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  1. firegirl7894523

    Storm Clouds Gather

    ((Just to let you know, Halsworthy is controlled by a Cannonist Barony, so it would affect Rentus-Marna too))
  2. firegirl7894523

    The September Prince: General Help and Item Listing [Updated]

    Really the only items their are: September’s Bond [Golden Nugget] (All) {1}: The signed name is bound to the September Prince, for as long as he wills it. You cannot unattune others, and you cannot be unattuned. You may travel without regard for range limitations from natural objects or structures, or due to the unnatural quality of where you are travelling to. You cannot act to harm the September Prince, or his interests. This bond can be broken, but only through secrets. Wisdom of the Ages [Golden Ingot] (Druid) {8}: For every two elven years since your initial attunement, gain one rank in all druidic magics you are already rank five in. Additionally, you may now drive passive animals to violence. This item works for the signed name, so long as September wills it. Break the Cities [Rose Red] (Druid) {10}: Your blight healing damages processed wood, stone, and metal, at a rate ten percent that of normal, in a radius of thirty meters. Herbs enhanced through your herblore, when consumed by a non-druid magic user, causes powerful nausea, reducing the rank of their magics by one for twenty-four hours. This effect does not stack. This item works for the signed name, so long as September wills it. Gracious Prince, Make Aegis Whole [Lapis Lazuli] (Druid) {11}: When you roll to create a soul tree, increase your roll with a modifier of +30. Soul trees made in this fashion permanently destroy the body used for Awakening, have autumnal colors, and produce sap which can be used for Thulean Druidism, with properties as blood. This sap is also present in the Tree Lord. Mushroom Lord [Bonemeal] (Tree Lord) {12}: Your Soul Tree transforms into a mushroom of comparable size, and your Tree Lord body is now composed of chitin. You become fond of decaying landscapes, and rot. You may disperse spores, with stats as a spriggan. This items works for the signed name, so long as September wills it. Freygoth’s Plot [White Tulip] (Shaman) {5}: When your shaman powers cause damage to passive animals or plants, or natural inorganic features, over the next twenty-four krug’s hours, they will be healed back to their normal status. Freygoth has vision through your eyes. This item works for the signed name, so long as September wills it. Sprite of Decay [Redstone] (Sprite) {8}: Your coloration shifts to brown, green, and purple. You gain the ability to cast tier one communion and control, or, if targeting fungus, tier two. This item works for the signed name, so long as September wills it. Life and Death and Love and Birth [Clock] (Sprite) {5}: If you are slain, and your killer is themselves slain within the next twenty-four elven hours, a flower will sprout from their corpse. It will blossom after ten elven minutes, and you will be reborn from it. This item works for the signed name, so long as September wills it. Fertilize [Oak Sapling] (Dryad) {3}: You may water your tree with the blood of a slain descendant to gain 15% of their strength, agility, and constitution for twenty-four elven hours. Your skin takes on a reddish hue. This item works for the signed name, so long as September wills it. Fight My Love [Dirt] (Dryad) {8}: You gain one rank of communion and control within two-hundred meters of your tree. Your tree is immune to non-magical fire damage, and can attack others autonomously, as rank five communion and control, for only the tree itself. This item works for the signed name, so long as September wills it. Audience With September [N/A] (All) {7}: Speak to the September Prince.
  3. firegirl7894523

    Reviving the Angathgul: The Naakh'Ilzgul

    Carsandra is handed the flyer by one of the Preist's, she reads it, nodding, then pockets it. "Seems interesting."
  4. firegirl7894523

    [✓] Domesticated Magic

    I like.
  5. firegirl7894523

    The Remembrance Guild

    -The application was withdrawn-
  6. Alanna Silverblade is handed the poster. She reads it, and stuffs it in her pocket for later use.
  7. firegirl7894523

    The Academy of Khronheim

    Initiate Application MC name: firegirl7892467 Character Name: Alanna Silverblade Discord (Optional): You know it. Race: Half-Elf Age: Sixteen Do you know any magic currently?: No, I'm forbidden to. Which subject do you plan to learn?: Either Defense Against the Dark Arts, or Alchemy Do you swear to abide by the rules of the academy?: Yes.
  8. firegirl7894523

    The WonkaWood Books

    The following books were dropped off at all the major city libraries. Each copied by hand by a scribe. The books smell heavily of nature, suggesting the original copies where Druidic in the first place. -Rentus-Marna library -Holm library -Belitiviz -The Dominion -Sutica Scribe's Forward: The books I found in the library of the Wonkawood village were very old in nature. Since the sleeping spell around the September Prince's chamber was enacted, my suspect is that the sleeping spell also preserves living and dead objects. These books date all the way back to Malin's City, some even written by Malin, The Founder, himself. My intention with publishing this knowledge to the public is not to offend, but to bring light to a shady, hardly discussed topic. There are some spelling errors simply due to the passage of time on the books, rendering some words a little funky. I pray that if he awakens, he will have mercy on us all. Book One, Elk Druid’s Diary Written by Elf Druid Tah’rayho Book Two, Malin’s Teachings I: Kingship Written by Malin Book Three, Malin’s Teachings II: Economics Written by Malin Book Four, Malin’s Teachings III: Justice and the Rule of Law Written by Malin Book Five, Malin’s Teachings IV: Stewardship Written by Malin Book Six, Druidic Record I Written by Lion Druid Lavondir Book Seven, Druidic Record II Written by Lion Druid Lavondir Book Eight, Druidic Record III Written by Lion Druid Lavondir Book Nine, Druidic Record IV Written by Lion Druid Lavondir Book Ten, Caribou Druid’s Log I: September Prince Written by Caribou Druid Hyulahon Book Twelve, Caribou Druid’s Log II: Absolute Word Written by Caribou Druid Hyulahon Book Thirteen, Caribou Druid’s Log III: Soul Forest Written by Caribou Druid Hyulahon Book Fourteen, The Final Book, Caribou Druid’s Log IV: Sporophytes
  9. firegirl7894523


    Carsandra, who works in the town, shivers, pulling her winter clothes over her body. "Stupid sudden blizzard."
  10. firegirl7894523

    Lord of the Craft Live clips! - Escape to the city!

    This is really funny, I would enjoy RP'ing with you guys ?
  11. firegirl7894523

    The September Prince has Awoken

    The looming threat of danger held tight against the Mali. A world bringer, destruction of doom, destroyer of worlds. She shook her head on news that the amber coffin had been broken, by some foolish, unknown party. "Even I know not to mess with things that say 'DO NOT TOUCH', would have been better if it was displayed in a giant flashing sign." She chuckled, "But I suppose, despite the gate being opened, things still might turn out for the better."
  12. firegirl7894523

    Persona inventory glitch

    **MC Names of all involved** Myself, firegirl7892467 **Description** Basically, I logged off last night at around 11:15pm CST. I went to bed. Woke up the next morning, logged on at around 9am CST. I went to go use my SS, but discovered that somehow my SS was binded to my second's persona. Confused, I checked my inventory to see that all my stuff from my first persona was now in my second persona's inventory. Double checking with ./me, it stated that I was currently on my second persona. I was advised to just switch back to my 1st persona, so at the fear of losing things, I tossed things to the ground that my second persona wouldn't have. I switched to my first persona, only to find the items back in my inventory. I went back to the spot I dumped my earlier items, and picked them up. I now have x2 of everything that I had on my inventory at the time. -2 iron swords [I had 1] -2 sticks [I had 1] -2 snuggit heads [I had 1] -60 blocks of grey concrete [I had 32] -59 blocks of purple concrete. [I had 24] -2 Flue of the Wilds [I had 1] **Date of occurance** This morning, between 9:15am-9:45am CST **In game specifications** firegirl7892467, Alanna Silverblade and Carsandra Ivydale **Steps to Reproduce** <!--- Provide all the steps necessary to reproduce the problem --> No idea how or why it happened. **Expected Behavior** My second persona's inventory should have only been some bread and a poppy flower. **Actual Behavior** I got my first persona's items, which was a sword, and itemized item, concrete powder, a stick, a snuggit head, and a soulstone. **Additional Information** I was unable to take screenshots at the time. **Error Message** No error message.
  13. firegirl7894523

    The Belvitz-Holm Railway; An Era of Industry

    Carsandra gleefully sits in the train cart, smiling a bit, having taken the ride many times over. "Wheee!"
  14. firegirl7894523

    Way of the Sage

    Carsandra reads the missive while having her morning coffee. "Good that people are coming out with fresh new ways to worship. Druidism needs innovated people."
  15. She stepped to the middle of Holm, the papers clutched tightly in her hand from the stress and pain. Of course, nothing had gone right. Just that morning her friend sold her secret, and because of it, her brother disowned her...again. There’s was three dwarves, two of which who looked younger, and an older one. She gritted her teeth, she needed to get through this meeting, she needed to give her speech. Then she could leave. She strode up, gathering herself. It was then that one of the dwarves, the younger one, turned toward her. *”You, are you plagued?” He asked, his face becoming hard at her sight, his body language tensing. “No, no I’m not.” She answered flatly, her already high stress rising. “That’s what a plagued person would say.” The second dwarf chimed in, who she recognized as a noble at Holm, “Where'd you get those eyes?” “From a tree in the Dominion.” She closed her eyes, irritation folding her face. The older dwarf stepped in “If she was plagued, they would have killed her.” His bread almost reached his feet, and was peppered with age. Despite his older status, he was still dwarven, short, stocky and proud. “If she’s plagued, then we have to burn her.” the second dwarf said, turning toward the younger one, ignoring the older dwarf’s words. “She might spread it to the citizens, so we’ll have to burn her.” Her eyes widen, fear snaked through her heart, her panic rose, her heartbeat thumped against her chest. “W-wait, I’m not plagued! Please do-” “IT'S TIME FOR THE MEETING, PLEASE COME TO THE PLAZA.” A booming voice echoed around the square, they both turned, grumbling, giving her wary looks, and they trundled off. “Don’t listen to them, their just speaking ****.” The older dwarf said, moving to follow. In which she dragged her feet, and stood up up on the stage, putting on a fake, brave smile. She could see her former brother sitting, not looking at her with disappointment in his eyes. The second dwarf was shooting glances at her and the tavern manager, who had her tail fluffed up. She spotted her fear, and hid behind the nearest tree. It was all she could do but burst into tears and run, she gave her speech, stepped down, and then sat for a bit, forcing herself to be there. She could feel their eyes drilling into her, her panic rose, her stress and anxiety. It was already terrible, but this had just made it worse. She sobbed, rising from her seat and covering her eyes, fleeing from the meeting plaza. She arrived at her new home, sobbing and hugged herself, rocking back and forth. All alone, with no comfort aside two other people, her mind was far elsewhere. Her sobs drifted about her home for hours, before finally quieting down. She grabbed a bandana, a red one, and tied it around her tear soaked face. Then she put boards around her windows, and got a lock for the door. Then she sat in her living room, breathing shallow. “I-I’m just..” Her words were interrupted by sobs, “MMmMm...in her home...all by herself.” As the meeting would come to a close in the plaza district of Holm, a certain Mali would not return, nor would return, for several elven months.