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  1. Festival of Friendship Writing Contest (Ends 2/26) Throughout our days, we experience and grow alongside friends and loved ones. Such encounters are ones that we often wish to keep with us and reflect upon frequently. Thus, we turn to stories and tales to recount exciting battles, haunting journeys, and joyous occasions with friends. The Festival of Friendship is a time where such tales can earn you some coin and more! So grab your quill and fresh parchment, for you only have till the festival’s close to submit your entry! Rules Judging Prizes How to Submit
  2. "There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship." - Thomas Aquinas As the ice and snow from the colder years begin to thaw across the land, the denizens of Atlas begin to awake from their deep hibernation and look to the rising sun on the horizon. Each day presents new challenges and obstacles to face, and often times such things are difficult, if not impossible, to face alone. And thus, we turn to our companions, our comrades, and our friends. Join us in celebrating such bonds between people with the Festival of Friendship! What: When: Where: More to Come:
  3. SquirtGun

    Event Team Update - January

    Greetings, With another month under our belt, another update is needed. I won’t be going into great detail about the event numbers, as Skylez goes into detail about that. (But this was our busiest months yet!) However, I will go over some frequent questions about the Event Team that people often ask! How are Actors/Builders chosen? Is there a quota? How is activity checked? I think a certain area is getting too many events/we're not getting any events! How do I get an event for myself/my group? With that being said, we may be doing a server event for Valentine's Day. So look for that in the coming week or so. But, we'll head into the updates from the Actors and Builders. ~ Squirt Skylez, ET Actor Manager, here. Let’s get right into it, as I’m sure most of you know what I do; interviewing applicants, reviewing logged events, evaluating actors, so forth and so on. Actor Roster: New Additions: Several of our actors this month have left the team for various reasons, along with a few removals, leaving us with 6 actors excluding the newly added. However, this was expected with January, as winter break ends and school begins for most once more. Oncenoeda and Ebonsquire both have decided to resign, which were undoubtedly two of our most experienced and brightest. Both of them have put in a large amount of work into the team, with the Mordskov eventline being Oncenoeda’s magnum opus. We wish these two the best in wherever real life takes them. o7 This Month: Despite the actor exodus in the later days of January we have somehow managed to pull off more events this month than any others, post ET purge. In total there has been 83 logged events, greater than any other month we have had thus far; last month we pulled off 70 events. (Keep in mind there is a few duplicate logs in this number, as for instance two actors may have logged the same event that they both equally worked on.) And the most productive Actor this month… Next Month: Currently the team is recuperating after we lost a good chunk of our actors, several left because of real life commitments, while others had to be removed due to the misuse of PEX. New actors are being trained and are eager to prove themselves to the community. See you around, -Skylez Good Day Folks, Seventh Again, With your Monthly Event Team Builder Update January was a solid month like most, we had 14 builds logged this month with an average of 2.3 per builder. Many of these builds have either been used in events already or are coming to you soon! Roster New Additions And with that I’d also like to congratulate Elrith/Mordu for his massive number of contributions this month! Thanks! ~Seventh
  4. imitation is the sincerest form of flattery I  g u e s s 


  5. SquirtGun

    The Paragons

    This silence will end then the trumpets blare, signaling His arrival. The gates shall open and Judgement shall be cast upon the land. Do you believe you will be worthy?
  6. SquirtGun

    [Denied] [Interviewed][Pending][Actor] Tsuyose

    As I informed Tsuyose when he came to me about applying, I share a similar sentiment. We attempt to have an actor to represent every active playerbase before we double up. In terms of the dominion, there's numerous Actors that have spent much of their time there, and this will be taken into consideration by Skylez during the recruitment at the end of this month.
  7. SquirtGun

    [Feedback/Suggestion] Holy Mages

    I am well aware the Ascended were around longer, back in Aegis and such. Then they were 'brought back' after being gone. And we are holy nazi's. We call Tahariae, Tahitler.
  8. SquirtGun

    [Feedback/Suggestion] Holy Mages

    We've been working on rewrites for our magic and lore. Part of the issue is that the lore is 2.5 years old, a time where 'Dark' creatures were essentialy, well, Dark. There weren't nice skeletons, there weren't groups trying to help save the world through dark means, it was simply cults, murder, death, and killing. Things that made 'normal' (Using normal as those neither aligned to one side) players/characters want to destroy the Dark. In these days, though, there's a lot less Dark beings being this way and more of a slice of life/casually dark. Which leads to the 'normal' players to no longer have to really RP fear or hatred around of them, more often defending them than not. And sadly, because Clerical lore hasn't changed, if we don't purge them without hesitation, people scream at LT that clerics aren't doing their job, trying to get their characters' souls torn in half. (Yea, this is an ongoing and constant issue for over a year.) There's just 'creative differences' between clerical groups, I'll put it at that, that hinder and slow the change of mindset and mission. But at the same time, as you said, we've existed how we are for 2.5 years and the others have gone through rewrites and changed themselves. Maybe its these other groups changing to be more like us, than us being like them? That's a thought that came to my mind while writing this.
  9. SquirtGun

    [Feedback/Suggestion] Holy Mages

    I don't deal with the Ascended to a point to know the limits of Soulfire. Yet, I believe it works more at a 'soul' level than simply being an exterior thing. Beings like Necromancers and Shades are adversely affected by Soulfire due to their soul being tainted. Where Flames of Reckoning would do nothing to these people as the corruption is not at an exterior level. Like I said, this is how I believe Soulfire works and an Ascended can probably better explain the differences, like @Farryn whose played both. However, Nekkoree explained many of the advantages Ascended have that others do not, along with the immortality mentioned by Critsy, their ability to use Voidal magic, their ability to regrow limbs, etc. that have not been mentioned. However, Ascended were brought back in Vailor and have been rewritten since, while Clerical magic and Flames of Reckoning have existed before this and hasn't been altered.
  10. SquirtGun

    [Feedback/Suggestion] Holy Mages

    Clericalism is based on the idea of three stances: Light, Gray, and Dark entities. Light entities are made up of beings that are entirely pure such as Aenguls themselves. Clerical magic would be unable to harm such beings. Gray entities are the descendants that have not been corrupted by darkness. These are the individuals Tahariae has called upon the clerics to protect, guide, and assist. All descendants of the four that have not been corrupted fall into this category and clerics are meant to do their best in leading them to the 'Path of Purity'. Dark entities are those that spread impurity, disease, chaos, rot, darkness, death, etc. These are the entities that clerics are tasked with purging from the land to prevent the spread of further imperfection and to prevent the 'Gray' from turning to this side, and thus spreading more impurities and losing more to the 'Light'. The reason why clerical magic works on the 'Gray' is simply because they are not Light beings. They have traits of both Light and Dark and are able to make that choice themselves. There are also many individuals within the 'Gray' that seek to harm other members of their category, which forces action upon them by Clerics that are tasked with protecting the 'innocent'. Until they somehow ascend into the category of the Light (Which even clerics are not part of and our own spells can hurt clerics), they will always be seen as not being 'pure' enough to be exempt from clerical magic. However, because they are not truly corrupted, clerical magic's holy effect does not apply to them. This means that if an orb of light were to hit a ghoul, they would be hit with the blunt force and upon contact, the ball would scorch the corrupted creature with holy fire. Where as an orb hitting a 'Gray' would simply hit them with blunt force. This can be seen with the spell Flames of Reckoning, our strongest spell. It quickly devours darkness and corruption, feeding off it like oil and flame. However, it does nothing to a 'Gray' at all, limiting our already pre-determined arsenal. Which it is, as clerics are unable to be fluid/creative with their magic in the sense Voidal or Dark magic can be. (Clerics are limited to four offensive spells, one that has no affect upon 'Gray' beings.) Clerical magic hasn't been rewritten in 2.5 Years. Paladinism has and they went more towards being Dragon hunters and more about maintaining Order. Paladins also "borrowed" the idea of 'Keepers', the super strong Paladins that simply repair themselves and are basically a mortal/construct hybrid, from Tahariae. Clerics had them as Itharels long before Paladins did.
  11. SquirtGun

    its not like i care, baka

    I am very much of the mindset that you shouldn't be forced to deal with an antagonist if you choose not to. Everyone should have the ability to partake in it. Everyone should not have to partake in it.
  12. SquirtGun

    [Clericalism] [MA] Lmploded

    Another joins the ranks! Yes, connected and ready.
  13. SquirtGun

    [Clericalism] [MA] atles

    Another joins the ranks! Yes, he is connected and ready to go.
  14. SquirtGun

    [Clericalism] [MA] MrBamPow

    Another joins the ranks! Yes, he's connected.