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  1. Your boat can only be flagged for one adventure, either War or Peace. You, yourself, can partake in both War, by going to the PvP portion of the Isle, and Peace, by heading to a safe boat. Teegah says he can have status' set up different colors. He'll be working on it in the coming days.
  2. Ahoy! As many, if not all, are aware, we'll be spending some time upon the open seas before landing on the shores of Atlas. As there will be many players centralized, each having their own specific preference, we've created numerous activities for you to partake in. Please be aware: You may now put chests upon your ships and fill them with equipment and supplies for the long journey! (Use /lock, /unlock, and /cmodify in the boat regions) -Weapons are allowed. -Armor is allowed. -Food is allowed. ** Bring anything you want for the trip, but know that it must be in a chest as player inventories will be wiped. ** ** Chests,E-Chests, and Player inventories will both be wiped before landing onto Atlas. Only your Vault will survive. ** Check the spoilers below for group-specific information: The Swashbucklers (PvP) The Tourists (RP) The Explorers (Island RP) tl;dr Put equipment and food in chests upon your boats. Basic /lock commands have been made available to the boats region. If your boat isn't in the region, have a GM make a region and allow it. Player inventories will be wiped, if its not in a chest it isn't going over. Before going to Atlas, everything is wiped. Mark above your boats with Red Wool if you want to fight and Blue Wool if you want peace.
  3. Setting Sail (6.0 Transition Information)

    From what I was told: We will be on boats for roughly 2 days, the 14th to 16th. ET has established a deserted island we will be able to use to "stretch our legs" and walk around. ET will be doing events during the time, on both the ships and island. If you can't make it onto a boat in time, then just say you tagged along/were sleeping in cargo/got tangled in the ropes of a mast/etc. I don't think anyone will judge you for not being on a boat amidst an evacuation. Just be lost in the masses til we land.
  4. Setting Sail (6.0 Transition Information)

    Update: LC has been approved for boat builds
  5. As the isles of Axios are befallen with disasters, natural and magical alike, words of hope are sent out from the Cloud Temple. As our land writhes in agony and life becomes further hampered each day, we have worked alongside adventurers to find a path to salvation. With strong bodies and sharp minds, the denizens of Axios have assisted we, the monks of Cloud Temple, in charting a new path to a distant land. If our translations of these ancient words are correct, this land promises to be a paradise in comparison to our current situation. Thus, we urge you to begin to make plans to sail and construct vessels to ensure you can make the long journey safely. Else, we shall be stuck upon these lands and become victim to the atrocities and forces at work here. So be swift , the seas grow rough and we must set sail in four stones days else we may not be able to escape! ~The Elder Monks of Cloud Temple OOC Information Below
  6. Should Guilds stick primarily with cities?

    I'm all for centralizing RP. It's why we build on islands, it forces centralization through geography. Guilds and Nations work to benefit each other. Guilds get more attention and activity to recruit people to their cause, while nations get activity and a seemingly larger player base. Win win for everyone involved. Granted, there are some instances that a guild or group wouldn't fit in, but I believe they are more so the minority than the majority. Just be smart about it, look for a decent leader, look at the line of succession. If it seems safe, consider moving in. If not, look elsewhere. Don't want to get kicked out? Don't do dumb stuff to warrant it and you'll generally be good. Any leader that kicks out a player base for no reason is, generally, only hurting themselves and their nation.
  7. Whispers of Warning

    As smoke billows from the shattered ceiling of the palace, citizens begin to share the news among themselves ----- Some had heard the guards whisper of the increased attacks by the creatures of dark. Some had heard the clerics whispering of the increased strain upon the Light to protect the city. Some had heard the druids whispering of the instability in the balance of Ceru. ----- No matter the source, the story the same. Things were becoming dire, each day worse than the past. However, they stood with each other and looked to the billowing storm clouds upon the horizon, waiting for what was to come.
  8. Greetings, With the beginning of a new month comes the onslaught of staff team update posts. There’s lots of information to discuss, so we’ll jump right into it. ET Purge & Activity Proactive vs Reactive Activity Checks Transition Event 6.0 and Krugsmas Recruitment And with that, let me pass this update to my managers who will go into greater detail about their specific teams. ~Squirt ----------------------------------- ET Actor Manager here! My job roughly entails selecting and training new Actors, conducting check ins on the 15th and 30th of each month, reviewing logged events as well evaluating members, I could go on and on, yet I’ll keep this short. Actor Roster This Month: Beginning our count on the 12th of November (right after the ET purge) there has been 60 events logged. I’m very proud of the Actors for such a high number despite the hiccup we experienced in the beginning of the month. Rough Statistics: 70% of events logged this month were performed on Tahn. 19% of the events logged where hosted on Ceru. Lastly, 11% of the events logged were on Asul. Gold Star Award And the most active actor award goes to...... Prominent Event Lines: Mordskov - Tahn War for Ceru - Ceru The Tomb of Vaz'Karell - Tahn The Memory of Atlas - Tahn Currently Actors are working to wrap up active event lines so as to ensure ends are tied and we all go into Atlas with a clean slate. Next Month: Looking forward to December we the team is preparing the events that will lead up to Atlas, more on that coming very soon. Our goal is to integrate bits and pieces of the proverbial keys to 6.0 in concurrent event lines, rather than spring up something entirely new and foreign to the community. We are looking for new members for the ET, so get your applications in soon if you would like a chance to be a part of the team! See you around, -Skylez ----------------------------------- Greetings from the ET Builders! Over the past half a month or so, since major changes took place, we've made some amazing builds. This includes both event builds and 6.0. But before we get into admiring some of the builds, let's get the introductions over with. Let's welcome... Builder Roster Now, with the introductions of our current Build Team out of the way, I'd like to showcase some our work! Tomb of Vaz'karell Created by: drfate786, Starfelt, and Asimulum The team was able to complete six builds this month. While that seems like a small number, this wasn't a full month and Thansgiving for Americans occupied some time. However, all six builds were rather large builds. Plus, many of the builders are currently focusing on 6.0 to ensure it's timely, and stunning, release! Gold Star Reward Finally, a shout out to the best performing builder this month: Recruitment With Atlas nearing and Krugsmas following close being, we're always looking for builders! If you're interested, put an application up! That's all for now! -Seventh
  9. [Accepted] [Actor] ClergyManDan

  10. A Cowboy Rides Away

    We only talked like twice, however both times was simple and nice. Wish you the best.
  11. Application placed on pending, you will be contacted shortly.