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  1. TO DREAM “You are the warrior of Kazimar’s kin. I can sense it.” “A warrior?” Maya beamed, “I’ll try to be.” “You will not try. You will be.” There was a familiar chill in the air as Maya leaned on the parapets of her balcony after the festivities of her son’s coronation. The room was foreign to her, the room of the Queen Mother, despite the many years she had spent in it since her husband’s passing. The waters below were still that day, although the tranquility of it only itched at her more. She still had her conspiracies about the cursed Lake Milena. Her mother’s skeleton had been found in its waters, along with the bodies of her mentor, Milena, and her sister, Katerina. “Don’t look away, Maya.” Her father muttered to her as he held her close at his side. Moments before, she had been on her uncle Vlad’s shoulders and spectating the ongoings of duma. She was only five and could hardly understand the political speech. Maya stood at her father’s flank and stared forth with big eyes full of uncertainty. “What is happening?” She asked, trembling and stuttering, but received no answer. The blade in her uncle’s hand rose high into the air. She listened to what her father told her, unknowingly spectating the events as they unfolded. The stranger she watched diligently was knelt before a block of stone, for reasons she did not know until her uncle lowered the sword. Eyes once filled with curiosity were now widened with terror and tears. Her father simply kept a hand at her shoulder, but she scurried away and rushed for the comforts of home. Anger engulfed her. Her eyes narrowed as she stared down, down the stoney walls. Nature would stay the same despite all of the change that occurred around it. She grimaced, looking out at the grey walls of the city instead of the muddied waters. What is life without the ones we love? She pondered, pivoted and turned back into her chambers. A stranger stood at the other side of the door. “Do you wish for Queenship, Maya?” She had been eyeing the slow waters of Lake Milena as the inquiry was sent her way. The question had meant little to her as she was more interested in if the next pebble she threw would skip across the water one more time than the last toss. “I just want to be something great,” Maya was seated to the right of the Queen of Haense, Milena Ekaterina. A little further down the river was a boy, Andrik, that she recently acquainted with after the feast in the great hall. She juggled the thin pebble between her hands, before gripping it tight and narrowing her eyes as she released it from her fingers and onto the water. One, two, three– Maya lilted her chin as she caught sight of the masked figure. Her fingers traversed across the scarlet fabrics that she donned, only to feel the emptiness of the knife that she usually kept on her person. A sensation wiped over her as she saw the assailant approach one stride at a time, backing her out of the palace walls and onto the balcony once more. “You are becoming a woman Maya, you can not chase the impossible forever. You must learn as I did, the world is cruel and joy is not provided but earned,” her father had said from the doorway of her room within the Alimar manor. She let out a sob as he tossed her into the room by her hair, causing her to collapse to the floorboards. Maya caught herself before her face could slam into the ground. “If you wish to chase after wisps of it instead of building towards your own, you will never find the happiness you wish, only a taste of it, and never be content.” Before she said another word, the door was shut abruptly. She jumped at the sound of it, but gritted her teeth. Each of the words stung, replaying in her memory as an unending song. If there was anyone she had to have faith in, it was herself. She would not let anything stop her from dreaming the impossible to be possible. A cry emitted as silver was plunged into her stomach, although she let out a scream as she shoved the black donned figure away from her– leaving the dagger embedded within her torso to be torn out. She stumbled into her room with eyes darting about furiously for anything of potential weaponry. Her fingers enclosed around a candlestick, pivoting over her shoulder to swing wildly and strike across the black mask of a man who stood in her balcony’s doorway. Blood spewed out and she stumbled backwards. Her eyes were lowered and her chin dipped as silence filled the Basilica. The consort’s coronation robes stilled as her movements did. Several proceedings occured around her that she heed no attention towards. A sudden weight was bestowed upon her head as Andrik, her newly wedded husband, rested the symbol of regality upon her onyx coiffure. And when she brought her gaze up, the people within the pews were on their feet and Andrik was at her side. Although sixteen, she stood with pride in the midst of the Haeseni cathedral. “Long live the King! Long live the Queen!” “You won’t get to them, you won’t touch my children,” she screamed out in a hoarse voice as she was approached again. The item within her hand was hardly enough, but her sword was not within sight. As soon as he dove, she threw the metalwork for his head and ducked off to the side. She tripped over the lengths of her scarlet fabric and her wound pounded against the wood. Another cry escaped her, but she scrambled to her feet with shaky hands assisting and rushed for the nook in the corner of her room. There, a shortsword rested against a wall in its jewel-encrusted sheath. She lunged forth. Maya drummed her fingers repetitively upon the mahogany table. Five children, only twenty-three, and widowed. The title of Queen Mother stood as a reminder of her husband’s gruesome passing. It was a wound reopened every time she was addressed properly. The war was not ending either, and some days she began to find that she couldn’t remember a time outside of conflict. “Many who fight in battles do so because o’ duty, honor, or glory. It is not a pleasant experience, seeing men be butchered.” Tiberius Barrow said grimly, and thus tore her from her stupor. She had never managed to know him well, other than in passing. Although now he reigned in the place of her husband as the regent, until her young son was of age. Her brows furrowed together. “I know.” With each blink, she could hear the screams from the battles; for what seemed to be duty, honor, and glory was nothing in comparison to the horrors of true, real war. “And this war has torn my family apart. They have caused my family to be in shambles.” Her lips thinned then as she turned to the gardens, trying to recall all those she had lost. Alexandria’s murder seemed as though it had happened only days ago with how painful it was to think upon. “Is it revenge you seek?” The Lord Regent asked, bringing her attention back over to him and the canopy they were seated underneath. With her hands folded in her lap, her fingers dug into the palms of her hands. The years of war had taken its toll on the dowager. “Da, it is.” With the sword only paces away, she mustered the strength that remained within her to close the distance that remained between her and the weapon in a sudden rush. Her eyes went wide as a sharp pain entered her lower back. Blood trickled down her skin as she collapsed to her knees, but the sword now was within her reach. She heaved in a breath, exhaled it. Never before had her breaths sounded so loud and engulfing. Her heart pounded in her ears and black blurs started within the corners of her eyes. Every treaty was another wave of relief. They seemed endless, constantly pouring in as the allies of the AIS dropped like flies. The war was finally at its end after countless years. But it was no longer the same without her cousin, her confidant, her friend– Aleksandra. All of the deaths and months of mourning that had waned down on her was nothing in comparison to the loss of her dearest friend, the one who had her back throughout it all. The blow of her sister’s murder not long after brought her to the brink of shattering. Despite it, Maya had found peace in her life. She strode through the halls of Haense’s royal academy that she had founded, content as she reminisced on her children’s upbringing. She only wished she could’ve given them more time with their father, but such was not her decision to make. Her daughters had grown to be so beautiful with their own personalities. Regardless of their undeniable similarity in facial features, they were so different in such precious ways. Analiesa, Alexandria, Amelya. They brought her a happiness and a love she never thought she could find; a joy she never thought she would ever have in her lifetime. There was an indescribable pride she was consumed by as she thought of her son’s rule and the years to come for him; as well as her successor, the Lady Viktoria Ruthern, who she knew would reign in greatness. Maya gripped the sword’s pommel once it was removed from the sheath in a swift movement. Before her assailant could advance again, she rose to her feet with her sword drawn. And as the assassin plunged his dagger into her heart, she thrusted her sword through his. So many people flashed through her mind; those who she had lost, and those who she would leave behind. When she fell again, she did not rise. The sky was a soft pink and orange, with puffy, yet calming clouds painted with delicate colors. Behind her was a perfect sunset, and the house before her was peculiarly clean. She let out a slight laugh as she reached for the knob of the door and tugged it open. “It’s been a while,” a familiar voice would call out to her. Tears welled in her eyes as she settled her sights to her friend, Aleksandra, seated within a red armchair with embroidered pillows. In an instant, the two embraced in a hug tighter than ever before. As soon as her cousin stepped away, she beckoned her over to a table. Maya lowered into the empty chair beside her Aleks’. There, an unopened bottle of Carrion Black was resting upon the wooden table. She uncorked it and took a swig as the friend opposite of her sipped her tea, the two together again– watching over their family and friends. MAYA VALERIYA ALIMAR QUEEN OF HAENSE | BARONESS OF ANTIOCH 13th of the Sun’s Smile, 1730 - 11th of the Grand Harvest, 1762
  2. Sister, You are like my angel, with a love that always glows. You are one of the greatest gifts my heart will ever know. The palace was silent for the first time in a long time. She couldn’t hear her children’s laughter or the bustling of courtiers and servants in the halls. It wasn’t a peaceful silence, but eerie – painful. Maya was seated on her sister’s bed, with a worn journal settled down on the violet bedsheets. She didn’t hold the journal that her sister once wrote in. In her hands, she held the speech she had planned to give her sister at her wedding. It was a moment she always dreamed of, wished for. For her little sister, she wanted to give the world. Anger flushed through her as she crumbled the paper and threw it across the room. So many years had been taken from her and her sister when Karina’s chronic illness worsened again. Karina was never there for so many moments, but at least there was still time to make up for it. And now that time had been stolen from them both. Together, they had endured lifetimes of pain. There was no one who truly understood the terrors she endured as a child quite like her sister. They stood together, as one, through it all. Maya grimaced, letting out a sudden sob, as she knew that in her final moments her sister endured pain all by herself – alone, and Maya couldn’t have been there to shield her from it. A sickness settled in her stomach that she could not shake for days, weeks after the occurrence. No one could replace what she had lost.
  3. @JoelTheGinger I appreciated seeing this so much. I think you’re absolutely right, that a lot of people tried to say that this wasn’t a big deal as a sense of comfort. I definitely did, because thinking about this rapidly-spreading virus scared me to think too much about. But there are so many more good people than bad in the world, and so many people are staying home to try and stop this virus from spreading further. I just hope and pray that it will come to an end soon. Anyways, you know I am always here for you and just a PM away. What is happening is beyond stressful because nothing like this has happened since the Spanish Flu (I think). You always have me to message or rant to if your stresses become too much or you just simply need to get something off your mind. I’m here for you!
  4. Royal Academy of Saint Catherine A NEW HOME FOR HAESENI EDUCATIONAL STUDIES The Royal Academy of Saint Catherine is an institution uniquely for the studies of Haeseni culture, etiquette, and history. The Royal Academy is a tutor-based system, for one-on-one or small classroom education to provide easier learning spaces for children to young adults across the empire. Concentrations in the three main studies may be provided in tutoring upon request. Outside the three core studies, extracurricular classes are offered such as music, botany, and swordsmanship. These classes will be limited depending on employment numbers in regards to tutors. Students who are studying abroad are welcomed to stay within the facility’s dorms. The academy resides within the new expansion, across from the city’s chapel. Applying to the Academy Students registering for tutoring at the royal academy must send a letter of interest to HRM, Queen Maya Valeriya, or arrange a meeting in-person. To note, the academy is open to all people from ages 5-21 of the Holy Orenian Empire. Guardians are allowed and welcomed to write the letter in place of their child. Up to 3 subjects can be chosen per student. This includes extracurricular studies such as music and combat. One must be a common study. Students may change their courses after every two years. Common Studies Culture Culture, as a common study, is a generalization of the people of Haense and their customs, traditions, and more. Tutoring will go over Haeseni holidays, daily life, games, and cuisine. A brief understanding of the New Marian language will also be provided, to allow students to know basic greetings, dates, and phrases. How culture has changed and been affected over the years will also be a major focus point of tutoring. Etiquette Etiquette, as a common study, is a generalization of the etiquette of Haense and the mannerisms within it. Tutoring will go over the current Haeseni etiquette under Queen Maya’s court, as well as past courtly etiquette in Queen Milena’s Court, which emphasized opulence, and the traditionalism bolstered by her premiere Grand Lady, Princess Sofiya Theodosia. Briefly, the common study will touch on and compare mannerisms and etiquette of other nations. In addition, beautifying one’s penmanship will be focused on within the study. History History, as a common study, is a generalization of the history of Haense and the notable figures, events, and groups. Tutoring will go over Haeseni history from the first appearance of the Haeseni people in the late 1400s at the end of the Schismatic Wars to the current day. This will include the period after the Great Northern War from 1604 with the surrender of Haense to the Second Battle of the Rothswood, where the occupiers of the land were driven out. Discussions on Exalted Sigismund and Haeseni mythology will also be touched on in the generalization. Common Concentrations Those requesting for a concentration will receive tutoring as a focus in that particular study, not as a generalization. For example, a student with a history concentration in Queens of Haense will not learn about Kings of Haense. Generalizations of Haeseni history will only be taught if no concentration is requested. Only one concentration can be requested per study per two years. You can choose to have a concentration in all three studies, but may not choose multiple concentrations within each study. Culture Concentrations Holidays, Festivals & Events Haeseni Cuisine New Marian Language Haeseni Chess Biharism & Important Texts Etiquette Concentrations Titles and Addressment Table Mannerisms Haeseni Fashion & Dress Standards History Concentrations Kings of Haense Queens of Haense Princesses of Haense Palatines of Haense & Aulic Council Notable Vassal Lords Haeseni Wars & Battles Haeseni Mythology The Petrovic Era: 1577-1612 The Ottonian Era: 1612-1666 The Early Bihar Era: 1666-1719 Extracurricular Studies Music Renown in the Haeseni Courts, and more prominently among the peasantry, is the plethora of music and hymns generated by its inhabitants. Students will receive lessons from Haeseni bards and tangentially read through the compositions of minds such as Valera of Adria, Grand Princess consort of Kusoraev. Specific instruments can be taught to students upon request. However, both treble and bass clefs in sheet music will be taught regardless – as well as scales on the pianoforte. Botany Courses in botany are open to be taught upon request. Students will receive an intrinsic experience in the study of plantlife, as the Royal Academy provides its own private gardens with varying plants across Arcas. Those within the tutoring will also be taken out to, and taught by, the waterside and greenery near Lake Milena to garner practice hands-on within the world and outside of the academy’s facility. Fine Arts Fine arts are intrinsic within the realm of Haeseni education, the Kingdom itself boasting reputable many artists. Not only will students learn about the fundamentals of creating visual art, but also be subject to the case studies and portfolios of artists such as Diane Tiber-Marna and Princess Mariya Oliviya of Haense, two virtuosos who practiced in varying periods. Swordsmanship The art of swordsmanship, available upon request for any students wishing to pursue the ability. Although swordsmanship stands as its own course of tutoring, the Haeseni Cadet Leadership Course is available through partnership with the Brotherhood of Saint Karl. Students, upon requesting the extracurricular, must specify whether they wish to practice swordsmanship on its own, or join the BOSK’s military-focused course. Creative Writing A vast course which shall cover numerous forms of the written word such as poetry and short stories. Classes may vary from tutor to tutor, although all will be extremely interactive for the students as they will expand their writing abilities and penmanship. Theology The Church of Canon and its principles are within this extracurricular course, although it is limited in the amount of students that can be brought on until there are more tutors. Students wishing to pursue the teachings will be allowed the ability to see the workings of the Church itself, if they wish to pursue it further in their life. (More may be available at a later date, and it will be publicly announced if so). Applying to be a Tutor of the Royal Academy Any who are applying to be a tutor of the Royal Academy must, similarly to a student's application, send a letter of interest. The letter must include past experience and education training, as well as any other applicable information regarding the potential position. All generalizations, concentrations, and extracurriculars that can be taught by the applicant must be listed. There is no limit to how many courses a tutor can teach, so long as they are proficient within the respective fields. All applicants must be 18 years or older, and will be interviewed in person soon after the letter of interest is sent by courier or bird to HRM Maya Valeriya. Signed, HER ROYAL MAJESTY, Maya Valeriya Barbanov, Queen Mother of Hanseti-Ruska, Baroness of Antioch, Headmaster of the Royal Academy of Saint Catherine
  5. Upon seeing the endorsement from her idol, Terrence May, Maya Barbanov recalled the many years of wardship that the candidate had under her as well as the recent feast Angelika held between the Houses Barbanov and Vanir. “I do think Lady Angelika is prepared and can do it. Senator May speaks the truth of her growing abilities.”
  6. Maya Barbanov beamed with pride as soon as she saw the missives regarding the coronation of her son released to the public eye. Soon after she watched over the numerous couriers leave the palace in their endeavors, she returned to the confines of the royal quarters to prepare the rest of her children –Analiesa, Alexandria, Amelya, and Nikolas– for the coronation that was to come. @UnBaed@Miko0322@ShannonLeigh@Eddywilson2
  7. THE FUNERAL OF ALEKSANDRA STAFYR 1760 | 313 ES A painting of the late Lady Maer, Aleksandra Mariya Stafyr, c. 1752 In sight of recent events regarding the passing of Lady Aleksandra Stafyr, a funeral will be held within the courtyard of the Ekaterinburg Palace. Attendance is open to anyone who wishes to partake, all citizens of the Holy Orenian Empire being cordially invited. The funeral will open to anyone who wishes to speak regarding Lady Aleksandra after a speech from HRM Maya Valeriya, to be followed by the ceremonial burning of the pyre and the releasing of the crows. Those who wish to converse after the funeral are allowed, after the events, to enter the great hall of Ekaterinburg where Lady Aleksandra’s favorite drinks and cuisines will be available. ALEKSANDRA MARIYA STAFYR 4TH OF SIGISMUNDS END, 1735 - 9TH OF AMBER COLD, 1760 Signed, HER ROYAL MAJESTY, Maya Valeriya Barbanov, Queen Mother of Hanseti-Ruska, Baroness of Antioch
  8. [ Music ] Although it was dark outside, light still shone upon the waters of Lake Milena. It glimmered and flickered as the Queen Mother of Haense stared across it, holding the lengths of her fur coat as she stood in the night’s cold breeze. In previous circumstances, she might’ve retreated to the palace walls and sought solace within her quieted chambers. Beyond the walls of the Haeseni city was the only place Maya found that she could breathe then, just at the lake’s edge. “Otto?” Her own voice sounded distant as she called out the name of the Lord Regent, stumbling into the chapel as mass proceeded on. She was covered in blood, not of her own, but of her friend’s. Her hands were trembling and a numbness overcame her as she crossed through the pews to where the regent was within. “We need to speak– immediately.” People about her knelt as they were blessed, and ‘amen’ was echoed about. “Eh? In a moment, niece, I must speak to the Pontiff and the Bishop after this mass here.” The bishop of Haense went about calling for people to rise and be blessed, although it was more like a faint echo to her. All of her senses seemed to have numbed. She briefly saw a flash of her son in the crowd of people who were packed into the place of prayer, causing her to turn a little further away from the majority of the gathering. She couldn’t have him see her like this. “Aleksandra is dead. Murdered, in the streets. Stabbed to death. I took her back to the palace .. but she’s gone.” The words came out in a hoarse voice, as she could barely manage to get them out. The entirety of the attendants within the chapel joined in a simultaneous amen, although some of those who were seated around where Maya stood listened into her hushed conversation. It was silent, with only several insects and birds thrumming. Never before had she felt so alone, without her closest confidant to be there to comfort her or idly joke about their misfortunes. She was not her sister, but she might as well have been. Maya gripped either side of her pelt and tugged it closer as tears began to stream down, although her eyes were already puffy and reddened from the previous occurrences of that particular day. All the way down the seemingly endless winding steps was the morgue of St. Michael’s Hospital. In the arms of the Surgeon General was a lifeless Aleksandra, which brought a sickening feeling to Maya’s stomach every time she glanced at the corpse. Doctor Demaris rested the body within one of the morgue’s boxes. “Right,” she had said after doing so, “To inform the guards–” “I’d like to stay down here for a little, if that is fine.” Her gaze hadn’t left the box that Aleksandra was settled within. “I don’t want to leave her.” The Surgeon General nodded to her as she exited the morgue and furthermore to places unknown to Maya. Her breathing hitched from its regular patterns to hyperventilating. She collapsed to her knees as she could no longer stand upright; not at the sight that was before her. “I’ll miss you, Aleks’,” she muttered as she closed her eyes, exhaling out a breath. She could almost see all of the times that they laughed, gossiped, or clung to each other for support when they had no one else. But when she opened her eyes again, she was still at the edge of Lake Milena by herself. “But you do deserve peace. You’ve always deserved it.” Maya brought her gaze upwards, pressed two fingers to her lips, and lifted them high up to the night sky.
  9. ROYAL COURT REFORMS OF HANSETI-RUSKA 1759 Table of Contents i. FORWARD ii. NOBILITY IN THE COURT iii. THE QUEEN’S COUNCIL iv. WARD INITIATIVE REFORMS v. DISSOLUTION OF COURTLY POSITIONS vi. CONCLUSION FOREWORD To uphold the greatness and prestige of Haeseni palatial affairs as led by HRM Queen Maya of Muldav, the Royal Courts of Hanseti-Ruska require, once again, a revitalization and reformation, as is required by a dynamic and prosperous court. The more in-depth and informative reformation is to ensure a golden, and greater, future for the royal court and kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. NOBILITY IN THE COURT As it stands– House Barbanov, House Alimar, House Ludovar, House Baruch, House Ruthern, House Barclay, House Amador, House Vanir, House Kortrevich, House Vyronov, House Stafyr, House Batavus, House Kovachev, House Gant All those of noble birth and righteousness are granted the ability to head any position or role within the royal court. All those who do not apply, cannot hold position with the royal council or court, as it is the privilege of the nobility. Those not of noble birth can apply for servantry or contact the royal court council members for other roles. Nobility and other courtiers are to, however, acknowledge and endorse the culture and etiquette of Hanseti-Ruska in assurance of a golden future for the kingdom. Any and all questions must be directed to the Queen, or if unavailable, others on her council. THE QUEEN’S COUNCIL (c. 1759) QUEEN - Maya of Muldav The Queen of Hanseti-Ruska stands at the head of the council of the royal court and therefore holding the ability to make any changes, initiatives, and reforms seen fit. It is in her position that she must oversee all ongoings of the court and host annual meetings of her council to ensure communication amongst courtiers. It is the duty of the reigning consort to fulfill the position as head of her council and run the royal courts. If there is no reigning consort, the duties will pass on to the Queen Mother. GRAND LADY - Princess Tatiana of Alban The Grand Lady, or Lord, of the Royal Court of Hanseti-Ruska, under HRM, is in charge of all palace ongoings and events. They are to supervise the servantry as well as any palatial revelries. It is also required of the Grand Lady / Lord to host and see through with the royal family’s dinners, royal family gatherings, or palace-based events. This does not include city-wide events. They are entrusted to see that etiquette and culture is upheld as well from all courtiers. RESPONSIBILITIES & TASKS ♦ Host and oversee palace events ♦ Host and oversee royal family dinners, gatherings, et cetera ♦ Host events and any meetings necessary for the servantry of the palace ♦ Suggest reforms, initiatives, and other ways of improvement to the Queen ♦ Uphold etiquette and culture, and ensure other courtiers do similarly ♦ Supervise and recruit servantry ♦ See that new palace staff are housed or given room in the palace ♦ Communicate ongoings of the court with the Queen CHAMBERLAIN - Princess Margaret of Kaedrin The Lady, or Lord, Chamberlain of the Royal Court of Hanseti-Ruska mainly presides over all city-wide events and revelries which includes but is not limited to: jousts, festivals, holiday celebrations, funerals, memorials, melees, races, and competitions. They are encouraged to work alongside the Lady / Lord Maer of the royal city and participate highly on the municipal council. Similar to the Grand Lady / Lord, the Chamberlain is trusted with ensuring etiquette and culture are upheld by all courtiers and denizens of the royal city. RESPONSIBILITIES & TASKS ♦ Host and oversee city-wide events ♦ Work alongside the Lady / Lord Maer ♦ Participate on the municipal council of the royal city ♦ Uphold etiquette and culture, and ensure other citizens do similarly ♦ Suggest reforms, initiatives, and other ways of improvement to the Queen ♦ Create charities or other organizations to assist with the city’s needs ♦ Communicate ongoings of the royal city with the Queen SECRETARY OF THE QUEEN - Vacant The Lady, or Lord, Secretary of the Queen of Hanseti-Ruska is the head royal courier and informer of the queen, and often seen as an advisor. They are to uphold the highest of abilities in writing, as they are to pen most missives asked of them by the Queen or other members of the Queen’s Council. Potential writings include but are not limited to: letters, reforms, initiatives, meeting / council notes, or event posters. They, like the Chamberlain and Grand Lady / Lord, are to see that other courtiers are upholding the highest form of Haeseni etiquette as well as present such themselves. They are also to be, if necessary or asked, an assistant in any palatial or city-wide events if called upon by the Queen, Chamberlain, or Grand Lady / Lord. The Secretary of the Queen is also given the optional task of creating a newspaper or informative for the people, and a team of writers and reporters to go along with it. RESPONSIBILITIES & TASKS ♦ Personally send any invitations or letters of the Queen ♦ Uphold the highest skills in writing and penmanship ♦ Write any missives asked of them by the council ♦ Stand as an advisor of the royal court and to the Queen ♦ Uphold etiquette and culture, and ensure other courtiers do similarly ♦ Assist in any, if asked, city-wide or palatial events ♦ Create an informative for the people, with a team of reporters and writers (Optional) WARD INITIATIVE REFORMS On the quest of revitalization of the royal court, ladies-in-waiting are merged under one category and thus considered wards. Ladies-in-waiting are female wards that are to be tutored, educated, and housed. Men who are seeking wardship will be regarded as no other than wards. All wards must receive proper care and education from whom they are under. All current wards must seek out who they are under to reaffirm their wardship. Any seeking to become a ward must contact HRM Maya Valeriya. DISSOLUTION OF COURTLY POSITIONS Heretofore, the position of Lady or Lord of the Servantry is dissolved, and all duties once administered to them are transferred unto the Grand Lady of the Court. Tangentially, event administrates are included in these vestigial positions, and are therefore due for dissolvement. In their stead, the Royal Event Administrator -- from 1757 occupied from Angelika Vanir -- is hereby in charge of all duties of the previous event administrates (assistance to the Chamberlain and Grand Lady / Lord). CONCLUSION All those who are employed directly under any palatial office or within the royal court must speak with HRM, Maya Valeriya, about their current position. Any of those who are unable to do so within the following two years from the date of The Grand Harvest, 1759 will be hence removed from their position. Those who are considered wards or ladies-in-waiting are included within this statement, and must come speak with the Queen. Any inquiries regarding the reforms are to be brought to any of those listed within the council above, or to the Queen directly. A concluding note, from Queen Maya The royal court stands as one of the many pillars of culture, prestige, and customs that make up the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. We are a proud people, the Haeseni - with rich tradition and history. With this revitalization, let us contribute with our own articles and continue to assist in the prosperity of Haense. IV JOVEO MAAN HER ROYAL MAJESTY, the Queen-Mother of Hanseti-Ruska, Baroness of Antioch, Maya Valeriya Barbanov HER EXCELLENCY, the Grand Lady of the Court, Princess Tatiana Lorina Bihar HER EXCELLENCY, the Lady Chamberlain of Hanseti-Ruska, Princess Margaret Antonia Helvets HER LADYSHIP, the Royal Event Administer, Lady Angelika Eleanora Vanir
  10. A LETTER OF ENDORSEMENT, 1759 Jula ag Piov, 312 ES I would have perished had I not persisted; words that every Haeseni man and woman has heard throughout their lifetime. The sheer amount of candidacies for the general elections have shown simply that, that we have persisted and will continue to do so with how many of us continue to work for the betterment of the Haense. Thus, I pen the following within this letter of endorsement for Aleksandra Stafyr and her campaign for a second term as Lady Maer. I write as a Haeseni, and as someone who has worked alongside Lady Aleksandra and seen her utter competency. Within the first day of her being Maer, she drafted the blueprints for the expansion of New Reza as she had promised. Her project known as the New Reza Expansion Initiative was finished only in the matter of a few months. It provided 18 new houses, a church, gardens, and a new shop. Aleksandra has also made numerous more markets and shops –with store fronts too– outside of the expansion initiative. Promises should never be taken lightly, and Aleksandra does what she says. She has proven so many times, as all that she swore to do as Lady Maer was done hastily and with high quality. For reference, she hosted the massive festival known as the Grand Festival of Morrivi, which was overwhelmingly successful and took course over three months. Lady Aleksandra works for the needs of the people. To see quick, quality results and fulfilled promises, vote for Aleksandra Stafyr as Maer of Reza. We must all work for the betterment of Haense and the people within, and giving your vote for her maership will do so. Signed, Maya Valeriya Barbanov
  11. “She was simply amazing as the Lady Maer and accomplished more than what she promised during her term. Aleks’ works not for a political party, but for the betterment of Haense and the people. The expansion of New Reza was done so well and so hastily too. Her competency is something that must be endorsed!” Maya Barbanov nodded in approval as she held the missive within her grasp, then went on to send a letter to Aleksandra Stafyr to inform her of her endorsement.
  12. ”I must write to her immediately to help with preparations. This wedding will be nothing but marvelous,” Maya Valeriya commented as soon as the missive was within her grasp. Hurriedly, she seated herself within the confines of her office and dipped her pen into the ink as she pulled up a parchment for her letter to Tatya.
  13. Within the public chapel of the Ekaterinburg palace, Maya Alimar knelt in the rows of pews as she prayed for Winnifred’s easy passing into the seven skies. Her jaw was clenched as she fought back tears, the names of many of her family members flashing through her mind. Out of all of them she remembered Winnifred to have always been the strongest, the warrior of the family. They spoke only in passing or brief and fleeting moments of conversation, all in which she cherished. “I pray that you find the peace that you deserve, Winnie. If anyone deserves it, it’s you. Our family has been through far too much for you not to get happiness in the afterlife.” She spent the rest of the evening within the chapel until she was on the verge of falling asleep, her head lowered and gloved hand frequently wiping away the tears that came as she continued through prayer.
  14. Maya Valeriya was seated within the royal quarters of the Ekaterinburg palace; a courier having given her the invitation moments ago. There, she had gathered her children – Otto, Analiesa, Alexandria, Amelya, and Nikolas – about the hearth with the flames of the fire high and warming behind them. Once she concluded her reading of the personal invitation aloud to the children, she glanced about with a lilted brow. “Why don’t we speak with Auntie Aleksandra or some of the royal seamstresses, so we may wear something special for this occasion. Da? I will have Lady Isabel brief you all on table manners and etiquette for the feast following the wedding as well.” @UnBaed @Zaerie @seannie @Miko0322
  15. THE MARUSVAR MASQUERADE Tov and Yermey, 309 ES Mariya Angelika of Hanseti-Ruska, Duchess-Consort of Adria, c. 284 ES by Diane Anion MARIYA, PRINCESS ROYAL OF HAENSE “If I've learnt anything from my time in the capital, it is that we must cherish the moments we can. I cherish that moment, even if I must return to a grimmer reality moments later.” - Mariya Barbanov Mariya Angelika Barbanov (1705-1738) was a Haeseni princess and a member of House Barbanov, later marrying Adrian, Duke of Adria, and thus becoming the Duchess-Consort of Adria. She was the first Grand Lady of the Court, under Queen Milena of Adria and was the host of numerous events and festivities throughout the kingdom of Haense. Mariya later was the female face of the Holy Orenian Empire as her husband became the Lord Protector. She was the daughter of King Marius II and his primary consort, Valera of Adria. Being the firstborn of the pair, she was bestowed the titular honor of Princess Royal at birth. Throughout her life, she was known for her love of the arts, whether that be poetry or being the host of various revelries. THE MARUSVAR MASQUERADE is held in celebration of her life, as well as many other figures of historical note to Haense and its prosperity. THE MASQUERADE February 27th, 7pm EST In honor of historical personage of Haense, such as Princess Mariya Angelika, the theme of the masquerade shall be to dress as a notable figure of Haeseni history or mythology. All attendees who do not wish to donn a costume are asked to wear the color of red in its place, as Mariya Angelika was rarely seen without the scarlet shade in her clothing. However, whoever has the best costume will be awarded a prize of one thousand mina. All who wish to come to the event are required to be wearing a mask, even if they are not in costume of a Haeseni historical, or mythological, figure. The masquerade will be held within the great hall of the Ekaterinburg Palace. For assistance with costumes, please send letter to Margaret Helvets, or Aleksandra Stafyr with Alimar Attire. “Love is stronger than pain. . . Even now, it remains the one constant lifeline in which nothing may sever. No worldly occurrence can break a bond more spiritual.” - Mariya Barbanov Signed, HER ROYAL MAJESTY, Maya Valeriya Barbanov, Queen Mother of Hanseti-Ruska, Baroness of Antioch HER HIGHNESS, Princess Aleksandra Mariya Stafyr, Countess-Consort of Nenzing, Lady Maer of Hanseti-Ruska HER HIGHNESS, Princess Margaret Antonia Helvets, Lady Chamberlain of Hanseti-Ruska HER HIGHNESS, Princess Tatiana Lorina of Alban
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