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  1. Aside from the usual sentiments of 'good riddance' I think most people are going to express towards the cretin who was undoubtedly the worst staff member we've had in the past c. 5 years... I'd say anything coming out of Aeldin is infinitely better than vapid, high fantasy Aengudaemonic-undead-tantric-sexual-healing or whatever it is the 'career magic RPer staff' try to come up with. You, Thomas, are unfortunately somebody who has never done anything particularly constructive in your career on the server - like so many high-up staff, all you were interested in was your own clique, cybering, magic RP, storylines nobody cares about and reinforcing this idea of the 'great invisible hand' that manipulates RP (And regions!) at your pleasure. You've never created anything, you've never actually served the players in their interests, you've never created any roleplay, and that's why you had such a hard time. That's also why it's for the best that you're gone, hopefully forever.
  2. oh peace train take this country

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    2. Aeldrin


      playing right into maly's hands........... @Zezimus

    3. Space


      bye drumpf!

    4. Chaw


      the legend returns


    1. Esterlen


      If you meet me, online, by Mylas' tavern, I will show you where the treasure is hidden. 

  4. hey dude how are you!!!

  5. You know you've made it when you see that Esterlen looked at your profile page!


    1. Bad Guy Shady

      Bad Guy Shady

      hooray malythil greensun :-----)

  6. Take a hike supporters of Shillary! Democracy has spoken, we don't want your corrupt, sickly grandma!

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      i wanted the jewish grandpa

    2. iMattyz


      Facebook is utter cancer. more than usual that is

  7. This is the world we live in, and these are the hands we are given. 

    1. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect



      heres ur hadns br0

  8. That was my reaction when I found out they had made you admin.
  9. Smart, capable, and above all representative of the community's interests. +1
  10. accept him now or die hes the best man ive ever met +1
  11. So if I say save me save me,
    Be the light in my eyes,
    And if I say ten Hail Mary's,
    Leave a light on heaven for me.

    1. Esterlen




      If you want the fruit to fall,

      You have to give the tree a shake,

      But if you shake the tree too hard,

      That bough is gonna break,

      And if I can't reach the top of the tree,

      Haricotti Mary can you hold me up there? 

  12. Delete your account.

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      Check your email.

  13. No taxation without representation. We need to give these seriously out-of-touch staff the boot! 

    1. Bad Guy Shady

      Bad Guy Shady

      They are corrupt! SAD.

  14. MC Name: aliceDJIC Name: The Entity (Real name secret, PM me if info is needed) Original Race (n/a if not applicable): HumanTransformed Form: Ghost [Haunt]Creator (MCname and RP name, n/a if not applicable): N/ABriefly explain the lore behind this construct or creature: Ghosts are the reflections of souls that have departed the corporeal world and continue to exist as incorporeal spirit beings. There are three stages of progression for ghosts - haunt, revenant and specter/poltergeist. A haunt is a first-level ghost without the self-awareness to know that it is dead. When convinced or otherwise made aware of their own ghostly state, a haunt will proceed to become a revenant. A ghost's irises and pupils are evident in their revenant state, whereas ghosts in their haunt state appear to have solid white eyes. As a revenant, a ghost may employ ghostly magic such as levitation. All ghosts have an inherent weakness to aurum, holy magic and bright light. When a ghost comes to the end of their period as a revenant, they may either embrace and accept their death, becoming a benevolent specter, or deny it, and become a malicious poltergeist, colored blue and red respectively. Ghosts are solitary and avoid one another and indeed most interaction, unless they are haunting a person or specific place. The presence of a ghost may cause depression, 'back luck', or thoughts of suicide no matter how benevolent the ghost in question may be. Some of their ilk may phase through walls, shriek, put out torches or even influence the physical world, however, most ghosts are either benevolent or apathetic towards mortals. To banish a ghost, one may exorcise it, however it is not necessarily possible to 'kill' one. Interactions with the living (Or behaviours otherwise considered habitually 'mortal') causes ghosts to become less powerful in terms of their magic, and the most powerful spirits are those who have been dead the longest. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: No.Have you applied for this creature on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: No.