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    Living on the outskirts of the city for a majority of her life, Victoria always lead a simple and peaceful life. She spent a lot of time doing simple tasks throughout the day, following a simple routine of basic stuff such as picking berries or all kinds of fruits from the garden for dinner or even taking journeys to the nearest markets in town. It was a tiring journey indeed, but Victoria always seen the beauty in the nature surrounding her, she absolutely adored long walks! Multiple pieces of bread scattered amongst the fruits from the market, Victoria kept them clutched- tight in her grasp as she walked home. It was becoming awfully eerie, a chill making its way up Victoria's spine instantly making her react with goose bumps scattering across both her arms. The once blue sky was painted an intense colour of dark grey, indicating a storm was amidst the horizon. Suddenly, a roaring thunder clapped making Victoria flinch- her eyes widening on pure instinct. Her pace had suddenly quickened, it was clear she was desperate to get home to shelter herself from the storm. Nothing could have expected her for what could come next, the breads and fruits in her grasp was no longer, smashing on the ground. All that could be seen on Victoria's face was horror. Her bottom lip trembling, her own father laid on the floor unconscious. Her mother to this day still refused to tell Victoria of how her father came to become deceased, Victoria was left clueless with a whole bunch of mysteries she had so badly wanted to find out. There she stood in the middle of Oren where she had lived now, the flashback making her internally wince- venturing back into the large crowd of the city..
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