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  1. 1350 A.H. - Present ─── From Ashes, We Rise EST 143 E.S. - Present | 1590 A.H. - Present ⋅ ───⊱༺⠀☨⠀༻⊰─── ⋅ 21st of Malin’s Welcome | 157 SA ⋅ ───────────────⊱༺⠀I⠀༻⊰─────────────── ⋅ VA EDLERVIK, We as humanity are known for our love of colourful gowns, opulent jewels and regal suits. Each individual likely has their own personal collection tailored by themselves or another. House Amador is no exception- we are proud to boast our several expert tailors, as are we proud to extend that further to our Colborn cousins. However, it occurred to me that I have seen far and few written works pertaining to tailoring. Guides on stitching, on fabrics, on fashion history. These works are limited in terms of the written hand, and I do not recall coming across a single book in my time. While missives on history are available, they are difficult to obtain for personal use. And so, I ask those who are skilled in the arts of sewing, knitting, leather craft and so on- to create written works to share or sell. I will be willing to purchase a copy of any quality work to then offer and sell on to others, should the individual be uninterested in merchanting their works. If you are interested in such an offer, please send a bird to Balian or Haense, for the attention of Poppiya Sosina Amador (lirinya). Lady Poppiya Sosina Amador, Curador of Il Courta Cometa, Owner of the Phoenix Fleeces.
  2. Entre l'èxit i el fracàs - Between Success and Failure ⋅ ───⊱༺☨༻⊰─── ⋅ [Link] ⋅ ───⊱༺☨༻⊰─── ⋅ In the realm of Balian, where courage is born, A clash with Stassion, a battle to mourn. A war rages ons, a tale untold, In the echoes of history, new chapters unfold. Brave Balian’s banners flutter, proud and high, A beautiful kingdom, united beneath azure sky. Our warriors emboldened with hearts of flame, For In the crucible of conflict, they etch their name. The battlefield tramples, a canvas for strife, Where the dance of war dictates the rhythm of life. Balian’s sons and daughters, a resilient might, Stand against Stassion, under God’s divine light. “In Hoc Signio Vinces” - Balian’s Call, United they stand - Their enemies will fall. Against Stassion’s whispers, a most venomous tale, The forces of Balian will always prevail. And so the war rages on, throughout night and day, Balian and Stassion clashed within the fray. Yet in that moment of conflict - where stories are spun, Our heroic tales of victory have only just begun. ⋅ ───⊱༺☨༻⊰─── ⋅ Credits to @Caedisand @HIGH_FIRE for all of their help.
  3. The Silver Merchant Sovereignty Guild ─── Presents ⋆―🛠―⋆ The Grand Auction of The SMS 10th of The Deep Cold, 156 SA ⋆―――🛠―――⋆ The Silver Merchant Sovereignty, or the SMS is a coalition of wealthy, ambitious and influential merchants from all across the land of Aevos. Brought together by their mutual appreciation of minae and trade, these same merchants now seek to vend their wears through means of a Grand Auction. With each merchant offering varying skills, the auction is promised to contain something to everyone's tastes, be they hungry for new clothes, potions, weapons or otherwise valuable trinkets unlikely to be found in your everyday marketplace. The auction will be hosted by Anatoliy Ilya Alyovich Godunov @Caedis at the Silver Merchants Guild Hall, and is supported by Yera Silveira and Poppiya Sosina Amador. On Offer to the Buyer The auction is promised to offer a wide variety of products. Below, to offer as enticement to any potential buyer, is a peek into some of the items we have in store. ⋆―🛠―⋆ The Clinical Medicine and Potions Collection A wide and generous collection of pre-made potions, salves and teas perfect for use to richly stock a clinic in dire times of war and need. This bundle comes paired with an automation: Medical Pet (Medi-Snorgus)[Automation] Starting Bid: 750 Mina Other bundles of potions include: The Combat Collection, and The Rare Collection - Each come with their own unique automation. ⋆―🛠―⋆ Resources With war on the horizon, it is no secret that there is a dire need for consumable resources. Metals, Leather- everything a nation needs to supply their armies. 36 (2304 total) crates (stacks) of Netherite Ingots Starting Bid: 1000 Mina Smaller lots of leather and ferrum are promised to follow, starting at way below the market value. ⋆―🛠―⋆ Trinkets, Weapons, Jewels and More It would not be a grand auction without a plethora of jewellery, weapons and all else on offer. The list is extensive, and promised to be a collection of items difficult to otherwise find on sale. An example of such is to follow. Other items promised for sale include various other magical trinkets, Lunarite trinkets, and weapons. (Following this, there are also skin commissions, premade skin items and figura items up for grabs) Date and Location The auction will be hosted within the Guild Hall of the Company, located west of the Emerald Pillar. Saturday the 2nd of December 5pm EST/10pm GMT Bring plenty of mina Signed, His Lordship, Anatoliy Ilya Alyovich Godunov, Heir to the Barony of Verskaya, Merchant and Department head of The Silver Merchant Sovereignty. Yera Silveira, Trade Representative of the Silver Merchant Sovereignty. Lady Poppiya Sosina Amador, Merchant of the Silver Merchant Sovereignty.
  4. Poppiya was ready to fight alongside her Queen and kin.
  5. Poppiya threw a pursefull of minae at her Balian friends.
  6. The elder sister awoke from her otherwise peaceful slumber to the echoes of Theo's sobs through the walls. She spent her morning lingering- waiting for her sister to wake so that she might sit with her, comfort her, and tell her how people could be cruel. "Vy are ne any more ugly than vy were before," Poppy spoke softly in jest, "do ne let this hurt vyr confidence. Vy are strong, Teddy."
  7. The missive of the birth made it to Haense, and ultimately, to Mondstadt. Poppy read it over- and over, and over again. Then, she realized it was about time she mustered the courage to re-visit Balian, and to seek out her friend.
  8. 1350 A.H. - Present ─── From Ashes, We Rise EST 143 E.S. - Present | 1590 A.H. - Present ⋅ ───⊱༺⠀☨⠀༻⊰─── ⋅ 22nd of Snow's Maiden | 155 SA ⋅ ───────────────⊱༺⠀I⠀༻⊰─────────────── ⋅ VA EDLERVIK, Initially founded within the city of Valdev, in a bid to protect its citizens from the blizzard and the chill, The Phoenix's Fleeces was brought to be by Poppiya Amador and ran from within the family business. As time and situations progress, the Lady now finds herself stationed within Balian for half of her time. And as such, wishes to extend her craft to the citizens. Situated in the prime location of Anne's Avenue 1 - the store boasts a display of gowns and garb, both for sale and for display, as well as traditional Kokoshnik head dresses of Haense, trinkets, jewels and more. A collection of clothing, head dresses and more on offer, Anne's Avenue 1 Lady Poppiya Sosina Amador, Craftswoman of the White Cross Trading Co.
  9. Poppy prepaired to make lil toys for the babies.
  10. "Met 'er ah few times, ti? Seemed like ah nice enough girl- Did ne really give of th' air of bein' power 'ungry. Maybe am ne in tune wit' th' valah world, though," replied the elfess with a frown.
  11. Tee makes good (amazing 11/10) skins and plays a pretty decent (110/10 great relative) cousin. Well deserved.
  12. A confused Poppiya read over the Amadors invite. Luckily, she'd be able to attend, though.
  13. "Godan guide him. He does seem to be the most rational of the siblings.. the less.. angry or odd."
  14. On a visit to Petra, perhaps to try and catch the Temesch in conversation, Poppiya came to read the missive. "How.. bizzare," she muttered to no one in particular, "at least Henrik will be able to sleep easy now." Then- she went back home, to Valdev and drew conclusion to this chapter in her life.
  15. North, South, East and West auction houses. Make people travel a bit, but still have the option for AH there.
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