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  1. My laptop just nuked itself... so I won't be seeing you guys for a while is my guess, gooday my fellow nerds.

  2. *grumbles* second warn status for doing the nearly harmless thing of posting in a ban report without being DIRECTLY involved. I guess I learned my lesson, I need to be part of the GM team to actually get my opinions out there..

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Kragnak


      Nyeh, I do >:( Are these 2 warns I've got going to be bad for me in the future

    3. Phelrin


      I'm getting myself for posting in ban reports as well. Though I'm only trying to help, I guess I just have to stop looking at ban reports....

    4. Song Druid

      Song Druid

      Warnings aren't really all that bad. Lots of Fms have them! ;) If you get 10 warns though you get banned, which we think is fair.

      After you improve or speak with us showing that you understand what you did wrong we generally lower your warning level gradually.

  3. Should I post parts of Kragnak's life on the LOTC forum? Or do you think I'd dull people to death

    1. Sinstrite


      It's never bad to add to the lore in small parts through your character, do it!

    2. Kragnak


      Well thankies for the feedback :P

  4. lalalalalalaaa..

  5. Will I get PM'ed if I'm denied from the Mori? I releeee wanna know if I made it o.o

    1. danic


      YES YOU WILL, my lord I thought we went over this

    2. Kragnak


      o_o sowwy, just anxious

  6. All of the good players are leaving.. was it because I came back? :(

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    2. Slic3man


      *gets even angrier and

      leaves on a journey to

      find this user's house*

    3. Gaius Marius
    4. Kragnak


      hehe :P okay so there are alot of you..

  7. Being a Mori is too maitsream, maybe I should be an orc..

    1. danic


      That just makes you seem like a stuck up hipster :/

    2. Kragnak


      heh xD tis my aim!

  8. Must... be... Mori.. so... I.. am... Mainstream..

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    2. Wolf Druid Ouity
    3. Jarkarll


      Must... Be... Orc... so i can kill everyone....

    4. blindmind


      Must... watch... so I can eat popcorn...

  9. Anybody got any suggestions on how I can de-update so I can for once play again on this AMAZING server?

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    2. AllenTheGreat


      Vaquxine (the server's plugin creator) has a downgrader program. I don't have a link to it though.

    3. Kragnak


      Thanks for the help guys! I'm so pumped to see the huge updates.. Skyrim kept me off for so long..

    4. 。◕‿‿◕。 Hawk Whitestorm
  10. Woa, a month passed on Lord of the Craft whilst I was Skyrimming..

  11. Nothing like being surrounded by orcs, then having a random female halfing shoot you with a bow, and when you hit them in self defense, you die a terrible many axed death.

  12. Any undead interested in make a bit of an RP story with me to kill off my character?? talk to me!

  13. I have a wonderful idea for a new character.. hehe

  14. Might I add I love your Enderman Idea so much I'm trying to promote it too! Genius IDEAAA!

  15. (I oughta read the forums more.. maybe I'd have realized you all left the keep. O_o Ahkrael reporting fer duty! Just tell me where to head IC.
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