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  1. Festival of Friendship Writing Contest (Ends 2/26) Throughout our days, we experience and grow alongside friends and loved ones. Such encounters are ones that we often wish to keep with us and reflect upon frequently. Thus, we turn to stories and tales to recount exciting battles, haunting journeys, and joyous occasions with friends. The Festival of Friendship is a time where such tales can earn you some coin and more! So grab your quill and fresh parchment, for you only have till the festival’s close to submit your entry! Rules Judging Prizes How to Submit
  2. SquirtGun

    Festival of Friendship (2/16-2/24)

    "There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship." - Thomas Aquinas As the ice and snow from the colder years begin to thaw across the land, the denizens of Atlas begin to awake from their deep hibernation and look to the rising sun on the horizon. Each day presents new challenges and obstacles to face, and often times such things are difficult, if not impossible, to face alone. And thus, we turn to our companions, our comrades, and our friends. Join us in celebrating such bonds between people with the Festival of Friendship! What: When: Where: More to Come:
  3. SquirtGun

    Event Team Update - January

    Greetings, With another month under our belt, another update is needed. I won’t be going into great detail about the event numbers, as Skylez goes into detail about that. (But this was our busiest months yet!) However, I will go over some frequent questions about the Event Team that people often ask! How are Actors/Builders chosen? Is there a quota? How is activity checked? I think a certain area is getting too many events/we're not getting any events! How do I get an event for myself/my group? With that being said, we may be doing a server event for Valentine's Day. So look for that in the coming week or so. But, we'll head into the updates from the Actors and Builders. ~ Squirt Skylez, ET Actor Manager, here. Let’s get right into it, as I’m sure most of you know what I do; interviewing applicants, reviewing logged events, evaluating actors, so forth and so on. Actor Roster: New Additions: Several of our actors this month have left the team for various reasons, along with a few removals, leaving us with 6 actors excluding the newly added. However, this was expected with January, as winter break ends and school begins for most once more. Oncenoeda and Ebonsquire both have decided to resign, which were undoubtedly two of our most experienced and brightest. Both of them have put in a large amount of work into the team, with the Mordskov eventline being Oncenoeda’s magnum opus. We wish these two the best in wherever real life takes them. o7 This Month: Despite the actor exodus in the later days of January we have somehow managed to pull off more events this month than any others, post ET purge. In total there has been 83 logged events, greater than any other month we have had thus far; last month we pulled off 70 events. (Keep in mind there is a few duplicate logs in this number, as for instance two actors may have logged the same event that they both equally worked on.) And the most productive Actor this month… Next Month: Currently the team is recuperating after we lost a good chunk of our actors, several left because of real life commitments, while others had to be removed due to the misuse of PEX. New actors are being trained and are eager to prove themselves to the community. See you around, -Skylez Good Day Folks, Seventh Again, With your Monthly Event Team Builder Update January was a solid month like most, we had 14 builds logged this month with an average of 2.3 per builder. Many of these builds have either been used in events already or are coming to you soon! Roster New Additions And with that I’d also like to congratulate Elrith/Mordu for his massive number of contributions this month! Thanks! ~Seventh
  4. imitation is the sincerest form of flattery I  g u e s s 


  5. SquirtGun

    The Paragons

    This silence will end then the trumpets blare, signaling His arrival. The gates shall open and Judgement shall be cast upon the land. Do you believe you will be worthy?
  6. SquirtGun

    [Denied] [Interviewed][Pending][Actor] Tsuyose

    As I informed Tsuyose when he came to me about applying, I share a similar sentiment. We attempt to have an actor to represent every active playerbase before we double up. In terms of the dominion, there's numerous Actors that have spent much of their time there, and this will be taken into consideration by Skylez during the recruitment at the end of this month.
  7. SquirtGun

    ET Update Log - December

    Greetings and Happy New Year, As with all update posts, this post will include information regarding the Event Team's work during December and their plans looking forward. End of Axios Transition Isle Krugsmas New Year, New Plans And with that I'll let Skylez1, Actor Manager, and Seventhcircle, Builder Manager, share with you their take on this past month. One final thing though.... ~Squirt Actor Roster New Additions With these additions Actor recruitment will be put on hold as we have a great number as is, 17. Joel (ScreamingDingo) has decided to resign, leaving on a good note; I would like to thank him for the great amount of work he has put into the team and we wish him the best. This Month: Next Month: Looking towards January the team is currently preparing eventlines for this new map whilst also performing several other smaller events, not much to show, yet! See you around, -Skylez New Builders Departing Builders We want to welcome our new team members and give a fond farewell to those that are leaving us due to a busy real world beckoning them. They leave on good terms and we look forward to them returning to us in the future. The Numbers Hope you guys had happy holidays and look forward to you enjoying our coming builds! - Seventh
  8. SquirtGun

    [Accepted] [Interviewed][Pending][Builder] atles

    Application placed on pending, you will be contacted shortly.
  9. SquirtGun

    Afflicted - The Second Coming

    Were there any major changes to the old lore? I'm a bit pressed for time and a change log would be an easy read for those accustomed to the old lore. :)
  10. SquirtGun

    [Accepted] [Interviewed][Pending][Actor] Xarkly

    You were a good GM from the experiences I had with you. You answered my questions in a timely manner and listened, rather than hear, to what I had to say. I never had the chance of participating in one of your events, but I did see a sign for one of your events. A concern I have is you state one of your weaknesses is your tendency to becoming lethargic when you don't take a break, yet you're also going for GM. But, it's a concern that can be disproven just as much as proven. From past experiences and what I've heard, I'll give you a +1. Good luck during the application process with Skylez.
  11. SquirtGun

    [Accepted] [Pending][Builder] Bathrugman

    Always liked your builds. +1
  12. Goodbye my little man, my little prince.



    1. Space


      awww looks happy though

    2. Dromui


      That's always a really rough time. I hope you're already and you look back on all your memories shared with him fondly :)

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      hope you're doing okay man

  13. SquirtGun

    [Your View] Freebuild

    I believe you should refocus on the topic as you're going off on a tangent that serves the topic no purpose. Indeed, that and CT was developed this time around to support roleplay. Unlike vailor CT which was not developed for such but it became such. We welcomed CT roleplay this time around, which is something I disagree with.
  14. SquirtGun

    [Your View] Freebuild

    Yet my opinion is still that free build on this scale is not a benefit to the server. Something smaller and managed properly could be. Issue is, LotC is not known for meeting in the middle and often goes from one extreme to the next. Which is why there's over 20+ people currently RPing at Spawn and not in the world.