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  1. Well, I started the road to your charter last week it actually leads pretty close by it your look north along the shoreline. I had brought it in low so it’s at water level. My intent was to build a boardwalk of sorts. It won’t happen for a bit though but that was the intent at least.
  2. Freebuild is coming a bit later but basically yes we want to keep the freebuild area seperate from charters to avoid alot of the nastiness we got this map from it. It’s a lot smaller in an area though and more contained to a specific area of the map. Here’s the original post btw https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/178769-charter-system-your-view/
  3. So that, in my opinion, is more of a war system thing like rebelling but if a nation revokes their sponsorship the group just goes back to being a charter if that makes any sense?
  4. Hia folks here’s the whole lot for the land systems of Arcas. You guys have already seen the Charter System but this is with changes made based on what the community said last time so let me know thoughts on it as is. Credit to AGiantPie for the idea for reclaiming old builds btw we did include that. We’re trying to get all the details for Nations and all that on paper now so nothing is an unwritten rule and so it’s super clear for players and staff on how to interact with the land system! NATION SYSTEM Charters that demonstrate a high level of player engagement can achieve Nation Status. LotC rewards Nations that strive for the best with unique benefits that help maintain their streak of rich roleplay. Becoming A Nation Gain Nation Status You can apply for Nation Status as long as the following is true, 1) You have a full non-probation charter. 2) You have met the activity requirements for at least one month. 3) You are not a Dependant charter. Nation Status Application, Group Name: Charter Application: If your submission is acceptable then you will enter a two-month probation period. You must maintain Nation-level activity for the entire two months. If we deny your application you may re-apply in two-weeks. Maintaining and Losing Nation Status If your Nation has passed the probation period yet falls below minimum activity for three consecutive weeks we will issue a warning. If you fail two weeks more we will downgrade your Nation to a tier 3 charter. Benefits of Nation Status 1) 200 x 200 protected area with the ability to expand further into your home tile 2) A free green ss pillar 3) A free mine 4) A free banker 5) A free auctioneer 6) Road signage 7) High-speed road connection (Aka fast roads) 😎 Ability to have dependent status groups 9) Access to Nation Leader Discord Controlling Tiles Tiles have three possible states. An uncontrolled tile has no Nation or Nation-dependent group on that tile. A contested tile has more than one charter not under the same allegiance. Finally, a tile is controlled when one owning party has full control over the charter regions within. In order to convert a contest tile to controlled, all other groups must either convert into dependants, leave, or collapse. DEPENDENT SYSTEM A Dependent is described as a group whom for various reasons belongs to and is an apart of a nation statused group and meets a few criteria. The Information & Process for gaining Dependent Status Gain Dependent Status You can apply for Dependent Status as long as the following is true, 1) You have a charter (Probationary Period does not prohibit this). 2) You have a willing Nation who will sponsor you. 3) The charter must be in an adjacent tile that is controlled by the Sponsoring Nation Nation Status Application, Group Name: Charter Application: Nation sponsoring: If your submission is acceptable then you will finish out whatever remains of your charters probationary period if applicable and you will be granted the benefits associated with being a dependent. Losing Dependent Status There are only two ways to lose your dependent status, Either have it revoked by your sponsoring nation above in which case you go back to your original chartered status or you fail to meet the continuing requirements of your charter and are thus no longer eligible for your Dependent status either. Benefits of Nation Status 1) Grants Tile Access for Sponsor 2) Paid Access to a Soul Stone Pillar 3) Paid Access to a mine. Tile Access, When a dependent group is formed inside of a tile and is the first of its nature there it expands that nations influence into that tile. Allowing for that tile to now become a contested tile for the sponsoring nation. A dependent can only give full control of a tile once the regular criteria for a controlled tile are met and the dependent is no longer in charter probation. CHARTER SYSTEM A Charter is defined as regioned parcel of land granted to an individual who completes the requirements for the selected tier of charter. The Information & Process for gaining a Charter Application Process: 1) Submit a Charter Application for the land you desire. 2) Begin the two week wait. Use this time to collect signatures and submit minas. 3) Finally, a staff member claims, evaluates, and processes your application. a) When Accepted you enter the probation period. b) When Denied, the charter is archived. You may retry. Charter Application: The Charter of [name of land] Submitted by [owner’s roleplay name] « [owner’s minecraft name] » ● Located at coordinates (X, Y, Z) ● Tier level of [#] We wish to upgrade our charter. (NO: remove this, YES: provide link to charter) OR We wish to relocate our charter. (NO: remove this, YES: provide link to charter) Charter Probation Excellent, your charter is accepted! We now flag your region and monitor it for one months and verify you meet the criteria for activity. If you succeed, we remove your probation status. Though, if you fail, we must delete your region. Though even after probation you will continue to be monitored but more flexibility will be offered. Where can I place my Charter? Got a place you’re interested in? Compare it to the conditions below. ● No other Charter already claimed that spot. ● You’re at least 125 blocks away from any other Charter or Nation Region or Resource pit. ● You’re not inside the Cloud Temple Ring. ● You’re not in a tile owned by a nation or in contested territory. ● You are not in the Freebuild Wilds. ● You do not own any other land. * If you are relocating, then you may only do so if you are not at war. * Keep in mind when you choose your location, your Charter can only be dependent on Nations adjacent to your tile. I want to upgrade or relocate my Charter. First of all, your Charter must pass the probation period. Then, choose a location that is the same or smaller tier and be ready to pay half the price of that land. If you wish to upgrade—you must gather all the signatures. However, you only pay the difference for the cost in minas. Your Charter will re-enter the probationary period for two months. If you fail your land will only revert to the original size—however, you will need to pass another two-month probation to keep the land altogether. Can I use the land of a former Charter that went inactive? Absolutely. In fact, you can purchase or relocate to abandoned land at a 35% discount! After a charter is abandoned the build and all its facilities will be kept for at least two weeks if others express interest in the build or staff would like to repurpose it for events and such. We would like to declare dependency on a Nation. You may apply at any time for Dependant status—even during probation. We would like to ascend to Nation status. You must reach Nation-level activity. Then, you may apply for Nation status and enter a two month probationary period. You must maintain Nation-level activity for the entire two months. Charter Tier’s Tier 1 - Hamlet 50 x 50 block region Seven signatures Three-thousand Five-hundred minas Tier 2 - Village 100x 100 block region Fifteen signatures Twelve-thousand minas Tier 3 - City 150x150 block region Thirty signatures Twenty-four-thousand five-hundred minas Tier 4 - Special 200x200 block region Only granted under specific circumstances not applicable for new or upgrading charters. Such as Nations who lose their Nation status as to not cut up their city with a shrinking region.
  5. Community Meeting today! Hope to see yall there!

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      yeh can u unban me from lotc disc first and ill go

  6. Guess the day 7.0 gets announced and win something.

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  7. I don't personally see this being more than a very niche bit of lore. I think you should legitimate start small maybe start by making a little culture and all that making your village settle in and then in a map or two if your still around go for the big guns and make it a race but at this point it's so new, and the whole everything around it is incredible new that I think this is a poor choice.
  8. 7 Year as of yesterday on Lotc... Atleast it's fun I guess

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      You've been on LOTC for more years than i've been alive...

  9. You could apply for World Dev, Other blue for life?

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      apply for gm!!

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  10. The Codex of Sutican Law Foreword The Realm of Sutican and all its various appendages are bound by this codex of law. The law of Sutica is derived from the rule of the Crown to which this codex is itself bound. The Crown of Sutica is in practice the law and the codex is but the documented decrees of the Crown. No exception or alteration is made by any other than the Crown itself to this codex of law. Table of Content 1. Legally Important Terms 2. Laws of the Realm Pertaining Acts of Theft Burglary Robbery Other Pertaining Acts of Violence Assault Murder Pertaining Acts of Malicious Intent Fraud Espionage Vandalism Kidnapping Aiding an Outlaw Undermining Authority & Defenses Poaching and Hunting Poaching Animals Dark Acts Iblees, Daemons or Dark Magic worship General Safety Littering Drug Use 3. Punishments Information Class D Crimes Class C Crimes Class B Crimes Class A Crimes 4. Taxes 5. Pertaining Vassals of Sutica 6. Guards 7. Rights of Citizens I. Legally Important Terms Citizen, A citizen is defined as someone who legally physically inhabits some part of the realm of sutica. Citizenship is lost once someone leaves the realm of Sutica. For citizenship to be proven a record must be present in the Sutican Registry a document held by the Ministry of the Interior. Crown, The Crown of Sutica is the reigning monarch of Sutica. Former or future monarchs are not considered the Crown neither are governmental appendages. All ruling made by the Trade Princess out rank any decisions made by the Trade Prince. Minister, Ministers act as agents of the state, entrusted with authority by the ruler of Sutica and granted the power to head the relevant ministry. The Ruler of Sutica chooses all positions, and decides whether a lifetime appointment or a term to served is in order. One Person may hold multiple positions, if deemed fit by the ruler of Sutica. Steward, Stewards are tasked with watching over the citizens of Sutica, they manage the basic day to day tasks of the city. This includes making sure citizens have housing, the city registry is updated and that empty houses don't have unapproved people living in them. Stewards can solve most citizens problems or direct them to the proper people. Guard, Guards are the citizens of sutica that have taken the extra step in protecting the federation. Led by the minister of defense the Guards of Sutica stand and defend the city gates. Tradesmen, A tradesmen is any citizen of Sutica that sells good from a named shop, be it in a storefront or from within their own home. Inalienable, In the context of Sutican law means that if you are a citizen you retain whatever for as long as you are in fact a citizen. Criminal, A criminal is defined as anyone who break any law of any ranking found within the Sutican Codex. Foreign Crimes do not automatically constitute someone's criminality. II. Laws of the Realm Laws to be followed in all Sutican territory by order of the Trade Princess/Prince I. Pertaining Acts of Theft 1) Burglary; defined as the stealing of goods from one’s property. a) Minor Burglary (Class D) The theft of 200 minas or less, in equivalent goods or coin. b) Burglary (Class C) The theft of 500 minas or less, in equivalent goods or coin. c) Major Burglary (Class B) The theft of 700 minas of less, in equivalent goods or coin. d) Grand Burglary (Class A) The Theft of greater than 701 minas, in equivalent goods or coin. 2) Robbery; defined as the stealing of goods from one’s person. a) Minor Robbery (Class D) Brandishing a weapon or threatening violence to achieve the theft of less than 200 minas, in equivalent goods or coin. b) Robbery (Class C) Brandishing a weapon or threatening violence to achieve the theft of less than 350 minas, in equivalent goods or coin. c) Grand Robbery (Class B) Brandishing a weapon or threatening violence to achieve the theft of greater than 500 minas, in equivalent goods or coin. 3) Other a) Breaking Contracts (Class C) Violating a previously agreed upon contract (that has been registered with the Ministry of the Interior or Coin) between two parties, in order to boost profits or deprive the other of their labors. b) Animal Theft (Class B) The theft or slaughter of any animal(s) belonging to anyone other than yourself. c) Donation Chests (Class C) The placement of misleading and or unlabeled donation chests within the Sutican Territory in order to gain goods. d) House Squatting (Class D) The moving into of any open or used house without the permission of a steward or owner of the house. II. Pertaining Acts of Violence 1) Assault; defined as physical attacks upon another. a) Third-degree (Class D) An unplanned attack upon another causing minor injury, such as drunken brawls or bouts of passion. b) Second-degree (Class C) A planned attack upon another causing minor injury. c) First-degree (Class B) A planned attack upon another causing grievous or debilitating injury. 2) Murder; defined as the unlawful killing of one. a) Attempted Murder (Class B) The unplanned attempt of taking another’s life and failing in doing so. b) Third-degree (Class B) The unplanned killing of anyone's life within Sutican territory. c) First-degree (Class A) The planned killing of anyone's life within Sutican territory. III. Pertaining Acts of Malicious Intent 1) Fraud; defined as deception for unlawful gain. a) Impersonation (Class C) Impersonating another, guard, noble, or otherwise. b) General Fraud (Class C) Purposely deceiving another for unlawful gain. (Does not include signed contracts) 2) Espionage; defined as the unwarranted spying upon another citizen a) Minor Espionage (Class C) Spying upon a citizen to achieve unlawful gain or knowledge. b) State Espionage (Class A) Spying upon a state appointed official to achieve unlawful gain or knowledge. c) Trade Espionage (Class B) The unlawful gain of Sutican trade secrets. 3) Vandalism; the unlawful destruction of property a) Window Vandalism (Class D) Unwarranted Destruction of windows within the Sutican Region. b) Minor Vandalism (Class C) Destruction of property totalling equal to or less than 200 minas in damages. c) Major Vandalism (Class B) Destruction of property equal to or less than 350 minas in damages. c) Grand Vandalism (Class A) Destruction of property totaling more than 500 minas in damage 4) Kidnapping; the unlawful seizure or holding of another in one’s custody. a) Kidnapping (Class B) Capturing/ holding of one against their will unlawfully. b) Grand Napping (Class A) Capturing/ Holding of any member of the Sutican Crown against their will unlawfully. c) Slavery (Class A) The Keeping of slaves within the Federation of Sutica. 5) Aiding an Outlaw; defined as granting aid or shelter to a fugitive of Sutica. a) Petty Aid (Class C) Providing a fugitive sustenance or any means to escape capture. b) Aiding (Class A) Providing a fugitive shelter or knowingly aiding them in escaping capture. c) Accomplice (Class A) Knowingly helping a fugitive further commit crimes within Sutica before their escape. 6) Undermining Authority & Defenses; defined as knowingly acting against the Sutican interest a) Circumventing defenses (Class B) Digging tunnels or otherwise circumventing Sutican defenses to provide unlawful entry to the city b) Undermining Authority (Class B) Undermining the authority of any member of Sutican government through malicious acts or words in the aim of harming citizens. IV. Poaching and Hunting 1) Poaching; defined as the hunting of animals in the Sutican territory without permission granted by the Trade Princess/Prince a) Petty Poaching(Class C) Unlawfully hunting & slaughtering any animal in amounts no more than 200 minas. b) Grand Poaching (Class B) Unlawfully hunting & slaughtering of any animal totalling more than 200 minas. c) Slave Hunting/Capturing The hunting or capturing of members of sentient races for the purpose of slave trading. V. Dark Acts 1) Iblees Worship; defined as the unlawful worship of Iblees, Daemons or dark magic creatures a) Worship (Class A) Worshipping Iblees or any Daemon, providing aid to any worshipper. b) Assisting dark creatures (Class A) The keeping of or assisting of any dark magic creatures by any means. Includes housing, feeding, sympathizing, c) Practice (Class A) The practice of any Dark Magic. VI. General Safety 1) Littering; defined as making any public place untidy with rubbish or a large number of objects left lying about. a) General Littering (class D) The throwing of any non hazardous goods on the ground or into the waters around Sutica. b) Hazardous Littering (class B) The throwing of any hazardous goods that can affect the lives of citizens on to the ground or into the waters around Sutica. 2) Drug Use a) Public Drug Use (Class D) The usage of any non medical drugs within public grounds or non designated areas is prohibited. III. Punishments Information - Jail Time consists of imprisonment within a small cell with little to no outside interactions. - Jail Time may also consist of interrogations by the guard force. Advanced interrogation techniques may only be used when a Guard Officer or higher ranking official is present and gives verbal permission for advanced interrogation methods to be used. - Those who use advanced interrogation methods without approval or abuse the power will find themseves being striped of their rank and have to answer to the Trade Princess for abuse of power. - Those charged for any crime class C or higher will be placed on a criminal offenders list. To be convicted of a class C crime will have your name on the list for 4 years (4 weeks), Class B crime 8 years (8 weeks) and are able to be randomly stopped and searched by guards at any time when within the city of Sutica. - If you are convicted of a Class A crime your name will be on the criminal offenders list for 12 years (12 weeks) and no longer have the right to bear arms or armour within the Federation of Sutica, Can be stopped and searched at any time as well as regular and irregular searches of any property the individual may own or reside in, within the Federation. - A name may be removed from the offenders list at the discretion of the Minister of Defense, the Head Guard or Trade Princess or Prince. To be convicted of a Class A crime, the criminal must face trial and be found guilty, this is to help with cases of murder in self defense. Trials will be held publicly with the accused and the arrester, and the Trade Princess or Prince as Judge or someone she or he has appointed to act as Judge. 1. Class D Crimes Class D (Petty Crime): 300 minas fine and Community service or labour up to the estimated sum of 500 mina’s work. The particular service or labour is up to the discretion of those overseeing the crime and its punishment. 2. Class C Crimes Class C (Minor Crime): 500 minas fine and jail time of no longer than an hour, Jail time can be commuted in turn for community service/labour to the estimated sum of 1,000 mina’s worth of work. 3. Class B Crimes Class B (General Crime): 1,000 minas fine and jail time of no longer than two hours. The Jail time can be commuted in exchange for community service/labour to the sum of 2,000 mina’s worth of work. 4. Class A Crimes Class A (Major Crime): Execution or a Fine of 5,000 minas. Those found guilty of a class A crime will find themselves imprisoned for no less than two hours in jail followed by forced labour to the sum of 5,000 mina. IV. Taxes a) Taxes will be levied at discretion of the Trade Princess/ Prince. b) Taxes must be paid as specified, or seizure of property & goods may occur. c) Materials may be used in place of minas at discretion of the Trade Princess/ Prince. d) Tradesmen must pay a tax and fill out a shop request form to sell goods from a city owned stall. e) Tax fraud shall be punished at a Class B level. V. Pertaining Vassals of Sutica a) Vassals must follow all laws of the Codex of Sutica within their territories but may add their own laws that do not go against the codex. b) Vassals are entrusted by the Trade Princess/ Prince to govern their people. c) Vassals are expected to levy taxes or manpower in times of dire need, at discretion of the Trade Princess/ Prince. d) Vassals reserve the right for their designated leader to sit upon the Advisory Council of Sutica. e) Vassals reserve the right to pick their own leader in the manner they see fit. f) Vassals can be removed from their land by the Trade Princess/ Prince for any reason. VI. Guards a) Guards reserve the right to use any arms/armor within the city. b) Guards reserve the right to search any citizen with consent. c) Guards reserve the right to use lethal force in defense of themselves, the city and in upholding the laws of Sutica.. e) Guards reserve the right to deny entrance into the city to anyone f) Guards reserve the right to remove from the city any mal-contents g) Guards reserve the right to levy fines for crimes committed in the city in accordance with the punishment level of the crime. h) Guards reserve the right to arrest any criminal. I) Guards reserve the right to search any home suspected of affiliation with a criminal with a stewards permission. VII. Rights of Citizens a) Citizens reserve the right to a trial for crimes of a class B or Higher. c) Citizens reserve the right to lawful privacy. d) Citizens reserve the right to free trade & enterprise. e) Law-abiding citizens reserve the right to live unmolested by law enforcement. f) Citizens reserve the right to voice their complaints to the Trade Princess/ Prince and their -representatives. g) Citizens reserve the right to keep Indentured Servants as long as proper paperwork is provided to the Ministry of Interior. Paperwork required in the form of a contract listing out the details of the servitude signed by both parties and signed by either the Minister of the Interior or the Trade Princess. (Any changes made in regards to the indentured servants servitude or who they are indentured to must be approved by the Trade Princess) h) Citizens reserve the right to keep and use all drugs in designated areas and or within their own home. i) All rights are inalienable.
  11. Who are you O.o

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      IP board support account that requires admin permissions to do its job. 

  12. Oh man Im not sure about this theme

  13. IGN: SeventhCircle Discord: Seventh#9260
  14. I know the Other Devs are working on it, and that it's proving to be difficult but I don't know much more than that.
  15. Since it says timed out in the error, I wonder if you've contracted the horrible connection issue that's been plaguing a part of the player base. I don't know the specifics or anything but figured I'd mention it. Since I do know the io.netty part is just a framework that minecraft uses for it's multiplayer/client networking I'd honestly put money that it's somewhat related to the bug but who knows.
  16. Micro Feedback Status, Do you like speedy roads/faster roads for travelng?

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    2. Dreek


      with how long a lot of the roads are, it makes it bearable yeah

    3. Lumii


      i like the idea. with the concerns that it might be abused for pvp - is there any way to make it a strictly out of combat buff?

    4. NotEvilAtAll


      I love the speedy roads, they’re great

  17. Nearly 7 years and I still have less then 500 posts :|

  18. Microfeedback status post.

    Things you don't like about atlas design? (Short and sweet)

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    2. mitch dharma

      mitch dharma

      when are contest results being announced....? >:J

    3. ImCookiie


      I enjoyed walking through Axios more, it had a better scenery - especially if we stick to no fast-travel.

      Lots of boring spots along roads, could be spruced up!

    4. Hobbs_Burrows


      Long roads, regions on the roads, barren landscapes (lack of trees, but I have planted 600+ saplings in freebuild), ugly birch/fence custom trees that don't decay, giant empty cities pushed right to the edges of the map

  19. Cannons sure, but not portable firearms. I do not enjoy the kind of rp we already get from Crossbows already and Guns wouldn't contribute anything meaningful or interesting. They'll just end up being another item people 'have' pull out real fast and shoot from across the room because it was 'preloaded'. Though your actual writing was really good.
  20. World Dev Team is always looking for new applicants, if you enjoy world building consider applying. If you have questions feel free to hit me up with a forum pm.

  21. It should whether it actually does I couldn't tell you I've never rp'ed or heard of a cleric shapeshifter interaction, Shapeshifters are rather rare but I guess the direction question could be raised to LT. but Imo there's no reason I can think of that it wouldn't.
  22. Alrighty, Tahariaes mission has nothing to do with the Aspects and their balance at all. Purity is just what Tahariae wants in the world and any modification of the descendant's form is considered a physical impurity, wounds, fake limb etc etc. There's nothing pure about turning into a wolf. 'unnatural' when it comes to clericalism has nothing to do with druidism & nature. It's just a term to describe impurities/purities which are the foundation of our magic. (Idk about any of the other 'holy magic' but there's zero reason they wouldn't be affected by clerical magic due to it not being their original form)
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