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  1. Carsandra, burdened and angered by her lover choosing another over her, by her best friends betrayal, leaves a note to three people. After sending the notes, she packs her stuff from Holm, Sutica, and other locations and leaves, heading off into the Wilderness. First letter, to Quavinir Twiceborn Second letter, to her student, Axel Swale, Serphin, still at a loss to do with her life, remains with the Elves in The Dominion. Homeless and begging for food and mina's. She as no family or friends to send a letter to. Fedlema, wandering The Mother Grove, remains there with the Druids in order to help with whatever minor tasks they may have. She sends a letter to her Guide, the Short ArchDruid. Alanna, not having seen her Ascended teacher in many months, gives up the idea of being an Ascended. She mills around in Sutica, homeless. OOC: Leaving this post to explain why my characters vanished.
  2. firegirl7894523

    Storm Clouds Gather

    ((Just to let you know, Halsworthy is controlled by a Cannonist Barony, so it would affect Rentus-Marna too))
  3. firegirl7894523

    That Winter Night

    https://i.pinimg.com/236x/93/40/57/934057dc5ca29b283ca607766e0cba1f--golem-the-stone.jpg The rays of the sun were setting on The Dominion square, Carsandra Ivydale stood with her friend, and his son. A golem and a dwarf stood too, the dwarf holding a bluesteel pickaxe. Suddenly, the golem lifted his foot, kicking the son square in the chest, and then bringing his foot back to stomp the son. Her friend, his Dad, stopped the golem, to which the golem simply picked him up and started punching the Dad in the face. “FACE YE MAKER, GOLEM.” The dwarf yelled, taking his warhammer and driving it into the golem’s left shoulder. A shattering sound happened, and the golem finally swung the Dad at her, toppling them before over. The King arrived on the scene, carrying his own warhammer, when the medic carted off the Dad and the son, and Carsandra slipped away from the fight, not before bandaging her bruised ribs. https://carolsnotebook.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/ElfenTanz.jpg The cool night air kissed Carsandra’s bandaged arms, chest, and right leg as she stood with the many others around the campfire. She scanned the surrounding faces, most of them unfamiliar to her. The Druid Oracle stood by her, next to him a blindfolded Dark Elf Druid, and to her right was an unfamiliar Elf. The leader of the drum circle, a pale Wood Elf female, raised her hands, shouting. “Many eons ago, there was a man who hunted carelessly. He caused great pain to the animals he killed. In their fury, the Aspects cursed him to forever be trapped in the form of a Wolf, and whenever he died, his soul would be brought back to a tree, for him to revive. In his anger, he started attacking the Wood Elves, and they prayed to The Aspects for help. The Horned God came down, and spoke to the Elves. He told them to play drums and dance for the entire night, to drive the beast away. One winter night, the beast came, and they played their drums and sang all night. That’s when the Horned Lord appeared as a glowing white stag, which pierced the heart of the beast.” Two figures emerged from the sidelines, one dressed as a beast, the other as the Horned Lord. The leader of the circle brought her hands down, drumming a fierce beat. The rest of the circle followed, and she drummed along, a bit softer since of her wounds. The dressed figures began to dance, while the leader of the song chanted elven words. The ‘Horned Lord’ lowered the ‘horns’, charging at the ‘beast’, which gave a fake cry, then collapsed on the ground, pretending to be dead. “Now the bow judging contest will begin!” The leader shouted, ending the drumming and the dance. Many folk lined up, handing their bows to the circle leader, who inspected them each with a squint. Many moments passed, before she finally held up a bow, “The Archdruid of the Mother Grove wins! She gets 500 mina!” Clapping, then The Oracle spoke “Archery contest begins!” A small line formed, to which a sudden whisper interrupted her, “Hey Carsandra.” She whipped around, startled. “Yeu’s Sake”, she started at the orange haired, armored man. “Carrot, you scared me.” She gently teased. “Qauv’s wife.” He narrowed his eyes, he wasn’t joking. She fell into silence for a moment, her voice, when she did speak, sounded annoyed. “He’s not my husband, he’s already taken.” “Uhuh.” He smirked. “He’s my relative, so you’re suggesting I sleep with family.” She did not look amused. “O-oh...sorry, I didn’t know~” He batted his eyes, to which she looked at him stone faced. “I don’t talk to people who suggest such foul things.” She whipped around, stalking off, ignoring his plead of apology. She sat on an empty seat, near the High Prince, where she was watching with half-interest as the constants aimed to be the best archer. Finally, after the last contestant had gone, The Oracle turned toward the gathering. “And the winner is The Lord Imperator! A prize of 1,000 mina and the Crown of Amaethon!” Cheers and clapping followed. Then the Oracle raised his hand. “Circle Leader, step forth.” The Circle Leader shuffled forth, looking confused. To which The Oracle handed her a bead, “Here take this, and…” He gave a pause, “I want you to be in my family.” “REALLY?!” The Circle Leader squee’d, then coughed, adjusting her voice back to normal, “I mean, really?” “Yes, really. You’ve shown true dedication to the Old Rites.” He gave a rare smile, to which she happily grinned, bouncing off. Carsandra stood in the backround the entire time, then she headed to look at the flames. Soon, the crowd returned to The Dominion, where she too, wandered back to the city square.
  4. firegirl7894523

    The September Prince: General Help and Item Listing

    Really the only items their are: September’s Bond [Golden Nugget] (All) {1}: The signed name is bound to the September Prince, for as long as he wills it. You cannot unattune others, and you cannot be unattuned. You may travel without regard for range limitations from natural objects or structures, or due to the unnatural quality of where you are travelling to. You cannot act to harm the September Prince, or his interests. This bond can be broken, but only through secrets. Wisdom of the Ages [Golden Ingot] (Druid) {8}: For every two elven years since your initial attunement, gain one rank in all druidic magics you are already rank five in. Additionally, you may now drive passive animals to violence. This item works for the signed name, so long as September wills it. Break the Cities [Rose Red] (Druid) {10}: Your blight healing damages processed wood, stone, and metal, at a rate ten percent that of normal, in a radius of thirty meters. Herbs enhanced through your herblore, when consumed by a non-druid magic user, causes powerful nausea, reducing the rank of their magics by one for twenty-four hours. This effect does not stack. This item works for the signed name, so long as September wills it. Gracious Prince, Make Aegis Whole [Lapis Lazuli] (Druid) {11}: When you roll to create a soul tree, increase your roll with a modifier of +30. Soul trees made in this fashion permanently destroy the body used for Awakening, have autumnal colors, and produce sap which can be used for Thulean Druidism, with properties as blood. This sap is also present in the Tree Lord. Mushroom Lord [Bonemeal] (Tree Lord) {12}: Your Soul Tree transforms into a mushroom of comparable size, and your Tree Lord body is now composed of chitin. You become fond of decaying landscapes, and rot. You may disperse spores, with stats as a spriggan. This items works for the signed name, so long as September wills it. Freygoth’s Plot [White Tulip] (Shaman) {5}: When your shaman powers cause damage to passive animals or plants, or natural inorganic features, over the next twenty-four krug’s hours, they will be healed back to their normal status. Freygoth has vision through your eyes. This item works for the signed name, so long as September wills it. Sprite of Decay [Redstone] (Sprite) {8}: Your coloration shifts to brown, green, and purple. You gain the ability to cast tier one communion and control, or, if targeting fungus, tier two. This item works for the signed name, so long as September wills it. Life and Death and Love and Birth [Clock] (Sprite) {5}: If you are slain, and your killer is themselves slain within the next twenty-four elven hours, a flower will sprout from their corpse. It will blossom after ten elven minutes, and you will be reborn from it. This item works for the signed name, so long as September wills it. Fertilize [Oak Sapling] (Dryad) {3}: You may water your tree with the blood of a slain descendant to gain 15% of their strength, agility, and constitution for twenty-four elven hours. Your skin takes on a reddish hue. This item works for the signed name, so long as September wills it. Fight My Love [Dirt] (Dryad) {8}: You gain one rank of communion and control within two-hundred meters of your tree. Your tree is immune to non-magical fire damage, and can attack others autonomously, as rank five communion and control, for only the tree itself. This item works for the signed name, so long as September wills it. Audience With September [N/A] (All) {7}: Speak to the September Prince.
  5. firegirl7894523

    [Death Post] The Fated Day has come.

    Carsandra Ivydale stood in the peaks of The Dominion. Her arms and right leg bandaged tightly, soaked with herbs and a healing potion. In her hand clutches the letter of his passing, through her gaze was solum, she simply stared.
  6. firegirl7894523

    Reviving the Angathgul: The Naakh'Ilzgul

    Carsandra is handed the flyer by one of the Preist's, she reads it, nodding, then pockets it. "Seems interesting."
  7. firegirl7894523

    Winter Solstice Ritual

    Carsandra checks her work times, then nods. "I can make it, aye."
  8. firegirl7894523

    Holm Invasion!

    https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/c1/6f/c16fe059-49af-47b8-a79c-14138c3c0aaa/prm106_preview.jpg The streets of Holm were filled with people, milling about and chatting. They were surprised when a big rumbling sound could be heard.. Up sprung forth the armies of the undead. Jaws opened in a silent scream, they charged to the mortals to feast on their lifeforce. The hunger in their eyes, their soulless corpses shuffling forth, with not a sound escaping from their lips. Carsandra quickly put on her half-plate armor, grabbing her sword, and she fought with the rest of the party involved. The thrill of battle and the adrenaline kept her going, countless undead bodies piled around. Some fell into the lava below, not even screams uttered from their corpses as they burned alive. Some fell into the water, drowning quickly as none of the undead could swim. For what seemed like hours, but was only thirty elven minutes, the party quickly swarmed the throes of the undead. There was a pause, and the Holm forces retreated back into the city. Then a pale figure suddenly appeared behind the party, with lots of minions behind him. He surprised us, but then was chased around, his skeleton figure was cut down amidst the fighting forces. Carsandra knelt, tending to the wounded, and then making her way to the fallen Liches corpse, picked up a pulsating purple crystal, along with a blond haired, blond eyed High Elf. A cry of alarm sounded from the gates, and she rushed over… https://img00.deviantart.net/cdd8/i/2015/228/c/6/undead_giant_by_mac_tire-d95vn8e.jpg Two giants, rose from the ground, the ground splitting before them, as they crawled out from the earth, showers of dust and dirt fell, before mighty roars wailed over the area. By this point, some Cannonists had arrived, and were present when the two giants rose. Before the party could even move forth, a sudden wave of undead caused the party to be pushed back, and Carsandra felt her wounds stinging as she plowed through, roaring her battle cry. In the midst of the fighting, she healed a Fenn soilder, and then she turned, seeing her own student fall to the forces! “AXEL!” She roared, grabbing her tringe kit as the defenders slowly pushed back against the undead forces at the gates. She reached him, healing him with herbs quickly, bandaging him as finally, the last wave of undead ceased. He sat up, groggy, “I’m fine.” He pushed her away, grabbing his sword again and heading to the Medic Bay. She grabbed her sword once more, heading out from the gate where she saw surprisingly few people battling the giants. The rest had to retreat because of their wounds, so she charged forth, sword gripped tightly in her hand where she slashed the giant in the chest. He faced her, giving a mighty roar before his hand raised, where she backpedaled, missing his strike. By pure luck, she missed the rest of his strikes, buying the rest of the defenders time to swarm the giant, stabbing his ankles until he fell, where she retreated, looking down from the rocky outcrop, panting, as they took care of the second giant. They all retreated to the city, nursing their wounds. Suddenly a Greater Lich entered the city, with no more hordes, he charged in himself. He made a beeline right for the Dancing Igor, were most of the wounded where. He bust down the doors, crashing through the fence and trying to kill the wounded. Instantly many of the forces pile-dogged him, including Axel. Their swords flashed, and the table the Greater Lich scrambled onto try to escape upstairs fell, crashing below his massive weight as he died. A blond haired human man ripped off his ganulet, while others reached for the crystals. Undead bodies lay in a heap outside the gates of Holm, the Inn doors broken, the Inn itself a mess. She took off her armor, checking her wounds. Her head had suffered no damage, her torso was only covered in a few cuts, her right arm suffered the worst damage, while her left arm was bleeding heavily, her right leg also was suffering the worst damage, while her left leg was bleeding heavily. She limped on her better left leg to the Clinic, dressing her wounds while the victors cheered outside.
  9. firegirl7894523

    Return of the Visaj

    Serphin Odessa Visaj, sat sleeping in the square of the Dominion, as she been homeless for quite some years now. Her eyes open as she hears from the whispers of the other High Elves that one of her family had returned. A faint smile tugged her lips, the ex-Dedicant snuggled deeper into the homeless garb. "Ha."
  10. firegirl7894523

    The Vast Open Ocean

    OOC: I'd def RP with you when I have the time!
  11. firegirl7894523

    Potential Headmaster Wanted!

    Carsandra receives the notice, she smiles, filling out an application. Name: Carsandra Ivydale Age: 100 Current magics if any?: Aqaumancy, Telekinesis, and Yeuism Do you have any experience in teaching?: Yes, I've been teaching Medical Practice In Combat for around twenty years, as well as Basic Herbology, and Intro Voidal Lessons. Former leadership positions: General Medic under Lord Azoth Hawksong, and Manager at Beletiz tavern.
  12. firegirl7894523

    Domesticated Magic

    I like.
  13. firegirl7894523

    The Remembrance Guild

    -The application was withdrawn-
  14. Alanna Silverblade is handed the poster. She reads it, and stuffs it in her pocket for later use.
  15. firegirl7894523

    The Academy of Khronheim

    Initiate Application MC name: firegirl7892467 Character Name: Alanna Silverblade Discord (Optional): You know it. Race: Half-Elf Age: Sixteen Do you know any magic currently?: No, I'm forbidden to. Which subject do you plan to learn?: Either Defense Against the Dark Arts, or Alchemy Do you swear to abide by the rules of the academy?: Yes.