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  1. all ***** opinions are invalid
  2. I would like to see a song you like.
  3. If anybody knows any other actually good RP servers, message me. 

    1. Harrison


      if ur looking for anything better than lotc, then just literally log onto ANY other server lol

  4. Weren’t you asked by majority of the community to resign? When you talk like that, you just remind me of a teenager behind the screen. I thought only adults could be on the team...
  5. The get around to taking a year to judge lore? Just force in lore. Always getting better.
  6. I see a pattern of story writer lore getting accepted... 

    1. Archipelego
    2. Scuba


      @Archipelego Keep representing the community well. I can see your team has high standards. 

    3. AlphaMoist


      Wow, it’s almost as if people on the story team know how to write lore in such a way that they know exactly what story team are looking for in new lore submissions.


      It’s almost as if people on the story team know exactly what kind of **** the story team hate seeing and know how to avoid that.


      Almost as if people on the story team were even assigned to some magics to rewrite them so they don’t get shelved and yeeted away.


      As if people on the story team have reviewed and voted on and denied enough lore to know what gets lore denied.


      Nah, that’s crazy, it’s just staff bias.



  7. Do people still think the admin team cares about the community voice? 

    1. Stargush


      Too many new admins, not enough veteran staff

    2. Llir


      i do

  8. Is mental magic shelved boys? 

    1. Kalehart


      Just got re-approved. 


    2. Etan


      It’s still shelved. Pending current loremag. 

  9. 999? That content count and community reputation is an aura that no soul can penetrate. 

    1. frill


      one thou

  10. The bureaucracy of Lord of the Craft develops into more predicted stagnation. Now no one leads the show, instead it is just a show of strangling positions of power, and not letting anyone else get a chance to do anything on the server.
  11. Wasting time on a sinking ship, is it worth it? 

    1. Callistus


      nah, just leave

    2. Harold
    3. Maharana


      Yes, like the musicians on titanic. 

  12. Reminds me of retail WoW more and more everyday 

  13. It is sad seeing the petty arguing when people could making stands for better lore, siege PvP regulations, and things conductive to a good and thriving community. Instead the players have proven to be as backwards as the staff... 

    1. Cracker


      I could not agree more. All this political capital and energy wasted when we could be building a better platform...






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