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  1. THE HENRIETTAN BERATUNG Ladies of the Beratung, circa. 1928 The Reinmaren domain of Aaun has had modest courtly developments, regularly abstracting from what one may anticipate as Palatial matters. Yet, upon the union of the Grand Prince Brandt and the Grand Princess-consort Henriette, particular changes were made in an effort to organise courtly structure. By and by resulting in the need of an official institution to coordinate merriments, conduct the maintenance of the Kanunsberg Castle and to expand onto the arts and humanities. THEREFORE, WE ORGANISE THE HENRIETTAN BERATUNG; THE GOUVERNANTE The Gouvernante serves as the Head of Court to the Grand Princess, Henriette. They are responsible for the management of the court, overseeing the court's operations and ensuring that particular daily procedures are executed appropriately, as well as functions hosted by the Grand Princess. As a private tutor, The Gouvernante also directs the education of the Grand Princess' children and wards APPOINTED; Eloisee Veiel @Aimy_lol THE SEKRETARIN The Sekretarin and Scribe to Her Serene Highness, Grand Princess Henriette, holds a prestigious role as her trusted confidant and intermediary. Responsible for transcribing official documents, managing correspondence, and maintaining the Princess's schedule, this courtly position requires impeccable communication skills, discretion, and a deep understanding of etiquette. The Sekretarin contributes thus to upholding the Court's elegance and efficiency, ensuring the Princess's voice is actively conveyed and represented. APPOINTED; Clare Barclay @Tangenttopic THE BERATERIN The Beraterin, or the Court Advisor to the esteemed Grand Princess, Henriette, holds a revered position in the Court, providing wise counsel on various matters of contention for the Duchess on matters such as governance, diplomacy, and strategy. As an intermediary for the Grand Princess, they champion the interests of the Grand Princess in deeds, to shape policies aimed towards preserving her esteemed legacy within the Court. APPOINTED; Julietta Andrea Barclay @PufferfishTrash THE HERRIN DER GARDEROBE The role of Herrin Der Garderobe to the Grand Princess, possessing an innate sense of style and a discerning eye for fashion, entails the meticulous curations of the Princely wardrobe. From exquisite garments to regal jewellery, the Herrin ensures that every member of the court, chiefly the Grand Princess, is adorned in attire befitting of their status of elegance. APPOINTED; Odetta von Alstreim @worldeltaii THE GERICHTSARZT The Gerichtsarzt, or the Court Physician to the Grand Princess, hold profound knowledge and expertise in the field of medicine. Serving as the guardian of the Grand Princess's health and well-being, the Court Physician is tasked with diligently providing medical care, diagnosing ailments, and serving to balance the humours of the Grand Princess. They offer guidance on the Princess's wellness to preserve her dignity and noble presence in the realm. APPOINTED; Calla Veiel @carebear THE HOFKAPLAN The Hofkaplan, or Court Chaplain, is a highly esteemed member of the clergy within the noble court of the Grand Princess. Holding a sacred role, they faithfully serve both God and Princess Henriette. Devoted to the spiritual well-being of the court, the Hofkaplan administers sacraments, offers solace, and imparts divine guidance derived from the profound wisdom of the Holy Scrolls. Through their presence and devout service, the Hofkaplan ensures that the noble court remains rooted in its spiritual foundation, upholding the moral fabric of the realm under the watchful gaze of the Grand Princess. VACANT THE GERICHTSWACHE The Gerichtswache is an individual bond to the Grand Princess-consort, as they are not permitted to ever leave their senior unless ordered. The safety of the Grand Princess-consort lies in their hands, as expected the Gerichtswache must be aware of their surroundings. APPOINTED; Isavella von Theonus @Itz_Cookie SIGNED, HER SERENE HIGHNESS, Henriette of Lewes, Grand Princess-consort of Minitz, Contess-consort of Neu Brandthof, Viscountess-consort of Tucay, Baroness-consort of Borienwald and Brandthof, Lady of Durres
  2. "How ridiculous." The Duchess of Minitz let out a scoff in incredulity at the idiocy of the writer.
  3. Upon hearing such heart-wrenching news, Lorena Sarkozic chose to eat White Chocolate Lemon Truffles to reminisce her first encounter with Flour.
  4. Henriette grinned contentedly as she perused the missive.
  5. The Duchess of Minitz read through the document while seated with her siblings. As she sensed their joy, she cracked a faint grin.
  6. REINMAREN MATRIMONY ANNO DOMINI c.1912 Penned by the hand of Henriette Aurelie To the patriotic subjects of The United Kingdom of Aaun, It is with great excitement that the Duchy of Minitz proffers an invitation to the denizens of Aaun on behalf of the new Duke of Minitz. A matrimony betwixt His Grace, Brandt Barclay and her Ladyship Henriette of House Ashford de Lewes is to occur post-haste! Many events shall take place after the ceremony; an itinerary will be attached with the invitation and menu will be created encompassing both cultured of the bride and groom. ITINERARY I. Ceremony The ceremony shall be officiated in a few saint's hours, both the Barclay and Ashford de Lewes families will be in attendance. II. The Hunt To inaugurate the evening's festivities, The Duke invites all back to The Duchy of Minitz to participate in a hunt in honor of his union with Lady Henriette of Lewes III. Feast of Cultures To conclude the evening's festivites, the Newlyweds shall host a banquet. Prior to the main courses there will be a fine selection of hors d'Oeuvres and a deletable wine tasting. Afterwards, presenting a vast assortment of the finest Reinmaren and Savoyard cuisines. An attached menu is shown below, MENU: Hors d’Oeuvres Canapes Savoie, a toasted crostini delicately covered with scallion cream cheese, served with chilled smoked salmon and fresh dill as garnish. Entree Reinmaren Oxtail Stew, small portions of oxtail served with a wide range of vegetables steeped in a rich and transparent broth. Plat Principal Savoyard Canard, roasted duck with crackling skin, topped with a brown sauce prepared from veal stock, seasoned with orange extract and zest, and enhanced with a sweet-sour gastrique. Dessert Black Forest Cake, a sponge cake layered with whip cream and cherries as well as topped with additional whipped cream, maraschino cherries, and chocolate shavings. Formal invitations have been sent to the following: His Royal Majesty, Charles I, King of Aaun and his royal pedigree His Highness, Ottomar II von Alstreim, Prince of Merryweather and his noble pedigree His Grace, Heinrik Sarkozic, Duke of Adria and his noble pedigree The Right Honourable, Louis de Rosius, Margrave of Haute-Epine and his noble pedigree The Right Honourable, Guinevere von Reuss, Margravine of Velen and her noble pedigree The Honourable, Cosima von Augusten, Viscountess of Hohengarten and her noble pedigree Extended Formal invitations sent out to: His Princely Grace, Wilheim II, Duke of Reinmar and his noble pedigree His Lordship, Kasimir Sarkozic, heir to Viscounty Sapron & Her Ladyship, Nicoletta Sarkozic, consort of Kasimir and close friend of the Bride. GOD WITH US WER RASTET, DER ROSTET His Grace, Brandt 'the Bosnan' Barclay, Duke of Minitz, Count of Neu Brandthof, Viscount Tucay, Baron of Borienwald and Brandthof, Lord of Durres, Grand Peer of Aaun, Protector of the Aaunic Heartlands, Cheiftain of the Minitz Reinmaren Her Ladyship, Henriette Aurelie Ashford de Lewes
  7. Anne Adelheid sitting inside the Sunholdt apartments within the Augustine read the given missive then shooting her daughter a glare. "Enough of that, you should not say such things about your brother. Besides, you should refrain yourself from saying that to a Dwarf directly my darling, they are not the most pleasant folk to be associated with, they do not take insults lightly." @Kholibrii
  8. Autty


    Born and raised in Haense Marigold Lynwood lived in a household of three people. At the age of six years Marigold’s father had tragically passed away leaving only her, her mother Anne and older brother Noel. Growing up for Marigold was pretty rough, following strict rules learning ‘lady-like’ things with her Mother. Marigold and her brother Noel were very close, she loved him to bits and would do anything for him. At the age of ten, Marigold had taken the passion for reading and writing poems, every weekend she’d go to the library returning and searching for many other books to read. Her mother was very upset that Marigold preferred reading then doing ‘lady-like’ things. Marigold ended up having a fallout with her Mother, her brother Noel had taken Marigold’s side and stood up for Marigold which lead to them both running far away. Til this day Marigold and her brother, Noel are roaming around the streets of Renatus. Marigold decided to explore Renatus where she came across a library, she was very happy to see what she had sawn now she reads books after books which are making her smarter every minute. As for her brother Noel, Noel decided to do archery so he could provide food for the pair of them.
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