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  1. Duarte readies himself for the play of the century.
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      Been a min my guy!

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  3. Armande de Falstaff signs the pact on behalf of his Emperor, pleased with the productivity of the meeting in Korvassa.
  4. Armande glosses over the letter as he returns from his diplomatic mission in Korvassa, quickly heading to Novellen to meet the Emperor. “Sixty years, hundreds of lives lost, and de Falstaff a shell of the family we once were. The strife won’t be forgotten, but now Leuven is whole.” The Vice Chancellor quips before leaving the capital, setting out to find his wife and children to share the news.
  5. Armande glosses over the edict whilst finishing his morning caldo verde shipped in from his good friends of the de Antunyes-Rutledge household. “It is a wonder truly... my son is more literate than me at the age of eight!” He quips with a pucker of his lips, folding the parchment away in his dossier of manuscripts.
  6. Armande smiles the sun’s smile, impressed with the swiftness of the meditation and delighted to see a fair resolution to the civil debacle.
  7. Armande would remind the King of the bountiful soil that lay asunder the red city and that salting fair Leuven green would be a most heinous act.
  8. Would like some modifications to a skin, can expand on discord (cruz#1553) if you have one! 2k
  9. Two of the applicants have been enlisted and processed. A missive is sent to Lange “While your application has been processed, we are unsure of your experience and would like to arrange a meeting.” -Armande de Falstaff
  10. ((images fixed and new creatures added to registry as per Guild’s findings!))
  11. great post! Tanith is the best dark elf hands down.
  12. Armande makes a note to visit his fledgling neighbors, impressed with the design and swiftness of their construction efforts.
  13. Glad to see you back Hadley! I know your skins are great would like to claim old man in gold. Don’t even need to see!
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