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  1. I couldn't agree more with this point. I don't think the rules should change entirely, I think the nations (hello there Haense) around now should try to vassalize a lot of these states if this is a concern. This isn't my end all be all argument either, there's of course other things to be done besides this, but I do feel it's important. I'm more on the side of playerbases/NLs need to be making change rather than staff, besides a few minor things such as 1) checking signatures more 2) potential activity checks? I'm hesitant on this. If you can't vassalize them in whichever way, diplomatically or otherwise (plenty of means to do this without military directly), then they should be left alone without being destroyed OOCly (with proper/thorough realm application checks to begin with, however). And, way easier said than done - I feel like we as a server need to learn to lose or find a middle ground with potential vassalized playerbases. It would be very interesting to see in RP. It's ok for people to lose (and it's ok to be a conqueror). I'm really hoping a lot of interesting RP comes out of the Stassion annexation, for example. This situation gives a potential for further vassalization, or other conquering. There's a lot of potential there. Please keep bulldozing if it's suitable RPly @Mio This post brings up a very interesting discussion though, thanks @Xarklyfor the nice formatting. This is all I wanted to say o7
  2. From her new home, Aurelia of Stassion received a small notice slipped under the main door to her chambers. She waited several moments, then pulled the parchment from the floor to read its contents. Seeing all that would remain was the church, she turned and shuffled through her closet to find a simple cloak to draw upon her shoulders and hurry to the outdoors for the journey. In her hands hung a rosary, the beads of which she thumbed through as she walked the streets alone. A certain paper in her other hand crumbled the tighter she held it - she crossed the gates out of the city and lowered her eyes along the road. "May these lands be filled with goodness and joy once more, may the bloodshed wash away, may..." The crumbled fortress of Castle Aurelian lay before her. She pulled up her scarf above her nose from the sickening smell of the battle prior, and crossed the road further into Fredericksburg to lay her sights upon the church. If she squinted her eyes enough, she could imagine what her hometown would appear like without anything else around - no homes, no roads, nothing. Something in such imagination gave her hope for the healing of the land. She spent the rest of the evening within the pews of that church.
  3. Although hesitant upon reading the title of the poem, Aurelia of Stassion scanned over the poem under candlelight after dark settled. With eager curiosity to hear the words of the other side of this war, she moved the parchment as close to the candle without allowing it to burn. She laughed, "This may very well be about the killing of my family and myself, but it's certainly written quite nicely." Then, her eyes fell upon the signatures - given them a double glance as she noticed something peculiar. "How poetic that the Lord Marshal is the Master of Arts," Aurelia said, then folded the poem and kept it on her desk. She glanced up to the map hung in her chambers, looking over the lands she'd never traveled given the many years of conflict. Without letting her thoughts linger further, she attempted to sleep.
  4. Rarely had Aurelia stepped outside of her chambers until this recent year, yet she kept her new habit of wandering about - particularly as she had received the recent news. Upon spotting her father within the castle, Aurelia of Stassion called out to him, "Well done. I hope we might be able to find a suitable heir that is active within these lands and deserving of the title. At least this saved us from a headache."
  5. "Fine writing that will no doubt be ignored, for seemingly no one wishes to truly reflect and look in the mirror in regards to these matters in particular..." muttered Aurelia of Stassion after reading the work. She saved the document of such with her small collection of other missives she found to be thought-provoking (which was, unfortunately, a rather short stack).
  6. With keen interest, Aurelia of Stassion appraises the missive detailing the emergence of new leadership within the Aster Court. In her contemplation of such change, she further considers venturing beyond the confines of her private chambers. Yet, she instead takes up a new book as such considerations are hastily dashed.
  7. Mc Name: Eryane RP Name: Aurelia Fredericka Stassion Persona ID: 83283
  8. Staying within the confines of her residence, with no inclination to venture into the diminishing world around her, Aurelia of Stassion knelt in prayer upon learning of the king's demise. She tightly gripped her rosary with trembling hands, anxious about the impending future.
  9. As Aurelia of Stassion paced through the grand dimmed halls of her residence amidst her family's lands, she clutched the missive delivered by Aleksandra of Vidaus. Even though it was probable that her kin had concealed it, ignored and made fire of it, the child scrutinized the reproaches towards her father incessantly, her gaze fixated upon the script until her eyes wearied from the effort. Intrigued of the world beyond and captivated by the writer's criticisms, Aurelia, who had seldom ventured beyond the comforts of her home, peered to the enclosed window as her mind was then adrift in a sea of musings.
  10. MC Name: Eryane RP Name: Ithirae Ibarellan Persona ID: 83764
  11. Aurelia of Stassion (or perhaps, simply, Aurelia Stassion now) enjoys a delicious soup amidst all of the discourse of the day. She cannot be further bothered.
  12. "Mother, father!" cried out the young Aurelia of Stassion, following her brief interaction with a courier in which she received the invitation now flying about in her hands and raised high in the air above her. She sprinted about the halls of Castle Aurelian, her hurried footsteps echoing about, as she attempted to find either of her parents to share her excitement of the news. "I also have no friends, just like her!" The child's smile promptly faded at her own remark, yet returned within the minute that she glanced back down upon the invitation's contents. @Optimus420@Marshi
  13. "An entire kingdom?" repeated Aurelia, gazing up to her father as he had relayed the information to her. "That seems impossible to inherit all of that," she muttered to herself and the doll she held tight in her hands.
  14. In the midst of her facial, Ithirae Ibarellan was gently interrupted by a courier bearing a sealed letter. With cucumbers still adorning her closed eyes, she gracefully extended a hand to receive the unexpected missive, curiosity piqued amidst the tranquility of her chamber. She plucked one of the cucumbers off to take a proper look at the 'pressing' missive. As she noticed the bolded letters, the title 'Home of the Celian People', she peered at the paper with both eyes - removing the second cucumber slice, "Curious ongoings, this is," muttered Ithirae, yet she relaxed and placed the cucumbers back over her eyes once more - although considering the whereabouts of her husband and daughter. @VoxyNoir@Sailor
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