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  1. 👁️

    1. cruzazul


      Been a min my guy!

    2. lugarthecougar


      More like millions of minutes!

  2. You’re a BUM.


    1. steelersfan1221


      say it to my face not on the internet 

    2. lugarthecougar


      I will, I have a lot of unresolved issues from your abandonment of all your friends.

    3. steelersfan1221


      do you guys have a discord? message me on steam or something

  3. I am master of chicken cooking and pong!

  4. Nothing beats ice cream on the first truly hot day of my summer vacation!

    1. Weeberlore(Seardrick)


      Pshhhh, still got three weeks.

  5. I think this would be a great idea! Shake things up a bit and show the races that they aren't alone out there!
  6. *insert original and witty status here*

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    2. MonkeyCoffee


      <Insert power core>

    3. Bat Druid

      Bat Druid

      <Inser reference to cats here>

    4. NomadGaia


      <Insert applesauce here>

  7. Rudeboy bass mash up the place!

    1. Jraie45 (Larien Alfakyn)

      Jraie45 (Larien Alfakyn)

      :P That is a great scene.

  8. I think I just found my new favorite playlist on Spotify.. Thank you Tunigo American Hipster!

  9. So Coaster is getting unbanned eh? Does that mean that Talias can get unbanned too?

  10. MC Name: lugarthecougar RP Name: Baron Aeman Tyrre Short Biography: I am already part of the House Character Ambitions: To continue my role of Baron and help in leading military forces Why are you joining?: Already a member What do you wish to achieve? To continue as a Baron in the House What is your profession? Baron/Warrior Valois Service Oath: I, Aeman Tyrre, swear to abide by the rules and regulations of House Valois. By repeating this oath and signing this document, I understand that I am dedicated to serving under House Valois until the day that I am dismissed from m
  11. The more history courses I take, the more I learn how un creative people can be. So many things on this server are not just based on historical facts, but are direct rips of them!

  12. Congrats to our newest GM's, can't wait to see how you guys improve the server!

    1. CTap
    2. lugarthecougar


      Hey, woah now, I have faith in most of the choices..

    3. Nefarious Aus Shitpost

      Nefarious Aus Shitpost

      lol, wodehouse. Its back to 'we need more female GM's trolololol' now.

  13. The server has been working quite hard, maybe we can give him a little restart as a treat?

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