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  1. Seems like a helpful addition given it isn’t locked to a specific race or sect as far as getting access to the prosthetics go.
  2. MC Name: MartinDaMartianCharacter Name: Sidapo Race: HumanReason for wanting to join: Juniper forced me to.Goals for Joining: Get the chance to RP something reminiscent of my own country’s culture. Also to keep Juniper from bugging me.Ideal Caste: OspreyBasic Background: Hunter and fisherman with a mild history of alcoholism.
  3. Who do I talk to concerning my Gold VIP tag being returned to my forum account?

    1. ABruhMoment


      integrate your forum account in game with the /freja command and it does it automatically 

  4. Please refer to this new post for recruitment details if you are still interested. May I also request that this topic be closed as it is no longer updated.
  5. The Huntsmen Huntsmen Regime, est. 1705 The Huntsmen is a guild that can trace their origins to the now deceased Vizmak Brigade, an old monster hunting guild. The guild primarily focuses on the research, elimination, and containment of various magical and mysterious creatures that roam the realm. Their work however is not limited to matters concerning mysterious creatures alone, but they also pursue research into new technologies as well as documenting the various flora and fauna that the world offers. Notice: Recruitment details for The Hunts
  6. Please contact the current leader (MartinDaMartian#6979) if you are still interested in joining. Forum recruitment for the Huntsmen is currently closed. For future applicants looking to join please seek me out on discord or forum PMs to arrange for an in-game meeting.
  7. Honestly, I never thought I’d be active on LoTC again after like 5 years away until I joined the Huntsmen. Thank you for everything Bluee!
  8. Hi! I recently just got back on the server after a long hiatus and I’d like to work on updating my character’s wardrobe. The old skin editing program I used to use doesn’t seem to be available anymore, so can anyone please give suggestions for a new program/website I can use to edit skins? Preferably one where I can work offline and uses the new skin format with the added layers. Thanks!
  9. Anyone mind explaining what's new around the server?

    1. Rassidic


      Pugsy got unbanned yesterday , and surprisingly , he's made Alras ten times better.

    2. MartinDaMartian


      ..... Well I've been gone for wayyyyyyy too long

    3. Rassidic


      Mhm. Oh , cybering is now actually enforced over fade to black now.

  10. Winter has been coming for 16 years ._.

  11. So... nice weather we're having...?

    1. FalconByte
    2. monkeypoacher


      it's cold here

      this weather here is bad

      i hate it

  12. Funny jokes aside Fallout at its core is a really depressing game...

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. MartinDaMartian


      Took me replaying the game seriously without shooting everyone I met ._.

    3. -The Doctor-

      -The Doctor-

      I liked to think myself as a judge, when I went into the world of Fallout. Not many people were found innocent.

      The gore and spleens of the guilty littered the Strip.

    4. Ogdan
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