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  1. The crone, Belén de Selm y Lopez celebrates a private victory. At last, the Duke of Crestfall would belong to her and her alone. Now, the only obstacle was her grossly obese husband...
  2. "Blessedly, Joseph II had ruled in accordance with the principles his tutor had instilled in him from the age of eight. My uncle, Frederick Armas, had despised the emperor's boorish father, considering him a lustful, pernicious aristocrat. After the Duke of Adria's death, he had contrived, above all else, to at the least moderate whatever impulses his heir had - at the most, the Harrenite had hoped to create a better sort of leader than the ones that had dominated his own life. Josip Klemens var Adrian Sarkozic was born to a brutish marauder and a Haeseni princess. Ove
  3. George Kovachev uncorks a bottle of brandy and drinks himself into catatonia upon hearing the news. His uncle was a tired old man of eighty - but inexplicably, that made the Surveyor-General's grief no less immeasurable.
  4. –Her Imperial Highness the Princess Helen of Crestfall bid me return to you with this letter, sir. —I simply cannot believe the old woman was only five years older than me! –What's that, Mr. Kovachev? —The old crone. Natalia's grandmother-in-law. A woman of sixty-eight alone. How long has it been, then, since Captain Iliquin denied me that commission for being a callow youth of fourteen? –He did not deny your commission solely for that, Mr. Kovachev. —Away with you, Echeverry! What effrontery! And what would you know about military strategy, anyway? Return to the gen
  5. "Mr. Kovachev, sir," offered a valet, "The Governor of the Palace wanted to inform you that your daughter has written to the Emperor... concerning the matter of your late son-in-law, sir." "Get me a brandy!" barked the obese man to the servant, yellowed teeth ripping and tearing into his dish of tripe.
  6. “One country,” offers the Surveyor-General to his daughter, Natalia, “One country and one law for all. These noble-blooded reactionaries flee into exile because they cannot accept that fact!” He bites into his haunch of roast boar. “Now that the rising in South Arentania has been put down, we ought to go about finding your sister a new husband.” @shay
  7. "Tally-ho! Off to a good start, then, old boy?" inquires George Kovachev to his daughter's wedding portrait, still hanging on the wall in his office. The inanimate object does not respond. A fat fist brandishes his tankard of beer - a mocking gesture of cheers to the image of his late son-in-law.
  8. "This tyrannical emperor shall never eliminate our ancient right to privatized armies, fiscal policy, foreign affairs, judicial authority, an endless stipend, a chainmail coat, the prima nocta, the liberum veto, wanton slaying and assault of the peasantry, freedom from any and all tax liabilities, unlimited free real estate, the right to regicide, and so on and so forth," guffaws the aristocrat Lajos Schnitzel-Brawm rather scatalogically, nurse administering his lithium. "And so we do declare, forthwith, that there shall be no emperor, until the end of time, let it be done, the moo
  9. A ruddy-faced bureaucrat retrieves the letter from his Providence pied-a-terre, returning inside and away from the crisp morning air. He tears it open somewhat carelessly with his letter-opener, poring over the contents with dull eyes. "My God..." offers the Surveyor-General with a tinge of regret, slapping a fat hand down on his breakfast table in rage, "A young woman and a promising career, over, finished, lost so young! What the hell kind of sordid business did I get her involved with? Cloak-and-dagger intrigues, calumnies and sabotage..."
  10. 20 years in the can.

    1. Esterlen


      Whatever happened there? Whatever happened there?! 

  11. RP Name: George Kovachev MC Name: esterlen Voted: Yes! :)
  12. "For too long have we tolerated these dangerous extremists in this country, Leuven, too long," chortles George Kovachev, waving a fat finger as a warning, "His Imperial Majesty's life has been threatened by the Cult of Zann, and for what eldritch purpose we know not!" The Surveyor-General takes a bite out of his ham hock and washes it down with a finger of brandy, nodding pensively to Albert.
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