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  1. somebody turn on the back-up generator i want to mineman 

  2. bless god for taking Noz away from his garden... (;
  3. I think dark creatures play more "normal" to keep from being meta-gamed. They Are Monsters assumes the player-base is going to treat you fairly, which 90% of the time is never true during a random conflict. Of course not all the time, but even subtle details people will take as a whole clue to solve the puzzle they already know OOCly to bring IC. I do not think your point is what I am saying, but my point is role-playing different from a group (whether human, elf, orc, dwarf, ect) only brings trouble usually for the dark magic player. It is up to the ET to bring players conflict-driven story-lines. I would never play a dark magic creature to entertain anyone other than myself ULTIMATELY. And there is usually little time from moderation to effectively help dark magic players have some resources against the common tropes of power-gaming and meta-gaming in all ways that bring advantage the average player. the common player says, "zug zug zug"
  4. whatever happened to forum locking a veteran player who goes a little too far with one post instead of just banning them because they might of ruffled a few feathers potentially?

    1. Kuila


      i think they asked to be banned

    2. Scuba


      agh makes sense unfortunate 

  5. so today i schemed i confess against your holy players... i am so ashamed, uh, what should i do? @[email protected]@Tythus @[email protected]@[email protected]
  6. How does a random player tell me about the Admin Team anomalously banning someone before the Admin Team? Yeah, how can you claim this is justified, and calculated when a player reported it before you addressed it? So, basically, if a player does not inform me of something it does not need to be addressed. You had such plenty of time you could not wait to them ban them without giving a proper follow-up? Classic staff members, taking from communities without actually fixing the root problems within. Either I am a conspirator doubting you guys or you just are incompetent by allowing a player to report secret bans before you did. Please, whatever the truth is, Admin Team try to think before you act? I am not trying to big brother you but like just think for a moment.
  7. From the underworld, a harbinger of plate, and blood red cloaks reminisced on the act. Beneath that darkness bemired helm, a sadistic fervor befell that wretched thing. However, what was once a righteous soul soon wallowed at the new-found entropies beguiling his mind.
  8. https://clips.twitch.tv/FlaccidInspiringCodDoubleRainbow-a9L5G0jOqn387lym let me know what you think about the video and maybe you never know
  9. but keep thinking slow, life is defiantly easier that way
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