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  1. Elianos was going to do his best to ensure he didn't miss a chance to party on the boat he had bought. It truly was a splendid boat. He had found a very skilled builder!
  2. "Damn," cursed the Balian Prince. "This looked as though it would have been entertaining."
  3. Elianos frantically collected together all his fancy outfits- seeking out the best one for the event. "I've so much to make and prepare," the young prince faffed as he sent attendants of the Palace here and there. Collecting flowers, beads- all sorts! "This has to be special for her."
  4. La mascarada del regal de l'oceà [20th April, 5pm EST] To this year but eighteen ago, Balian saw the arrival of its youngest Prince and Princess, Elianos and Ophelia. The youths have spent their years surrounded with the lush sands and vibrant seas of the south, and wish to extend a celebration to not only honor their home, but to usher in their adult years. A Masquerade - on the theme of sand and sea - is to be held within the Palace’s enclosed beach. Guests are encouraged to bring their finest sandals and lighter outfits, to ensure they are comfortable in the heat. Should guests not be able to provide their own masks for the ball, the twins have some ready to provide. Following the ball will be games; a paper boat race and a fishing contest, with prizes for the winners. Refreshments will be offered which feature the local fishermen's finest catches of the day, with drinks produced from Balians orchards and wineries. Attendees are welcome to wear the masks provided for the ball. Each mask has been lovingly recreated from inspired works throughout the ages. (Masks can be found on planetminecraft in their original versions. These are recreated based on examples.) Masks Here Guests should make their way to the Palace, where they will be led to the festivities. The People of the Kingdom of Balian HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, Ivan VIII, and the Kingdom of Haense and his Royal Pedigree HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, John I, and the Kingdom of Aaun and his Royal Pedigree HER MAJESTY, Catherine I, and the Commonwealth of the Petra and her Royal Pedigree HER MAJESTY, Tar-Caraneth Aryantë and the people of Numendil and her Royal Pedigree HER ROYAL HIGHNESS, Ramona de Pelear, and the Sovereignty of Hyspia and her Royal Pedigree THEIR ROYAL HIGHNESSES, Alfred & Leon Barclay and the Principality of Reinmar and their Royal Pedigree HIS GRANDNESS, Grelu Irgard, and the Grand Kingdom of Urguan and his Royal Pedigree The People of Aevos Personal Invitations are sent to the following: Father Jan Crown Prince Charles Reman Alstion Crown Princess Santana Leya Ramona de Pelear Princess Kareena Isabel Nasrid Infanta Renata Alba Francisca de Pelear Infante Rafael Arsenico Diego de Pelear Lady Esfir Artemesia Amador Lady Lavanya Aruna Acharya Lady Jadwiga Maria Jazlowiecki Lady Alicja Julia Jazlowiecki Karol Alexander Walewski Signed, His Royal Highness, Elianos Hadrian Novellen, Prince of Balian Her Royal Highness, Ophelia Johanna Novellen, Princess of Balian
  5. Elianos had already had his horoscope debate with Santana some saints days ago. He had accepted his fate in the Hyspian stars.
  6. Cosi was far from thrilled about the prospect of another party she'd have to attend. It was time to find books that might help a young woman navigate social settings better.
  7. Elianos found himself thoroughly whacked by the letter. Entirely taken aback- he sought to lift Santana in the air- popping her into air jail. "You complain when I mention frogs, 'cause apparently, that isn't your only personality trait. Now this?" ... "Fine, shall we go to it?"
  8. "Once upon a time, you were a young boy fretting about growing up. It feels as though it was only last year." Cosima wrote to Charles in a letter, "I hope that the premise does not trouble you as much as it once did. Or at the very least, I hope you have found a shoulder to lean on and some one to turn to. You will do wonderfully."
  9. Elianos was prompt to send a letter to both girls, congratulating them on their upcoming debut. "Time to plan some suitable gifts," the young prince lamented quietly in his room. For a moment, silence lingered, and then he strode out into the halls. "Ophi- Ari," Elianos bellowed out to his sisters, "what gifts do ladies your age like?" @comatoseprincess@_yink_
  10. Travelling Book Club To share literature with one another is one of life’s most under appreciated pass-times. Be it a fantasy story, a book of still and learning, or your favorite picture book, I encourage you to bring it forward and share it with like-minded book lovers. The first iteration of the book club shall meet within Portoregne tavern. If all goes well, plans to venture to various other nations will be set in place. Bring your favorite book, and ready yourself for an evening of discussion and laughter. All are invited to join! Monday, 5PM EST - Balian Tavern
  11. Author's Corner A dream of my youth was to encourage budding authors to write, to create new literature for the people of Aevos to share and enjoy. Now, I am beginning to set that dream in motion. Author’s corner aims to purchase and sell written works from the people. Minae earned will vary depending on the quality of the written work as well as the edition, but a single mid length novel of original edition can earn the author upwards of twenty-five minae. Written works surrounding skills, or professions for example sewing, smithing, farming, are in high demand- and will earn the writer even more. These books will then be sold from the store itself. If plenty are sold, the original author will earn an additional commission. Currently, Author’s Corner operates from within Hyspia, a small store within the city center. Further locations will gradually appear within the next few saints years. If you wish to sell any written works forward, send a bird to Cosima Victoria Temesch, and a time to meet can be swiftly organized.
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