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  1. who was the greatest blacksmith to ever grace this server? lotr or got?
  2. KoTo


  3. KoTo

    Sprskans, Ruskan Sub-Culture

  4. KoTo

    [Denied]Hunwald's Global Moderator Application

    wait what anyways +1 this boy knows
  5. KoTo

    Conclave Of Magi

    This current Guild has been deemed inactive and has hereby been moved. If you wish to appeal this decision you must present evidence to myself proving the guild is still active.
  6. KoTo

    The Marked Men - School Of The Stag.

    MC Name: KoToTamoPeva IC Name: Ratko Age: 31 Race: Human Minor Backstory: Born in Kralta, left as a young man on the ship to Athera. Clueless since he was a child, Ratko compensates for his small brains with brute strength. In Athera, he went on several adventures with men of great renown, such as Baldwin and his host, and Ser Thomas Delaney. With the extinction of the Raevir people during the Schism times, Ratko had nowhere to go and had wondered the land in self imposed exile. He worked many jobs, most related to his strength and prowess in war, being a part of several small mercenary groups. Without a purpose, he sought a more stable job, and, him being dumb as a stump, he decided he wished to hunt monsters small and large. [Played this character for like a week in Athera, that’s it.]
  7. KoTo

    The Gryphon

    https://www.lordofthecraft.net/topic/100330-recruiting-order-of-the-griffon/ I approve
  8. KoTo

    [Denied] Sir_Niccum's Forum Moderator Application

    he supported my gm app, in my eyes that makes him suitable :)
  9. KoTo

    [Accepted] Imattyz's Re-App

    yes, even though he is from YORKSHIRE. +1
  10. KoTo

    [Denied] Aislin Fm Application

    POWERful man of pakistan+1
  11. KoTo

    [Denied]Sir_Wyvernos' Trial Gm App

    tbh he shouldn't need to post an app, accept this pls
  12. KoTo

    Firespirit44's Fm App

    -1 just because i think you should apply for gm, not fm.