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  1. Classic Dr.Fate is back. Man you gotta stay off drugs
  2. FAROOQ GRAY FOR SENSIBLE LEADERSHIP A History of Legislative Success Farooq Gray has proven himself as a competent and successful legislator. First serving in the 15th diet, he has worked with both Everardines and Josephites on bills. Most recently that was working with Sir Konstantin Wick on the Legal Procedures Bill. Yet, Mr. Gray has written his own bills, most recently having the Lex Criminalis reform bill pass unanimously in the house, leading to a safer Oren. Few candidates have the legislative experience of Farooq Gray. Experience and Leadership Farooq Gray has maintained a perfect record of attendance through the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Diet. But Farooq Gray has been far from a backbencher, introducing multiple bills of his own and critiquing bills presented by both parties. He has also served as acting minority leader during absences. Outside of the house, Farooq Gray has a long history as a crown solicitor, most notably serving as prosecutor for Crown v. Harjalainen, successfully booting a corrupt crook from The Empire’s leadership. Since them Farooq Gray has since served as Solicitor-General, ensuring criminals are brought to justice. Platform for the 17th Imperial Diet Once reelected, Farooq Gray will continue to push forward smart legislation, including the following 3 pieces of legislation: A National Pension Plan - Those serving in the Imperial State Army, The Emperor’s Constabulary and The Haense Royal Army endure a great sacrifice. Those that serve honorably should be rewarded with a lifetime pension to ensure our soldiers are never left without shelter or food. An Imperial Loan Program - Establishing an Imperial Loan Program to allow citizens that would otherwise be unable to afford the upfront costs of opening a business to receive loans. Continued Legal Reform - Improving on the Lex Criminalis Reform, Mr Gray will continue to improve the Oren Revised Code, making smart and sensible laws that make for a better country. VOTE FAROOQ GRAY | VOTE EVERARDINE For sensible leadership.
  3. SURNAME: Gray FIRST NAME: Farooq ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE: Victory Street 6, Helena DATE OF BIRTH: 1730 Are you registered and eligible to vote in the Holy Orenian Empire? Yea Do you have any other title, peerage or military service that may conflict with becoming a Member of the House of Commons, as per the Edict of Reform (1763)? No If yes, do you understand that you will be required to resign or abdicate from this position should you be elected to the House of Commons, and if this does not occur your seat shall be considered to be vacant?: Yea ((MC NAME)): Thatpyrodude
  4. Farooq Gray hands each of his men a set of armor, preparing the constabulary for a chance at glory.
  5. THE MINISTRY OF JUSTICE As issued the 7th of Sun’s Smile, 1771 As dictated by the Solicitor-General The Sheriff’s Department of Helena is seeking any information in regards to the disappearance of Porphyre Nicephore, Sherriff of Helena. He was last seen in Helena, seeing to this safety of the city. Any information that leads to the successful return of Sheriff Nicephore, will be granted with a reward of 1,500 Imperial Marks. Should you have information on Porphyre Nicephore and his whereabouts, please send a letter to Acting Sheriff Tirilan Sentinel ((Tirilan#1349)). If unavailable or unwilling to send a letter, seek a member of the department at the Ministry of Justice in Helena. Farooq B. Gray Solicitor-General ((Thatpyrodude#2437))
  6. Excellent post Liam, think this is something everyone needs to remember. At the end of the day this is all a game, and all your accomplishments here don’t mean anything in the real world. Don’t make sacrifices to your real life to improve your mineman life.
  7. FACTION AFFILIATION: Everardines FACTION LEADER NAME: Amadeus d’Aryn 1. Amadeus d'Aryn [Caranthir_] 2. Farooq Gray [Thatpyrodude] 3. Karl Amador [Sanderwarrior14] 4. Winston Rothesay [proddiusmaximus] 5. Sigmar Joren Baruch [Drew2_dude] 6. Lajos Sandor Karoly [CrownedLime747] 7. Conrad Barclay [James2k] 8. Edmund Bren [Sliw] 9. Siol of Helena [GoodGuyMatt] 10. Ed Myre [Boiendl] 11. Louis Entier [bickando] 12. John Edward Pruvia [NordLord1] Do any members of the draft have any title, peerage or public service that may conflict with becoming a member of the House of Commons, as per the Edict of Reform (1763)?: No If yes, do you understand that you will be asked to provide an alternative and legal candidate, and if this does not occur your faction’s seat shall be considered to be vacant?: Yes ((MC name)): Caranthir_
  8. Ahh I quite enjoyed blowing up Jburg.
  9. Never understood the point of these posts? If you’re leaving tell the relevant people, don’t need to announce it to the server. And dr fate, no one has nostalgia when thinking of the Tahmas era staff
  10. INVITE TO THE EVERARDINE CONFERENCE, 1768 __________________________________________________________________ Your Future, Your Oren __________________________________________________________________ TO THE PEOPLE OF OREN, You are hereby invited to join the Everardines in their faction conference, to be held in Kaedrin’s Queen Annabelles Playhouse following the dissolution of the Imperial Diet and in advance of the national election. ((DATE: WEDNESDAY 5PM ET KAEDRIN)) The Conference is a place to meet like-minded people, spend time with the Everardine bench, and to vote on the future of the faction. We are a party for every Orener, and so there is no invite list. If you wish to attend, you are welcome to join us. Take the train to pleasant Kaedrin to share in our good spirits. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: When and where is the Everardine Faction Conference? The 1768 Conference will take place in Kaedrin in a few saint’s days ((Wednesday, 5PM ET)). The conference venue is the Queen Annabelles Playhouse, outside Owynsburg. What’s on at the Conference? We will be proposing a restructuring effort for our faction, introducing our platform in full, selecting the faction list, and giving speeches. If there is time, we will hold a session to question members of the first Everardine bench on what we have achieved so far. How do I apply to attend Conference? No application for the Conference is needed, all you need to do is be present on the day. Please ensure that you have brought your blue handkerchief, if you have it. While the venue is plentiful with seating, please be prepared to stand if necessary. I’ve been to the Conference before, why again? This Conference will be pivotal to formalising the selection of candidates to the Everardine list in the upcoming election. To have your say in this and the faction restructure, be sure to attend. Open voting will be held, you do not have to be a registered Member although it is advised that you are. Where can I learn about the five bills the Everardines proposed last session including the Fixed-Penalties and Policing Act and the Non-Partisan Judiciary Act? At our conference.
  11. Farooq votes aye for the nomination of Leufroy Falkenrath
  12. SUBPOENA THE CROWN MINISTRY OF JUSTICE FAROOQ B. GRAY DESIRES TO SUMMON THE FOLLOWING PARTY BEFORE THE CIRCUIT; SIR VEIKKO HARJALAINEN ON THE BASIS OF THE FOLLOWING PRINCIPLE(S), DOCTRINE(S), EDICT(S) OR ARTICLES OF LAW: 203.012 - Where an individual intentionally deprives another of movable property without the consent of its owner, and this property is of great amounts, this shall be theft in the first degree or grand theft. (Class P) 204.01 - Where an individual commits acts with the intent to compromise the integrity of the Crown and its constituent institutions by waging insurrection and seeking the destruction of the Imperial State by impugning the character and person of the Crown through subversive means such as collusion with enemy entities and actors against the State. (Class I) 204.0101 - Where an individual intentionally or negligently fails to abide by the terms of a written or verbal contract, misleads regarding its terms, or provides insufficient consideration for its completion, to the detriment of another, and this detriment is of great amounts, this shall be fraud in the first degree. (Class P) The accused individual held the position of Warden of the Reserve. As Warden of the Reserve, he was solely responsible for overseeing the selling of Reserve Notes to citizens of the empire. While overseeing this system, the reserve sold 50,000 Marks worth of notes. None of these marks were received by the Treasury. When confronted by Secretary Carrington, the accused refused to turn over any paperwork nor Marks. The accused was relieved of duty and has still refused to return the stolen Marks to the Treasury. WITH THE PRESENCE OF THE FOLLOWING RELEVANT PARTY OR PARTIES: Farooq B. Gray, Solicitor Green Carrington, Witness Mary Philippa, Witness Alren DeNurem, Witness ON THE DESIRED DATE OF: ((To be arranged OOC)) YOURS HUMBLY, FAROOQ B. GRAY PONTIAN PLACE 8 Thatpyrodude#2437
  13. Can’t believe I was tricked by James2K.
  14. @cruzazul you are the best frost witch in server history
  15. Farooq rubs the back of his head before cheering “For God and Empire!”
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