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  1. I'm thinking about doing it again. Stop me. Save me.

    1. EdgyMagey


      you were a legend


      its your time to shine again

    2. SquirtGun
  2. You took a single portion of my post to try and make it work for you as usual, when in actuality you only furthered my point. I clearly state right after that, Let them make friends and groups and decide where they want to go. Do not force brand new players to sit in an empty settlement because 'thats how they're supposed to be'. If a settlement is inactive, a player will not stay in that settlement because 1) No ones around to RP 2) No ones there to teach them (Remember these are brand new players) and 3) They cant get perms because its inactive. Some settlements and groups are also time zone dependent. Don't push new players to deal with inactive settlements when they're on, push them to find the RP and let them engage with others that exist within their time zone. As they learn RP and learn more about the lore, they'll make decisions about where they go. All we should be doing is pushing them to where the RP is currently happening, wherever that is, when they're online to help them learn as new players. This is about ensuring new players find RP and meet people to form connections that make them want to return.
  3. "Shame to hear about the conditions of the cavern." An elfess mutters to herself after hearing such news. She reflects on her memory of Jayce as she turns to her child. "I wonder if things would have been different if I hadn't dug out chunks of that cavern myself or paid my citizens to do it for the 'Ker to have homes because it was Jayce's dream." She sighs and returns to her work.
  4. Just shows how out of touch you really are with new players if you think they understand chat channels easily. One of the first questions they ask are how to even use the various channels of /rp, /looc, ((, /tell, /msg, /ooc, and emotiong. And these issues continue for some time even after explaining such.
  5. The idea is a good one, on paper. Issue is, and this is something I've complained about since my time on your AT, was the amount of commands and information coming at new players. A new player being flooded with JOIN THIS GUILD! COME HERE! BE A GUARD HERE! BUY MY MELONS! is not what they want or need. They have enough issue trying to figure out how to properly set their name let alone deal with people spamming a chat of places to go. A chat that will devolve into slang and abbreviations being used that older players will understands but newer ones will not, adding to more confusion. What new players need are answers to the 5 questions they always ask. The same 5 questions I gave you a year ago that were never addressed.
  6. The AT only ever survived because the few that do care about the server carried the weight of those that were there for the title/using AT as a launching pad to other teams. I saw people that for months prior my arrival, during my time on the team, then up to a year after my removal that did next to nothing, honestly. From lack of applications, managers giving wrong information, the idea of 'projects' that never got done/had an effective impact on the server, the AT has always just been nothing more than a group of people that go down a checklist on an application and type a whitelist command. And even then some couldn't do that, I remember the applications that had references to rape in it and a direct copy of the Ugly Betty script and LotR movie pasted into an application that got accepted. I hope the nepotism that shielded such individuals is gone and the stealing of other's work by managers is gone as well. Because at the very basics of it, your job is more about simply accepting an application or making a Discord server(Sorry Rella, love you). You need to engage with that new player the moment they come on the server or you're losing them. That first impression, those first few moments are crucial to a new player, just like how it is for an IRL business. That first meal at a restaurant, that decides if they're coming back or not. I was vocal about having TP for AT, but limit it to players with the [N] tag. Or have a simple plugin addition of /newlist that showed new players on the server, so AT's can message them frequently to see if they had any issues or questions. You don't need Vanish or anything fancy. Just get to that new player quickly, engage in RP, and take them to where RP is currently at. Don't worry about racial capitals and how they have to be somewhere. Just get them involved with other players and let RP take its course into finding out where they belong on the server. No new player is going to sit in an empty Kha town or behind locked High Elf gates if there aren't players there. Let them go to towns/cities of active players, make friends, make a group, and figure out their path on their own. As recently as 4 months ago I had an alt-account on the server with the[N] tag by my name for 3 weeks. Not once did an AT member ever approach me, but there were some damn good players that saw that tag and helped me. And there were others that abused it. The ones that helped that [N] player, is what you want on the AT. Not someone that can do the most apps but has 0 connection to the player afterwards. Not someone that says they're doing a project to stay as a manager, but never actually do it. Not someone that ignores the advice and ideas of people actually dealing with the new players. And not people that are simply on the team because they're your friends. Save me @EdgyMagey
  7. r00d
  8. Many of the "settlements" on Ceru that you've pointed out are landmarks, not settlements. If they are settlements, I've taken back the space and removed people from the regions, forcing them to centralize. Maybe 3 of those places are actual settlements. But that's what happen when you use a map that's months old
  9. As Zip said, each deity has its own mission. A quick look would give the general idea that they all fight the same things. But a closer look would see its for different reasons, and those reasons clash. The whole 'hold hands and work together' is good for only a little while, then there's a snowball fight.
  10. Username: SquirtGunGroup: Clerics Explain why you're fit to be the lore representative: I've played a cleric consistently(Only character) for the past 18 Months, non-stop. I've been through hell and back with the magic. I've made numerous events and posts to try and bring aspects of the lore that have been abandoned back into the limelight. I work alongside two of the oldest clerics actively playing. I've worked with other LT members(ex and current) about reworks, rewrites, discussing lore inconsistencies, and the effects the magic has on various beings. I believe I have enough of an understanding of Clerical lore to fill such a position.
  11. I stated facts. That is all.
  12. They were denied land, so they bunked up with Sutica. Then one person didn't want to play a halfling properly and work with the pre-existing village and created their own halfling village on Tahn. Then one person felt like they should have a third halfling village on Asul by a river. At one point, there were 3 halfling villages with people living in it. Then they decided to go under Lorraine to make the fourth village.
  13. They've had four villages this map alone.
  14. There entirely is a purpose. To get blocks without needing to purchase LC. LC already costs me more money than the block would cost through normal means. It isn't even a high skill level of stonemason to make, your simply making it more difficult for the safe of being difficult. If I needed a handful of blocks, I wouldn't be purchasing LC. I'm paying 3x the amount needed for the blocks based on CT prices to have the ability to put them down quickly and efficently, not wait 8 Hours for the blocks to cook. Stonemason already has its purpose. It makes some of the best swords, its needed for iceboxes and other tinkering items, its needed for diamond armor, its needed for enchanting tables, and its needed for pvp forts. If you're trying to make money as a stonemason by selling building blocks, you're doing it wrong and trying to force a profession to act a certain way by blacklisting in LC isn't the way to do it. 501 and I have spoken about ways to fix Stonemason. The whole point behind LC is to build structures quickly and efficiently, paying more minas than really is required if you went through normal means to obtain it.