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  1. Word of the annulment swiftly reached the Augustine Palace and to the ear of the Majordomo, Milena Carrion. For but a moment she paused to consider what changes would be made to the palace now without the Duchess of Helena, yet found there to be little. “Oh well,” she muttered, and continued on without another thought.
  2. https://youtu.be/mWQACEqf4QY THE WIVES' PLOT ‘Dear Diary,’ a young girl no older than the age of seven penned in a little journal. ‘My tutor, Tiberia, says I must fulfill God’s desired path for me and that I must make a legacy of my family’s name; yet, what is legacy?’ “Irene,” a voice called out, deep from within her consciousness, as she thrashed against her restraints in the cell. Her head throbbed and ached from the numerous blows done to it prior to her confinement; the corners of her eyes dotted with growing blackness.
  3. After her visit to the Northern Geographical Society's museum, having met with her dear friend Celestine, Irene nodded to the changes made by her great nephew upon hearing word of it in passing on the streets of Karosgrad. "Tiz lifst ag wikleyz, mea haes."
  4. Maya of Muldav, the consort of Andrik IV and mother of Sigismund II– both among the three statues of great and good men, watches on alongside her husband from the seven skies with downtrodden heart for the burning kingdom, and the royal family –the House of Barbanov– that once held such immense prestige now falling to parts. For her nation, her homeland, she sheds a tear for what has come of it and all the horrors the Haeseni people have endured in recent times; what had they all fought and died for in the past, if this was to come of their nation? "What has come of our nation?" S
  5. THE PEARL As penned at the hand of and authored by Lady Milena of Dobrov In the early morning, Beatrice arose from her night’s sleep and primed herself for the day to come; her hair raggedy now made into a beautiful coiffure, and her nightgown exchanged for a fine dress befitting the best of the current fashion. Tatters and patches were plainly displayed on the fabrics, yet it bothered her little for she had much else to consume her thoughts rather than her own frets of personal countenance. Birds chirped beyond the window; a muffled, yet jovial sound for her, to hear them sin
  6. “You’re going to be an aunt, Irene. I had a daughter while you were away,” Viktoria informed her with a smile playing at her lips. She lifted a glass of tea, and poured in a bit of Carrion Black to stir about. She never could only add honey, sugar, or cream– there was always a little extra spike of some alcohol beverage she felt inclined to add into the mix. “Oh!” Irene clasped her hands together before herself from where she sat opposite of her across the table. Flowers and vines hung from the windowed canopy overhead in the Novellen gardens. “Oh, please do tell me her name. I wo
  7. News came posthaste that the Baron Helvets was to be meet the untimely fate of execution, as Lady Milena Carrion was sitting alone amongst a series of pews. Her brunette tresses slipped over her shoulders while her head was bowed in silence after the departure of the informing courtier. Only an exhale could escape her, shakily, as she grasped at every strength therein to remain poised and composed– for this was of her own doing, so she condemned herself to endless guilts of the consciousness, whether he was traitor not; his execution was a result thereof her choices to betray him so.
  8. MARUSVAR A Collection of Poetry written by Lady Milena of Woldzmir “I do not regret it, never. I’ve no regrets but one– Not of where I am now… I only regret the words left unsaid.” The rose of Reza; daughter, duchess, mother– Princess Mariya Angelika. Her legacy is preserved in history through her innumerable writings of forlorn, within which she poured impassioned written words like no other, only equivalent to the preeminent diaries of Lorina Carrion. A certain candidness lies behind each stroke of the pen, relaying the sentiments of her lonesome strife,
  9. From the sides of the throne room, Lady Milena watched in trepidation at the end of the affair– relieved by the de Falstaff's bravery in comparison to the others who deemed it fit to rebel against the empire, for his actions had allowed his life to be spared. In her hands, she fiddled with a worn letter she had received several days prior to his arrest; thankful for the mercy of the crown and Emil's wise actions to denounce the traitors.
  10. Shortly after her return home to Dobrov, Lady Milena Carrion received word of Daniel's execution through quieted murmurs that echoed through the castle's resonating halls. Although they were hardly anything more than brisk acquaintances, the news troubled her so. That eve, she penned letter to her friend, Miss Emerentia Kovachev – wife of Daniel, and attached a chrysanthemum alongside it. "To Miss Emerentia Kovachev, my dear friend, Word has spread quickly, and I presume you know the further contents of this letter– thus, I solemnly send my condolences for what you hav
  11. In one of the many drawing rooms of the Augustine Palace, Milena Carrion warmed herself by a hearth and chafed her hands after having read the Princess Imperial's frightening missive. Anxious was she after the occurrences both at the tea party she hosted, fearing for the safety of the courtiers and herself, and from the threat now made by the Countess of Rosemoor. The rest of the evening she went without rest, for a thousand thoughts filled the young debutante's head; all which she wrote out upon seating herself on the refined sofa, scribbling away on her thesis to the Princess Im
  12. A Debutante’s Lament A courier comes to the Lady Woldzmir, and rests but one hand at his back as he lowers himself into some exquisite bow. Thereafter giving his letter he departs, swiftly without another word for the woman once she were to take the letter proffered to her. To Mother, Lady Woldzmir, I pen you in hopes that you will not be disappointed by my recent failures, and aspire that instead you might take what apologies I can give as a replacement for the roles of your own I have not filled, as you were one of the finest actresses; a legacy of your o
  13. Miss Swanhilda Louise Thérèse Antoinette of Poiteux tosses the missive aside with an absurd, sudden gasp of her own– thoroughly offended by what she had seen. "She did not spell my name correctly! Where are the dashes above my third name, Thérèse? Outrageous!" Swanhilda grumbles as she manages in another metal pin to make certain this time the model ship in her wig does not have another wreck. Whilst upon her stride through the Augustine Palace, Lady Milena is brought to a halt by a passing courier who proffers the Majordomo with a new missive. Although she hadn't wished to
  14. The newly-appointed Majordomo, Milena Carrion, gasped at the sudden arrival of newspaper from a different gossip source. She had yet to hear of this 'Lady Whisperington'– only having known there to be a Madame de Potins. "Lady Amadea! Lady Anna!" Called out the Carrion as she were to hurry to find the Countess of Renzfeld and the Lady Governess, swift on her toes. "My! There is another one. Oh, I should hope these ladies not to be so terrible distraught over the hearsay. Miss Ida has by far had it the worst, dare I say it. And she is a fine lady too, quite fine!" @Ivoreyy@libertyybelle
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