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  1. Soon (TM)



    Edited by kwakamungus
  2. I have no idea if I posted my ET app in the right place... Was I meant to do in the ET section of the staff app forums (which is currently located in the denied section) or should I have done it in the strait up staff app section... but then there is no app for the ET in that section. This new format is very confusing

  3. I agree with this gif


  4. Fix it.
    Im not going to tell you what 'IT' is but I want you to fix it anyway

    1. fighting evil by moonlight

      fighting evil by moonlight

      this was quite ominous, i feel sorry for things i haven't done now

    2. Sporadic


      it can't be fixed. It should be removed and they should step down.

  5. As the leader of The Alrasion Privateer Company I support this quest for adventure.
  6. I miss role-playing. Someone give me a good reason to come back to LOTC

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Loreq


      Dank Memes

    3. Drunken Mutt

      Drunken Mutt

      I offer orphans and orphan accessories.

    4. Caverly


      Nobody's gonna pamper you either come back or don't dudebro

  7. Do we have an estimate of when the server will be back up?

  8. So... is team speak down?

    1. Llir


      Yes, please wait patiently :)

  9. A letter has been sent to the one known as Harbinger. I, Commander Malco of The Shad'rin, have read your application and believe that even though you have an unknown past, I think that you would make a good addition to The Shad'rin. You are the report to me as soon as possible. The letter is signed off with Malco's signature
  10. Malco looks around the docks of the bay, thinking that if they are to survive The Shad'Rin need more members to join. With that thought in his head Malco goes to the mainland looking to recruit more people for the cause.
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