory was searched, my roommate who was outside with my dog notified me that she attempted to jump the fence and was now injured and bleeding profusely. Obviously, I logged off and attended to my injured fur baby. While actively dealing with my bleeding dog I was dmed on discord by a moderator. I will say my attitude towards them was not the best as the situation I was dealing with was very stressful and scary considering the amount of blood that was coming from her leg/arm. They asked me why I had logged off and I stated "irl stuff" and nothing more for obvious reasons. The mod then asked if I was going to log back on and I said no. They then notified me I would get an infraction for this. Mind you, this happened after there was a situation between the vale and the rogue dwarf clans that can't stop harassing people. The situation was, they used a raid ladder to get into the settlement without raiding it. Where was their infraction? I brought this up along with the continuous slander of the Vale in ooc chat and in other chats just for it to be brushed off. Mods have talked down on the community I have been apart of profusely with other communities taking notice. One even compared the community to North Korea of all places. There is a very obvious reason why there is such a high disapproval percentage of the mod team and its the lack of respect and maturity. Though I will say the way I handled the discussion between me and said mod wasn't very mature of myself either and I have since apologized for my actions. Another thing that bothers me is that this is supposed to be a roleplay server. Not a rendition of the game RUST. Before I was banned, everytime I logged on to roleplay there were players harassing and raiding us. Posting our community on the forums as slaves and encouraging slave roleplay. Where are their infractions? A lot needs to change and everyone is human. I hope everyone has a good night.
  3. Euphemia Norvayn smiled upon seeing the missive above. She nodded approvingly to her brothers written words before speaking to herself, "Soon enough the dwarves will run themselves into a corner."
  4. Euphemia sits in the Vale Tavern, laughing at what was posted, "Aye, t'eir tiny legs ran faster t'an a steed w'en t'ey tried us todaeh! Cowards. T'eyre ne even full men!" The 'ame continued to sing merrily with a mug full of mead in her hand!
  5. Miraqirelle’s Herbal Remedies and More [!] A flyer would be posted around Karosgrad! Located at Merchant Shop I in Karosgrad, Miraqirelle’s Herbal provides many plant based and ethically sourced products. Below is our list of permanent stock. We also provide different homemade herbal remedies that are always changing once out of stock! We sell various Syrups, tinctures, salves, incense, and teas. Other services provided are woodworking, tapestry making, and custom herbal remedy orders! Please, stop by for all your herbal needs! --- Alessia Mancini-Miraqirelle
  6. I'd love a smaller map, because currently it is impossible for me to find any kind of harvestable herb because of how big the map is now. I was running around each hub and their area for about three hours and only found two harvestable herbs. very sad
  7. Art By: @AlissElyssia Basic Information: Name: Alessia Mancini-Miraqirelle Age: 78, born in SA 3 Race: Half-Human, Half-Mali’ame Profession: N/A Appearance information: Standing at 5’4” and weighing 115 lbs, Alessia has deep blue eyes, long wavy light blonde hair, and lightly tanned skin. Her ears are longer than that of a human, but shorter than that of a full blooded Mali’ame. Her skin is soft and untouched on her face, and she has varying scars on her legs and arms from her time on her family’s farm and from her solo expeditions. Personality: Overall demeanor: Alessia is a rather positive person, one who doesn’t see herself as more or less than anyone else. She wants everyone to be her friend, no matter what, unless deemed an enemy. On the off chance that her positivity is lacking, she will keep to herself. She believes that energy decides your fate and all she wants to do is put out positive energy to get the same in return. Strengths: Hardworking, this can be seen through her dedication to tasks that she is given. Creative, this is demonstrated through her hobbies of sewing and woodworking. Observant, Alessia can learn and retain information after seeing it once or twice. She can also pick up on skills by being shown how to do something. Although this doesn’t make her a master at everything, she does learn quickly. Weaknesses: Impulsive, this can be seen in Alessia’s short, planned adventures and expeditions. She tends to do things without much preparation or thought to it. Although this can benefit her, it has also gotten her into some sticky situations. Verbose, Alessia loves making new friends and with that comes her inability to keep her thoughts to herself or express herself succinctly. She also struggles to answer questions directly, she feels the need to trail off into a story that is semi related to the topic. Unorganized, Alessia tends to be messy and unorganized but not in ways that particularly matter and not to an extreme. Her hair might be messy, and her home may be full of clutter from her adventures, but she still takes care of herself. Likes: Earthy flavored teas Gardening The color blue Exploring/Traveling Warm weather Dishes with Fish/Chicken in them Fruits and Veggies Any and all friendly animals Dislikes: Bitter wines Loud noises The texture of jelly Dairy/bread products Cold weather Red meat History: Born on a farm outside of Elysium. She was kept from the outside world, only allowed to leave once a year. Her mother, a very strange Highlander woman, kept Alessia busy with chores and responsibilities so she could focus on her debauchery. Alessia didn’t mind the work. She spent a lot of time with her siblings and other children that also resided on the farm. She was given adequate education through other adults that worked the farm as well. Besides that, she had a decent childhood. Though she was raised to believe she was human by her mother. For all of Alessia’s life until recently, she wore a Veil or scarf to cover her ears. Her mother told her it was to protect her thoughts from the negative energies of others. No one acknowledged Alessia’s differences as a result of her mother successfully masking her evidence of adultery. Alessia picked up a number of skills during her childhood such as sewing, archery and hunting, cooking, gardening, animal medicine, and a bit of medical alchemy. In recent days Alessia is a resident within the Vale of Nevaehlen. With her main objective being: Go with the flow.
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