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  1. dropping this here for memories sake.


  2. Lirinya


    Didnt see this. Cant say i do. I have haelphon on Facebook and keep up to date with his music. Thats about it. Ur friend
  3. Lirinya


    I domt recall. I dont remember bullying out the server creator.. I swear i once had a google doc of the conversation the day he quit, but i could never find it.
  4. Lirinya


    i heard its pretty bad. rest in piece.
  5. Lirinya


    pretty sad, isn't it? hi benboboy.
  6. Lirinya


    Hi son i left aussie land 2/3 years ago now. Been back in the uk. Thank. It was done by a friend from massive for my character there. Hi zarzar That sounds fun. I miss old people. OwO Hi frien Its a sign, ura. Next thing you know we will be taking back the server and remaking it. Hi ibrah i missed you too as ever.
  7. Lirinya


    Go back to discord crines
  8. Lirinya


    I dont miss you. Thats a lie.
  9. Lirinya


    No you
  10. Lirinya


    Aww bb thats just gay ♡♡
  11. Lirinya


    Yes. Good, you? Thank. Right here honestly. Been on massive so still on minecraft. Maybe. Irl sucks. Been through 3 jobs cause management is ****. Thank. I miss the tti. Wonder if i can dig out old screenshots. I remember when high prince native gave us magical protection (a region) to save us from griefers... and when i blew it up with undead magic. Sdown Gay tree elf son. Shut up worst elf husband. Well hey. Omg harrison hi omg im alive omg how are you?
  12. Lirinya


    Hi hello im here to visit and make sure nothing is on fire How is everyone
  13. Lirinya

    A Call to all Farfolks

    A certain deceased Kharadeen woman was proud to know the line had carried on, and that it was trying to flourish again.
  14. Did you know thst the average amount of dogs you eat in your sleep is equal to the amount of lies this status is made out of?

    1. Dewper


      when u coming back to lotc liri I miss talking to u once a month

    2. Lirinya


      You were on massive the other day shush

    3. NotEvilAtAll


      That's a lot of lies.

  15. **** guys what did you do to the forums

    1. GloriaPreussens


      we decided to start doing space RP

    2. MyLittleUnicorn


      Yeahh I liked the old one. It fit the theme and this one is just buggy. When I manage to put my mouse on wrong spot on the forums, 1/3 colums just turn all black so u cant see anything thats there. Just awful.. smh

    3. Hero_


      get out while you still can