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  1. Season finale coming up! :O

  2. HEY YAH its interesting!

  3. So, I heard you liked Burn Notice? This season has been real interesting so far.

  4. Just checking in gang! Miss yous. Life in with way = no fun! Hopefully everyone has a great holiday :)

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    2. Hylian the Heretic

      Hylian the Heretic


    3. Gunner


      Baby come back

    4. stealthninjaAP


      Hey man! I hope you have a good time during holidays!

  5. Of all people taking off, I am glad it's you good sir. My AFKness is obvious. If you need anything from me before, don't hesitate to ask yo.


  6. Your graphix are sexy.

  7. Just.... Doin my best to be a great suckup.... anyways... I agree with everything you're doing perfectly because everything you do is perfect.... Thanks for being so great at everything and giving me meaning in my life. If it weren't for you I wouldn't know what to do with anything. You're like the ghandi of everything because you're just so great.


  8. Er-mah-gersh.

    You're back. :D

  9. PUMPKIN. Your back..? I require a family crest. ¬_¬

  10. Hope everyone has been well :). *kiss

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    2. Praetor


      Dat brilliant artist. He designed or forums I think ^^

    3. LaCabra (Soda)
    4. Lym


      You are alive? ._.

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