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  1. "Another, reborn in His Light." Connected and Ready to Go
  2. Attempting to use land that your persona had no connection to other than the OOC connection you had to it via your account is OOC metagaming/scheming. Thus, it was mentioned. As I stated, your ban was due to your general attitude and behavior during all of this. It was extremely immature and I even asked you to be mature about it. And you only called me a ***** in response, alongside everything else you spewed in your 'private' chat of over twenty people. For the record, I didn't even ask for you to be banned. I asked for the GMs to handle it but said all I wanted out of it was the OOC harassment from your group to end, harassment that has lasted for nearly a year now, off an on. Your group targets me for 'ruining Salvus'. I was on the server for TWO WEEKS when Combustionary and his group war claimed Salvus. Since those days, your group has targeted me through various mediums. Sometimes directly on the server, sometimes badmouthing me to people in the Dwarf TS where friends record whats being said and send it to me, sometimes in large skype chats. And I brush it off and continue on, living on my own island and doing what I can to make the server enjoyable for a group of players that enjoy playing with me. But when someone sends me a skype chat of You and your group talking about my personal life and saying truly disgusting things about me, when you bring back characters that should RPly be long gone/create characters that have no connection to myself, my player base, or my nation at all but want to kill us (Like the many times Oren had to deal with players making characters that were OOCly designed to hate them without any RP to push them to feel that way), when you attempt to land grab land that doesn't belong to your persona to use as a rebel base, and then your group tries spreading lies about my OOC life and OOC relationships to other groups to garner support from them, enough is enough. Are you personally guilty for all of this? No. And I never said you were. In fact, in the skype message you provided in your appeal you cut off the part where I said I don't want to have to block someone I saw as a friend over Minecraft Roleplay, and I asked you to stop and be mature. But you responded that we aren't friends, apparently. But you were the one that began instigating the disgusting remarks. You were the one that spammed me on skype after I asked you four times to stop. You were the one that told the chat that you had land to use as your base. You were the one that messaged me after the attack that night to try and upset me oocly. You acted immature. And your denial and attempts to still lie about your true intentions, even when there's logs of you and your group saying otherwise, shows that you're still immature and don't understand what you did wrong. You haven't even offered an apology. Regardless, this will be my last post on this appeal. While you have yet to offer me an apology, I will say that I am sorry you received the brunt of the punishment towards this group, but your immature behavior during it marked you for it.
  3. It was not, and the Admins have the screen shots of the chat. And you were suppose to be. Yet your first chat you and your group made plans to use it for your rebel base. You didn't really work anything out with me. I brought Helix into my teamspeak, the one you and your group were plotting all this stuff in as well ironically, and he took it from you after we made it clear you shouldn't have it for your rebels. We then gave you the opportunity to clean out your chests and take your materials and items.
  4. To clarify things: I do not know what was said to you during your conversation with Ever or what they said to you. All I do know is that your punishment was for your overall behavior during this and it was meant to act as a warning to your group to 'cut the shitty attitudes and harassment or face similar punishment'. The admins and numerous GMs, both pre and post purge, reviewed the material that was sent to them and they came to a consensus based on evidence about yourself and your group. You do have access to the logs, as a member of your group sent them to me after they were disgusted with the things your group were planning and saying about people, not just myself, in them. They were planning to go to the GM team, regardless of what I did. This was not a 'private' Skype chat where one may have vented to a few friends. The first chat was over twenty people large. The second chat, where information and 'jokes' you made in the first chat, was over forty people large and members from your group continued to spread such information and 'jokes'. This was also reported to me, but by multiple people. You fail to mention how you attempted to use land that was given to one persona of yours, for an entirely different purpose, for your rebel character which I had to get Brokenhelix to take from you for breaking rules. As for your statement that you 'respect' me, you obviously do not know what respect means. As someone that respects another would have acted with more maturity when I asked you four times to stop spamming me and calling me a ***** out of no where. They wouldn't have said the things you did in that chat. They wouldn't have sent a message to me after your attempt at killing Mylas, simply trying to anger and upset me. And they wouldn't be the 'leader' of a group of people that blames a player that was on the server for two weeks before a warclaim was put against Salvus as the reason Salvus fell nor would they go to other groups of players and lie to them to garner their OOC and PvP support with false stories and accusations of OOC personal issues and relationships. Posted with permission from Tom.
  5. Declaration of Courlandian-Sutican Friendship The Kingdom of Courland and the State of Sutica, on the ,25th of the Snow's Maiden,1599, henceforth declare their friendship to each other by the following resolutions; First Resolution The Kingdom of Courland and the State of Sutica resolve to declare their friendship, a channel of communication between the two polities allowed for by the appointment of ambassadors to either people. Second Resolution The Kingdom of Courland and the State of Sutica resolve to cooperate on matters where prudent; the apprehension and prosecution of outlaws and criminals, the recognition of one another as sovereign states, and the allowance of the pursuance of debts and debtors. Third Resolution The Kingdom of courland and the State of Sutica resolve to allow the unhindered and unmolested free flow of trade between either polities borders, the merchants, contracts, and goods therein exchanged being respected and protected as sovereign property of the other. 25th of Snow's Maiden, 1599 Signed, HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, Tobias Staunton, King of Courland, Duke of Eastbourne, Courland, Eruthos, the Heartlands, Frederica, Cascadia, Count of Aleksandria, Westmark, Beauclair, Sundholt, Wett and Eastmark, Lord of Mt. St. Tobias, Baron of Vsenk, the Rightful Protector of the Heartlanders. Lilyana La Terre Amant Carrington, Trade Princess of the State of Sutica
  6. “Very well.” She states as she looks towards the waters below with her golden eyes, stepping softly down the hill, her staff pressing upon the loose rocks and soil with each movement. “We will begin the ritual.” The odd party of clerics, guards, citizens, druids, holy militants, even the pontiff himself, followed behind her as she descended towards the hot springs. Slowly, the group dismounted their rides and began to spread about the spring. A nearby geyser rumbled, growing in volume slowly, before the powerful jets of water and steam broke the surface and forced itself into the air. The sun’s light shined brilliantly, reflecting a beautiful rainbow that hung in the air above them for only a few moments before disappearing. A slight gesture of her hand towards the edge of the round spring signaled Gray, Daveed, and Erwin to move around the water, taking their positions opposite one another. Each took a single knee and moved a small satchel from their person. With careful hands, each of the three removed a single candle, its color varying between white, silver, and blue, and set it at the water’s edge. With head bent over, they procured a small flint and steel from the satchel and spoke a prayer in a hushed tone. As their lips closed following the final word, their lights moved towards the candles wick and ignited them, allowing for a respected color to shine forth. “You’re going to want to partially disrobe.” She stated as she stepped towards the water’s edge, removing a golden candle from her own satchel. “Your armor, shirt, and shoes, else you want them soaked through.” “Don’t get too excited now, Daeren.” He jested towards one of the holy militants as he began to undo the clasps and bandings that held his armor in place. Additional jests and humorous comments were made in response, but her seriousness did not fade. “This is not a time for jokes.” She responded to his humor as she knelt down to the water’s edge. “Ah, right.” He said, correcting himself. The smirk on his face slowly fading and, following a nod, became serious once more. She moves the flint and steel towards the wick, creating the small flame in her hand. “May this day be a testament to Thy Glory.” Her whispers echo outwards across the waters towards the other candles and clerics as her candle’s wick erupts into golden lights. With her words, the hymn was completed. At first what was a simple breeze soon grew in power and strength, the gusts of wind rustling over the onlookers. Coats and hoods were pulled down tight over exposed flesh in an attempt to protect themselves from the sudden chill that now ran up many spines. A dull hum began to resonate from the candles as the clerics remained knelt before them, their heads bowed in respect to the power that was growing before them. The wind’s gust continued to grow, rushing over the bystanders, yet the candle’s lights remain unaffected. The dull hum slowly grew in volume, competing against the howling of the gales around it, until finally a flash of brilliant light exploded from the central point of space between the candles. With this, the howling gales ceased, now replaced with a comforting and ever present warm and gentle breeze. Where the loud humming once filled their ears, silence, calmness, and peace- as if they were safe in the eye of a terrifying storm. She stood slowly, her white dress sliding over the loose stones that decorated the edge of the spring. Her slender hands reached for her staff, the chimes decorating its top resonating with a harmonious tune as she moved the object over the blue waters. Her lids closed as she inhaled slowly, her small frame rising with her breath then falling as she exhaled slowly, lowering the butt of the staff in tempo of her breath. As the staff touched the blue waters of the spring light began to shine from it. The purifying light, channeling through the staff, began to rid the water of its serene blue coloration and replaced it with crystal clearness. The further the staff sank, the further the light’s effect spread, reaching out to all edges of the spring until finally, the spring’s waters were crystal clear. At the water’s surface, small ethereal wisps of blue, white, silver, and golden lights would rise from it, signaling the sanctified space that had been created. “The Hymn is complete and the ritual prepared.” She’d state as she looked towards Karyssmov and gave him a nod. “Enter the spring when ready.” He took a deep breath, following it with a huff as he placed his bare foot into the water. Warmth. Soothing warmth. The crystal waters rippled outward from his legs as his body began to enter, displacing the waters and briefly interrupting the placidity of the spring. He paused and looked towards her after the waters reached his waist. Her hands moved upwards, removing the staff from the loose rocks that made up the springs bed, and she stepped forward into the shallows of the spring. Bystanders began to murmur amongst themselves, as her steps were slow and careful. Due to the water’s clarity and the dancing ethereal lights, they questioned if she were actually walking atop the water. “Karyssmov.” She’d begin as she turned to face him, looking down upon him from her elevated point. “You stand here today as a testament to your wish to walk upon the path of purity as one of Lord Tahariae’s followers.” He would remain stoic and silent as he met her golden gaze. “You proved your dedication to the faith.” She began to explain. “You researched the faith and reflected on. You have partaken in countless prayers and ceremonies throughout these years. You have spread the ideals to others, while utilizing them and abiding by His teachings and words in your daily life.” “You proved your ability to put aside your personal issues and focus on the true mission. This was one of the hardest trials for you, your loyalty and heart divided between many. However, you have grown with your studies and beliefs, becoming an individual with a single mind and have found the path before you, the path that leads you to the Light.” “You proved that you are capable of protecting the denizens of this realm from the horrors of darkness and, at times, themselves. You have assisted your brothers in arms and in faith, ensuring they never felt alone or helpless. You have been a light in the dark for many, some you many never come to realize.” A slight smirk would spread across his face as he is commended. But, as his cheeks redden, he remains silent, giving a slight nod in return. “Finally, you proved that you are able to conquer the darkness in your mind. Not all darkness in this realm is physical, some lingers in the hearts and minds of men. Great destruction and tragedies have been born in such dark places. You braved the endless depths of your mind, you searched yourself for the truth in the Light, and you conquered the fears and shadows that haunted you.” She’d breathe in deeply before starting once more. “Your trials and tribulations these past years have led you to this moment, the final trial, where your soul will be brought in front of Him for judgement. Should it pass, you will join our ranks.” He’d nod slowly. “I believe I am ready.” “Then we will prepare you to face His judgement now.” She turns and nods to the other clerics looking upon the ceremony. Slowly they rose up and extended their hands towards the purified waters, causing their respected lights to seep into the water. As the water shined brighter, her hand motioned downwards. “Submerge yourself to your shoulders.” As he lowered himself into the shining waters, the Light slowly seeped into him. His aches and pains he had gathered throughout his labors and battles began to fade away, leaving behind a warmth and rejuvenated feeling. His recent scars began to soften and fade, returning to the unblemished state. He gave a deep sigh, feeling the pains of his life drifting away into the waters. “We are His soldiers, His hand against the darkness. He demands that our bodies remain strong and resilient to do battle with the shadows. May this gift do you well in your future confrontations with the darkness and allow you to pass His judgement.” She lifted her staff slowly over his head and pressed the base of it upon his forehead. “You have conquered the fears and doubts in your mind, leaving it in a pure and honest state. Allow the Light to seep into your mind and wash away the remaining shadows that linger there and all you to think clearly about the next step in the beginning of your new life.” With slight pressure, she pressed her staff upon his forehead, moving his head to fall backwards into the water. As his head began to submerge, he took a deep breath. He felt weightless in the water as he looked up at the blue sky and sun bearing down on him. The silence of the water was reassuring, listening to his heartbeat slowly as the seconds went by. His mind however, began to feel more open with each passing moment in the shining waters. As the light seeped in, the waters washed away his self doubt, his fears, his worries. All that weighed him down and prevented him from thinking clearly about what he wanted in life, was gone for this moment, and for -perhaps- the first time in his life, he could see his true path ahead of him. He hadn’t noticed when the staff’s pressure had left his head, perhaps it never was truly there as he laid in the waters. Yet he remained there, enjoying the feeling until he felt the breath in his lungs begin to burn. Even then, he pushed a bit further more before surfacing to the world above. “We have done all that we can, Karyssmov, to prepare you for the trial ahead.” She’d say after his breathing had become settled. “The next step is yours to take.” His hand ran over his face, wiping the water from it as he looked upon, awaiting the next direction. “Do you, Karyssmov, swear to devote yourself to Tahariae and He alone in both duty and in service till the end of your days?” “I do.” “Do you, Karyssmov, swear to take up the mission of bringing purity into the realm, through healing the wounds of the descendants and the purging of the darkness that taints the lands?” “I do.” “Do you, Karyssmov, swear to follow the Tenets and the Utterings?” “I do.” “Do you, Karyssmov, swear to accept the risks that may come your way as you take the path of the cleric, whenever it may be injuries, death, and disconnection?” “I do.” “Do you swear to accept the consequences, should you break any of the tenets and utterings, and face Tahariae’s wrath for betraying Him?” “I do.” “Lastly. Do you swear to stand by your fellow clerics and protect them, even if you may have falling outs or hate each other at times?” He huffs and nods. “I do.” She’s inhale deeply. “Very well, then consider your oath accepted should you pass His judgement this day.” His head nods in response, preparing for what was to come. However, her serious tone changes into a softer one, one of concern. “Karyssmov….” She began. “You’ve come long and far, but you know what you are taking upon yourself. This isn’t a trivial matter, something that you can’t make with a passing thought. If you have any doubt in your mind, now is the time to say so. You can bow out, and no one here will think you less of a man for doing so. Is this what you really wish for?” The softness in her voice surprised her, and he looked towards the waters around him and stared at his reflection. “I…” “Can Nani say something?” He looked up to the shore at the womanly Kha that leaned on her staff. “This is Karyssmov’s ceremony. If he wishes for you to speak, you may.” He nodded, seeking the advice and works of the ever-familiar Kha. But as she spoke, he became crestfallen. “Kary, what are you doing? You have promised your soul to Metzli! Your soul is with her!” She exclaimed. “First Metzli, then the Aspects, now this?! What good is your word when you have switched between so many so soon?! Metzli and the Aspects are angry at you, Kary!” “Honestly, the Aspects could care less….” A certain small druid would pipe up, following by a convenient cough. The Kharajyr huffed, placing a hand on her hip as she leaned on her staff. “It is your choice, Kary. But know that you are betraying Metzli and as Nani is a moon priestess, Metzli comes first, even before being your munna!” He looked from her to the waters and his reflection, balling his hands into fists below the surface. “I’m sorry Nani, but this is something I must do. It calls to me, and I must answer that call.” He lifted his head and nodded. “I am ready.” “Very well.” She secured her staff in the loose rocks and waded towards him. Her small frame looking humorous compared to his tall and bulkier one, yet there was no question of who was in control at that moment. “May He judge you fairly, Karyssmov.” Her serious tone had returned and her palms met one another before her as her lids closed. Her breathing started out deep and slow, her body raising and lowering with each intake. But as the moments passed, she became still and unmoving as she focused inward. Although she herself was still, the waters around her vibrated and rippled, a power growing within that was violently trying to escape into the outside world. And in the blink of an eye, her palms turned outward and her eyes flashed open. No longer was there the golden glow, but a brilliance of light, almost blindingly beautiful and bright looked upon Karyssmov. For the first moment in his life, Karyssmov almost felt fearful of the Light as her gaze bore down upon him, her eyes staring into him. He felt helpless and powerless to stop the intrusion. But it was only then that he felt the impact. He hadn’t noticed her palms thrusting forward with such speed, power, and luminosity, too busy focusing on her eyes. The force behind the strike was unimaginable and sent Karyssmov falling back into the air. However, as he fell time seemed to slow…...then stop. His body frozen in this never ending moment, trapped in the air. His arms, reaching out to the blue sky, unable to move as his gaze looked to the birds that hung in the air, mid flight. His eyes turned to look at those around him, staring at him and frozen as well. The water droplets that splashed up into the air with him sat before him, and through them he was able to see the world in its concave and blurry form, as if looking through a bubble. And then his eyes laid on hers. The only thing in the world at that time that seemed to be alive, was her eyes. Golden brilliant lights, shining and sparkling continued to stare at him. And only then did he realize that she wasn’t looking at him any longer. No, she was looking at his soul. Deep within the golden light burrowed. Past his flesh and muscle, past his organs and bones, spiraling downward into it reached the very center of his being. A dense gray fog covered the area. A blanket that blotted out the senses. Yet the Light continued to spiral through it, parting it slowly as it searched. And slowly it found its way, finding his soul hanging in the never ending grayness. The golden light began to encircle his soul, creating a sphere around it as it prevented the gray fog from interfering with its work. The light tightened its grasp on his soul, allowing its golden rays to run over it, searching it, viewing it, judging it. Once the light had judged that his soul was in acceptable condition, it reared back and began to form a tight spiral before lurching forward and drilling itself inside. This, this was True Judgement. Karyssmov knew of it. He knew what it meant. But, he had no way to imagine what it would feel like. The entirety of his life was being seen. Another presence inside of him, looking, no not looking, Judging. Judging his entire life. From his actions to his words, but so much more as well. His thoughts, his feelings, his beliefs. All of them were being presented and judged, seeking for something to deem him worthy, something to grant him the right to walk in the Light. And just as quickly as it came, it left. The golden light quickly escaped his soul, pulling back through the gray fog, passing through his body and being forced out of him. He splashed in the waters, sending a wave of water up over the edge of the spring, extinguishing the candles. She gasped as she quickly gripped her staff, bearing the weight of herself onto it entirely as a cold sweat dripped down her face as the brilliance in her eyes faded away. Sinking into the waters of the springs, he saw the crystal clear liquid around him becoming darker. The ritual was over, and the blue tint of the water was returning, darkening his view. For a moment he thought this was how it would end, the darkening of his vision signaling his failure, his rejection from what he had strived so hard for. But he felt something within him suddenly burst, a force rushing out of him as he looked down at his chest and began to glow with a golden light. She nodded from the surface above as she saw the golden light growing in luminosity as his body began to rise from the springs depths. “Another one walks with us, brothers. Another, reborn in the light. Ensure to help-” His form burst through the surface, flailing his arms as he sought out fresh air. His eyes wide as he looked down upon himself as he stood in the shallow waters. A wondrous look painted across his face as he looked down at his shining self and then to her. The short gasps of the other clerics were sharper than those of the other bystanders and more pronounced. But as her wide eyes looked at him as he stood there, a small smile spread across her face. “Lily…..how is he…..” Gray began to ask, his eyes wide as he stared at Karyssmov. “He should be….” Daveed muttered, moving his hood down, revealing his bald head, as he looked on in awe. Erwin’s head shook slowly in disbelief as his hands clasped and gave a swift prayer to the Lord. Gray looked back to her. “You’re...smiling?” However, that small bit of time, standing in his wondrous glow was too much for Karyssmov. For as magnificent as it felt, something inside of him gave out. His eyes began to roll into the back of his hand, and his body swayed. As the newly made cleric began to lose his consciousness he sputtered three words. “It’s…..an…..honor…” As he splashed into the water and laid on his back she bore down on her staff, slowly straightening out her tired frame. Her smile widened as she shook her head, staring at the boy that floated before her. “That's my boy.”
  7. That's my boy. Connected and ready. Only 3 Hours in the Maze.
  8. A foreign nation makes a monetary contribution to the Montoya campaign fund with a silent nod.
  9. Literally in the post you just made, lazy bum.
  10. I'm still not on there for War Cleric TA.
  11. The sweat dripped from his forehead as his chest heaved up and down. His white robe stuck to his skin skin as he perspired and the normally light golden metal that adorned his body felt like a heavy burden. His hand unscrewed the flask as his exhaustion met the sweet scent of apples. The crisp taste of the juice ran over his cracked lips and dry tongue, relishing in the energy the sugary drink would give him to help regain his focus. His eyes blinked, the blurriness from his exhaustion slowly fading with the sugar and deep breaths he was taking as the other armored figure stood before him, a ferrum staff in their hands. As they moved in front of him, the slender crimes that decorated the staff’s top hummed out softly, a harmonious and calming sound filling the space around him. “You’re slowly approaching the point where you’ll be performing miracles with the Light. But, as you can tell, such things still demand sacrifice from ourselves.” Gray raised his hand and brushed the back of his hand over his upper lip, the blonde bristly hairs scratching against his hand as he flicked the perspiration to the ground. “However…..” She sighs as her eyes gaze to the scorch marks on the floor nearby as she recalled past events. “It would seem the Darkness is not giving you the time to learn slowly with their recent assaults. The realm needs you to be further along than you currently are, Gray.” His tongue ran over his mouth, his throat grunted as it tried to push the dryness from it. “Then I’ll simply train harder and more frequently.” “There’s limits to what you can simply do, physical limits, Gray. You know this.” She paused and looked him over, deep in thought for several moments. “Unless we lessen those restrictions….” “What are you talking about?” He grunted. She moved towards the window as her free arm moved to hold herself. “It’s an art that has been held to only those that have shown dedication and commitment to the Lord. Extremely powerful, but can be extremely dangerous to those that utilize it improperly.” As her gaze looked out to the city below her she inhaled deeply. “What do I need to do to prove to you that I’m capable of such?” His exhaustion still permitted yet his resolve pushed forward as he stood up straight. “You do not need to prove anything to me, Gray.” She remarked as she lifted her shoulder from the wall as she ended her view of the outside world. “Only Him.” Her armor clinked with each and the staff thumped heavily as the small woman made her way. The small chimes rang out once more, yet even their calmness could not hide the seriousness in her voice as she spoke. “You’ve come a far distance, Gray. But even still, the path of purity remains long and mysterious to you. However, as a follower of His Light, we are require powerful weapons against the Darkness that attempts to hinder our path and plague this realm. I believe the events of late are a sign that He wishes for you to forge your first weapon.” He blinked, looking from her to the Forge of Light in the corner of the temple. “So….should I go fetch some blessed aurum then?” She laughed and shook her head. “No, dear." She waved her hand away dismissively as the seriousness returned. “This is not your ordinary weapon.” She moved over to a storage cupboard and pulled out two large buckets. “Your first quest.” ~ ~ ~ ~ His eyes narrowed on his target. The sweet smell of the gardens reached his mustached nose as he set the pails down besides him. “This can’t be too difficult….” He said to himself as he looked at his first opponents. They darted quickly in the blue sky, back and forth. Their yellow and black bodies small, their barbed weapons exposed and dripping with venom, their war cry buzzing through the air to his ears. He lifted a stone from the garden’s grass and bounced it in his hand lightly. “Maybe this will scare them….” And with that the stone flew through the air against their home. Suddenly, a roar escaped the vile hive and the blue sky became blocked out by a swarm of Darkness. “Nope! Nope Nope!” His cries echoed out throughout the city streets as he ran in a panic as the cloud of buzzing Darkness chased after him. ”Alright…” He grumped, returning to the scene later that day. His wounds and bumps had been bandaged and treated, and he spoke with a funny mumble as his cheeks had been swollen drastically from the venom. He moved the smoking pot to the child. “Now, when I open this, I wish for you to lift the leather top off the pot and fan the smoke inside, understood?” The child simply nodded as Gray turned and approached the lair of these vile beasts. And with a swift motion, pulled open the door! “Now!” Huffing and puffing, the child worked furiously with the fan as the smoke was forced into the hive. The bee’s frantically darted around until one by one, they succumbed to the smoke and fell asleep. As the opponents lay in a deep defeated slumber, Gray lavished praise upon the child as his hands pulled out the prized beeswax and filled the pails given to him. ~ ~ ~ ~ The clanging of the pails on the cold stone rang out throughout the temple. “Here.” He says with a huff, his hands moving to massage his sores and stung cheeks. She looked up from her book and smirked at the sight. “What’d you try to do, throw a rock at them or something?” “No!” He quickly responded before sighing. “....I mean maybe. Does it matter? I got the beeswax you requested. Now what?” The book folded inward and laid upon the table as her hands closed. “Correct, it matters not how you obtained it, it is your quest not mine.” She turned slowly in her seat to face him more. “You’ve collected a key piece to your weapon, but not one of the core pieces. Your next quest, though, is of such…..” ~ ~ ~ ~ “Anyone have any sugar cane?!?!” He shouted in the city market. The shopkeepers and stall tenders continued to sell and barter with their customers, paying the bandaged Cleric little mind. Gray sighed dispassionately as he moved from stall and shop, searching for the ingredients he so desperately needed for his quest. “Really? No one has these?” He asked out loud to himself. But to his surprise, he received a surprising answer. A small tug of his robe broke his lamentation and made him look down, his eyes meeting a small Kha’s. “You? You can help me?” He asked with surprise and hope, and to his relief, the Kha nodded. “Great! What do you want in return?” She thought for a moment but only tugged him along and out to the farms. The scene was a sad sight, holes littered the ground and the crops were torn asunder and destroyed. “Hmph.” Gray grunted as he stood next to the small Kha. “Perhaps this is why there’s such a lack of ingredients available in the city.” The small Kha tugged on his robe and pointed towards one of the holes as a large gopher leaped from its dark depths. It’s large teeth and claws ripped and tore at the soil and vegetation, destroying the farmlands. As the gopher pilfered the crops and stashed their loot in their holes, more and more of its brethren appeared from various holes and doing the same. Another tug and the pointing of a small hand focused Gray’s eyes towards the top of the hill. “Sugar cane!” He shouted with glee. But his glee was short lived as the gophers work began to near the prized crop. He looked down upon the Kha. “If I can distract the gophers, can you collect some of the sugar cane for us?” The Kha scratched her head silently with a claw and then nodded. The Kha leaped from rock and tool shed, avoiding the various gopher pitfalls, while Gray roared loudly and wielded a heavy mallet! ~ ~ ~ ~ High pitched squeaking echoed throughout the temple as Gray shook his boot fiercely. A small brown rodent flew through the air and bounced on the stone floor. It gnashed its teeth, shook its fist, and scampered away as the scratched and bitten Cleric dropped a heavy satchel upon the table. “There. Four spools of treated rope, fresh from the best craftsmen the city has to offer.” She looked up from her book, noting his dirty robes that were littered with holes and bite marks. “Issue collecting these?” She asked as she inspected the quality of the items. “Slightly, but what else is needed for this weapon?” He asked, his grumpiness and impatience starting to get the better of him. “Well, the next step of your quest finds you at a crossroad, one where each path must be traveled upon.” She sets the rope down before her and looks towards him. “Do you remember the Four Pillars of the Light?” He nodded slowly. “Of course, the four aspects of His Light. What of them?” “The Light contains all aspects of His will, and so must your weapon.You must obtain a symbol of each and bring it here as an offering to the Lord. Where you start though, is your decision.” His hand found his chin and rubbed it slowly. “I suppose I start at the crux of our Lord’s vision.” He nods, affirming his decision. “Very well, I’ll start with the aspect of Purity.” She slowly stands and moves over to a map of Ceru which decorates the wall. Her small hand lifts from her side and her slender finger points towards the Northern icy wastelands of Ceru. “The Pure. Perfection. Wholesomeness. Our Lord has chosen the color White to represent this aspect of His word and goals for this realm. We, as his hand, are tasked with ensuring that this realm remains in its pure and natural state, untainted by the ways of Darkness and Shadows.” She turns to him as she continues to point to the North. “There, in the barren and dangerous wastelands, you’ll find your symbol of purity.” ~ ~ ~ ~ So cold…. The wind howled around him as the ice storm clawed at the bits of exposed skin on his person. Even with his many layers and his determination, the icy wastelands sapped the strength and warmth from his body slowly. With each step through the deep snow, the sight of the green and warm forests of Ceru became a speck in the distance. The local polar bears lift their sleepy heads, staring at the man as he trudges through the cold North, giving loud grunts. Whether to challenge his presence in their territory or to encourage him in his struggle, Gray did not know, but still he trudged on. As night settled upon the frozen wasteland, the cold truly set in. His chattering teeth slowly began to quiet, a dangerous sight. His eyes scanned the wasteland for some sort of shelter, but only shadows met him, all for but a single glimpse of light in the distance. The light seemed strange, and for a moment Gray thought it was his numbing mind playing tricks upon him, but with little left to offer him in the wastelands he moved towards the light. However, he questioned his choice as he neared the light, for as he stepped closer he found that the light shined from within the depths of a dark cave. While his instincts told him that this would be a poor decision, the brief respite from the harsh arctic winds forced him forward into the darkness and towards the light. His movements through the cave, now free of the winds chill, warmed his person and his eyes began to become accustomed to the darkness. His footing became more sure as he climbed about the cave’s interior until he found what was generating this light. At the back of the cave’s wall hung large icicles that shined brilliantly white with each other. Perhaps the rays of sunlight from the prior day had become trapped in an infinite reflective loops between the beautiful ice fragments. Perhaps there was something truly magical about this ice. The truth would only be found out later by Gray, for as his hand neared the ice a growl emitted from behind him. From the blizzard stepped a tall creature with large limbs and white hair covering hits body. “Beware the Yeti’s in the frozen North…” Her words now played in her head as the creature lumbered towards him with a chilling roar and an icy fist aiming for his body. ~ ~ ~ ~ A heavy crate banged as it was settled down roughly on the stone floor. Her slender finger turned a page of her book as her gaze left the text for a moment to look down at the object. “Pure Ice from the Frozen North.” His side was wrapped in bandages and his skin still a shade of blue from his travels, but his drive forced him to deliver the aspect promptly. “Did the Yeti give you trouble?” She questioned him as she looked back to her book. His pained huff was slight, but still audible. “What’s next?” She shrugged slightly, “Pick your next path. It isn’t for me to decide.” “Hmph. The Warrior’s path then. A trip down memory’s lane for my old guard days may be a relaxing path, unlike this previous one.” She nodded and brought her finger to the familiar map. She placed the slender digit upon their locating and dragged downward into the blue waters. “The Warrior’s Spirit. Courage. Strength. He has chosen the color Blue to represent his aggression and anger towards the Darkness that seeps within this realm. This aspect is a constant reminder to his servants that our war against such shadows is never truly over.” She looked up to him as her finger became still, pressed upon the Southern Seas of Ceru. “There you will find your symbol of the warrior.” ~ ~ ~ ~ “Do you really think this is going to work?” The waves rocked the boat back and forth, crashing upon the rocks with great force, as they boarded. “We don’t have much of a choice.” Gray replied, carrying a barrel of a foul material. “I need to get that egg and it’s guarding it.” The rope from the dock was undone and the pair picked up the oars and began their labors as they sailed from shore. “And you’re sure I’ll be able to out paddle it?” Gray looked towards the crystal blue surface of the water. “Gray?!” “What?!” He shouted back as he was broken from his thoughts. “Yea, sure. You’ll be fine.” “That doesn’t sound very reassuring!” “Hush, we’re getting close.” he responded, lifting his hand to signal the guard captain to slow his labor. Beneath them in the crystal blue waves a round object shining up at them. But as it shined, a large and serpent like shadow began to coil around it. “Woah….is that…..a Lubba?” “Yup.” Gray responded as he discarded his gloves and shoes and then pulled the barrel to the edge of the boat. “Now, do you remember what you need to do? You need to cut it loose before it gets to close to the boat.” The captain unscrewed the top of the barrel, releasing the foul stench of the rotting and bloody fish puree from within. His face wrinkled and nodded. “Yea….and you’re sure this will attract it and the other beasts?” He shrugged. “I don’t have any other ideas and I’m running out of time.” He tipped the barrel slightly, allowing the concoction to begin to leak into the waters. The placidity of the sea remained for some time as the fishy mixture began to pool around them. Slowly, fins and activity could be seen pooling around the small boat as the sea’s predators began to follow the scent. “It’s not moving….” The captain muttered, looking down at the sea serpents coiled shadow. “It won’t, it needs more of a feast to hunt.” Gray replied as the amount of sharks and predatory fish increased around the boat. “Tip more of it in.” “Gray, if I do that I won’t be able to lure it far away. You’ll only get a short window.” “Guess you better paddle pretty quickly then, eh?” He huffed, clearly disliking the plan but still did as he asked, adding more of the slurry to the water, causing larger fish to come to the surface to feast. And as the sparkle from the blue object suddenly disappeared, signaling the lubba’s movement, Gray lurched off the boat and dived into the waters at the edge of the spreading fish frenzy. The sudden silence of the ocean rushed into his ears and the splashing of the surface waters died away. He turned his head and looked towards the sharks, seals, and eels battling one another for the feast that gathered around the boat. His feet began to kick at the water as he looked away from the frenzy and swam down towards the oncoming shadow. Slowly, the shadow lifted as the rays of light began to reach the beast. It’s blue and green scales glistening from the watery depths. The horns arching off of its head. It’s elongated teeth opening as it raced towards the surface, its long body snaking through the waters towards him. But past it shined with its blue light, the egg it was guarding. ~ ~ ~ ~ His bare feet slipped and slapped on the stone floor as water footprints were left in his wake. With a soft thud he placed a oval object, swaddled in damp rags, atop the chest that held the ice. The fork lifted to her parted lips, letting her chew the piece of steak slowly as she glanced at her text. “Haw ded et go?” She asked as she chewed without looking at him. The sea water dripped from him, pitter pattering onto the stone floor. “I don’t know why you breed those things.” She chuckled and sipped her water, as a certain guard captain screaming in the distance about how huge his arms would be after the workout, then looked towards him. “We all have our reasons for what we do. Are you wishing to rest before you continue?” “No.” He replied. “I’ll take the Servant’s task next.” She set her fork down and swallowed the bit of food slowly. Her eyes scanned over the bit of text on her page before turning it and moving from the table to the map. There her finger drew to the right of their location, heading into the mountains of the East. “The Servant. Leadership. Wisdom. While we are all servants to His will, He has given those that put all of His desires and goals the gift of the Silver light to show their dedication. Those that stand before the Darkness unwavering in their faith, shine such a light on this realm. Their guidance and knowledge of the past and faith have led us to where we stand today and light the path for us to walk on our own tomorrow.” Her head turned towards him as she tapped the Eastern Mountains of Ceru. “There you will find the symbol of the servant that you require. But I suggest you let the guard captain rest. Perhaps bring a moon priest with you this time.” ~ ~ ~ ~ “You’re a lot heavier than I thought.” Gray grumbled. His feet dragged on the rocky terrain as he climbed the mountain side. His breaths short and quick as the orange fuzzball weighed heavily upon him. “What yew expect Tepah to do? Tepah is blind. Tepah cawn’t climb mountains.” “You’re not blind anymore!” He huffed, his feet sliding on some of the loser gravel. “Stop playing the victim.” A low growl would be heard from behind his ears causing Gray to sigh as he continued to climb the mountain. His trek was perilous, filled with dire slopes and pitfalls. The added weight of the Tigrasi upon his back gave no reprieve either, but he soldiered on until reaching the top of the highest peak. “Awm, this is a good spot.” With ease the Kharajyr hopped off of Gray’s back, but in the process knocked him to the ground. “And why is that?” Gray muttered from the ground, standing slowly and brushing the gravel and dirt from his robes. His eyes looked up, only to double take at the sight before him. There on a large rock, the Tigrasi sat cross legged. In his hands were a cup and saucer made of fine china. He tipped a beverage from it slowly, his pinky extended slightly as the breeze rolled over his fur. “Good spot to drink.” “You’re not suppose to be drinking. You’re suppose to be helping me find the symbol.” Gray growled, his frustration showing. The Kharajyr’s eyes narrowed and looked down upon Gray. “Sit down before Tepah makes the cawb sit.” With a huff Gray relented, folding his legs in a similar fashion and sat upon the ground. “Good. Now, you seek a symbol of servitude, yes? One of wisdom and leadership?” Gray nodded. “Then we wait.” “For what?” “For her.” The afternoon drifted by as they sat in silence. The Tigrasi occasionally sipping from his fine cup and Gray staring at him with frustration and disdain. Soon, the sun began to set and night creeped over them. “We’ve wasted the day!” Greek shouted. “We’re suppose to be searching for this symbol and you’re just sipping your drink!” “Hush, she approaches.” “Who?!” Gray turns his head like an owl in the growing night, searching for this person. “She.” And with that the Tigrasi lifts his paw above his head and points towards the silver moon. “The moon? What about it?” Gray asked. “You seek wisdom. What better person to learn from than one that has existed since the beginning? One that watches over us all as we sleep, One that watches our dreams, and the One that shines brightly in the darkness of the night?” Gray looked from the Kha to the moon that shined brightly above them, then lowered himself back to the ground. “Alright, I’m listening. Enlighten me.” The Kharajyr’s tail swayed behind him as he began. The silver moonlight shined brightly down upon them that night as words of wisdom were taught. The rocks around them began to glow brightly with time, a certain moss that seemed to shine in the darkness. The talks went long into the night, the orange fuzz ball’s wisdom being bestowed upon Gray, for the last time in his life. ~ ~ ~ ~ His steps were somber as he approached her. He was tired, exhausted truly, after spending the night learning what it meant to sacrifice, what it meant to lead, and what it meant to be reborn. He placed the stone next to the swaddled egg quietly. She turned the page, nearing the end of her book, and looked up at the stone. “Everything go al-” “The Knight.” He said, cutting her off. “The Knight’s path, please.” Her eyes moved from the stone to his, searching them for something. Once found, she moved to the map without another word and began to drag her finger to the left. “The Knight.” She began as she dragged her finger tip. “Guardianship. Protection. Those that value the lives and values of those around them are gifted with the golden light from our Lord. Putting ourselves in harm's away, time and time again, to ensure that this realm is protected from the relentless Darkness.” Her finger stopped moving, pressing upon the Western Badlands of Ceru. “This is where I taught you how to remove taint, where we go to prevent it from spreading throughout the rest of the isle.” He nodded slowly, staring at the location. “Darkness is forming there. You must head there and fight back the abominations that seek to spread it. I believe you’ll find your symbol of the knight while out there.” ~ ~ ~ ~ His sword clattered against the blades of darkness. Horrid grunting, horrid screeching. The Badlands were misnamed. These weren’t bad lands. This was hell. No matter how many abominations he slayed, they continued to come from the shadows, gripping at him, choking him. However, with each slain beast, a broken hilt or blade of golden origin fell to his possession. Soon, he had quite the collection and with the night closing in, Gray carried his trophies back home. He placed the swords on the table, the sack shifting loudly. “I think these can be of some use.” “Most certainly.” She said as she turned to the final page of her book. “They are powerful magical blades. Though, they’ve been tainted by the Darkness. We can purify them though.” “How?” “We’ll need a fire that’s extremely hot, like our righteous flames. But one that has dealt with this Darkness for some time. You’ll have to head further into the Badlands where the volcano resides. There, an ominous obsidian pillar sits in the center of the volcanic mountain. Obtain some of the lava that entraps the dark column and prevents it from spreading. That should do the trick." The heat was intense. The heat was painful. The heat was deadly. The pillar stood before him and the darkness reached out to him. Perhaps the lava and flames of the volcano were truly battling the darkness, for while the shadows attempted to whisper in his mind, the constant pain of the heat broke their spell. Regardless, he fought the desire to give up and bent his burning legs towards the ground and placed his container towards the mystical fire. ~ ~ ~ ~ With labored breaths and slow movements, his body weight being pressed upon his staff, he trudged into the hall. Her nose wrinkled at the smell of frostvine and blissfoil, noticing a thick paste covering the skin of his legs and arms, his clothing having charred away. She closed her book and placed it in her satchel. “Is that it?” She asked, moving from the table and taking the container from him. He replied with a tired nod. “Very well. Let us bring all of the items to the Forge of Light.” His energy suddenly rushed through him once more at her words. “You mean, I’m done? I have everything? It’s time to create my weapon?” She nodded and carried some of the belongings upstairs, leaving the door open for him. ~ ~ ~ ~ “This will take time to smelt.” She remarked, placing the bits of broken blades and hilt into a smelting pan atop the mystical heat source. “As they smelt, the darkness will be released and devoured by the flames. You’ll be left with a purified ingot.” “And for the other things?” “We can begin to work on them now.” She produced another smelting pan, but instead of placing metal within it, she reached for the beeswax. “These need to be melted down as well.” She moved them onto the forges surface, letting the heat from below work its way into the beeswax. She pointed to a shelf of four cylinders, high on a shelf. Gray nodded once more and reached up to procure them from their perilous height. “Now, we need that rope from earlier.” Gray reached down into the satchel and pulled out the coils of rope which were swiftly cut into four equal pieces. A single piece was then placed into the center of each cylinder, hanging in the middle. She reached for tongs with her mitts on her small hands and lifted the pan of beeswax from the forge’s surface. In its liquid state it bubbled and simmered as she carefully poured an equal amount of the wax into each cylinder. “Are we….?” Gray asked, watching the procedure and slowly realizing what was being made. She nodded slowly as she put the wax pan down and moved her tongs to remove the golden purified ingot from the forge. With a thud the ingot fell from the mold, now having time to cool and harden. She lifted it and heaved it next to the final gray candle that they had created. “Alright, the rest is for you to do.” She remarked, gesturing him before the four candles they had created. Before each candle was a single item he returned with and he looked confused. “Place your hand upon the first symbol you retrieved.” His bruised and bandaged palm moved upon an icicle. “Now, close your eyes and picture what the aspect of purity means to you.” His heavy lids fell over his eyes as darkness invaded his vision. His mind reeled, looking back upon his life, his journey, and his goals. He imagined a time when he was young and experiencing things for the first time. He imagined his first embrace. He imagined the feeling of the Light running through him for the first time. He imagined the beauty of the frozen North after leaving the cave with the ice in hand, looking at the sunrise reflecting on the snow to create a beautiful display of lights. As his memories played, the icicle began to respond. A white light, similar to the one he found that night began to shine from within the object. As he continued to recalls such ideas, the light began to snake up his arm. “Now, move your hand to the candle before you.” His eyes opened slowly and looked from the white light upon his arm to the gray candle before him. Slowly he reached forward and took hold of the wax, and as he did, the white light slipped down his forearm and seeped inside the candle. With a sudden burst of white light, the candle became pure white, as beautiful as freshly fallen snow. “Very good, but we’re not done.” She instructed and pointed towards the remaining symbols. ~ ~ ~ ~ “Is….is that it?” He asked nervously, his chest heaving as he revelled in the feeling of all four lights flowing through his form. Before him stood four candles: one of pure white like freshly fallen snow, one of deep blue like the depths of the sea, one of mystical silver like the rays of moonlight, and one of shining gold like the blessed blades of old. “You’ve created your first weapon against the Darkness, Gray. Some call them the Four Pillars, others simply refer to them as the Four Lights. But truly they are yours to call as you please. They are your creation, a part of your journey, past, present, and future.” Her hand moved to her satchel, unbuttoning the top and moving her hand inside. Slowly, she procured her book that she had been reading. “But no one simply picks up a weapon and is a master. No, you must learn how to use this hidden art.” She dusted off the blue cover that had the image of a stag imprinted in the center and passed it to him. “Now, you’ll learn how to use the Four Lights.”
  12. A certain chef.
  13. As a Cleric, if there's other medical people involved -whether it be medics, doctors, surgeons, druids, etc- I always try to bow out. While magic is a nifty toy, having it and knowing when its appropiate to step in is also a responsibility you have to the community. Let others have fun experiencing medical RP. Irrelevant wounds and injuries, as a Cleric, are not meant to be healed by magic. It's actually something that goes against the lore, under the misuse and over reliance on it. However, this is also a game that people play to have fun. Most people don't wish to run around with a handicap and if they seek out the means to fix such a handicap, then so be it. Just no Meta-Ambulances pls.
  14. This would work in a world where Person B is confined to a set of rules and limitations that they can NOT break. Sadly, that isn't always the case and without having knowledge of what they can/can't do, Person A is given a disadvantage that they normally would not have, nor should have. 'Just report them if they PG.' How would you know if they're PGing without knowing what they're capable of and not capable of before hand? Its a loop and there's no perfect answer.