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  1. Armande de Falstaff signs the pact on behalf of his Emperor, pleased with the productivity of the meeting in Korvassa.
  2. Armande glosses over the letter as he returns from his diplomatic mission in Korvassa, quickly heading to Novellen to meet the Emperor. “Sixty years, hundreds of lives lost, and de Falstaff a shell of the family we once were. The strife won’t be forgotten, but now Leuven is whole.” The Vice Chancellor quips before leaving the capital, setting out to find his wife and children to share the news.
  3. Armande glosses over the edict whilst finishing his morning caldo verde shipped in from his good friends of the de Antunyes-Rutledge household. “It is a wonder truly... my son is more literate than me at the age of eight!” He quips with a pucker of his lips, folding the parchment away in his dossier of manuscripts.
  4. Armande smiles the sun’s smile, impressed with the swiftness of the meditation and delighted to see a fair resolution to the civil debacle.
  5. Armande would remind the King of the bountiful soil that lay asunder the red city and that salting fair Leuven green would be a most heinous act.
  6. Would like some modifications to a skin, can expand on discord (cruz#1553) if you have one! 2k
  7. Two of the applicants have been enlisted and processed. A missive is sent to Lange “While your application has been processed, we are unsure of your experience and would like to arrange a meeting.” -Armande de Falstaff
  8. ((images fixed and new creatures added to registry as per Guild’s findings!))
  9. great post! Tanith is the best dark elf hands down.
  10. Armande makes a note to visit his fledgling neighbors, impressed with the design and swiftness of their construction efforts.
  11. cruzazul

    Urara's Free Skinz

    Glad to see you back Hadley! I know your skins are great would like to claim old man in gold. Don’t even need to see!
  12. *A note is left at the poster board* “The two applicants have been processed. Please make your way to one of our established offices, or our headquarters in Guise, Kaedrin to continue your enlistment process.” -Armande de Falstaff
  13. Armande prepares a list of armaments for the upcoming campaign in the sewers, happy to have the dwed pounding steel for the guild.
  14. The Academy of Saint Catherine is an institution founded by the Late Queen-Mother Maya of Muldav. The purpose of the academy is to offer a broad range of studies to those willing to learn. There are a plethora of courses available, including but not limited to; Haeseni culture, etiquette, and history, anthropology, histories of the neighboring human realms and many more.. The Academy is a tutor-based system, for one-on-one or small classroom education to provide easier learning spaces for children to young adults across the empire. Concentrations in the three main studies may be provided in tutoring upon request. Outside the core studies, extracurricular classes are offered such as field work, creative writing, fencing, and swordsmanship. These classes will be limited depending on employment numbers in regards to tutors. Students who are studying abroad are welcomed to stay within the facility’s dorms. The academy resides within the new expansion, across from the city’s chapel. Applying to the Academy All interested students must schedule a meeting with the Headmaster Armande de Falstaff, or one of the tutors employed under him. There is no age restriction upon applying, however, if over 16 and not involved in some form of Haense department (military, stewardry, court, etc) there will be a processing fee upon enrollment. Up to 3 subjects can be chosen per student. This includes extracurricular studies such as music and combat. One must be a common study. Students may change their courses after every two years. Common Studies Culture Culture, as a common study, is a generalization of the people of Haense and their customs, traditions, and more. Tutoring will go over Haeseni holidays, daily life, games, and cuisine. A brief understanding of the New Marian language will also be provided, to allow students to know basic greetings, dates, and phrases. How culture has changed and been affected over the years will also be a major focus point of tutoring. Etiquette Etiquette, as a common study, is a generalization of the etiquette of Haense and the mannerisms within it. Tutoring will go over the current Haeseni etiquette, as well as past courtly etiquette in Queen Milena’s Court, which emphasized opulence, and the traditionalism bolstered by her premiere Grand Lady, Princess Sofiya Theodosia. Briefly, the common study will touch on and compare mannerisms and etiquette of other nations. In addition, beautifying one’s penmanship will be focused on within the study. History In the past the varying courses surrounding history were limited to Haense specialization. In the new rendition of the academy the courses offered in this field have been expanded to envelope all human realms, past or present. Courses on the various monarchs throughout humanity will be available, and given priority. There will still be courses pertaining to Haenseni history and all things relevant to it. Anthropology The study of descendant cultures and advancements, not to be pigeon-holed in specific Haense cultural advancements. Studies envelop the entirety of the realm, as well as various subcourses involving specific race and subrace history. Common Concentrations Those desiring a concentration will receive tutoring as a focus in that particular study, not as a generalization. For example, a student with a history concentration in Queens of Haense will not learn about Kings of Haense. Generalizations of Haeseni history will only be taught if no concentration is requested. Only one concentration can be requested per study per two years. You can choose to have a concentration in all three studies, but may not choose multiple concentrations within each study. Culture Concentrations Holidays, Festivals & Events New Marian Language Biharism & Important Texts Cultures of Humanity Culturual Anthropology Etiquette Concentrations Titles and Addressment Table Mannerisms Haeseni Fashion & Dress Standards Imperial Etiquette of Past Empires (1st-5th) Military Etiquette Orenian Revised Code (Law and Judiciaries History Concentrations Monarchs of Haense (Kings and Queens) Haeseni Wars & Battles Haeseni Mythology The Petrovic Era: 1577-1612 The Ottonian Era: 1612-1666 The Early Bihar Era: 1666-1719 Contemporary Human History History of Past Human Monarchs (Godfrey I - John VI) Military History (White Rose-Haenseni Royal Army) Imperial Observations (Cultural Figures, Saints, Folklore) Extracurricular Studies Music Renown in the Haeseni Courts, and more prominently among the peasantry, is the plethora of music and hymns generated by its inhabitants. Students will receive lessons from Haeseni bards and tangentially read through the compositions of minds such as Valera of Adria, Grand Princess consort of Kusoraev. Specific instruments can be taught to students upon request. However, both treble and bass clefs in sheet music will be taught regardless – as well as scales on the pianoforte. Botany Courses in botany are open to be taught upon request. Students will receive an intrinsic experience in the study of plantlife, as the Academy provides its own private gardens with varying plants across Arcas. Those within the tutoring will also be taken out to, and taught by, the waterside and greenery near Lake Milena to garner practice hands-on within the world and outside of the academy’s facility. Fine Arts Fine arts are intrinsic within the realm of Haeseni education, the Kingdom itself boasting reputable many artists. Not only will students learn about the fundamentals of creating visual art, but also be subject to the case studies and portfolios of artists such as Diane Tiber-Marna and Princess Mariya Oliviya of Haense, two virtuosos who practiced in varying periods. Swordsmanship The art of swordsmanship, available upon request for any students wishing to pursue the ability. Although swordsmanship stands as its own course of tutoring, the Haeseni Cadet Leadership Course is available through partnership with the Brotherhood of Saint Karl. Students, upon requesting the extracurricular, must specify whether they wish to practice swordsmanship on its own, or join the BOSK’s military-focused course. Creative Writing A vast course which shall cover numerous forms of the written word such as poetry and short stories. Classes may vary from tutor to tutor, although all will be extremely interactive for the students as they will expand their writing abilities and penmanship. Theology The Church of Canon and its principles are within this extracurricular course, although it is limited in the amount of students that can be brought on until there are more tutors. Students wishing to pursue the teachings will be allowed the ability to see the workings of the Church itself, if they wish to pursue it further in their life. Field Studies Various forms of survival techniques including but not limited to; foraging, fishing, trackong, spotting, hunting, firestarting, sheltering, knotting, etc. Medicine Accredited course offered by licensed practitioners. Various forms of anatomy, herbal knowledge, safety techniques, crisis prevention, and treatment focuses. (More may be available at a later date, and it will be publicly announced if so). Applying to be a Tutor of the Academy Any who are applying to be a tutor of the Academy must, similarly to a student's application, send a letter of interest. The letter must include past experience and education training, as well as any other applicable information regarding the potential position. All generalizations, concentrations, and extracurriculars that can be taught by the applicant must be listed. There is no limit to how many courses a tutor can teach, so long as they are proficient within the respective fields. All applicants must be 18 years or older, and will be interviewed in person soon after the letter of interest is sent by courier or bird to Armande de Falstaff Tutors of the Academy Armande de Falstaff Viktoria Ruthern Lauritz Christiansen Ivan Kortrevich Lieutenant Tovelm Angelika Vanir Georg Alimar Celestine Herbert Reina Lyons ((ALL PAST STUDENTS MUST RE ENROLLED IN ORDER TO BE PROCESSED WITHIN THE ACADEMY. IF WE HAVE SPOKEN IG ALREADY NOT NECESSARY)) Application: ((mcname:)) ((Discord:)) Name: Age: Requested Courses: Signed Armande de Falstaff, Headmaster
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