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  1. Twilight Druid

    Fjarriagua: The Witches of Winter

    Well written, I hope to see the implementation.
  2. Twilight Druid

    The Merry Red Brothers of Nordengrad

    Name: Atticus IGN: Moorke Clan: N/A Experience: Trained in the way of the sword, and the use of transfiguration Equipment ((provide a detailed account of your char's slapped together equipment)): None Are ye 'o faith?: Yes, in some distinction
  3. Twilight Druid

    [Denied] [Trial]Leap1Ghosts' Second GM Application

    A respectable player, but from my interactions with them and from observations of their roleplay/OOC interactions, I don't believe their fit to be a game moderator. Perhaps given another year with some more reputable behavior improvement I would upvote, sadly I cannot and leave my words as they stand.
  4. Twilight Druid

    Dwarvern slums.

    Best food in Jornheim!
  5. Toxicity In Game and Out Of Game will always be prevalent, it's not a matter of returning to our roots. Our roots weren't free of toxicity, just as we aren't free of it now. We're adults that have opinions, thoughts, and ideas that differ; it's only natural to have toxicity when so many minds come together.

  6. Twilight Druid

    [Lore Sub] Golem Launcher

    To clarify "Golem Launcher" is the name because the arm of the device is reminiscent of a golem arm, its purpose is not to launch golems its purpose is throwing payloads with more accuracy and distance than traditional trebuchet's.
  7. Twilight Druid

    [Lore Sub] Golem Launcher

    Introduction: On the 10th of the Deep Cold, 1636 two dwarves made an astonishing discovery replacing the ancient trebuchet with the steam powered trebuchet. Their research lead them to a new type of weapon that could achieve ever greater distances, and increased speeds unseen from the previous models of the trebuchet. (Clarification: The name of the machine is Golem Launcher, because the arm of the drive rod is reminiscent of a golem arm. Its purpose is throwing payloads more accurately and further than traditional trebuchet's not golems.) Mechanics: Two supports made of stone are reinforced by iron, and mounted into place with eight two inch iron bolts. Six steam engines are maintained by six furnaces which can be regulated with coal or lava, and these reside beneath the two supports of the main drive shaft. Thick iron plating resides over the tops of the steam engines each mounted with a branching piece of tubing roughly 1/2 inch iron these three tubes intersect at the midpoint of the support on both sides, and where the three tubes meet is a pressure valve made of reinforced iron to prevent dispersal. The tubing is held in place with gemstone fittings selected for their heat resistance. The pressure and release valves are controlled from a panel set into the right hand support. Once an ample amount of steam pressure is built up in the steam valve on both sides the valves are opened and the steam floods upwards into the gear box mounted at the top of the support. The drive shaft which is settled between the two supports is a solid Iron rod with two thick set gears on both ends that are set into the gear boxes and mounted into place with four thick bolts per support. The drive shaft is outfitted with a singular arm hinged at the middle which is built with a payload carrier that latches the object into place; the latch is released with a steam valve controlled by a lever on the left support. The more steam supplied to the gear boxes the faster the rotational force of the machine. Pictures of the Golem Launcher: https://gyazo.com/5d32192ed1737b226a3d692154ef0790 https://gyazo.com/0bb2af22e2e9197b2fb3feb61835a14e https://gyazo.com/7f6b062c084f17dffb8f0405e36f321c https://gyazo.com/070ccec6e512264574d1e08c34b523b1 Operating Guide: A three man team is required to operate the Golem Launcher they'll need to be briefed on their duties, and have previously trained with it. Dwarf 1 - Valve Operator; stationed at the right support where a control panel is located with four different valves arranged in a rectangle, the valves on the right control the steam build up, and the valves on the left control the release. Two valves, one on each side for each concurring support and their respective pressure build up and release. Dwarf 2 - Loader/Launcher; stationed behind the basket of the throwing arm their job is to load the projectile and fasten it in place, once the projectile is fastened into place they signal Dwarf 1 to begin releasing the pressure and slowly building up the speed of the throwing arm. By the left support is a lever which opens the latching mechanism holding the projectile in place, it is up to Dwarf 2 to predict the release time for the projectile; he would have previous knowledge of the rotations per given time lapse, and the weight of the object to estimate the release (Side note: There is a fail safe that disables the latch mechanism once it passes a certain point in the rotational arch enabling it upon reaching the desired arch once more, this prevents the projectile from being flung back into the team.) Dwarf 3 - Engine Operator; stationed beneath the two supports of the throwing arm Dwarf 3 will have to work in a relatively cramped environment with stifling temperatures, and dutifully distribute lava through a system of piping and valves or meticulously distribute coal evenly to the six furnaces maintaining the steam engines located directly above. Example Scenario: *Dwarf 3 starts shoveling coal into the apertures of the furnaces below using bellows to provide extra oxygen *Dwarf 1 turns the two valves on the right side of the panel to begin building up steam *Dwarf 2 loads the payload and locks it into place hearing a resolute "click" as the mechanism latched *Dwarf 1 loosens the valves on the left side of the panel, his actions would be followed by a high pitched whistle as steam jutted up the piping headed towards the gearbox's [!] The drive shaft would start to rotate the arm beginning to gradually click upwards as the gears began moving *Dwarf 3 would shovel more coal into the furnaces increasing the heat as the machine warmed up *Dwarf 1 continued to turn the left valves until they were fully open, allowing the steam to quickly build up in the pressure valves and be jutted out and upwards into the gearboxes [!] The arm would be rotating at a much higher rate now, and would be ready to be released *Dwarf 2 would roll 20, the closer he was to 20 the more accurate the payload, and if he rolled below 10 the payload was beyond the adequate rotational arch and the fail safe was in place preventing the release *Dwarf 2 (rolled a 15) yanked down on the lever hearing the latch mechanism "pop" as it released the payload flinging it out of sight [!] The arm quivered as the payload was released beginning to slow down as the added weight was not present *Dwarf 1 would turn off all four valves bringing the swinging arm to a standstill to allow another projectile to be loaded *Dwarf 3 in the intermittent time between firing and loading would stockpile coal before the furnaces preparing for another launch Pros: The Trebuchet will be capable of achieving further distances than any previous model due to the rotational force provided by the steam powered gearing located in the heads of each support, With more rotational thrust you'll be capable of dispersing larger payloads, faster reload time, Advanced system of aiming in accordance with the accuracy of timing and release, and Can run off coal or lava. Cons: Expensive to create, Requires blueprints or prior extensive knowledge, Much heavier than previous models making the machine rather cumbersome and difficult to transport, Hazardous should the valve regulator not be adept at working the pressure valves, Must be mounted, and capable of backfiring should the payload be a hazardous material not properly encased for the proportionate amount of pressure. Redlines: The Golem Launcher cannot fire immediately it takes a reasonable amount of time to generate the proper amount of rotational thrust, dependent entirely upon the payload size The Machine requires a minimum of three operators with prior knowledge of the machine, due to the complexity of the steam engines running the gear boxes Any ammunition must be encased properly, because if not the pressure of the rotational force can in turn destroy the payload before it leaves the throwing arm The Machine must be mounted into place preferably on a solid foundation, should you not mount it the rotation of the arm will toss the weapon backwards
  8. Twilight Druid

    [Denied] Oh boy, Lhindir's MT app

    He's a magick user, what else is there to say. #EdgeLord +1
  9. Life is the fray of potential, and you're the tangent.

  10. Twilight Druid

    [Denied]EmbryoGod/EclecticBoogaloo/kav_barnett's GM App

    Plus Uno +1, Great guy, Great Family, Good blue collared worker.
  11. Twilight Druid

    [Denied] RinRaguk's ET application!

    Yub Yub, Hozh!
  12. Twilight Druid

    [Denied] [Builder] Asimulum's Builder App Thing

    Yes, God yes!
  13. Twilight Druid

    [Denied] [Pending] Moorke ET Builder App

    Minecraft name: Moorke Skype ID: q5z5y87l Timezone: Pacific Time Zone Do you hold any other staff positions? Nope Why do you want to be a builder for the ET? I enjoy the architectural aspects of minecraft, and wish to apply my expertise as a builder to aid in the overall aesthetic feel of LOTC. What are some of your most treasured builds (screenshots if possible)? http://s160.photobucket.com/user/runephar/library, http://www.planetminecraft.com/member/vectrious/, http://www.planetminecraft.com/member/vex_n_pikel/ What MMORPG/video games do you play? Skyrim, Minecraft, Gary's Mod, Terraria Pick three of the following building styles, and show us a build, of yours, that corresponds to each choice: terraforming, organic, medieval, high fantasy, underground. In the above links you'll find all four of those building examples! Are you an independent builder, and are you capable of handling all aspects of a build? I'm very capable I like to think of handling all aspects of a build, and have previously been apart of FyreUK, Mithrintia, SunFuryFire, and lead the build team RunePhar! Do you know much about redstone? Yes, I enjoy its properties and have meddled with it quite a bit! How long does it take for you to complete a build? That's very dependant upon the size, and dimensions of the build as well as the detail intensive requirements. Typically 20 hours for a 1000 by 1000 map with several large structures, and a fully custom terraformed map with roads etc.. Additional details (Do you know how to Voxel, World Edit, Craftbook, etc...): I'm fluent with both Voxel and World Edit as well as magic circle I and II, but cannot say the same for Craftbook. Tell me a trick about building (eg: floating torches, custom heads): If you type /up 1 with world edit you're popped up one block into the sky wherever you are making it very convenient for location setting. Tell me a joke: What'd the one seagull say to the other seagull? Get the flock out of here!" Ba-Dun-Tisss
  14. Who watched Avatar as a Child?!

    Cause Fury_Fire didn't!

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