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  1. *Erins will would note for distribution of letters to those named within it. Her husband, Her son and daughter, Hamelin, Romanos and Manuel would all receive letters in the coming few days, along with everything else left to them within said will.*
  2. Too many teams for a server who hosts and maintains a good 200 at peak times when there's no wars. You need a couple admins and techies, and then gms. Y'all should be working on the same things and not so spread out.
  3. A tired, sickly woman read the poster, muttering something incoherent to herself. "Would have been a good idea to at least list a general location to where they last had it. Do they realize how big these isles are?"
    1. Harrison


      shti joke

    2. braybowski


      im literally shaking right now i cant handle this, calf and shoulder? aaAH

  4. this is a long 10 minutes

  5. HIRING | FARMER I find myself in need of someone reliable, someone consistent to tend to the fields on my land. You do not have to be experienced, and can be new to the job. Should you need it, you can also take residence on the land, which is a walk away from the Tahn cart stop. A weekly pay is offered alongside this. Please send a bird to Erin Lockley. ((I do not want to hire someones farming mule. It would be nice to have a character someone uses, someone to actually RP with as well.))
  6. savinia

    "The town itself is a barony" quoted the woman, "if you are going to attempt to insult me, at least ensure you know how many times the word 'town' was used." (Hint, including the titles, I counted 8)
  7. savinia

    "Another barony made into a town? It's almost as though Courlanders want away from Alexandria." commented a small woman.
  8. every time i have a day off the server seems to have shitty stability. pls.

  9. Option one is foul. There are too many reasons why. Two or three sound reasonable.
  10. The Grand Library of Sutica Contest

    1. Aelsioln


      I think maybe the Sutica library is having some sorta contest.

  11. "August is running?" questioned a small woman, "well, his is the only name I know...So, August it is."
  12. A Father and Son pair, passing the Al-Khaleed store, dated 1613 “From Haria to Lotharingia, H & L brings you your most sought after supplies be it animal produce, food, enchanting supplies and alchemical resources.” “Never could you find such competitive prices standardized across a unified storefront that stretch continents, with services to par. Revolutionise your shopping experience today, and patronise one of our stores!” “More often than not, basics are forgotten. You might be able to but a full set of armor from your local smith, but finding raw ingredients for cooking, leather and wool for stitching, can be difficult. If you manage to find a supplier, chances are, they run out of stock rather quickly.” “You can currently find us in three locations. Al-Khaleed, Alexandria and Metz. We currently have three stalls, and one three-story shop. Our primary location is Metz, which features the larger shop. There, we range all our stock. Metz also features a small store as soon as you enter the front gate, ranging our best sellers. Al-Khaleed is more focused on food and animal produce, where Alexandria is more focused on crafting supplies and animal husbandry items.” Front Gate - Metz Uptown 6 - Metz Stalls 3 & 4 - Alexandria Stall 1 - Al-Khaleed "We can also deal in bulk and special orders, and we also offer catering for parties. A set fee can be discussed for the purchase and deliveries of food and drinks to events." "H & L is also HIRING! We look to add more employees to our company. If you believe you have a skill that you can provide, do let us know here!"