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  1. “Day fades and the sun goes away, but we’re the same old humans with the same old pain.”
  2. Pascal attempts to steam a bundle of cabbages the Vaskan(Ocky) way, subsequently burning his hands and putting him on the sidelines for the next welterweight fight in the Black Rose Inn.
  3. Pascal rests his carpal-tunnel inflicted hand for a few moments before continuing to stamp the new editions of the newspaper.
  4. Node… more like nope. Only the brave remember mining worlds and staff enforced 3x3 tunnels with wood fence supports. That was true Minecraft 

    1. Nathan_Barnett36
    2. warlord of filth

      warlord of filth

      this reads like a facebook post 


      i agree 

  5. A balding middle aged man stands upon the steps of the square, awed by the Owynflame and massive tower of Whitespire as he mutters to his three daughters. “True gold does not fear the tests of flame.”
  6. Excited for tarkov proximity chat. will change this server. The future is in our voices
  7. After a long night on horseback, riding to confer with the loyal men of Aaun, Richard returns to look down upon the King’s Road towards Adria. Following a brief moment of silence he signs the cross of Lorraine in hopes that it may spare lives in this conflict.
  8. Robert notices the expertly drawn sketches on his trip to the latrine. “Somebody needs to put these orphans to work…” He grumbles to nobody in particular as he looks around for the child.
  9. Richard Jrent muses over old Nauzican handbooks, pointing over a line from the fabled Horen loyalist John Motney. “True gold does not fear the test of fires.”
  10. When’s the last time anyone has seen an ST event? 

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    2. warlord of filth

      warlord of filth

      dude I’ve done over 3434 events this past month alone wtf????

    3. Nooblius


      cruz + xarkly you know i love you but there was a world event not long ago, haense came to one of its outings but I don't think again. if i ever have free time to host an eventline in the north i will as I have a fun idea since before i was king, i just have some other things on my docket first (and am technically not even ET i just help out with a lot of events and if i ask am usually allowed to host them)

    4. Telanir


      i'd wager it's mathematically improbable for a team of 40 to entirely service a much larger playerbase with a 1:1 or even 1:5 model of event hosting. imo players are the future of events, where Story are great facilitators

  11. Leopold Alstion would converse with his family, arranging a time to travel to the frozen expanses of the Rimveld in the coming years to look upon one of the world’s true wonders.
  12. A long lost father looks down on his son from the seventh sky proudly. ((It’s been a pleasure knowing you over the years wolfkite. I am glad I met you during the golden days of Johannesburg. I hope you find what you’re looking for in that scary world we call life. Hope you stick around on discord.))
  13. Leopold prays for Bipip’s peace of mind as he ventures through this crippling existential crisis of ambition.
  14. Leopold Alstion crosses the Lorraine, offering flowers to the Pontiff’s estate.
  15. It is nice to see the drowned God lives

    1. KoTo


      what is dead may never die

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