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  1. what it doo

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      what a doonin in the big munty woolddsssss

  2. While recently taking her trip to norland on her trip around aevos, a bird came down and delivered the missive to her, scowling, the woman ripped it to shreds and tossed it into the flames of the ashen tree " Our nation has gone to shit, let it burn just like its predecessor has before, i will no longer bleed for it thats for sure " Reaching to her shoulder she ripped her patch off of her pauldron, the patch that was supposed to be a symbol of peace in petra, one of honor and stability, yet it was soiled so easily.. Estrid sighed, allowing the candles to burn the patch into ash, afterwards, she pulled her red cloak off of her back, the one gifted to her by philip, one of the best generals to grace the petra guard, with sadness, she threw that to into the flames as well, watching everything she had worked for turn to ash. Stiffening her form, she saluted " Flowing water, let the tyrants of the commonwealth perish. " and with that, the woman watched, she watched as everything she once held dear to her heart burned and fizzled out with the wind, though she did not cry, for she had no more tears to shed for something she had mourned long ago
  3. MC-Name: PinkSkies0 RP-Name: Kleore Wehn'sae Persona-ID: 84870
  4. Hi, pink here, cas just sent me this through dms absolutely screaming about this, therefore, id like to make my own comment about them. Cas is my little sister, ive known her for about nearly five years now, playing together on different servers. Let me just say, she is absolutely an amazing person, despite her being so much younger than me (and being a nerd) I respect them SO much and look up to them, it doesnt matter what situation or issue that arises it is amazing how positive and calm headed she can be when dealing with it. Always looking on the bright side and keeping everyone happy and satisfied. I dont say it enough but ily girly AND IM SO PROUD OF WHAT YOUVE ACOMPLISHED HERE
  5. Better server equipment to make it run smoother, also.. a tiny passive way to earn mina without the need to vote, something more fun and engaging raither than clicking a funny link 100 percent, bird5k is a beautiful person fr
  6. Probably would be babakurri, its an inside joke from an old group i was a part of
  7. Hella based, cant wait to put bugs into their armor sets while they patrol
  8. " Carry the battle to them. Don't let them bring it to you. Put them on the defensive and don't ever apologize for anything, said one wise man, let them not bring it to petra, my sword is theirs if they so need it " Estrid spoke alone in her encampment which was now situated just on the outskirts over looking haesne, shivering and holding close to her small lingering hearth, her daemonsteel soaking up its heat as she roasted a small rabbit above it.
  9. @MisterBlitzkriegsmells like doo doo

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      @MisterBlitzkriegsmells like doo doo doing your mom

  10. Username: PinkSkies0 Persona Name: Estrid Rivers Persona Age: 39 Place of Residence / Street Address:
  11. " I dont belive in GOD but god damn i have never been more proud of someone in my life, Ave, Queen renilde of the Petra, Dont dissapoint us. Though, its a variety that you have before " Estrid began to hand wreaths and garlands within her soon to be evicted home, A celebration of departure, and acension would soon take place within the house of Rivers " That woman was like a mother to me, likely the only parental figure i had as a child, i cant wait to see how far she and her family will go from this point forwards. " Estrid began to sing the song of the great river, petra's national anthem
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