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Found 8 results

  1. Imagine seeing someone's actual hands move with their own personal hand gestures as well as their head move with every real life nod or shake. This has personally been on my mind for a few days, but also wondered if other players have thought about the idea of playing VR Minecraft on a roleplay server, the kind of inspiration, immersion, and the type of experience it could possibly bring. There are videos that show that it's possible to have both VR players and normal Minecraft players on the same server (x) (It seems the guy recording isn’t using a vr, but his friends are),
  2. i personally want 1.13 and for the devs to focus enhancing 1.13 rather than update to 1.14 with a bad chunkloading, the new blocks are cool but it doesnt replace the chunk loading, we cant move from point a to point b it takes literally too much time for travelling, maybe we can go back to 1.13 with an older save if world corruption is a concern but we cant stay in 1.14 its ruining the traveling of the map
  3. Hey everyone! I know most people already know, but just wanted to post that the box transfer is complete and functional. It’s not perfect, but it’s definitely an improvement as a whole. We’ve currently got one lobby and the war server running alongside the main server, so there shouldn’t be any noticeable change to your day-to-day experience. In regards to 1.15, the data is all there and ready to go. The old box just needs to be flushed so the extra servers (Dev, Build, Lobbies, etc) can be installed there, then 1.15 should be clear for take-off! I, however, will not be pushing it
  4. I’d like to announce that FIRST BLOOD has been claimed on the new server box. So yeah, our new box is currently running. We’re finishing the last of the file transfer prep we need to do today, and tomorrow we’ll be looking to transfer the remaining data that requires the server to come down. You can expect the server to be down sometime between 8am-2pm EST tomorrow. The maintenance will last 1-2 hours, however be prepared for 3-4 hours of downtime in case something goes sideways while we’re transferring the data over. I’ll try to make an announcement in broadcast as we approac
  5. Hey everyone! I want to start by thanking everyone for their long awaited patience with the lag issues. It’s such an unbelievably obnoxious issue, but I’ve been so pleasantly surprised by the cooperation and lack of flame that has been thrown our way. Thank you all for holding in there with us. That said, obviously an update is in order. Is THIS the maintenance? Unfortunately, no. We’re currently experiencing some down time as the main server box shut down unexpectedly. Console, SSH, etc is all unable to be accessed. Tythus and Telanir have already been alert
  6. Hey everyone! After some major back-and-forth I’ve finally gotten a more concrete timeline to provide in regards to the lag issues and the fixes therein. I’m also going to take some time to address a few things that I imagine might crop up as a result of this, so let’s get to it. Why is your server running off of a potato? This comes up a lot that the server is inadequate to be able to handle what’s going on. While an upgrade is coming, rest assured that the amount of memory and power we have allocated is not the root issue for just how bad it’s gotten. So why is it lagging,
  7. The Pit Autofill Plugin Coming hot off the press from one of our most recent coders' hands we have the Pit Autofill Plugin. Through this plugin you’ll no longer need to make a modreq for refilling the resource pits at the cloud temple. Usage is quite straightforward, so let’s get into it! What are the pits? For those unaware, there are bedrock pits underneath the Cloud Temple in which players can harvest resources from. It’s as cut-and-dry as can be, and in order to get them refilled one must currently make a /modreq in order to get the pits refilled. However that is no m
  8. AND TO THE MIRE, HE RETURNS ___________________________________ [!] A depiction of Kaer Glythen, the Aeldinic seat of House Grimm The war between the feuding Imperial Houses of Horen and Marna has claimed many lives as of recent, and families all throughout the two imperiums now grieved for lost sons and daughters - taken all too soon in the conflict. One such family is the noble House of Grimm, its members having learned of its patriarch’s death in the most horrible of ways; The Baron’s corpse was shipped to the stone-maken walls of Reza, confine
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