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  1. Arriving to you by way of the Empire of Man is a letter filled with intrigues concerning the ailing Pertinax line. To read it though, you must pay delivery – do you accept the 0.50$CAN charge?

  2. hey wanna write lore with me old friend?

    1. Esterlen


      depends what it is about.

  3. Hello,

    This is Friedrich von Locklear und Stahl. I believe you knew my great-grandfather, Hermann?

    1. Esterlen




      I believe I can tell you more about him.


      Please write to me.


      Warm regards,


  4. Brazil. Where hearts were entertaining June. We stood beneath the ever moon and softly murmured “Someday soon”.

    1. ScreamingDingo


      The Goblin King awaits you, Esterlen

    2. Esterlen


      Let’s say I do.

  5. Zorin Xdexas Zetoun 🙂

  6. Memo from the Minister of Stool: Next batch of horens need to come from Aeldin, current one is saturated with cretins and mutants. - Larry Cravencock.

  7. Esterlen

    A City Burning, Rise of the Justicars

    Peter Gabriel receives a report of this confrontation while in the saddle riding towards Metz, taking a sip from his metal flask of Johnsblood rum. He offers an ugly scowl to his travelling companion, folding up the missive and depositing it back within his pocketed sleeve. "More nonsense from the Emperor's court mages. I don't believe a word of it."
  8. Esterlen

    Grim's LT Application

    Probably the one person (Other than myself, naturally) who I see as able to bring the right vision to a desperately mismanaged and inept lore team. He values the principles of good, dynamic RP more than most - you'll see no magitech-aenguodaemonic-mathic age-tantric sexual healing lore coming out of Grim. (Cue the very predictable ski_king3 "You deserve to removed from the community and thrown in front of traffic for what you've done" tantrum post.)
  9. *whips out his flintlock and lights it up, shooting you in the head and killing ya!


    1. Esterlen


      *dies "god save you steve"

  10. Life goes on long after the thrill of living is gone

    1. General_Bentnoze


      Wanna talk about it abo also can i be a striga?

    2. Ambduscias


      where is the vampire roleplay?

  11. I think he deleted them after he quit wow, btw r u in discord

    1. Esterlen


      Nah I don't use discord unfortunately my friend

    2. 3andD


      i added u on steam cx | blazingboost.com

  12. Esterlen

    [Results] Wiki Competition

    Jeez sure wish I was allowed to participate in this one hey bud