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  1. A dwarven woman pumps her fist into the air in support of dwarf things.
  2. An empress, from a time not long ago but a time long gone, smiles from her resting place. Tradition lives on.
  3. From a quaint place, high above the grounds, in a tree after a long day of roaming forests in search of adventure, Depheri Ipos nods with subtle content at the writings of her brother. “Straightforward, honest,” she muttered, and stowed away the parchment in a pocket.
  4. what’s been the most interesting rp experience and do you feel like you’ve been taught anything from this game or the communities within it
  5. When that hour had come years ago, when death struck, the Empress had felt half of herself leave with Philip- and so the rest followed. She could not live without him; her body would not will it so.
  6. This is pretty hard for me because I haven’t been to a lot of staff story line events and I wish I would have done so more. I suppose I found it hard to seek the opportunity, unless it was a world-wide event like September Prince (which I did enjoy a lot). Otherwise, player-made events, I actually really enjoyed the Road to Karosgrad a few months back. It was something never done before: three monarchs being forced to travel by foot in rags to the Holy See. Other than that, and many will disagree with me on this, I enjoyed the Rubern War. It felt very high-anxiety high-intensity for someone who was in Haense because we legitimately had the chance of our community being absolutely screwed. It was cool to see the rp fallout of families being split in half and having to choose a side, etc. It’s a toss up between the original Carrion family when I played Milena Carrion with Lhindir as Ostromir and Axelu as Elisabeth (as well as JoanOfArc, Nectorist, Ivory, Soren, etc.) , or playing Valera Carrion with chumpchump as Ratibor before the start of the War of Two Emperors (with Esry, frankdh, Soren, Totalitarianism, etc.). Philip is waiting for Bakir in lotc heaven so I hear
  7. Music played soundly in the background of the chatter of imperial courtiers in the de Rosius estate. Many young ladies - or debutantes as they called themselves - were dressed elegantly in white or other beautiful attire amidst the social season. The doors of the estate burst open. Guards of foreign attire were encircled around some smaller figure that couldn’t be seen. And when it was revealed by the shout of one particular guardsman, all huddled around him. “His Serene Highness, the Prince of Kusoraev!” Moliana and Anastasya stood by one another in subtle curiosity. “Cover me,” Moliana had said, and Anastasya did her best to do so as the girl behind her fired a button from her slingshot. Sigismund swung his head over in their direction. “Oh no,” the piously dressed child muttered. Yet the three would become acquaintances that night, not knowing what the world would one day bring them to be. A king. A mage. An empress; not knowing the pain they would cause one another as the time passed and they grew older; not truly knowing what affect they would have on the world around them. “God rest his soul,” muttered Empress Anastasia I from her own place of peace. “God rest King Sigismund III.”
  8. i already have. the moment this was posted in our peace talks discord chat between myself, nectorist, and dwarven bros: CLEARLY Court Chef Hogo Bojo ahahahahaha... It's hard to decide because there's been so many wonderful people over the years that I've been lucky enough to meet, but two in particular (besides you of course Hogo) come to mind which is @ncarrand @Mannyy who made me feel like I had a place in the empire, even as new players themselves, when I felt pretty isolated. porque sí 1. This is a pretty tough question to answer, because I had a love-hate relationship with it. I loved being able to do something for my community, to help be a part of this sweeping change in Oren, but at the same time it was very draining. The first two weeks were especially hard, because some days I would stay up until 3am and work at 5am at the bakery. Balancing this, on top of college, on top of having a dog was genuinely so difficult. But, I loved seeing all the people in VCs again, I loved hearing everyone's creative ideas and seeing them being put into practice, these little bakeries and shops, or ideas in the court or how to fix the government. This is such a really fascinating game with so much creativity to explore. Nonetheless, we were bound to have hatred from the start because it was a revolution, but also because Oren as an empire is more often than not enemy #1 24/7. I do remember the death threats that Nectorist received throwing me through a loop for a long time, because I couldn't simply sweep it aside as "oh well" and laugh it off until I talked with friends of mine on the server, and got good advice on that. I wanted to drop being an NL right then and there and disappear, seeing as people would have the audacity to research our personal information to scare us. now i really don't care please try to threaten me i dare u Being an NL is quite literally like a part time job sometimes. Not only that, but there are some serious matters beyond the scope of the game that you have to deal with, because the internet isn't always the safest place as we all know. I wouldn't take it back though, and I don't regret any of my actions during my time as NL. It is a game at the end of the day and I had to remind myself of this a lot. I'm glad I could contribute so much to such a good group of players, and I hope Nectorist, myself, and all the others involved made this server's story a bit more interesting. No matter what we did, no matter what actions Nectorist and I made which may seem controversial, he and I always did it with the best interest of the community in mind while simultaneously creating a good story. 2. No, but I don't regret it either 3. ... this is confidential information. (1. joshbright 2. joshbright 3. joshbright 4. kazoo) i literally despise you
  9. She is doing so well! Two days ago, she turned 1 year old and it's insane to see her grow up. She's probably one of the most well-trained dogs I've seen, given the work myself and my family has put in this past year. Super sweet and friendly to other animals too, as well as people. Here's a picture:
  10. I had actually been RPing on another server for quite some time for the most part until 2016-2017, and only going onto LotC every now and then at the start. Most of the people who I had spoken to at the time online had always mentioned LotC as being this massive server so I wanted to try it out. I played with the Wood Elves first, then in Oren for sometime as a servant, but an old friend of mine named Kukiii got me to stick around on LotC more often in Courland (first as a handmaiden, then as a de Castro who became Queen of Norland) and with the Warhawkes. feels pretty powerful i used to say that being banned was on my checklist i didn't expect it to actually happen humans. But, to genuinely answer this question, after my few brief interactions directly in the discord and RPing in the city as well as my interactions as a nation leader throughout the war, it's almost hard for me to choose. Both communities offer really different atmospheres and different approaches to RP. A lot of human rp is more realistic, Game of Thrones-y and with a heavy focus on nobility and politics while the dwarves are much more fantasy based, relaxed and laid back to enjoy your time with friends going on adventures. You know, this is actually a pretty difficult question for me to answer because I surprisingly have learned a lot from being on this server over the years. I think the most valuable life lesson is to be confident in your actions once you have made them and to own your mistakes or the consequences that come alongside those choices that you have made. Another thing, because it's almost as equally important in my opinion, is that you should fully trust yourself and remember who you are individually. I've seen some really, really horrific things said about me over the years (especially in the past few months) that made me question who I was as a person, but at the end of the day I had to remember that I knew I wasn't what they were saying and it was useless to give them any time of day (if people really cared to give me feedback, and cared for my well-being, they would talk to me in a much more civil manner). we're already married... do you want to get married again?
  11. hello i have been around since athera and it's been long overdue that i post one of these so please feel free to ask me anything and everything
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