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  1. 16 Days left


    You'd think at this point it'd get easier.



  2. It's basically whenever a GM remembers/gets a chance to check. And your right, it's not 100% accurate. I've got screenshots of 10+ people running around for hours in my settlement and areas just this past week doing evictions and cleaning and participating in events and the such. All it does is check at that precise moment when a GM checks. So if you have 50 people in your city for 12 hours than everyone goes to bed and a GM decides to do a check a minute later, you get a 0. They do try to do it at different times of the day, but I've seen pretty big gaps and checks at weird times, like 4am EST
  3. 17 Days left


    Why does this song fit so well? I got the good version. 



  4. 18 Days left



  5. 19 Days left


    Legal is open today! Go do legal things!

  6. 21 Days left


    Walking in the rain for that phone call was worth it. 

  7. 23 Days left


    How did I go from planning in-game parties, to planning little kid parties for coworkers?

  8. 24 Days left


    My hand hurts from writing letters, can you just get home already so I can punch you? Jeez.

  9. Will do an RP post about the event tomorrow and continue it then!

  10. 25 Days left


    I'm absent for one day and you people tarnish my streak! *shakes fist* 

    1. Arkelos


      This has been super awesome, one day off isn't going to tarnish the fact that you and Vindicant are pretty close. Keep on keeping on. :D

  11. 27 Days left


    My arm is so bruised from the IVs, hospital staff would be gentler I thought :(

  12. 29 Days left


    You made me walk in the rain for a voice mail. 

  13. 30 Days left


    Hospital sucks, glad you called though. Laughing hurt.

  14. 33 Days left


    Funny how this started with you in the hospital. And now I'm in the hospital. Now I see why you called me for hours straight to talk, very boring. I'm kind of missing watching Twilight together, I know, it's /that/ serious!

  15. I've been on the receiving end of this, where someone lied to another Cleric that I used holy magic against an innocent person 6 IRL months prior. They didn't even ask for my side of the story, didn't listen to anything I tried to say, and attempted to disconnect me when I hadn't even known the spell they were accusing me of using against the individual OR when I was being accused. But apparently thats OKAY to do. Yet, the accusing cleric killed my unborn child (The most innocent of all innocents) by trying to do this, by putting stress and anger on an expectant woman, and got away with it. Clericalism is a mess. As for why I feel holy magic should affect mortals, besides being the tool to fight dark mages, is that mortals aren't totally pure. They're classified as Grey, having both light and dark within them, the ability to become something impure as they're not pure. Its why our magics physical and blunt aspects will work on them, but not the burning affect. Chains would hold them in place, but not burn. Orbs would be hitting them with blunt damage, but no holy light damage, etc. Sorry to say, but even LT says we're not the strongest. Not even the second. Flam can confirm.