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  1. The form: :OOC: MC Name: megameow MC name of those living with you: edelos, wurfv :RP: Head of household: Delos Telperion Family/individuals staying: Delos Telperion, Aurayin Faeliel and Uildir Telperion Number of Children: 0
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    To All the Emperial Ladies!!!

    rebekah laughs
  3. Looks like you played a Halfling way back in July 2012



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      No one escapes the all-seeing-eye of NotEvilAtAll....

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      i mean yes i did,,,, what of it,,,

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    [!] Seeking Books

    The mali’aheral grumbled, because apparently she didnt recieve a notification. She would be on the look out for said person!
  5. maehr’sae hiylun’ehya Since the mali’thill settled upon these new lands of Arcas, each and every individual has worked tirelessly to create and provide a home;to create a new and greater city in which we will reside and flourish. Whilst elcihi’thillin is not yet fully built, the life within blooms, with more and more mali’thill joining us on a monthly basis. It goes without saying that we should not neglect this progress in recreating a bright and beautiful community. Thus, I present to you, the mali’aheral of elchihi’thillin, A ball to welcome our new home, and to celebrate the progress already made, as well as the progress /yet/ to be made. The Event The ball will be that of a masquerade. Each individual will be expected to wear a mask to cover the face in some way, shape or form. [Such masks can be provided closer to time] The courtyard, park and tavern will be utilized fully, and the social event will take place within all of the three; conjoining each area into one. Music, food and drink will all be provided, and a word from the Maheral will be offered before the festivities begin. Mali’aheral/thill and favoured guests only are invited. Date: Saturday 16th Time: 10pm GMT/6pm EDT [OOC] A masquerade for high elves and specifically invited people. Masks for skins will be made and provided within the next few days if they are needed. It’ll start when it starts, and end when it ends.
  6. Lirinya

    The Bloodline Archives

    | The Family of Faeliel | Taelu’sae y lye “Spread learning upon the World” | Family Tree | | Appearance | The family of Faeliel have been bred with varying ‘aheral, which has created a stunning array of individuals. Platinum hair to bright blonde are the most common, and green eyes are most often seen. They were a shorter and lithe bunch, with females not ever seeming to reach a height above 5 foot 8, and males rarely seen above 5 foot 10. | Personality/Beliefs | The family of Faeliel are a studious group. For generations, the worth of written knowledge has been encouraged throughout. Each direct child encouraged to pursue life in study, as opposed to anything else. What subject they chose was entirely up to them, assuming it coincided with the current socially acceptable beliefs of the leading family member. Magic was not common within the family, but instead members often spent time reading on the subject, without actually learning it. | Etymology | Faeliel did not translate into any direct elven word, which offered the suggestion that it was simply a name created. It could be that, centuries ago during Aegis, the family paraded under a much more elven-based name. But given the most recent descendants lack of knowledge on the language, it was no surprise that the current name held no meaning. | History | The founding descendent of the Faeliel name broke apart from their main line around the year 1300, 400 years ago. This leaves the current line quite young, with the ‘leading matriarch’ being slightly over 100 years in age. Until the generation of Lorena, the first official child of the name, the history of the family was vague. What they did and where they resided was unknown, but it is assumed that they resided within the wildlands, as opposed to with their kin. Vailor was where the family came to name. With Lorena willing to go about her life without guidance, the elfess raised her standing within the varying community of Al-Wakhara by opening a bookshop. In guidance with her family motto; to spread learning upon the world, the elfess procured both existing and newly written works in a bid to sell and distribute it around the lands. This brought the mali’aheral female some local fame, but it did nothing for her standing with her own kind. -=- Now, her daughter Aurayin bid to do the same. To regain that legacy and popularity lost, as well as attempting to build ties with the existing mali’aheral.
  7. Aurayin thanks whoever needs to be thanked, that she acquired some purity points. She sat there, content on the 100 that she had.
  8. Lirinya

    Free to Use Roleplay Skins

    I’ve started up PMC account to log skins that I no longer use, or that were used and were never used. Feel free to use any of them, and feel free to leave feedback. ][Skins Here][
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    [!] Rebekah left Charles a letter which asked him to visit the Gromach estate when he was free.
  10. And so apparently, this is not a question GMs can answer nor follow up, so I present a feedback thread. With what ever updates were made today, it has cleared persona times. I am unsure, obviously, if it is intentional or otherwise. If so, why? If not, what are we to do with autoshop timers? You need 50 played hours to open up an autoshop. I had 28 before the clearence happened. I now have 4. Answers would be appreciated.
  11. Lirinya

    [!] Seeking Books

    A Mali’thill posted various notices to traders in varying cities via courier. “Seeking written works of both original content and older transcriptions. Topics sought are as follows: Magic, Medicine, History. A price can be offered and discussed, and can be offered in both mina or resources. Offered prices will vary depending on quality and content.” Said couriers awaited any responses from those they met, before they went in search for more potential purchases.