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  1. A woman shakes her head upon hearing of such news. "Isn't this nearly an exact copy of the one he used against Trist?"
  2. Your a dum dum
  3. It happened to myself when my account hit the 2500 hour mark. You need to PM Telanir or another Dev that has access to skills. Take a screenshot of all your skills before you or anyone tries to do anything to fix it. What Tel did was wiped all of my exp (Scary watching your supercals disappear!) then I selected all of my skills. Like hard resetting. Then he selected them again and dumped the exp from the screenshot I took back into them and I was fine. @Telanir
  4. Quite funny. However, we had technically jumped ship quite some time ago. I just felt bad for Leo so paddled the boat back, put him in the boat and gave him a captains hat from the gift shop to smile. <3 Leo
  5. [!] A simple letter is penned in response and sent back with the courier that delivered such message. [!] Greetings, This letter is written in hopes that it reaches you in good spirits and in happy times. The Government of Sutica wishes to acknowledge that is has, both, received and read your letter. The Government of Sutica wishes to address the following in no special order other than what is presented in your letter: 1) This is not a proposition, as propositions do not demand such things, they propose. 2) That is not the Princess' name. 3) Princess Lilyana is a Princess, not a Prince. 4) As a 'Haven of Taxes and Warfare' we'd like to remind you that we do not tax our citizens, give land away to deserving individuals for free, and do not partake in wars. All of which would have been apparent to you SHOULD you have read and received the Memorandum from the Sutican Government that was published earlier this year. However, since none of the names on this list ARE citizens of Sutica, we have enclosed a copy of such for your reading pleasure. 5) Your accusations against our policies to better our people are unfounded. If you wish to call them 'inhumane and immoral', please cite such instances from the Sutican Codex, the book of Sutica's Laws and Policies to handle criminals and degenerates (such as yourselves) that attack, rob, and attempt to incite riots within Sutica's City and its lands. Since none of your signatories ARE actually citizens of Sutica, we have enclosed a copy of such for your reading pleasure. 6) The Isle of Ceru is, and has always, been known and pronounced as Ceru. Not Ceri. 7) Sutica and its lands have maintained religious freedom for nearly seventy years and will continue to do such as long as the majority of its people wishes it so. Such freedoms and protections are known and accepted by not only Sutica's people but throughout the realm and promised by such entities. While no dominant religion exists, numerous settlements have their own secular beliefs and practice them faithfully. Sutica has no issue with those that seek religious guidance and beliefs and will often help its people locate other like minded individuals. If you wish to spread such religious words, you are more than free to, as are all religions that seek to aid its followers. However, persecution and forceful conversion are not allowed. If you seek a communal place of worship, there are numerous places throughout the city. If you seek a private place of worship, citizens can speak with the government and request such and we will be happy to oblige. Once again this would have been known to you if you WERE citizens of Sutica and read the Memorandum from the Sutican Government, which -once again- we have enclosed a copy for your reading pleasure. 8) All people, within the City of Sutica, its lands, and its settlements, have freedoms and representation afforded to them and promised by the Government. Therefore it has the 'consent of the governed'. Each settlement is granted voice and ears into any governmental meeting or decisions, to the point that the Sutican Government must often fetch such representation from settlements to ensure they have equal say within said decisions, by representatives of their own choosing. Should a settlement feel they are not being heard by the Government, they should first look to their elected representatives for insight as to why they are not attending such meetings and elect new representatives. Once again, this has, and always been, the Sutican way and is further explained within the Memorandum from the Sutican Government, which would have been delivered to ALL citizens of Sutica and its lands. We have enclosed such a copy of such for the reading pleasure of these foreigners. 9) Sutica, and its Government, was founded with its beliefs and ideals nearly seventy years ago. Since Sutica's groundbreaking, it has only further developed new ways for its people to enjoy freedoms and liberties with its laws and guidelines, freedoms and liberties that you, the signatories of this 'proposition', wish to jeopardize and cast aside. Those that founded Sutica, nearly seventy years ago, fled such a government that you are proposing (Parliamentary Monarchy) due to its inability to handle its peoples issues and their desire to hoard funds, blessed upon them by Sky-Gods and not off the toils of their labor, instead of paying their workers their dues but expecting taxes from them. Taxes, that you now accuse us for being a haven of yet we supply free housing, food, and comfort. All of this information is available, for your reading pleasure, within the Memorandum from the Sutican Government which was delivered to all citizens in Sutica's lands. 10) Once again, Sutica's citizens are guaranteed freedom of secular beliefs by the Government and those throughout the realm. If you wish to spread your beliefs and teach others about your ways, Sutica's citizens are free to do so as long as it does not infringe on their peaceful lives. The Government of Sutica suggests attending our yearly prayer sessions where numerous organizations of secular beliefs attend and give praise and thanks to those above, to not only listen but join in and share such informative words about your ways. Information about these yearly prayer sessions is available in the Memorandum from the Sutican Government, which we have enclosed for your reading pleasure. 11) Sutica, and its Government, always put its peoples needs and wants first and foremost, while ensuring the longevity and future. Thus, if ACTUAL citizens of Sutica and its lands have issues and wish to speak, we welcome you with open arms to discuss such. Such policies and invitations for open talks can be seen within the Memorandum from the Sutican Government, which a copy has been enclosed for your reading pleasure. 12) Sutica, and its Government, would like to also remind the signatories of this 'proposal' that they are not ACTUAL citizens of Sutica. Furthermore, according to the Library of Records, dating as far back as the Year 1520 under Penmanship of the First Record Keeper Shynys Itesti, that: 'House Volaire' does not exist. What does exist, however, are criminal records of individuals named, of some origin of, 'Marcus' Volaire existing even before Sutica's founding. Such criminal records of this family include, and are not limited to: pick pocketing, burglary, destruction of property, construction of illegal pathways under the city dubbed 'Secret Cake Delivery Tunnels', harassment of a young women by setting her dress on fire to see what lies underneath, trespassing, and more. Harald Blackwood, after approaching the Princess to be hired as a mercenary group -and failing to show said group when asked-, proceeded to inform individuals that he was betrothed to the Princess in order to have them do errands for him. In addition to spreading such falsities to gain favors and free labor from the innocent populace, Harald Blackwood and others, now assumed to be the signatories of this 'proposal', have recently attempted to incite riot and rebellion at the Mother Grove, only to be thwarted and sent away with tales of the Government's aid and good deed. Furthermore, Harald Blackwood and others, now assumed to be the signatories of this 'proposal', have recently attempted to attack and rob individuals, including women and children, within the City of Sutica. Their attack was thwarted, however, by both the guards and loyal citizens that took up arms against them to defend their home. 'The Family of Campos' does not exist. The last 'true' sighting of Chancellor David Campos, leader of the 'Republic of Salvus' in Vailor, was in the Year 1514 when the Republic of Salvus was being declared upon by the Ruby Down Rebellion, the Hightowers, and Oren. After securing the 'elite and higher tax payers' behind the city's inner wall during a raid by Orcs and leaving the 'commoners' to fend for themselves against the orcs and outside wall. This would be the last sighting of David Campos, and most of the Salvian Government for that matter, as they fled with the nations moneys as the 'Breaking of Salvus' took place, leaving the citizens to try and defend their homes without government support. To further this point of 'abandonment' from Campos and his parliamentary government, we have enclosed a cartographers work that displays the clear divide that David Campos and his parliamentary government created by letting his people remain outside the walls and in danger's path of raiders and war. Ironically enough, even with Campos' and most of the governments disappearance, the citizens that would go on to found Sutica worked tirelessly to build defenses for their empty home. In fact, the Trade Princess herself gathered thousands of stone blocks to support the workers, to create a wall to provide at least some potential defense. Luckily, a similar cartographer drew up an image to display the people's work and effort (which we have enclosed as well), and once they saw what was possible by individuals that actually cared, left their empty city and failing government. Since then, no one has seen of said man, let alone said family. Rumor has it that David Campos did make an appearance at the Siege of Kal'Ordholm in the Year 1542, yet he disappeared as quickly as he appeared after the battle. Yet, even if said man did walk these lands, he would be laid out on his death bed -being an extremely old age for a Human- or he be an unholy creature of undeath and darkness that wishes to destroy this realm. With that being said, Sutica and its Government continues to welcome its citizens with open arms to partake in government discussions, voice their opinions, and seek assistance with any and all of their needs. As our citizens on this day proved by drawing blades alongside our guards to defend their home, while Sutica aims to remain peaceful, it will not be peacefully tampered with. The signatories of this document are henceforth listed as wanted criminals within Sutica, and its lands, for attempting to threaten its peace and prosperity and are hereby banished from the lands indefinitely. Sincerely, The Sutican Government
  6. Very nice! *returns to isolation in virtual Canada*
  7. This was proposed back in July, nothing came from it.
  8. omg my spirit pokemon
  9. *Sealed letters are delivered to the residents of Sutica, including those within the capital and those in the outlying settlements and homes. One letter, in particular, is sent to a certain tavern owner within Johannesburg. * ******************************** Greetings Citizens of Sutica The government hopes that this letter reaches you in the quiet days after a string of joyus holidays. As we begin to enter a new elven year, the crown and the government wishes to extend its thanks to all individuals that call Sutica their home. From the Druids the to immediate East that guard the land and all of its beauty to the Halflings to the South continue to supply the nation with their foodstuffs and joy. From the Tradesmen to the West that ferry shipments of materials and goods from Ceru to the rest of the realm to the Hearty Men of the North that continually test their strength of their muscles in competitions and the strength of their stomachs in feasting. Whether in the capital or in the lands, all who live within Sutica’s borders are equally important in continuing its founding ideas: Freedoms, Life, and Happiness. Our short time on Axios has proven, thus far, to be fruitful and peaceful. We have brought numerous craftsmen up to snuff, providing fine quality goods throughout the realm. Our borders have expanded, encompassing nearly the entirety of Ceru’s southern half. Our population continues to grow, with individuals not only moving to the capital city, maintaining a constant occupancy, but also families and clans moving into homes within the hills of our lands. Sutica, both in physical representation and idealistic representation, continue to grow and we look forward to starting this elven year off with all of you. In an effort to keep our citizens informed of the current going-ons within the nation, we have enclosed such information below. Like always, feel free to contact us should you have questions or require assistance. Happy Holidays and To a New Year ~The Sutican Crown and Government Sutica’s Government ******************************** Trade Princess: Lilyana La Terre Amant Carrington (SquirtGun) - Minister of Interior: Avayla Winterleaf (MorriBae) Minister of Architecture: Alem’shun Vanguard (Seventhcircle) Minister of Civil Engineering: Tep Ah Goldhand of Orvar (Haunter3) Minister of Defense: Vacant Minister of Economics: Vacant - Steward: Jon Snowell (SaviourMeme) Steward: Roopak Khalin (Roopak) Steward: Douglass Holger (Douggy_) ******************************** Trade Princess’ Role: As an irenic monarch, the Trade Princess’ role is simply to ensure that the lands of Sutica, its foreign relations, people, and lands, are maintained and attended to. With advisement from the various ministers and representatives from the outlying settlements, the Trade Princess aims to lead the nation in the best interests of its people and its longevity. They oversee the minister’s and diplomatic talks with foreign bodies, ensuring that peace and prosperity can continue within Sutica’s borders. Minister of Interior’s Role: The Minister of Interior’s role is to ensure that housing information, as well as census data, is kept up to date. Working alongside the stewards, the Minister of Interior ensures that homes are kept up to safety regulations and are filled in a timely and orderly fashion. When occupants go missing for long periods of time, the Minister of Interior and the Stewards will evict such occupants from homes to ensure ‘ghost homes’ do not exist and the city is actively occupied. If you require assistance with housing or shops, speak to this individual or have a steward contact them for you. Minister of Architecture’s Role: The Minister of Architecture’s role is to ensure that needed buildings and structures have prepared blueprints and plots prepared for them. When it is brought to the attention of the government that a building be refurbished, a new building needs to be created, an expansion is needed, a wall is needed, etc., the Minister of Architecture will survey the land and design plans for such a building. If you wish to have a specific building or structure built, it is best to talk to this individual or have a steward contact them for you. Minister of Civil Engineering’s Role: The Minister of Civil Engineering’s role is to bring the designs and plans of the city to life through hard labor and difficult construction tasks. Once plans are developed and blueprints made, the Minister of Civil Engineering is directed to set to work on gathering resources (if the city is lacking in their stockpile) and begin construction. These projects vary from simple houses and shops to roadways and fortifications. If you wish to speak about building projects within the lands of Sutica or its roadways, send a bird to this individual or have a steward contact them for you. Minister of Defense’s Role: The Minister of Defense’s role is to ensure the safety of Sutica’s residents throughout the lands from all danger, regardless of origin. They do this by leading the Sutican guard force which patrols the capital’s streets and responds to emergencies within the land. Along with patrols and watches, the Minister of Defense schedules training exercises, reconnaissance missions, field medical skills lessons,etc. They also ensure that guards maintain their uniforms, schedule their payment, and handle promotions within the guard force. Currently, this position is vacant with Thain Elmoran (TheElvenMage) currently heading the guard force until an individual steps forward and wishes to take up its reigns. If you seek assistance or to report a crime, contact this person or have a steward contact them for you. Minister of Economics’ Role: The Minister of Economics’ role is to maintain prosperous trade for the residents of Sutica and the nation itself. They ensure that businesses are filled with finely crafted goods and rich materials for craftsmen to purchase within the city. Should shops become abandoned or go unsupplied for long, they are cleared and room is made for active businesses. Aside from internal economics, foreign imports and exports play a large part in the duties of the Minister of Economics. Ensuring foreign trade is profitable for both parties, while keeping foreign shops stocked and busy. This role is currently vacant but is being run by Avayla Winterleaf (MorriBae) while we look for an individual that’s interested in taking the position. If you seek to make trade agreements or start a shop within Sutica’s lands, this is the individual to speak to. Have a steward contact them for you if you have an issue getting ahold of them. Steward’s Role: The role of a Steward is to be a worker bee. They tend to the daily tasks of the government, assisting them in various ways as the jack of all trades. However, they’re also the first ones for citizens to speak to about their issues. Stewards often have the power and authority to tend to most issues, but should they lack such they’re easily able to contact those that need to be notified. Whenever you have an issue, these are the first individuals you should seek out. Looking to get involved in the government or wanting to lend a hand? Apply to be a steward with any Minister. ******************************** A Look At Past Events Within the past elven weeks, Sutica has hosted numerous events, celebrations, and momentous occasions. Here are some of the most recent going ons within the lands of Sutica: Festival of Turkey and Pumpkins -Reedsborough At a time of thanks and cheer fell upon the realm, where else better to spend it than with the Halflings of Reedsborough? From pardoning turkeys to shogging competitions, feasting on meats and sweets to a beauty pageant, the Halflings provided the realm with a joyous celebration of fun and foodstuffs! Prayer Sessions -City of Sutica With each passing year, we face more trials and tribulations in our lives that test our morality and our grit. Yet, we must always look back and reflect on our past before looking to our future. Numerous prayer sessions have taken place within the city where insightful discussions about morality, hope, determination, and the search for the light in a sea of darkness. Regardless of faith, these prayer sessions were a nice moment in our busy lives to simply breathe and reflect. Fishing Contest and Festival -City of Sutica/Mother Grove With the crisp mountain air cascading onto the lake, fishermen from all around joined in at the docks to cast their fishing poles. Hopes of landing the ‘Big One’ and the potential for legendary lures and rods kept the competition fierce while happy onlookers got to eat the spoils of their efforts. Tuna, Bass, Salmon, and more! Snowmen Invasion! -City of Sutica A blistering cold wind blew through the city streets, signaling the invasion of Snowmen! Armed with snowballs galore and led by Frostee the Snowman Scoundral, snowmen infiltrated the city and caused havoc! Armed with mittens and sleds the people of Sutica were able to fight back against Frostee and his Snowmen Gang, netting them some cool prizes! Krugsmas Decorations -City of Sutica As the holidays quickly approached and the feeling of Krugsmas filled the air, citizens pulled out their decorating skills and took to the city’s streets. With giant candy canes marking the main bridge and tinsel n’ garland hanging between houses, the spirit of Krugsmas filled everyone’s heart. Even the center of town became home to a giant Krugsmas tree with decorations and presents beneath it to give everyone some joy. New Years Firework Show -Cerulean Lake With the elven New Year swiftly approaching, many took to the seaside to picnic on the shore. With loved ones around them, they watched as the lake was illuminated with hundreds of fireworks. Even the young Lubba’s splashed about happily underneath the beautiful display, allowing the lights to shimmer and shine through the water droplets. With such an amazing way to end the year, it can only hold promises of prosperity and peace in the future. ******************************** A Look at Land Given Out As Sutica’s borders continue to expand, we look to our people and their wants. Many families wish for a peaceful life in the forest, some simply want a fishing shack on the coast, and some groups wish to find a new start within our lands and lay foundations of a town. Within the past elven weeks, here’s some of the land requests that have been approved by the government and given to citizens for free. Hallfing Expansion Not only fun and merry people, the Village of Reedsborough was Sutica’s first vassal on Axios. We are pleased to see that they are an active and growing race and when asked for an expansion of their lands, found it a suitable request that we were happy to fill. With their lands almost doubled now, the Village of Reedsborough has plenty of space for more Halflings, along with sandy beaches for watersports and relaxing days! Winterleaf Estate The Winterleaf Family has proven to be a never ending resource to Sutica and its people. Between their duties to the government, assistance in sorting the storage, and ability to act as a welcoming wagon for new citizens, the Winterleaf Family is an asset to Sutica. Because of this, when their family requested a small home in the outskirts of the busy city, the government rewarded them with one of the first estates within Sutica as a token of appreciation for their continued work for Sutica and it’s people. Doomforged Cabin Everyone deserves some alone time, Dwarves included. An elder Dwarf spoke to the government for a simple cabin in the wilderness to reflect and enjoy his old years. A request, even this simple, is something the government looks forward to being able to fulfill for its people. The worst that can happen is we deny it at that time, you can always reapply! Town of Lancaster Trading and merchanting, some of the core principles that Sutica was founded on, led a Wood Elf to Sutica’s shores. With big ideas in his mind and blueprints in his arms, he approached the government with plans of creating a seaside trading town, Lancaster. With ships already built and plans for a town of craftsmen, the government happily filled their request and looks forward to seeing their progress. Fontaine-Elmpool Plantation An older gentleman with plans of retirement seeked us out to find a plot of land to live a peaceful farming life. With himself and some friends he discussed obtaining land to have a small plantation, making promises to sell cheaply to Sutica. With such a promise and the desire to help out the older generation, the government agreed to such a request. The plantation can be found just North of the capital city alongside the road. Stop in to purchase some fresh produce and share a drink with the elderly gentleman. Town of Aegistrond When the longboats arrived on the shores of Ceru, eyebrows were raised. When the brutish and brawly people offloaded onto our showers, shields were raised. Yet when words were exchanged and intentions made clear, quills were raised and hands shaken. The men of Aegistrond have shown their loyalty to Sutica and themselves. With their vigorous hunts, their hearty feasts, and joyous festivals, the strong men and women of Aegistrong were given land to build a new home for them and their culture. We look forward to seeing their culture and people grow. ******************************** A Look at Structural Changes As the days roll by, the needs of the nation change. With this, we must either adapt or fall to the wayside. The following major structural changes to the nation are ways that our architechts and builders have helped improve Sutica and keep it up to date with the ongoing events in the nation and the realm. Druid-Sutican Bridge To ease the travel between the Mother Grove and the City of Sutica, a bridge was built to the East of the city. Not only does this bridge accommodate travelers, but it stands as a representation of the alliance between the Druids and the government. Both seek to work hand in hand in maintaining the peace and balance of the realm, starting with our own home. Take a trip across the bridge and visit the Mother Grove for all your Druid needs! Roadways Decrepit Roadways, one of the plagues of Axios. However, the government took the time to establish cleaner roadways between major settlements and the capital city, allowing for easy travel and safer couriering. Should you need a road to your settlement or wish for a path to break from the road to your homestead, alert the government and we’ll get to it! Main Road Redone With the changes of the boats from the Isle of Malin, the main road was quite a disaster. It actually lead into the lake! However, with the help of a group of laborers, the main road has been cleaned up and will lead you to the front bridge. No more bushes in your path and dead end paths! Government Building Previous attempts as separating the government’s housing and offices proved to be inefficient. People would often wander the estate grounds, trying to decipher which building housed what governmental offices. Now, there is one building that all can find easily and seek assistance with their problems. The guard force will also operate out of this building, with its training grounds, sparring pit, and stables there as well. Should you require any assistance, check here. ******************************** Looking Ahead/Plans As the new year begins, we must look to our future and make plans to continue our peace and prosperity. With this in mind, some plans that the government already has begun to discuss and make preparations for are as follows. Estates/Manors As our borders expand and more land is granted upon us, we look for ways to give back to the people that have enabled us to become the prosperous nation that we are today. Thus, we have set out creating estate and manor plots throughout the lands of Sutica. Individuals that have proven themselves valuable to Sutica will be rewarded distinction and favor within its lands. Aside from numerous other perks, they will receive such a plot and lands nearby to call their own and do with as they please. May all have the chance to reap such benefits by helping Sutica further itself in this coming year! Walls and Defenses As the realm is constantly shifting, so must Sutica. For those that do not adapt, fall to the wayside. In an order to remain protected and safe from dangers, both manmade and magical, numerous structures will be established to further guard ourselves from such. You will soon notice posts asking for laborers and bids to purchase materials to build such structures. If you wish to help donate your materials or strength to such a cause, keep watch for such postings within the coming elven weeks, or speak to the Minister of Civil Engineering. Renewal of Vows While the challenges and obstacles of the realm often block our path and force us to make difficult choices, we must always remember to look inside and not forget what is truly important to us. At times, it may become cloudy, dark, and impossible to see. But if we continue to walk the path and return to what’s most important to us, we will return to those we love and those that are most dear to us. With this said, a ceremony will be held for such a renewal of vows and promises to continue to trudge forth through the obstacles of life together. Those that receive this mailing are invited to witness such an important renewal! Details will be sent in the coming months. Council Members With the months passing by, the representatives from the outlying settlements have grown quiet. Not wanting the voices of the people of Sutica to go unheard, the government will be contacting every settlement within our lands to select representatives to speak on their behalf in government talks and meetings. Such settlements include: Mother Grove Reedsborough Aegistrond Lancaster Caligo Expect to hear from the government within the coming months about your representatives and making your voices heard within the government council. Looking for Help As always the government is looking for workers of varying skills. Should you be strong with a quill, a sword, a tool, or a scale, speak to government worker today about employment. Our nation is large and is constantly in need of workers to tend to its needs. Payment can be in various forms, such as mina, materials, land, or more! Taxation The dreaded word: Taxes. Have no fear, Sutica has no plan of taxing its citizens. One of the draws to Sutica is the ability for people to start a new life, and the weight of a tax on anyone’s shoulders is simply a weight that need not be beared. The government and Trade Princess will continue to fund the nation’s needs and purchases, allowing its people to live freely within Sutica’s lands. ******************************** In Closing, the government of Sutica, once again, wishes to thank its people for all that you have done for Sutica and each other. Without the continued support and effort, the above items would not have been possible. Should you have questions or comments about anything, mentioned or not in this letter, feel free to contact a government employee. We hope that you had a pleasant holiday season and look forward to enjoying the new year alongside you.
  10. ((I like the emblem on the flag in game, very cool.
  11. @Teegah @Jistuma those fishing rod changes to make it easier to make and repair a fishing rod?
  12. Give them their bits.
  13. It doesn't fix anything. As a recovering hardcore skill grinder I can say that in the grand scheme of things, the exp boost is extremely insignificant. They gave out enough free Exp when you create a new character to get a free and instant Veteran skill, or to split it up how you see fit. Many basic things have no skill or craft time required. Many things were now made possible to be made in stacks. That's enough.
  14. ^ It's my view, not 'Suticas' as many Suticans are constant partakers on their alts for both sides. As for the basis of my view: I experienced the OOC aspect of war starting back in Vanderguan and the Axis wars of Vailor. I disliked it. Being spammed on Skype while taking a midterm with OOC threats wasn't fun. And trying to encourage a single RP meeting to make any of it non-meta wasn't fun either. I still experience the OOC aspect of war and have been involved as 'Sutica' in the recent Axios wars. Still being spammed on Skype a year later and getting OOC threats still isn't fun. And trying to encourage s ingle RP meeting to make any of it non-meta still isn't fun. Which is why I'd, personally, like to see the RP potential of a war actually utilized, to off-set some of the OOC drama with interesting and meaningful/impactful RP events. I see no harm in trying to encourage more RP and more PvP events that can impact the war than simply the war zone such as defending a resource shipment, protecting a courier with tactical information, allowing warzone progress to affect the state of their warzone base, hostage exchanges, and the such. All which could be supported by a War Event Team, creating RP in citys and on the battle field, while orienting them to be PvP I may not be a big war person and I did give extreme examples (I myself said they were extreme, twice, within the post at the beginning and at the end). But I feel there is some RP potential for all (even those that don't fight and stay in cities to impact the war) in War and it might be something that could benefit the server, both RPers and PvPers alike.
  15. I despise the current systems 'At this time the point counts'. Everyone has seen it, 15mins before 6PM tons of people log in, status up, are online for 15mins, then peace out. And that's suppose to show their force in maintaining their war front? I'd rather it go to the extreme of it being a constant and continuous thing 24/7 then a single set point. War is meant to be rply long. War is meant to spread troops out. Warfronts are meant to be maintained. Wives and families are meant not to see their husbands and sons for extended periods of time. Economy is suppose to suffer due to the main working force (men) being out at war. Food and supplies are meant to become scarce. None of this happens because of the current system. There's no openings when one sides troops are marching and stationed elsewhere. There's no tactical smarts when you can't plan on the enemy moving their troops and attacking an unguarded city. Players simply log in, do their job, log out. There's a minimal RP and OOC backlash for players and their characters to go to war, which could be so much more if it is played out to be so. Families missing their family members, RP at war fronts, building siege camps, enemies sabotaging siege camps, gathering rations, scheduled resource shipments to the warfront that can be ambushed to give the other side a disadvantage. Do all the troops go to the warzone and station there to secure the point totally while they leave themselves open for raids on their towns and people? But Squirt, people don't want to have to sit in a warzone for so long?! It gets boring! - Think twice about going to war, war isn't meant to be fun its meant to be a hardship, even for the attacking side. But Squirt, there's no RP at the warzone! - use some of the suggestions I threw up above within a few minutes to create RP there. Don't give pre built warzone stations. Let players build them (within reason) during the warzone. Let enemies attack and try to sabotage. Let them slow down progress. Let them have tactics meetings in the warzone. There's really a lot of potential that warzone could bring other than just Spam Click, and that still can happen outside in the open warzone battle field. This isn't taking away from mindless PvP, its adding RP to it. But Squirt, I can't stay up til the late hours of the night to defend the point! They'll take it! - Well, thats a weakness on your side. Maintain it while you can, put your effort where you can. Consider the time you can't be on the enemies successful attacks against your side. War isn't won by one person or one small group, it should be a national effort. If you can't facilitate the numbers of your nation to defend a point, should your nation be at war? Like I said, I'm the extreme but I think there's changes that can be made to add RP to the OOCness of War that are being overlooked.