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  1. Maya Alimar read over the missive within her family’s manor, holding the parchment close to her gaze. She would nod with pride over the Queen’s words to the people, simultaneously setting the paper off to the side. ”Da, it shall not set just yet.” She’d repeat as she peered up to the painting of a crow hanging in her bedroom.
  2. Maya Alimar was seated within the dining hall of her home alongside a tome placed before her. Her thoughts had trailed off to the war, diverting her focus from her readings. She rose and pulled the window’s curtain aside as she peered out to see all the goings-on of the Haeseni folk. A proud smile tugged at her lips, as she had loved her nation and all within it dearly. “Ave Haense,” she’d mutter under her breath before returning to her place at the table.
  3. BAROVIFEST 4 Joma 291 Rooted in the golden harvests and autumns of old, the Haeseni Barovifest owes its charming festivities to the warmhearted countrymen with which they began. Blessed often with plentiful yields of the farm and field, the peasantry were renown for their annual celebrations of plenty and abundance—celebrations that, with the consolidation of the Haeseni people, have formed the present-day Barovifest observed throughout the modern Haeseni realm. Now, as the autumn season draws near, markets overbrim with the warm colors of the harvest’s yield and the streets are bedecked with decorations that herald the many revelries to come. FESTIVITIES In Order of Occurrence - First Day PUMPKIN HUNT— Throughout the city of New Reza will be pumpkins spread out for participants to search for. For those with the diligence and sight to find the most pumpkins hidden will be rewarded. COSTUME CONTEST— A grand costume contest involving participants of any class of folk with the winner to be determined by select judges unnamed as of yet; the prizewinner will be chosen on the grounds of the effort and cleverness expended on the costume and its presentation. AUCTION— Various goods will be presented at a great bidding sale to be held on the first day of the festivities, during which the landfolk will be able to place bids on mark-worthy and valuable items. Second Day DRINKING COMPETITION— Competitions of the drink are to be held at the tavern of New Reza, during which contestants are to test their tolerance for the famed Carrion Black. ‘Yopil’—a more tasteful mixture of various fruits and Carrion Black—is also to be a subject of the games. As with any challenging festivity, there are to be prizes a-plenty for the victors. WEAPONLESS MELEE— In a traditional Haeseni test of a man’s strength, an unarmed melee will be held to determine the physical merit of the subjects of the Haeseni realm—and, indeed, for he who will triumph, there will be bountiful rewards. For this particular competition, wagers may be openly placed on the contestants’ successes. ARCHERY CONTEST— For the man who strikes from afar, a competition of marksmanship will be held with the use of bows and straw targets. There will, as with other contests, be a noteworthy prize for the triumphant archers and wagers are permitted. BOAT RACING— In a contest of speed, wooden vessels will be raced across the waters of Lake Milena through a predetermined course; individuals wishing to compete may do so alone, or elect to do so with an accompanying partner. ROYAL FEAST— Embodying the plentiful harvest to which Barovifest is dedicated, a sumptuous feast will be held at the Royal Palace, featuring a dazzling array of the rich fruits, meats, and vegetables of Haeseni cuisine—some of which will be drawn from the very yield of the esteemed Royal Hunt. OBSERVANCE OF MASS— Barovifest commemorates the harvest, and without the Almighty GOD, the fields of Haense would lay barren. Great thanksgiving, therefore, must be apportioned to Him, and Barovifest will conclude with an elaborate Mass. Signed, HER MAJESTY, Milena Ekaterina Barbanov née Carrion, Queen-Consort of Hanseti-Ruska and its pertaining realms HER HIGHNESS, Maya Valeriya Alimar, Princess of Muldav HER EXCELLENCY, Kamila Julya Stafyr née Baruch, Lady Chamberlain of Haense
  4. THE BAROVII HUNT OF 1738 9th of the Amber Cold, 1738 BY THE GRACE OF GOD AND OF HIS ROYAL MAJESTY— The noble peers of the Haeseni realm are requested to accompany His Royal Majesty, the sovereign King of Haense, in a great gathering of the aristocracy for a game hunt to be held in the splendorous and bountiful hinterlands of the capital. His Majesty holds, as has the Haeseni culture for centuries, that field sports embody the spirit and vigor of a highland gentleman, and thus seeks the finest members of his court for such an exercise. The meeting place before the hunt begins will be in the Ekaterinburg Palace. In the absence of the noble gentlemen or not present at the hunt, noble womenfolk may attend a distinguished tea with Her Majesty, the Queen-Consort of Haense, conducted in the grand halls of Ekaterinburg when those on the hunt leave. In the same manner by which Haeseni lords prove their value in the blood sports of the greenwood, Haeseni ladies too prove their merit through the various faculties and intricacies of proper conduct and stately behavior. Signed, HER MAJESTY, Milena Ekaterina Barbanov née Carrion, Queen-Consort of Hanseti-Ruska and its pertaining realms HER HIGHNESS, Maya Valeriya Alimar, Princess of Muldav HER EXCELLENCY, Kamila Julya Stafyr née Baruch, Lady Chamberlain of Haense
  5. Eryane


    Valera welcomed her daughter into the seven skies with a warming, motherly embrace- having only imagined what it would be like to see her after all the years that they had been separated. From above as time passed, she had watched and seen her daughter grow without the abilities to comfort her or to be the maternal figure she yearned for. She left her eldest at too young of an age -Mariya being only three at the time- with hopes and dreams that she would be able to see her daughter flourish into something wonderful. Those dreams were certainly fulfilled. ”I’m so proud of you, dear,” were her first words to her daughter as they were at last reunited.
  6. THE TRIUMPHAL BANQUET IT IS TO ALL THE SUBJECTS OF THE GOD-ORDAINED EMPIRE that a great feast is declared in reverence of the Imperial Coronation. The Crown, in its munificent brilliance and splendor, has resolved that the Empire’s great multitudes be invited to the Novellen Palace for a handsome gathering at which the most esteemed and august noblemen of the realm shall be present and partake in full. During the revelries will be presented a marvelous array of food and entertainment provided solely by the generosity of the royalty. Present shall be a sumptuous banquet of the lavish splendors of the Imperial culinary experts and a performance of a most renowned jester sure to elicit great and long laughter. It is by the graces and mercies of the Almighty GOD that the coronation feast is held, manifested in the charity and greatness of spirit held by His Imperial Majesty. Signed, HER IMPERIAL MAJESTY, Lorena Julia of the House of Helane nee Cascadia, Empress-Consort of the Holy Orenian Empire, Duchess of Augustin HER LADYSHIP, Helaine Katherina of the House of Sarkozy OOC:
  7. Helaine de Sarkozy, upon hearing the news, kept her chambers for the rest of the day mourning her cousin, Adrian. She prepared to adorn herself in black clothing due to the great loss to her family, ”May you rest in peace, dear cousin. We will all miss you greatly.”
  8. Helaine Katherina directed her gaze away from the letter she had been in the midst of writing, and to that of the invitation that had been placed upon her desk. She’d break the seal of the letter and quickly read it over, ”Without a doubt, I must attend. I can only hope for the happiness of the pair, especially Lady Anne.”
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