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  1. Finally Spring.

  2. Dancing in the rain is for mortals, that is why I dance in the snow.

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    2. Wolf Druid Ouity

      Wolf Druid Ouity

      *Obligatory reaction to Ford*

    3. Fredfort (jens6851)

      Fredfort (jens6851)

      *Follow up on Ford joke, introducing a new car brand*

    4. Shoi


      I drive a Ford.

  3. Heero

    Oh. What about my sponge kidneys? .w.

  4. Hope you're feeling better soon Shoi~

  5. Shoi

    Connor's Ban Appeal! For Shoi?

    You were given the reasons why you were banned from TS in a PM, please update this or it'll be moved to completed and you'll remained banned.
  6. Elves, safeguard your dreams. The nightmares be comin'!

    1. Lord_Sauron_


      *awaits the nightmares eagerly*

    2. Gemmylou


      Hearts are gonna be ripped out...

    3. Lord_Sauron_


      ...will we be doing the ripping of our own hearts? That'd be intense.

  7. Shoi

    Hiebe's Ban Appeal

    Your examples are true, but they did not account share. Their accounts were accidentally obtained by a sibling. They did not deliberately give their account information to that person. You knew that your cousin had the information and allowed it to continue. There is a reason nearly every video game including LOTC says, Do not share your account information with anyone, including your family members. Now as you have understood this and gracefully accepted your ban at first, you argue'd over a 10 month banned which is light compared to the usual perma-ban that others have received usually without appeal. Which was far disappointing when I told you that you had the chance to appeal for a shorten term. You are not able to be exempted from a ban. It apparent you have a bit of anger issues when you do not get your way, you should be grateful that your ban is even getting a chance of being reduced rather then complaining the fact you got 10 months in the first place. Just because you are joining the military is not enough reason to rush a ban, I'm sorry if you are going to basic and you don't get to RP before then on the server, but breaking the rules is not taken lightly. The amount of reduction is still pending... It shall be less then 10 month but more then 2-3 months.
  8. So I have pnemonia, just got the flu, and tomorrow I get checked out if I have an ear infection. :I

    1. LaCabra (Soda)

      LaCabra (Soda)

      I had flu and bronchitis a few weeks ago, sucks, :(

    2. _SteelMemes_


      It would appear as if my bad luck has moved on...

    3. Evilbanana5757
  9. Shoi

    Totalferals Ban Appeal

    I find your disrespect for a GM quite undesirable Age does not always make a difference on the reasoning. But never the less he is a GM for a reason and support his standing. And if it is needed I'm a 24 year old mother of a 5 month old daughter and still carrying two full time jobs. He is correct, and I have spoken to Oct already about the situation and how you and Briton were removing the area was incorrect and unrped since it was a leveled face that was directly upwards was ugly and players saw as scarring when you should have done layers from the top down which is actually more efficient and more rp style. The fact that's being lead here is that the area should be done in a way that if you need to get up and leave it still looks like it's being worked on and just not a giant chunk of land scarring.
  10. Fallen ill, may be slightly MIA.

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    2. Bircalin


      Let me build you a lovely lovely tree, Shoi!

    3. Lym


      It's a bait, guys. Don't fall for the Nidalee spear!

    4. Pnoynoy



  11. Under a Blizzard Advisory, Power is intermittent so I will not be on much.

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    2. Free The Hobbits

      Free The Hobbits

      I don't think gizzards are much fun...

    3. LPT


      *tries to think of a good word that ryhmes with blizard* *gives up and walks away with his head low*

    4. The Cleaning Crew

      The Cleaning Crew

      You should have said 'wizards'.

  12. Shoi

    [Lore] Racial Bread Lore

    -Love to make Bread!!!!- Just a tid bit idea, given certain races might use different ingredients Human Bread Ranges from plain old wheat to encrusted with cheeses. Humans tend to try almost everything with their breads. But generally avoid herbs save for garlic. Dwarven Bread Rare but usually cultured with barley and plain wheat. Often found torn in half and stuffed with goodies of mushrooms, meats, and a heavy gravy to satisfy a horde of hungry dwarves for a fast lunch! Orc Bread Usually Shamans grind bones to add to the flour to make supposed strength food! Usually for traveling warbands or scouts. Elven Bread To die for, in flavor and smells. Herbs from all over are found in different type of bread. The elves may not admit to it, but they stole the idea of decorating breads with cheese from the humans. Though they out class any race with their wide variety of breads from soft and light with tea, to delicious dense bread to go with jams. Added MORE! - Updated Halfling Bread Ales and Brews give their breads a bump of flavor not found anywhere else. Sometimes they use seeds such as Sunflower seeds and cracked wheat.
  13. Feel free to ask for help on lore!

    1. Bircalin


      I'm already on it ^^

    2. Dalek348



    3. Beneh