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  1. Name: Dominic Braxton (MC Name): lusty68 (Skype Name): Lasse Lusty ((lusty68)) Race: Human Why is it that you wish to become a Peacekeeper?: I believe that the system of "Republic" is the future for humanity, and i am willing to protect all who agrees and serve and work within the republic, because i respect those people for what they will ever endure for their choices, and i will do mine to protect those people from all harm. Are you willing to become a Salvian Citizen?: I already applied to become one, so yes! Do you vow to protect the people of Salvus as a Peacekeeper, even if it may be at the cost of your life?: My life for the republic and all who stands by it!
  2. Haha just saw that i was added to the "old hat" group who ever that did that thank you ;)

  3. Haha just saw that i was added to the "old hat" group who ever that did that thank you ;)

  4. Application -OOC- MC Name: lusty68 Timezone: GMT +1 Skype name(Required): Lasse Lusty ((lusty68)) Do you use TS(required): yes Do you have a VA? If so, for what evils: i do not -IC- Name: Thane Raloch Age: 19 Race: Human Fighting skills: My dad learned me a few tricks he be old veteran of Salvus shields, White roses, and Abresi guard. I know my ways around swords and if yeah give meh a bow i be ready as well to use it. Non-Fighting skills: ohmm.... farming? well.. not much anywhay.. Does the applicant swear loyalty to the Lord Griffon, and his Imperial Divinity: Oi maty! i swear loyalty to lord Griffon, and Emperor Siegmund Carrion, Carrion is the only true emperor! Does the applicant believe in the Creator: My father was not very religious but he did teach me some about ehm and i be ready to serve and learn! What are the applicants moral boundaries(What will he not do): I would never kill somebody i see no reason to kill, with that being sad i mean somebody that aint criminal, traitor, enemy or just annoying. unless i be ordered... What is the applicants reason for joining?: My father used to tell me stories about the white roses when i was a child and when i heard about this i decided to join! Does the applicant wish to add anything else: May the creator guide mir path and give The true emperor Carrion victory!
  5. So i where walking though the lands and suddenly i was attacked without any kind of rp at all -.-

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    2. sir lusty

      sir lusty

      Yeah my thought too Freya.

    3. Lym


      If you get any clues and evidence, I'll help you smite those fools with my pink VAT hammer :D

    4. sir lusty

      sir lusty

      Sorry no other than i was attacked right outside The city Of kralta i just logged back on and they where gone if you can read the combat log thats pretty much all i got i did not take any screen shots ;( hopefully they wont bother anybody else

  6. Wow.. i good banned for having a "unserious" rp with a friend..any idea if this is going off by itself?

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    2. Devin~


      I was and am offended...

    3. wealthypiano


      you took offense from an online minecraft fantasy roleplaying sever?!?!?!/1/

    4. Devin~


      All the time bro

  7. Anyone have an idea when the server is going to be ready for the new Mc update?

  8. Rip half the inside of Kingston :(

    1. Acornlad


      Kingston is dead, but Salvus isn't. Don't panic.

  9. Just got back after 3 months of inactivity, i hope the rp is as good as i remember it XD

    1. Ender_Panda13


      Well. Oren is about to go to war i guess...

      so yeah. just like before.

  10. Where do i find the livestream XD

  11. While you are waiting for the event hear this beutiful music

  12. That one person must fell like king of the trolls XD

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