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    haha i think its funny gj
  2. Nameless

    I voted but got no rewards

    Recently i voted for the server but got no rewards and no milestone, theres not much proof i cna give you beside a screenshot of my chrome, i did not receive notifications in chat that i voted. I used the correct MC name and correct caps. this has never happened to me before, as i have 21 consecutive vote days... thanks
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    Gaius was born in 1660, with his mother named Helena, but without a father that is long lost and never seen again, Gaius and Helena loved to talk about Gaius father, to Gaius to understand how he father was, but for a fact in Gaius parents’ house there would be a painting of his father on the wall, and Gaius would look at it every day and praying that one day he would see his father one day. Gaius was given Kaeornin as a surname, because of that Gaius resembled his long-lost father. Then Gaius grew older he desisted to start finding a new place and start a new life in a new city, then Gaius was 42 years old he travelled to Surica to find a job, and possibly find a new home, but Helena didn’t wanted to Gaius to leave home, she cried and begged, she didn’t wanted it to Gaius ending up like his father, but however Gaius wanted to follow his footsteps, then Gaius ended up in Surica, he was given a house, a work as well and Gaius was always sending her letter how Gaius is holding up, and how is live. But one day he heard some information about his long-lost father and would start going some research, but none thing Gaius gave up. Gaius wanted to start a new family and wants to make new adventures