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  1. On the plus side, you'll get a very nice plot in the cemetery now. On a more serious note, Thank you Kala for all your efforts. Your appointment was a surprise to me when it happened, but not an unwelcome one, but a tree can not stand alone in the desert forever. The only prophecy I have truly given that has always come to pass is that history will repeat itself. When you walk into the dark, let it be to not been seen, and when you turn around see with clarity.

  2. I've got plenty of Aurum and redstone. Let me know if we can make a deal of sorts.

  3. Do you remember the old version of "Moldy Journal"? I could probably rewrite it if you don't. It wasn't very long...your post brought back memories.

    1. drfate786


      Nope, i don't remember it. I think i just coincidentally named my thread that. 

  4. I was originally going to open a "Crysh's Family Jewels" store....but if Dwain loves them just as much maybe a partner ship sometime. "Irongut's Family Jewels" has a nice ring too it...

  5. *Some flyer posted by another innocent person has been torn down....several things crossed out and written over. Flyers hang through major cities and the Cloud temple! ~WE WANT FRUIT Blade Powder & Blaze Rods~ Greetings! I am looking to purchase any fruit Blaze Powder & Blaze Rods that you may have this includes the following~ Apples Blaze Powder Bananas Blaze Rods Honey ((I know it's not a fruit)) Cocoa ...ok I like these too. Maple syrup Oranges Also if you have anything that you believe might be rare or foreign to the tongue, please feel free to tell us! You may contact us at th
  6. Once a Delver, always a Delver?

    1. CommunistSpy


      you only delve once

    2. domainoft


      Are the Delvers still a thing?

  7. ((Although you may not be adding members at this time, perhaps in the future. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/topic/119025-breathing-stone/ )) Crysh walks near the great tree the Druids call home, gazing up at its tops and shuddering at the cold surface air as it blows upon his skin. *Shaking his head to himself as he approaches "People live in a place like this? absolutely mad it is...."
  8. IGN: Domainoft Skype: PM me for it. How long have you been on the server?: Since early Aegis ---- RP Name: Crysh Irongut Age: 450ish "Math is hard" Gender: Male Profession: Slicer of Stones How skilled are you in said profession?: Adept Do you have any other skills?: Blacksmithing, Mining Affiliations?: The city of Polaris Why do you wish to join the Wayward Workshop?: To advance my skill in blacksmithing "Hopefully as an apprentice" And display my Sliced Stone wares. Do you agree to the rules and that the Wayward Workshop holds no responsibility for injuries gained due to violatio
  9. I knew you would do good things for the LMs :)

  10. Perhaps what we have is simply a lack of communication. While there may be /some/ creatures that are locked unjustly, I would think as others have mentioned that some creatures/magic are locked to prevent misuse, widespread use, and misunderstanding. I'd suggest a beastiary of sorts be created by the LM team, "Sorry for creating work for you, but you lot are the best for the job." Attached to the list could be general descriptions for each creature, more advanced information for those creatures which are more common. Aka Dire Bears, Wraths, Ghosts, ect..... I'd also like to see which o
  11. Does your beard hang low? Does it wobble to and fro? Can you tie it in a knot? Can you tie it in a bow? Can you throw it o'er your shoulder Like a continental soldier Does your beard hang low?

  12. Did the test server whitelist get reset?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. domainoft


      Hmm when I try to log in, it says "You are not on the whitelist"

    3. Hunter (sckolar)

      Hunter (sckolar)

      I would contact a staff member. I'm sure you can prove that you have been on the server for a while.

    4. domainoft


      Not the server, the "Test Server"....lol I can still log into the regular server just fine.

  13. You should have seen me pushing my pigs into minecarts to transport them to my Island....lol....Takes forever to cross that Ocean.

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