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  1. Stay safe out there.
  2. So really. Its a waste of time.
  3. Sadly, with the human capital, and all the other places on Tahn, Asul really has nothing to offer. Not only that, it's secluded in the sense of to get from the Tahn hub you have to take two boats. Whilst it makes sense to have it like that, no one cares enough to travel there, unless we live there.
  4. Artemis could not be more proud of her twin.
  5. One of the two best Palaiologos :D
  6. Artemis, despite her distaste for conflict, was terribly proud of her father, brother, and various other relatives and Santegians that fought, and came out of the battle alive.
  7. UPDATED: - Added scarring due to recent events.
  8. Palalalaiololoooooogoose
  9. Thank you. I've added those now.
  10. > Palaiologos - Infinity!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Artemis muttered something rather distasteful under her breath.
  12. UPDATED: - Added Story, - Added Likes and Dislikes, - Added tiny details here and there, - Updated faith and added new 'Trait and Ailment'. Think that sums it up. Craving constructive feedback and suggestions, if anyone feels like offering some.
  13. ((PLEASE REMEMBER NOT TO METAGAME THIS INFORMATION)) Artemis Palaiologos Age: 18 (On Update), Full Name: Artemisia Palaiologos, Nickname(s): Art, Little Fighter, Birthdate: 6th of The Deep Cold, 1608, Gender: Female, Race: Human, Title(s): Princess of Santegia (via Grandfather), Religion: The True Faith Canonist, Ambition: Artemis currently lacks any type of goal, Residence: Hagios Lothar - The Land of Asul. Appearance Eye Color: Emerald Green, Hair Color: Dark Brown, Black, - A rather delayed decision to make Artemis an identical twin. Her hair color is now black, rather than brown. Hair Style: Long and well kept. Usually a combination of loose and braided, Roughly cut shoulder length black locks. Small, dainty braids were made to surround her head, and join at the back. A fringe covered her forehead. Skin Color: Caucasian, Scarring: - Beneath her fringe she hid what seemed to be a religious cross that had been etched into her skin. It would leave a visible scar. - Art had been blinded in her left eye. Clothing: Either lady-like gowns or something a little more practical, Height: 5 foot and 4 inches, Body Build: Slim, Voice: Quiet and kind. Trinkets: Out in public, Artemis wore both a simple golden necklace, and her mothers old locket. Overall: As Artemis had grown, she had moved away from her casual, adventuring clothing. Instead she wore through her ever growing collection of gowns. Some simple, for travel, and some more elegant, for events. They ranged from red and yellow, to blue and black. Skin - Pre/early Teens: Skin - Late Teens: Skin - Young Adult (18+): Personality Artemis had changed considerably, in comparison to her younger days. She still held a distaste for other races however, she was much less judgemental. Influence from two sides had left her conflicted and as such, she still harmored some hatred. To her own, Artemis was still very much kind. She was welcoming to stranges, both commoners and nobles alike. In regards to her family, Artemis had grown up. Despite the common *** for tat between herself and her father, she had grown to understand the man and his reasonings and thus, had grown to love him even more. Her younger brother Tobias, whilst elusive, she found less irritating. The bond with hew twin only grew. Artemis was aligned as: Lawful Good Combat Skils Artemis had no combat skills. Traits and Ailments Likes Food: Sweet foods, vegetables, Drinks: Tea, water, Pass-Times: Learning, reading, horse riding, travelling, Misc: Simple trinkets, flowers, her faith. Dislikes Foods: Lamb, Drinks: Alcohol, Pass-Times: Court, formal events, social gatherings, Misc: Elaborate gifts, boasting, conflict., rain, other races. Family Paternal Grandparents: Maternal Grandparents: Abdes de Savin, Laila de Savin, Mother: Amelia Palaiologos (de Savin) Step Mother: Clarissa Palaiologos (Roswell) Father: Romanos Palaiologos Siblings: Constantine (Deceased), Demetrios Palaiologos (Twin), Tobias Palaiologos, Steven Palaiologos. Aunts: Pearl de Savin, Uncles: Amar de Savin (Deceased), Heffron de Savin (Deceased), Dionysus de Savin, Manuel Palaiologos, Leo de Savin, Cousins: Katarina de Savin, Apollonia Palaiologos. Partner: None Child(ren): None Pet(s): Koda (dog), Simba (horse). Story Artemis Palaiologos, born the twin to her brother Demetrios Palaiologis on the date the 6th of The Deep Cold, 1608, to her mother, Amelia Palaiologos (née de savin) and her father, Romanos Palaiologos. Artemis was born a sickly child, early and frail, it was a gift from GOD that she survived infancy. She had been born into nobility, tied to the Kingdom of Courland and as such, was raised with all the love and care that a noble girl should be. However, the child did find a love for the more simple things in life. Farm animals specifically, Artemis loved the creatures that took home within the pens of her homes fields. She was known to take farm animals as pets, and at one point in her youth, acquired a lamb as her companion. An ever changing name it held but, she loved it nonetheless. Until it fled, the creature would sleep besides her in the manor. Oh, how her father was not pleased. Not long after she was born, her mother and father produced a second brother, to which she took little interest. You see, Artemis adored her twin more than anything in the world. Her childhood was mostly carefree, until her mother passed. It would be years until Art knew the reason why she died, and when it happened, she was far too young to truly understand what it had meant. The memory of that night however would haunt her for years to come, being brought to sit besides her father, who handed Artemis two gifts. A locket, and a tiara formerly belonging to her mother. She recalled how her father cried, though not his words. It would be a long time until she fully understood that moment. “I recall a memory where I had wandered too far from home, and found my way through the gates of Alexandria. My father found me there, and boy, was he seething. I had lied originally, told him that my mother had brought me here and I had wandered off but, he knew that was false. I recall him growing angrier, but I was luckily saved by an aunt from my mothers side. She noted this, and quite literally had me flee with her to the de Savin home. We hid - it was quite fun!” On a much lighter note, Artemis and Dimi, which she affectionately nicknamed her twin, continued to bond and grow together. They shared every secret, spent every free moment they had together. Truly inseparable… Artemis’ childhood passed under the watchful eye of her father and her twin, and she slowly grew into a presentable young woman. Her reading skills we perhaps not the greatest, and she had grown a dislike for noble events and gatherings...but she could still pass as noble blooded if she tried. To a current date, Artemis has continued to develop and grow as an individual. Almost a fully grown woman, she has take to it that she develops her reading and writing ability, has made conscious choices to ensure her safety, and has began to contemplate her place in this land. Her social skills continue to blossom, though her physical ability still lacks dramatically. Artemis is still fiercely devoted to her twin brother. "As I grow older, I realize that I have missed out on so much , and I am so very unprepared for what has yet to come. I thought everything was bathed in roses and perfumes, and friendly conversation but instead, I am greeted with the realization that not everything is as nice as I thought. I once visited Adelburg, I think was the name. The Imperial Capital. I recall that I was approached by what I assumed to be a guard. He spoke to me, and told me that he had someone imprisoned that he believe I would know, and wished me to identify them. I followed, and was lead to the cells. There was no one there...and in hindsight, I should have ran. I recall seeing him draw a baton, and the last I see was him raising it...as then after, everything went dark. I awoke upon the ground towards the back of the city, with my friend the man in question surrounding me. I did not recall at the time, that this man was the reason..and thought him to be an innocent bystander until I regained some of my senses. The attack left me scarred and partially blinded..though with thanks from a healer and my brother, I recovered rather quickly, but the damage is already done." Artwork ((PLEASE REMEMBER NOT TO METAGAME THIS INFORMATION))
  14. sessions back. quick get lotc back on