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  1. Duarte fervently supports his wife in her continued political endeavors!
  2. Duarte can be seen sparring and strategizing with his dad in preparation for the fight of the century.
  3. Armande would wonder if Nieky had the ire to join his choir, or if his vocals just didn’t have the fire to go any higher.
  4. Duarte is pleased to see the Carrington brothers exercising the rights he fought so staunchly for in the Senate, proud to support the first labour unions, but would remind the Carringtons that the bill has yet to be approved by the Crown.
  5. “A bad precedent to start, when is enough actually enough? This man is too ambitious for my liking.” Duarte grumbles, happy to live in his humble house in the capital, where the entirety of the imperial army should be centered.
  6. A missive is returned with haste to the applicant. “Your application has been processed. In the coming days I will schedule an interview where we will determine your best placement within the college. The interest you show in the school is duly appreciated.” -Duarte de Antunyes
  7. A missive is sent to Alfius, following it denotes an address to the school’s headquarters. “Your application has been processed. I am elated to converse with a gentleman with such a wealth of experience in this world. You may seek me out at the school headquarters with Helena.” -Duarte de Antunyes; 8 Anpalais Lane
  8. Duarte, busy charting constellations on the Northern coast with his astral students hears word of his nomination and the subsequent meeting he’s squandered. He hurriedly makes way to the capital to swear his oath, proceeding to tally his vote in favor of Frederick Armas to the Office of Intelligence.
  9. Duarte is happy to see his friend enjoying such a fruitful tenure in the Senate. “She is truly a representation of what we all should strive for in this great empire.”
  10. *An artists representation of the events that took place is scribed below*
  11. “I blame the court mages, smells like magic to me! Damned magic missiles!” Duarte complains to whomever cared to listen.
  12. A letter is dispatched via courier to Emreis “Your application has been accepted on the grounds that I am already familiar with your person. Please seek me out in Helena to go over pre expedition protocol.” -Duarte A letter is sent via courier to the residence of Tovelm “Your application has been processed, please send word to myself ((cruzazul)) to begin your interview. I hope to see you soon!” -Duarte “Your application has been processed. Due to your age we will be unable to give you a formal job, however, you may work as a matelot until the date of your fourteenth birthday. Any tasks given beforehand will go towards your advancement within the school, so do not fret!.” -Duarte “Your application has been accepted on the grounds that I am already familiar with your person. Please seek me out in Helena to go over pre expedition protocol.” -Duarte
  13. Duarte hopes to form an agreement with the baker to allow his Meridian dishes to be sold.
  14. A missive is sent to all four applicants. “Your applications have been processed and a representative of the school with be in contact with you posthaste.” -Duarte de Antunyes
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