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  1. imitation is the sincerest form of flattery I  g u e s s 


  2. This silence will end then the trumpets blare, signaling His arrival. The gates shall open and Judgement shall be cast upon the land. Do you believe you will be worthy?
  3. Were there any major changes to the old lore? I'm a bit pressed for time and a change log would be an easy read for those accustomed to the old lore. :)
  4. Goodbye my little man, my little prince.



    1. Space


      awww looks happy though

    2. Dromui


      That's always a really rough time. I hope you're already and you look back on all your memories shared with him fondly :)

    3. rotund_man




      hope you're doing okay man

  5. hey did you ever meet k0llu irl

    1. SquirtGun
    2. Amordrin


      that’s awesome congrats. was gonna ask on discord but we aren’t in a server together sorry

  6. haha brilliant leadership why not just remove everyone from event team! 

    1. rotund_man


      Seriously, what is this? Why do you expect anything positive to come out of it? 

    2. Skylez1



    3. Jentos



      event team extermination camp.

      est 2017

  7. Our favorite ET Director <3

  8. My prayers are with Texas. Hope all the Texan players are safe

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Harrison


      Shooting on a church. 27 dead so far, I think.

    3. PetrusRomanus


      Ah rest in piece



    4. soul_master85


      lulu and I are ok

  9. 4x EXP and Such on ARK currently

    1. Balorien


      WHAT??? I'm coming!

    2. SquirtGun


      Up to 5X, aable to go up to 8x depending on how much the charity gets in donations

  10. Warclaims will be decided via Put Put Golf

    1. _Jandy_


      You tryna catch hands on Wii Sports golf??

  11. "Do you see her hair?"

    "Wow, that's....that's...."

    "We call that 'brave' up here."

    "Brave indeed."

  12. Dunno what you're trying to imply. We haven't used wards for months, nor did we ever simply negate magic.
  13. Not interested in most of these types of wards as a cleric, leader of clerics, or nation leader. Quarantine is better off to just send a bird to an elder cleric and getting it cleaned up. The amount of reagents, time, and practice that a cleric would need to go through to set up such a ward to contain it is a bit asinine. By the time a cleric reaches tier 3 to be able to make a quarantine ward, they should be versed in purging such corruption as it's one of the easier and earlier things you teach, being down the healing path. If a cleric simply can't purge the land mass themselves, I doubt they could make a ward large enough to encompass it in the first place. Revelation doesn't solve the issue that basically alerts the spooks that there's a spook nearby. It's basically the old ward where they'd get burned but instead of trying to hide it with a grunt, now they have no ability to prevent it. In this case, it'd just be better to be a wall before them that they couldn't cross. Disarm. It's the same damn thing as Devirad. The same damn thing with Fi' mages. It isn't fun to entirely counter or negate someone's magic. It's not fun or enjoyable for us when in Devirad, it's not fun or enjoyable for them. And if you can only create a single ward, your not going to limit it to a random jail cell, or take the time and energy to create such a ward while your prisoner is standing there twiddling thumbs waiting for you. Crystals are obnoxious and pointless if you have it that close to the ward. What's the point of setting up a powerful ward when anyone can dismantle it by destroying the crystal thats right in front of you. Wards were meant to be true barriers against the corrupted; shields to hold off attacks and protect towns while reinforcements gathered. They're not that anymore, and it may be good that they never become like that again. But this, this is complicated and (like Divine Wardenism) while it looks good on paper, has little to no practical use in RP outside of Revelation. Which causes the same issues we previously had.
  14. 1 Day Left


    To think......we're this close. Waiting.



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