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  1. Blawharag

    [✓] [Lore] Runes

    I like how everyone expects magic users to be over-powered monsters that will just destroy enemies with their magic plug-in spells.
  2. Thanks mon, glad you enjoyed it lol.

  3. That story was fantastic, dude!

  4. I don't know who told you this, but they lied to you. Evocation is the art of summoning non-living things from the void, most commonly elements with the intent of combat. Traditionally, one of the four classic elements is chosen as a realm of study, but technically this is not a rule. By that hand, the MAT has been slow to review this admittedly, due to some ongoing debates within the team concerning various lores and lore suggestions, however I recently introduced a new way for the team to view and review lore suggestions that should allow us to conclude many pending reviews in a more time-progressive manner. The new system is less than a week old, so I do not know how well it will work yet, but it seems to be doing well so far as much more discussion on this and other lores has already taken place.
  5. Blawharag

    Gy'waka Bird

    I stand corrected. Deco's evidence has undermined my argument. I concede that the cassoway is proof that a being can travel at 32 mph and not clip trees in a jungle atmosphere.
  6. Blawharag

    Gy'waka Bird

    I don't think you understand how insanely impossible it would be for this bird to exist practically speaking. Dropping 5mph does nothing to change that, nor do "Super Strong Legs" Compensate for foliage density and the need for agility. First, bird based beings are generally not heavy, and therefore do not need "Super Strong Legs" to carry itself with ease. The ostrich (another plains creature and not dissimilar to your own flightless bird) runs with the aided effort of it's wings, using the wings in a flapping motion to propel itself along even as it runs. That being said: Lets assume your creatures legs are somehow super strong and can just ignore the ridiculously thick foliage of the jungle (an adaptation that is shared with no other creature in history except perhaps a few limited cases like the elephant and the rhino, depending on how you view it). Your bird is still going to die from trees. Take you on a motorcycle. Now, say you were cruising along a highway at 45mph. Suddenly, trees. Trees everywhere. You are in a rainforest. I am guessing you aren't dumb enough to run into a tree, however unless you slow your cycle way down, you are going to die in this rainforest. It's not about intelligence level, it's about the ability to 1. Process the information of literally hundreds of trees all hurtling at you at 45 mph 2. Registering a safe path which may not even exist and may require a complete course adjustment 3. Acting with enough agility that you can shift your 45 mph mass several times completely adjusting course constantly throughout your run, regularly fighting your own body's momentum to avoid every tree, all while never once slowing down or dropping pace. Having super strong legs with a lot of muscle mass, actually makes it worse in this case, as that is just more momentum that needs to be shifted. Horses and Cheetah could not accomplish the agility necessary to move at such a rapid pace through a dense jungle, that's why they live in plains environments. I'm not saying your bird has to be totally realistic. We are in a fantasy world after all. I am just saying that A] You are really stretching the realm of imagination with this animal and B] A bird capable of traveling 45mph, and predatory (meaning it help in combat) gives the Kha a huge advantage, and in theory they could win virtually any war through cavalry alone. An Orc might be able to face a charging Gy'waka, but a Kha on it's back with a sturdy spear would make such a feat impossible. And since your bird has such ridiculously strong legs and crazy unreasonable agility, traditional trapping methods used to box in charging cavalry in our RL wars of the past, are virtually useless against your bird. For example, there was a trap where spearmen would stand to either side of an opening against a charging horse. The horse, not wanting to be skewered, goes between the two spearmen groups. It is then met by a wall of shields, halting it's advance, and surrounded. The method was used to take down countless charging chariots in the past. Your bird cloud literally stop and turn on a dime, never missing a beat and never coming close to being trapped.
  7. Blawharag

    Gy'waka Bird

    Assuming 35mph, your forest bird is still moving at twice the pace of a plains animal. It is fine for an animal to be faster than another animal, what isn't so understandable is how a jungle creature evolved to be faster than a plains creature. The cheetah, a plains creature who's body specifically evolved to be the fastest animal alive in a dead sprint over a very, very short distance, can barely outpace your bird. And your bird lives in the jungle. As a rule, creatures that live on the plains develop to be faster than those living in the jungle. For one, less obstacles to deal with (I don't just mean trees) and secondarily a lack of options to escape predators necessitates speed as an escape method, or else a pack to protect you. Often times both. The Horse, an animal bred by humans to hold speed over flat lengths for extended periods of time, cannot outpace your rookie jungle bird. It's horrible unrealistic. Even assuming your bird was agile enough to avoid the trees, it would have to lift its legs to nearly its body with every step in order to avoid tripping or being injured by ground cover, an act which would be fatal at 60 mph.
  8. Thanks for the feedback on the Gy'waka ^_^ Sorry it's taken me so long to respond.

  9. O Druids...always thinking outside the box....as long as its made of wood.

  10. Actually, we prefer when druids are represented by lumberjacks. We feel that it would be best to get a diverse opinion about druids from an outside perspective. >.>

  11. I'm going to forward this question to you, only because It made me laugh. Do you have to be a Druid to be the Druid Representative on the MaT? I already responded to them, but im still laughing.

  12. Blawharag

    Gy'waka Bird

    Your bird is capable of running at 50 mph? To put that into perspective, that is about four times faster than a horse, and almost as fast as a cheetah can sprint. The Horse and Cheetah are both animals adapted to large open environments, where speed is a necessity. Your bird is a jungle bird, where 50 mph travel + Poor eyesight = George of the Jungle tree-smash. Maybe ten mph for a very agile bird, but it still needs that sight in there or trees are going to be a huge problem. Unless you mean to imply that your bird can "hear" the individual trees in an environment filled with leaves, life, and other objects to interfere with their sensory perception. I'm guessing it can't, considering: That tells me they should have died off a long time ago from 50 mph tree collisions and inability to find food (you are not going to "hear" your way to food in a jungle teaming with life. And if you could, your hearing perception is so great that it far surpasses any animal present in the world today and would make the bird a monstrous power that could virtually never be approached, simply because it would have zero difficult evading you. Such incredible hearing prowess is arguable better than an animals elevated sense of smell, as the limitations of hearing are tossed out the window, while animal's smell is still subjected to limitations such as being wind direction ect.)
  13. I am quite enjoying that Forum RP. xD

  14. Bear in mind that one does not necessarily need to know the molecular physics of electricity to create it through the void and project it into reality. The more you know and account for, the easier/more practical it is, but you could realistically expect a mage to create electricity just by know more basic properties of electricity than those of the molecular level. Such observations of static electricity and the properties of such, how electricity affects the world around it, how it interacts with various objects and lifeforms, ect. could all go towards formulating the spell. Understanding electricity on a molecular level would require scientific observational methods that escape medieval era ability. And such advanced knowledge would probably allow one to manipulate electricity with little to no effort as well, since you are faking virtually nothing at that point. One must understand that in LotC's Arcane magics, parts of the science are deliberately fudged. It is understood that mages cannot fully realize the scientific processes behind each and every spell. Mana is burned to make up for what must be forced into reality. Understanding as much science as possible allows the mage to make the summon less "fake" or "forced" into reality. The less forced it is, the less Mana that needs to be donated to keep it in place. So you do not need to perfectly understand lightning on a scientific level, but there does have to be a firm base in science.
  15. Cappy every time I thought of something to post, you posted it first. All I can do is standby and +1 your posts rather than repeat what you have alread said lol.