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  1. A curious Ruthern took a glance at the cultural document, reading over it with interest at the place she had rarely seen - perhaps it was time for her to visit.
  2. With a few dips of her pen into the jar of ink, Elizaveta began scribing a letter to her childhood friend, now the Viscount - a visit to Venzia had been long overdue.
  3. IGN: Eryane IC NAME: Elizaveta Iryna vas Ruthern AGE (What division are you competing in?): 13, young teen SUPERVISOR: N/A
  4. Elizaveta smiled over her sister's beautifully written letter to the good children of Hoonse (and her drawings, too). She'd prepare a letter of her own to write directly to her sister, the retired Queen of Hoonse having much advice to give.
  5. From Druzstra, huddled away in her chambers, Elizaveta woke in the night from her cold sweats. At her side were several unread papers, including information on Hoonse which she had missed in the saint's days she had been ill. Seeing her friends lead Hoonse so well, she smiled, and hastily fell back asleep.
  6. this is very based but pls move me closer to my homelands of haense & holy orenian empire..
  7. THE KINGDOM RETURNS KRUSAE ZWY KOONGZEM Issued by the KINGDOM OF HOONSETI-ROOSKA On this 14th day of Tov and Yermey of 462 E.S. VA BIRODEO HERZENAV AG EDLERVIK, After years of being away for a very, very, very long time, the Kingdom of Hoonseti-Ruska returns. There will be a lot of sleepovers, dances, quests, and much more. Because it has been so long, there are new positions and new people in them. If you also want to be in the Aulic Council of Hoonse or want to be a noble of Hoonse speak with Her Majesty Elizaveta I, the Lady Palatine Alyona Godunov, or any of the Aulic Council of Hoonse. We would also like to say that we support all Fort-Fort activities and declare Fort-Fort always to be protected by the Kingdom of Hoonse. We will be the strongest kingdom forever! AULIC COUNCIL OF HOONSE Her Excellency, Alyona Godunov, the Lady Palatine Lord Malcolm Gant, the Deputy-Palatine His Excellency, Anatoliy Godunov, the Lord Marshal His Excellency, Carolus Colborn, the Royal Advisor His Excellency, Brendell Colborn, the Aulic Treasurer His Excellency, Michael Haverlock, Royal Justiciar Her Excellency, Julietta Haverlock, Grand Lady Her Excellency, Dame Via Weiss, the Knight Paramount Her Ladyship, Dame Ailsa Baruch, the Knight Oracle Vacancies: Aulic Envoy KNIGHTS OF HOONSETI-ROOSKA & THE ORDER OF THE BEES Her Excellency, Dame Via Weiss, the Knight Paramount His Lordship, Brendell Colborn, Meyster Knight Her Ladyship, Dame Ailsa Baruch, the Knight Oracle NOBILITY OF HOONSE His Grace, Viktor Ruthern, Duke of Vidoos His Grace, Alasdair Baruch, Duke of Whalewyck His Grace, George Barclay, Duke of Roonmar His Lordship, Carolus Colborn, Viscount of Coolboar Her Ladyship, Alyona Godunov, Baroness of Vooskaya This message has been sponsored by Zvaervauld Lilac Honey™ IV JOVEO MAAN Her Majesty, Elizaveta I, Koenas of Hoonseti-Rooska Her Excellency, Alyona Rhetta Godunov Lady Palatine of Hoonseti-Rooska, Baroness of Vooskaya, The Sparrow His Excellency, Malcolm Gant Deputy-Palatine of Hoonseti-Rooska, The Cow Lord Marshal, Anatoily Godunov His Excellency, Carolus Ivan Colborn Royal Advisor of Hoonseti-Rooska, Viscount of Coolboar Her Excellency, Via Weiss, Knight Paramount of Hoonesti-Rooska Her Excellency, Julietta Laurelai Haverlock Grand Lady of Hoonseti-Rooska His Grace, Alasdair Lorchan Baruch, Duke of Whalewyck, Prince of the Selkies, The Fish Boy, Panda-Whisperer, The Quiet One Her Ladyship, Ailsa Cairstine Baruch, Knight Oracle of Hoonseti-Rooska Ailsa Cairstine Baruch His Lordship, Brendell Åsbjörn Aleksey Colborn, Meyster Knight of Hoonseti-Rooska Brendell A. A. Colborn His Excellency, Michael Thomas Haverlock Lord Justicar of Hoonseti-Rooska
  8. I was going to post something myself, but this sums it up on why democracies just won't work on LotC on a large scale (beyond local groups, or things along the lines of this). Different problems
  9. what's your biggest takeaway from playing on here?
  10. "These rich folk think it's any of our business to be dragged into their divorce affair! I just want to enjoy some damn tea in the tavern again." Matilda of Moere wasn't quite sure who she was talking to, as she more so grumbled to herself. "God be with this child, but it's her father's fault for deciding to manipulate the people to act out brutally in his own lust for power. Her father's fault that his own people lay dead, dividing the homeland... How else would it have ended after attempting to overthrow the duchess? That she willing bends the knee to her consort?" She scoffed, and continued on trying to find the best bargain for quality bread.
  11. Curiously, Arabella raises up the missive with a brow lofted in curiosity. She reached for another document in her small home- albeit it was one much older than the one in front of her. "Hm," was all she could say, although couldn't help but recognize the similarity between the two. Nevertheless, she remained comfortable in her home in Branhavn. "I have faith in these leaders to make the right decisions about the matter, for what is best for the people and the nation."
  12. @PerfectlyPeachy "Mamej!" A child's voice rang throughout the grey halls of the Ruthern keep. She was barely able to even finish reading when she was awakened with a sudden burst of excitement that incited her to seek out her mother as soon as she possibly could manage. Hastily, Elizaveta dashed up a set of stone stairs that echoed with each hurried footstep. She held a parchment in the air, holding it out for her mother to take and look at. "May I go? I promise to attend all my ballet lessons, and every other lesson, and everything else. All of it."
  13. Closely did Elizaveta listen to the words of her mother, even if she was quite young. All of this she took in for her future, and for what was to come for the House of Ruthern. "The weak shall always fear the strong," she repeated under her breath.
  14. "Mamej, are they scared of us?" asked the small Ruthern child, Elizaveta, after she had overheard her mother reading the missive. @PerfectlyPeachy
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