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  1. You are my second favorite jaded boomer

    1. Burnsider



  2. How much of the world do normal players get to interact with while these guys get to fly around in creative and build whatever they want?
  3. Would there be interest in a livestream of me just ripping into lotc from the perspective of an 8 year player? I’ll talk to the viewership anyone who thinks the maps are ever good/the moderation has ever been competent 18+ only pls

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    2. Haesvir


      Where is it, Ouity? We’re waiting.

    3. Wolf Druid Ouity

      Wolf Druid Ouity

      Haha. I’ll try to make it a priority. I’ll make a post a week before I do it but I move in tree time ? 

    4. Haesvir


      I pray this happens soon

  4. Someone help me out: what’s the name of the old LoTCer who became an extra on GoT? Big red beard. Friends with Liri and Shift. Can’t remember his name for the life of me 

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      need his fb? don’t think he showed up for this season

    2. Demotheus
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      He cast a wildling, I don’t remember the name

  5. Is it normal to wait over a month for any response to an artifact application?

    Edited by Wolf Druid Ouity
    1. Heero


      Yes. Welcome back to LoTC, faux bureaucratic edition 2019

    2. Medvekoma


      You heard Flambo, despite their ehole lack of on-server acticity the LT is perfectly fine and sound.

    3. GodEmperorFlam
  6. When did 3.0 drop?

    1. Burnsy


      Februrary 23, 2013 is the earliest date I can see for Anthos.

  7. I- Blessing When a Druid is attuned, he is partially made new. Just as the blade of the scythe is made sharp, or the grime is wiped from the head of a spade, so too are the aberrations of civilization wiped from the soul of the Druid. However, rust still adorns these newly furbished tools. When the Druid steps from the attunement pool, his mind still festers with the refuse of civilization. For a Druid to truly flourish, he must take it upon himself to wipe away all that civilization has left him with, to scour the rust from his own steel and to make himself truly new. In his dedicancy, he is taught the methods by which this might be done, but only through his own action can he truly be a servant of the Aspects. A Druid might “serve” for decades, even centuries without realizing their corruption. It is these that deserve our pity, for they do not understand their sins against the Aspects. II- Piety A Druid’s first and only duty is to the Aspects, for the Aspects are the impetus by which we receive our blessings. It is vital that every Druid understands the relationship between Nature and the Aspects -- important that he understands that there is none, for to speak of one is to speak of the other. The Aspects are the only deities whose existence stems from the mortal realm; for where in the Nether or the Seven Skies does a tree grow, or a bird fly? Here in our realm do the Aspects originate, as herds of deer, packs of wolves, and every blade of grass beneath their feet. Theirs is a greatness beyond the scope of even other divinities, for the vast presence of the Aspects blankets the entire realm of man, beast, and their own great plane of the Eternal Forest. III- Service A true and righteous Druid is measured by his service to nature, for nature is the true identity of the Aspects. To serve nature is to serve the Aspects. To go against one is to go against the other. When a Druid fulfills his obligation to both, he upholds the balance. Meditation, prayer, and academic study of Nature all have their place in a Druid’s life. Indeed, a Druid must understand that which he serves or he will be lead asunder by his own mortal impulses. A Druid must not, however, allow his meditations to detract from his duties to the realm. It is these duties-- maintaining balance and serving the Aspects-- to which every Druid must be put to task. Some generations before have scorned their duties, choosing the safety of tame groves over the wild beyond our gates. It is these Druids who have come closer than any others to reaping the destruction of the Order, these peaceful few who have lead us closer to our end than even the most bloodthirsty of our kind. IV- Intent A Druid is tested in two parts- by his intentions and by his actions. A poor Druid might intend to serve the Aspects or the balance of nature itself, but in his actions compromise one, the other, or both. In contrast, a Druid might attempt the inverse, and where they may intend to cause harm, they instead bring balance. While we often speak of nature and balance interchangeably, here it must be noted that one can be affected negatively by the other. For example, a wild and unwise Druid might think to use his gifts constantly to build up a brave and untamable wild. While this indisputably “helps” nature, it disrupts the balance, for a rampant nature is just as bad as a repressed nature. A garden choked with weeds will not bear good fruit, and it must be remembered that great feats of Druidism bear their own “unnatural” connotations. A Druid must exercise a steady hand in his use of his gifts, and never use them outside a situation in which the Aspects’ will is being done. It is in this way, with careful measure and a clear focus on the Aspects' will that all Druids must exercise the might of Nature. V- Justice Society instills in its young a desire to do good and to battle its inverse, evil. This is the foundation upon which civilization was built millennia ago, and which continues to support every Descendant empire. From the Elves in their tranquil forests, to the Dwarves in their harsh mountains, the battle of good and evil dominates the hearts of man. Even the Aenguls and Daemons on high have followed this tarnished philosophy, to the end of great destruction in our own realm. This, Brothers and Sisters, is the true nature of our struggle as Druids. This foundation is a rotten one -- one where balance cannot truly be achieved. Always, great swings will occur. Evil will rise, wreaking havoc on the world, only to be trumped by good. Populations rise, cities grow, and the festering sprawl of brick and mortar spreads across the land. Good, evil, these are poisonous seeds that the Descendants reap to their destruction. It is this struggle of good and evil, not magic, that lead to the Great War, and thus, to the first Druid. The true Druid, the one who rises above even his own brothers, is the one who discards utterly all Descendant constructs that weigh down his shoulders leaving only, truly, himself. Wolf Druid Ouity Deathsbane Heirophant The Atlas Grove 9th of the First Seed, 1650
  8. If a ban appeal is turned into a joke, the player should have their ban extended @GMs

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    2. monkeypoacher
    3. Unslaughted


      The Haiku was irrelevant, the format was the problem. Though think what you like, as long as you leave your harsh banter to yourself.

    4. Wolf Druid Ouity

      Wolf Druid Ouity

      @char-char~ Rude :(

      @The (un)FunnyMann I wasn't bantering, I was just expressing that, in my opinion, a ban appeal isn't a place where fooling around should be rewarded. I'm sorry that my opinion was so applicable to your situation.

  9. Thousands of years ago, a terrible war broke out between the two mighty guilds of mages - one good and one evil - that controlled great empires. Mages on both sides vowed to fight until they were utterly triumphant, seeking to purge their rivals from the earth. With fearsome magic and dragon armies they battled for centuries, neither side winning a final victory. In the process of their warfare, the magess wrought vast devastation on the world. Forests caught fire and blazed til gone, islands sank into the sea, and entire races became extinct. Eventually, the great Goddess of Nature awakened from her sleep to witness the savage conflict. Shocked by the destruction, the Goddess sent a vision to a single human; the woman who would become the first Grand Druid. Through the vision, this chosen figure saw that she must found a body of Druids to preserve the fragile remains of her world's ecology. With the guidance of her Goddess, the order grew in strength until it finally had the power to intervene in the mages' war. The force of young Druids pooled their powers and together vanquished the members of both battling guilds, transforming the combatants into innocent wild beasts. Once the former mages - now unable to fathom the concept of good versus evil - slithered, bounded, loped, and crawled off into their ruined habitats, the order began to heal the world. Since then, the Druids continually work to prevent such destruction from ever occurring again. Druids pledge to make sure the wards of good and evil no longer mar the precious earth. But, they also have bitter enemies in the ancient remnants of the guilds of warring mages; those good and evil mages who luckily escaped the fate of their fellows. Each guild claims it had been on the verge of victory and would have won, had Druids not interfered. As recounted by Hierophant Pulver, Master of Dungeons.
  10. Neo-Druidism This tome was originally created by Petyr Brandybuck. With some modern druidic practices wandering astray, it has been necessary for me to scribe another text - that of Neo-Druidism. Throughout my travels and my meditative studies, I have had revelations unknown to others. It is important to understand that there is a special type of balance that druids themselves remember to study - action and non-action. Let me clarify. Action is motion, the motion of restoring balance, and of being the hand of Nature. Non-action is meditation and silence; invisible motion. You see, this is the only Way to truly understand Nature, the Universe, the "It". For, through non-action you may feel "It", and through action you may be "It". Call this "It" what you want; most druids will call it Nature. What is important is to understand what Nature truly is, and how it relates to you. To reveal this is the goal of this tome. Section 1 - The Unity of Nature *** The first fault in thinking is to make distinctions - those between you and Nature, between life and death, between good and evil. Everything is Nature, despite what any given piece believes. A druid does not use nature: a druid is merely a piece who realizes the profound truth. Through non-action, one may truly understand this concept and feel it course through them. However, while meditating in non-action, one also separates themselves from the flow; the Way, the path that Nature chooses for its pieces. To rejoin with Nature, one must practice action. *** Section 2 - The Way of Nature *** Nature does what it will, and while we realize this while meditating, sometimes we forget in action. We are merely moving along the river of life, the tides of balance. While we believe that we are restoring the balance, it is balance restoring itself in an everlasting self-conflict. Thus, through action, we are the hands of Nature, of balance, of the Way. One must not think of "using" Nature while playing their part, but of "being" Nature. This is a common mistake as well among young druids and non-druids. They think to restore the world by planting lots of trees... but that is not balance, nor is it even the way to achieve balance. Action alone is not the Way, for one forgets the purpose of action. Only with the mix of action and non-action can one achieve the goal: to have your cake and eat it, too. Section 3 - The Druid *** So as we can now see, the Druid is simply the most important hand, the piece Nature uses to govern itself. To truly try to understand is a task that lies within meditation and non-action. However, there is a limit to the mental reach of the pieces, for as no one truly knows all of themselves, Nature does not know all of itself. This is a fairly important observation: that even though Nature is unified, the unification is marked by threadlines of dubiousness and doubt. The Neo-Druid should not fret, however. There are uneven surfaces in every river. No tree has identical leaves. Just so, nothing, no "It", can be the symmetrical perfection one would like to see. Randomness and uniqueness are inherent in Nature, as defining as the unity itself. Paradoxical though it may seem, through balance of action and non-action, it shall be revealed to you, and only then will you understand the phrase.... "All is One"
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