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  1. Lilyana would get out her weed whacker. "Banished three individuals, and all that was asked for was a genuine apology." She'd mutter as she began to make new mulch.
  2. Nation the tile will be affiliated with: Sutica Number of tiles the nation owns: 8 Tile you're applying for: C4 Tile adjacent to the tile you've applied for: C7 & C8 What will the land be used for?: The southern portion of Ceru has become crowded due to numerous groups seeking refuge on the peaceful isle, and more plan to come within the coming years. More land is needed to host such groups. Allows further defenses from the North and develops borders. Continuation of one of three goals Sutica had when Axios dropped. Excellent Ski Resort material. @Gusano Arentonio Thanium Mining expeditions.
  3. Enjoy the food, Westerlands~

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      np, I'll work on a second dbl chest within a day or so. Just takes 6hrs of straight cooking to do it.

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  4. ((Think I have some. I'll check when I'm home from school.
  5. What prices changed?
  6. Cutest little oreo out there +1
  7. ((If you're trying to say that it is an incorrect recount of what happened, then you are the one that is wrong, Adam. Sutica did not leave the Caliphate because of Lily and Arlens relationship. Arlen didn't even tell Lily he was married before /he/ tried to bed her, not the other way around. And she was the one that said no, not until he left his wife who he had told her was a ghost. There's Skype logs and RP letters Arlen even sent admitting to what he did. So if you're going to try and paint a character bad, that's fine. But when you still think over a year later OOCly you know what happened, when you were busy being banned and Suiciding/UnPking in front of people, there's an issue. And here's a snip of said admittance If you ever want to know what really happened, with the logs to prove it, feel free to ask. But seriously, stop spreading OOC lies. As for 'its not exactly what you said', the post says its the reports of what you said during this talk: ))
  8. What’s the name of the Minecraft account you're applying for?: Chumpchump What's your MAIN Minecraft Account name?: SquirtGun Do you agree to follow the rules on your new account?: Yes Do you understand you cannot have both of these accounts interacting with one another? This will result in a ban if you are caught!: Yes Do you understand that if one account is banned, so will be the other(s)?: Yes How long have you been on LotC?: July 2015 How many accounts do you currently have whitelisted (including main)?: This would be my third total. Note: Chumpchump has left the server, and Minecraft, and left his account to me. It is already whitelisted, but with to inform you of the accounts new owner and will inform you if he ever decides to return.
  9. She lay there in a pool of her own blood. Her head elevated on a lap. A bush of dark hair pressing itself into the crook of neck as it heaved and sobbed, its tears running down her neck. Her blank eyes staring at the body before her. ---------- "Fuckin' degenerate scum!" "Useless *****!" "Perhaps you get your husband here, least his head is big enough to understand us!" She sat still as the men in maroon and gold uniforms battered her with insults and remarks. Their cruel jests and attempts to hurt her washing over her. She sat there, numb to their words, numb to their hate. The shield remained strong. ---------- "You dare try to put a treaty on us?!" "You are a disgrace of a cleric!" "You should be disconnected, you *****!" She stood still as the blonde woman with the metal arm and the druid with black hair and white streaks insulted her. The paper of the treaty, one they requested themselves, flung at her and made to decorate the grass. She stood there, numb to their words, numb to their hate. The shield remained strong. ---------- "You know why she left the Caliphate right?" "She left because Arlen wouldn't leave his wife for her." "So she threw a fit because she couldn't get laid and left. What a *****." She stared at the pond as the report of lies spread by the Kharajyr's sage was told to her. The words and lies made to hurt her from the beast only fell on deaf ears as she stared at the ripples in the pond. She sat there, numb to their words, numb to their hate. The shield remained strong. ---------- "You're afraid to fight against them, aren't you?" "You want to sit here and play pretend, like everything's alright in the world." "I'm not. Not anymore. I'm leaving to fight because you'll be the end of this nation." She stared as he heaved and hollered at her in the park, his things packed and ready to leave. His promises to be there breaking as he walked from her to fight in a war that lead to his death. She stood there, numb to their words, numb to their hate. The shield remained strong. ---------- "We need to expand our lands! Help us!" "War is coming to your lands if you do not solve this issue." "Our people rely on you, you can't turn your back on us now." She stared at the people before her, constantly asking for her to give, but never take. Their smiles and kind words fake and short in comparison to the bile they spewed about her behind her back. She stood there, numb to their words, numb to their hate. The shield remained strong. ---------- "This isn't safe, you can't carry a child...." "You're risking everything, just to make him happy." "You're going to have to watch yourself, self-heal and keep it, and yourself healthy." She stared at the walls of the doctor's office as he reprimanded her about the pregnancy. His worry washed over her, his disgust for her choice seeping into her. She stood there, numb to their words, numb to their hate. The shield remained strong. ---------- "I will sink your city." "I will sit and laugh as nature retakes your homes and destroys your lives." "Just smile and nod and say you're sorry, even if you're not." She stared at their faces, the druids she once protected slowly attacking her and her home. Only wishing for peace, their threats and violence towards her mounting up around her, crushing her from all sides. She stood there, numb to their words, numb to their hate. The shield remained strong. ---------- "Lily....." His body laid out on the table before her. Her hand moved from holding her stomach to her mouth, covering it as her eyes trembled. His fist clutched a letter sent by her earlier that week, one that had gone unanswered. They tried to explain to her what happened. She stared at his face, his scars and wrinkles of age slowly taking him from her. Where he'd bring her stories and flowers from his travels, only now the stillness of death is his gift to her. She stood there, numb to their words, numb to their hate. But then, the shield cracked. ---------- Her grief consumed her. Her rage controlled her. She lost herself to her emotions. Her body gave up its fight. She felt the warmth on her thigh, and as her eyes looked at her fingertips, she spied the crimson ichor that seeped down her leg. She collapsed in her grief... in her rage... in her fleeting hope... Her lips quivered...her words choked in her throat as she tried to pray....tried to connect to heal herself.... But the emotions she bottled up for so long claimed her concentration. She fell backwards as she looked at her husband's body as the last bit of him she could hold onto bled out of her. Her eyes began to become blank as she lost focus of the world, as the little heart beat inside of her became still and left with her husband that night. The shield finally shattered.
  10. I'm all about the in game signs being proper warning, especially as a parent RO. I want my sub regions to be active. If people can't check on their region once a week, they aren't active and the plot is a ghost plot. If I have to send them an ooc message asking about the plot, it creates a sudden artificial show of activity because, most likely, anyone whose about to lose control over their region due to inactivity will simply run over and clear the signs, jump around and say here I am! Then go inactive again. Putting signs down makes it visible to all active members on that plot that the activity is being questioned on the plot and any one of them could go and message the owners that are being evicted about the status, and then the owners can act appropriately. But I agree entirely that when you have players that have been offline for 45 days and you need to put down signs for an additional 7 days, it's kind of crazy. It's obvious to anyone the plot isn't being properly used, so why are gms contributing to ghost plots by not letting us handle them? Also agree having to wait additional days to tax evaders, unless we can consider tax evading an official crime and remove them instantly under that clause.
  11. "No good deed goes unpunished."



  12. Agree with Leo, obv. Settlements that pride themselves on being peaceful and places where players that dislike war, militaristic rp, and pvp gather shouldn't be subjected to such large-scale raids. Turning such places, that actively avoid such things, into warzones by having such large forces attacking them isn't cool. The idea of people not oocly targeting such places is false. We've seen such said before and we have seen it to be otherwise. As others have said, keep raid rules as they are for peaceful settlements but increase the cap between settlements that are at war with each other and those that are openly allying with them. No one should be a 'safe space', but don't force more PvP on those that are actively trying to avoid it.
  13. He built Sutica, and while some people dislike the clean look to it, he has been MM and landscapes to better his work. He obviously has the drive to improve and help. He's willing to learn, and that's better than a one trick pony stuck in their ways. +1