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  1. Will there ever be more detailed version of charter rules, and in general more detailed pages that explain requirements (for charter for example, or a more clear way that explains how new players can get certain ‘things’, like magic)? for example: a precise amount of players needed to pass probation period, it just says “you need to reach activity...”. Also, now with exams raging in full motion, it is difficult for some players (including me) to be active, is there any possibility for players owning charter to have a activity pass (activity check will be ignored), yes it is very easy to reach the activity goal, but when you are building on your charter you cannot really attract many people (not sure if it is the right place to put this second question..) And will there be better communication over in discord? I sometimes am not on MC and ask for help but never get a reply in the ‘support’ channel..
  2. Mcname: MrWithoutNameTalent: Drawing
  3. Attica’s government intro As long as we have known, absoluate power by one person or one family, and a council chosen by favoritism have ruled the lives of the common people, these people have to fight their wars, collect their food, solve their problems and deal with their oppression. What do you get in return; shelter. If they dare speak against the authority of the absolute government, they either get killed, banished or imprisoned, if they dare speak out their opinion about another nation that may not have the best relations with the homenation, only, and only because the royal families chose so, they undergo the same fate. Because of this the founders of attica have created a government where all the powers are divided to prevent corruption and powerhungry people, and most importantly, ruled by the common people, they will be able to decide what laws pass, who the leader is and who their judges are. Government Roles explanation Citizens: yea that’s obvious I think... Courtsmen: Are the stewards of the city eg; can give new people houses, and grant citizenship. They also oversee that everyone is following the rules, from visitors to the delegates, these are lifetime jobs unless they are voted out by the people due to inconfidence First and second delegate of law enforcement: These are the ‘presidents’ of the city, they are able to create new rules and manage resources, welbeing of the citizens, infrastructure, etc. The first delegate and second delegate control eachother in order to keep balance and prevent corruption. Diplomats: These are the people that go around other nations and seek for a potential truce or alliance and solve foreign problems. Overseer: Someone with no absolute power, As stated, when the government is instable or corrupt he takes over until it is stable again, he is only able to grant this power when the citizens choose it, or a delegate dies or gets captured.
  4. @world staff team Hey, I have a little problem, my charter is in the sea, so a proper road connection is not really a thing, so instead I want to ask if I can get a bridge connecting to my charter, as you can see in the photos, the coordinates where i am can be a pillar on which the bridge would be connected to the mainland, and the other part would be connected to the inner ring, there would optionally be a gate tower on the pillar (the drawing on the left side is an other option for a bridge). the reason I would want it specifically there is because when people enter the charter they see the government building and the houses and the harbor (being reworked) when they step in, I dont want people to enter the city via the docks because thats not logical, and it’s aesthetically more pelasing (and more tactical). I’ve DM’d staff members, and even in the discord support channel but i always got skipped, Pun directed me to the forums, I hope it can get resolved here. If this is too much to ask, Then I would atleast request access to that area so I can build it myself, exclusively a access point to my charter (aka a bridge), nothing else that would give me advantage. The screenshots: https://prntscr.com/nismcs https://prntscr.com/nismz0 Thank you for the support ❤️
  5. Recently i voted for the server but got no rewards and no milestone, theres not much proof i cna give you beside a screenshot of my chrome, i did not receive notifications in chat that i voted. I used the correct MC name and correct caps. this has never happened to me before, as i have 21 consecutive vote days... thanks
  6. Nameless


    Gaius was born in 1660, with his mother named Helena, but without a father that is long lost and never seen again, Gaius and Helena loved to talk about Gaius father, to Gaius to understand how he father was, but for a fact in Gaius parents’ house there would be a painting of his father on the wall, and Gaius would look at it every day and praying that one day he would see his father one day. Gaius was given Kaeornin as a surname, because of that Gaius resembled his long-lost father. Then Gaius grew older he desisted to start finding a new place and start a new life in a new city, then Gaius was 42 years old he travelled to Surica to find a job, and possibly find a new home, but Helena didn’t wanted to Gaius to leave home, she cried and begged, she didn’t wanted it to Gaius ending up like his father, but however Gaius wanted to follow his footsteps, then Gaius ended up in Surica, he was given a house, a work as well and Gaius was always sending her letter how Gaius is holding up, and how is live. But one day he heard some information about his long-lost father and would start going some research, but none thing Gaius gave up. Gaius wanted to start a new family and wants to make new adventures
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