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  1. The S U N H O L D T N U P T I A L S [!] John Alexander d’Arkent and Anne Adelheid Pruvia-Provins reciting their vows. To the subjects of The Holy Orenian Empire, With great honor does the Duchy of Sunholdt and the Viscounty of Pruvia-Provins announce this marital union of 1830. Within two months, the Lady Anne Adelheid of Provins, eldest daughter of the Viscount Pruvia-Provins IG, is to be wed to the eldest son of the Duke of Sunholdt - John Alexander d’Arkent. The two have been betrothed for some years, and both families are glad to announce its officiation. TIMETABLE I. Ceremony At first, there shall be the wedding formalities at the palatial cathedral of the capital of Providence. The ceremony shall be officiated by His Holiness the High Pontiff Tylos I, and attended by the d’Arkent and Pruvian parties respectively. II. The Reception After the two wed, the wedding procession shall be held at the banquet hall inside the walls of Sunholdt. After the feast, the groom invites all gentlemen who deem themselves adequate on a hunt in the open plains adjacent to Sunholdt. All citizens and allies of the Holy Orenian Empire are invited, special invitations extended to: HIM Emperor John VIII and the Imperial Household of Novellen @KosherZombie HIH The Duke of Crestfall and his esteemed pedigree, @BenevolentManacles HG The Duke of Sunholdt and his esteemed pedigree, HG The Duke of Cathalon and his esteemed pedigree, @Fishy TRH Count of Kositz and his esteemed pedigree, @Imperium TRH Countess of Dobrov and her esteemed pedigree, @Eryane HIH the Count of Renzefeld and his esteemed pedigree, @ErikAzog TRH Count of Azor and his esteemed pedigree, @Da_Emperors TRH Count of Susa and his esteemed pedigree, @KBR TRH Viscount of Valles and his esteemed pedigree, @grnappa TRH Baron of Carrington and his esteemed pedigree, @MannyMannyManny TRH Baron of Halcourt and his esteemed pedigree, @DevoutChorale_ TRH Baron of Darkwood and his esteemed pedigree. @DarkWrath94 Additionally, invitations are sent to... The Imperial Council of State The Imperial State Army The Sohaer Kolvar Uradir and the Silver Council of Haelun’or, @Iverach HRM King Henry II and the Royal Household of Barbanov-Bihar, @Rudi TRM King Georg I and Queen Johanna I, and the Government of the Cerulean Kingdom of Sutica, @MadOne @Axelu HRH the High Prince of Elvenesse Evar’tir Oranor and the Council of Elvenesse, @Bhased The Honorable Antonius Vilac-Fitzpeter and his pedigree, @Milenkhov The Honorable Olivier Renault de Savoie and his pedigree, @Lionbileti The Honorable Sir Tobias de Sarkozy and his pedigree, @Qizu HE Lady Mary Casimira of Carrington @ncarr HIH the Princess George of Aldersberg, @gohliad Lord Targoth Hu-Din and his comrades. @L0rdLawyer Vivian Maelstorm and the Government of Vortice @neoroseo SIGNED, His Grace the Duke of Sunholdt Peter Alexander d’Arkent His Excellency the Foreign Minister, Viscount of Pruvia-Provins IG OOC: Date: Thursday, July 29th Time: 6:30 PM EST
  2. Anne Adelheid peered over at her Father, her brows tightening into a furrow. "What did you do?" @MrChenn
  3. Anne Adelheid's lips grew into a wide grin upon hearing the news of her dearest friend Juliya's unexpected matrimony. "I need to prepare a gift for her!" With haste, the young Pruvia would prepare a gift.
  4. Anne Adelheid sat at Provins, continuing her studies as a Medic when a servant had entered her room handing her a fresh copy of Petit Potins. The Pruvia sat there observing the column eventually coming across the paragraph that was focus upon her. As furious as she was about what had been said about her, she'd rumple the pamphlet throwing it onto the ground, going back to her studies. "People need to learn to keep their nose out of others business." She murmured to herself.
  5. Anne Adelheid read the pamphlet conscientiously whilst sitting by her sister during dinner. "As expected, I knew they were going to mention that dance with John. But just so happens to be that they've mixed us up, truly pathetic, at least get my name correct before you decide to write about me." She remarked with a smirk on her countenance. @MikoMonster
  6. Anne Adelheid is drinking her spiced rum from the Augustine, listening in attentively to her Fathers drunken story. @MrChenn
  7. Anne Adelheid traced a finger as she observed the list of many Debutants. Coming to a complete stop as she came across her name, giving it a glower, feeling somewhat irritated knowing that they've omitted her middle name.
  8. Charlotte Amadea continued to sit there shortly after watching everyone else exit the room, she'd heave a sigh before ultimately deciding to take her leave as well.
  9. "I wouldn't mind volunteering in aiding our military." The adolescent woman spoke up, a sense of pride within her tone.
  10. Autty


    Born and raised in Haense Marigold Lynwood lived in a household of three people. At the age of six years Marigold’s father had tragically passed away leaving only her, her mother Anne and older brother Noel. Growing up for Marigold was pretty rough, following strict rules learning ‘lady-like’ things with her Mother. Marigold and her brother Noel were very close, she loved him to bits and would do anything for him. At the age of ten, Marigold had taken the passion for reading and writing poems, every weekend she’d go to the library returning and searching for many other books to read. Her mother was very upset that Marigold preferred reading then doing ‘lady-like’ things. Marigold ended up having a fallout with her Mother, her brother Noel had taken Marigold’s side and stood up for Marigold which lead to them both running far away. Til this day Marigold and her brother, Noel are roaming around the streets of Renatus. Marigold decided to explore Renatus where she came across a library, she was very happy to see what she had sawn now she reads books after books which are making her smarter every minute. As for her brother Noel, Noel decided to do archery so he could provide food for the pair of them.
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