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  1. Goran Goldhand trembles in fear of a pogrom, running to the nearest branch of the Denims-Therving bank as fast as his stout legs can carry him.
  2. Nevirny...sobaky...

    1. Rip and Tear

      Rip and Tear

      Ti chto skazal blyat eh!

      Сам ты собака неверная блять

  3. u and i are just boomers now

    1. Esterlen


      feeling very decrepit sir...

  4. I love bosnia

    1. Esterlen


      Warm regards, from Trebinje.

  5. 14 HF 1836. The news of the Regency of 1836 dominated the papers both broadsheet and tabloid. Plastered upon nigh on every page was a column, editorial or commentary about His Imperial Majesty's health or the future of the country. A keen reader, however, would notice a small paragraph in the bottom right corner of the seventh page of one of the more unsavory tabloids (near to the comedy section) little more than a footnote. George Stanislaus Kovachev (1750–1836) George Kovachev, Surveyor-General of the Holy Orenian Empire, died in Providence today, the Fourteenth of Harren's Folly, in the year of our Lord Eighteen-Thirty-Six. Haeseni by birth, Mr. Kovachev had been an Imperial subject for all of his adult life. Fittingly in the eyes of this gazette, he met his expiration after having consumed a large meal, consisting of lobster, caviar, sauerkraut, kippers and brandy, finished with his favorite pastry, prikaz pie.
  6. A lowly acolyte hails the Prince of Elvenesse, green book in hand. "Aspects protect our Oranor!" he proclaims, saluting.
  7. Locked away in a hoary, faraway mausoleum, the ghost of Frederick Armas appreciates this idea... @Lhindir_
  8. Thank you for this. It was very frustrating to amateur genealogists like myself how what was originally such a cool open-source project devolved (in the last year particularly) to a haven for all sorts of bad behaviour and surreptitious editing. Great work on tightening the leash!
  9. A despondent George Kovachev drinks himself under the table on hearing of his youngest daughter's death. A nervous wreck, the huge aristocrat is heard by his attendants to say only one thing, constantly repeated. "It seems that everything is collapsing around me."
  10. the palestinian child was just a test i will give u plenty of warning next time

  11. "We not did not start this war, gentlemen," comments a man in a Sutican coffee-house, "Nor did we ask to be invaded by a hostile tribe of barbarians. They should remember that next time they bleat about facing the gallows, or the Imperial long tube."
  12. George Kovachev, marooned on the southern continent, examines an abridged copy of government-gazette from within a Sutican coffee-house. He is most intrigued to hear of the development of fiscal policy among the Elvenesse, swearing to commit further time to research when returned to Providence.
  13. “The Elysiumites have been dragged into this war by the cruel Nordlings who lord over them. They fight us and die in combat against us, and to what end? The mad geopolitical ambitions of the Burning Bush?” offers the Surveyor-General somewhat rhetorically.
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