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  1. lol.The dock one.All cool, big, beautiful boats, and the Alras boat... :D
  2. Isn't it too dark? I don't know.It's probably just me.But I like the idea!
  3. So it's 7/10? :D Anyways.Ive seen you quite some times.Also you are very active in the forums soo.. 9/10.
  4. This sounds pretty interesting.It will be sort of a way for people to prove that they are good RPers.I might even get sick even if there is no outbreak.I go to Blunder's tower a lot so it would make sense.
  5. [[Well if a can I will come, Hiebe!I'm not sure if I will be able to tho. P.S. For all the people who can't use their brains (lol kidding): GMT-8 (PST) - 3PM GMT-7 - 4PM GMT-6 - 5PM GMT-5 (EST) - 6PM GMT - 11PM GMT+2 - 1AM GMT+8- 7AM P.S.2 I wasn't sure if this is OOC or RP so I just added [[ and ]] anyways.]]
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