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  1. So, how was  christmas?

    1. ThatGuy_777


      Eh, decent. Always enjoy time with the family. Hbu, did it go well? 

    2. Sporadic


      very nice thank you for asking

  2. dropping this here for memories sake.


  3. Lirinya

    A Call to all Farfolks

    A certain deceased Kharadeen woman was proud to know the line had carried on, and that it was trying to flourish again.
  4. Did you know thst the average amount of dogs you eat in your sleep is equal to the amount of lies this status is made out of?

    1. Dewper


      when u coming back to lotc liri I miss talking to u once a month

    2. Lirinya


      You were on massive the other day shush

    3. NotEvilAtAll


      That's a lot of lies.

  5. **** guys what did you do to the forums

    1. GloriaPreussens


      we decided to start doing space RP

    2. MyLittleUnicorn


      Yeahh I liked the old one. It fit the theme and this one is just buggy. When I manage to put my mouse on wrong spot on the forums, 1/3 colums just turn all black so u cant see anything thats there. Just awful.. smh

    3. Hero_


      get out while you still can

  6. Lirinya

    Lobby Server!

    Wheres the magic plugin tho
  7. around 7 years up time and you still cant settle on a set of rules smh

  8. lirinya wonders why zarsies is still on lotc and why they would do this so many times to themselves
  9. Lirinya

    Katherine Amelia Amador

    Personal Information Name: Katherine Amelia Amador Age: 25 Race: Human Alignment: Lawful Good Gender: Female Occupation: None Social Status: Uncertain Character Description Skin Color: Very pale Height: 5'3 Weight: 100 lb Build: Skinny Hair Color: Charcoal Black Eye Color: Moss Green Clothing: Dresses of various nature. Some plain and simple, and some fancier. Some were old and some were newer, and some looked as though they had been passed down the generations. She took care of each all the same. She wore only one trinket; a ring gifted to her very recently. Of Qalasheen make, it was a common item found through the markets, but she valued it nonetheless. Personality: A woman capable of socializing until she fell asleep on her feet. She was often loud and boisterous; carousing being her primary focus throughout the days. She had little to no care for the world of nobility, and would rather spend her days with sellswords and commoners, drinking and chattering. Story Katherine Amelia Amador. Born 10th of the First seed, 1629 to Artemis Amador née Palaiologos and Henrik Amador. The second of two children, Katherine was born to a small, loving family at their home named Gravelhold, upon the isle of Tahn. She was raised primarily around her home, or around Mardon though as she grew older, her mother often took her to visit Santegia and Hagios Lothar; her own home. She was not too old when her father passed. She had forgotten the date exactly, and after the event she took to caring for her mother, who had plummeted into a state of sadness. Her life was mostly uneventful from childhood to current. It was spent playing with her older brother, and visiting what remained of her aunts, uncles and grandparents. She found those to grow thin quite fast however. After the transition to the new isles with her mother, she found to realize her brother had not joined them. She had no explanation, and her mother had been in no state to keep even the slightest note of her sons whereabouts. Not long after their arrival, Katherines mother passed away, leaving her to fend for herself. They had took to residing within Santegia once more, Artemis having been grateful to be away from the Amadors who had once hated her. Her mothers passing left Katherine at a loss. It had been her duty to care for the woman, whom she had loved dearly, and now she was alone and lost. She took to traveling to Haense, where she had heard her family still resided in some way, shape or form.
  10. Lirinya

    A Decree for Election, 1654

    Katherine Amador backs this, while she quietly misses the maer that wanted to make Haense-men into dwarves.
  11. does anything happen on lotc anymore

  12. Lirinya

    LoTC Character Progression Thread!

    oh no not one of these threads
  13. Lirinya

    Attachment Limit

    oh ****.