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  1. oh peace train take this country

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      playing right into maly's hands........... @Zezimus

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      bye drumpf!

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      the legend returns


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      If you meet me, online, by Mylas' tavern, I will show you where the treasure is hidden. 

  3. hey dude how are you!!!

  4. Moon Guard US for WoW and Tarnished Coast for GW2. Haven't played in years for both of them, though, I always think about going back but never end up doing it!
  5. Welcome, my friend! I too am a former WoW and GW2 RPer. The communities are very different over there, but I still like them all the same. What are you planning on roleplaying?
  6. You know you've made it when you see that Esterlen looked at your profile page!


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      Bad Guy Shady

      hooray malythil greensun :-----)

  7. Take a hike supporters of Shillary! Democracy has spoken, we don't want your corrupt, sickly grandma!

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      i wanted the jewish grandpa

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      Facebook is utter cancer. more than usual that is

  8. This is the world we live in, and these are the hands we are given. 

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      Man of Respect



      heres ur hadns br0

  9. I will say it was the truth because it was the truth. If you'd like me to dissect it word by word and cite everything I can, I'll happily do so, but this really isn't the forum to be doing so (Not to deflect or anything, I want to put this issue to bed not try and obfuscate it). I chose the wordings that a professional Wiki article quite feasibly could have used. Everything mentioned in that article was, sadly, fact. Was I involved in the events it describes? Absolutely. Does that mean my opinion of the events therein are liable to be biased? Of course. Does that make the article biased? Not necessarily. It regales a series of facts and quotations from others and is written in a neutral connotation, not a negative one. The wording was perfectly neutral and written from a detached perspective, and anything that was not was clearly identified as quotations from others. See this professional and public Wikipedia article on Michael Dukakis: (Click to zoom) Is this paragraph, then, biased against Michael Dukakis because it establishes certain facts that aren't favorable to him, writing about him in what you'd call a 'negative connotation'? If the answer is no: would the knowledge that George H. W. Bush wrote this article (He didn't actually, obviously) influence your opinion about it being biased? Refer also to this excerpt from Dan Quayle's Wikipedia article: Same deal there. This is not to mention that I was doing twenty times the work of your average WT member. Croleo was clearly looking for a reason to get rid of somebody who not only rivaled him, but surpassed him in capability.
  10. On the contrary, I have a very good attitude. In the words of Jeb Bush, 'I know what I know, and I know what I don't know'. You may see me as arrogant and self-assured, but the truth is my attitude is one that's never hubristic and one which puts the community first. Community demand is what should be the driving force of lore, and it's the community who should have an integral role in lore's development. I've lambasted the mindless factotums of the staff team before, hence your claim that I have a poor attitude, but it's unlikely my problem has been with any individuals. Yes, I'm harsh and undiplomatic in my speech and mannerisms, because people respond more to an aggressive style than they do some vacillating, inconstant and 'civil' feedback thread. My philosophy for the way the server should be run is one of as little staff control as possible - this is a server for the players, and it's they who should act as the crux of what the lore team does and the driving force that motivates us, not the bizarre inclinations of various cliqued-up staff bureaucrats. No more mud maidens. No more gender pearls. No more backroom dealings. Speaking of backroom dealings... And there you go again. No, I didn't. My crime was writing thousands of words and formatting countless documents. Nobody got any benefit except people who valued a comprehensive and nice-looking Wiki. You said that same melodramatic line to RedBench a year ago. You should get a new slogan, that one has gotten stale from prolonged use, not to mention being completely wrong. Get out, Colin, this is just sad! You're like the Debbie Wasserman-Schultz of the staff team, only she had the sense to resign months ago whereas you've stuck around and forced us to just deal with your inveterate corruption. If harassment is speaking out against your lunacy, then yes, I've harassed you a hundred different times. But if your definition of harassment aligns with, you know, the actual dictionary definition: Then no, I don't have a history of repeatedly harassing other players. I've said plenty of mean things to others, but I've never harassed them. I'm willing to say I'm ten-times as fit for a staff position as you were, in all honesty - I'm strongly against corruption, hard-line staff authority, back-room dealings, and I'm not a member of the sexually-perverted, cybering 'staff elite' clique who come in and out of staff over the years like a revolving door. I'm an outsider and I have strong principles as to how the staff, including the LT, need to be checked and accountable to the community who they are supposed to represent. Whatever my faults, that's much more than can be said for you, the biggest establishment apparatchik since SupremacyOps (I actually liked Connor as a guy, just not as a staff member - I wonder where he's gone, I miss him!). To meet the criteria for libel, the written word in question has to actually be false.
  11. Minecraft Account Name(s): rickynixon63 Skype: Tsuyose has it, but I'll give it to anybody who wants it in private. How long have you played on LotC?: Since September 2011, so upwards of five years now. Time zone and availability: Australian Eastern Standard time. My availability is dodgy at the time of this application but will be vastly and permanently increased as of November the 16th, when my exams will be totally finished and I'll have a fair bit of free time on my hands. What subgenre (refer to LM specifications list) are you versed in most?: Human lore, without a doubt, is my area of overwhelming expertise, as well as the primary focus of my activities. I also had a significant contribution to high elven lore back in early 2012 when it was first being formed, though it has definitely evolved considerably since I left that community. I'm well-informed about general lore as well, and I have a decent knowledge of voidal magic (Though I've never actually RPed a mage, because I find it very boring). Give a summary of any staff positions you have held on LoTC: I've never held a staff position, unless you count my recent stint on the WT. Have you ever written lore for LoTC? (this will not augment your chances at obtaining the position of LM.): Yes. I wrote the striga/vampire lore a few months past, I contributed to a large extent to Aeldin lore (Which is considered canon, apparently) and have written almost innumerable histories and origin stories for various Orenian houses (Carrion, Ashford, Chivay, de Sola, de Sarkozy) as well as lore and flavour for the Church of the Canon. I very much enjoy writing cultural lore in the capacity of a world-builder. If you count it as 'lore', I document as much as I can that occurs in Oren's history on the LotC Wiki. Like I mentioned before, I had an integral role in forming original high elven lore back in early 2012 with Dio_Astore, Arche and others, however the high elves have likely evolved so much since then that my contribution is irrelevant. Have you ever received a blacklist or ban?: I was banned in June 2013 for some antics regarding posting Nazi figures on the forums. I was also banned in June 2015 for tricking a GM to TP me to my old mate Leric Tresery. I've never been blacklisted from anything, to my understanding. Who do you not get along with on the Lore Team?: I don't know if he's even still on the LT, but if he is, Jistuma. I think his lack of basic literacy, seeming incapability of coming up with new and contributory ideas (Mud maidens? Really?) as well as his exhibition of a factor I like to call lore conservatism or lore inertia (Where a LT member is completely close-minded to any new ideas and changes except their own) gives him a greatly diminished credibility as a team member.
  12. That was my reaction when I found out they had made you admin.
  13. Smart, capable, and above all representative of the community's interests. +1