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  1. Crown's Reponse to the Proposal, 1655

    Carsandra smiles happily. "I'm glad they banned slavery within Marna. Maybe now I can visit the city?"
  2. On Forgivness

    On Forgiveness Scribed by Priestess Carsandra, on 15th Malin's Welcome, 1655 Forgiveness to those who have committed wrong-doings in the eyes their own soul, their leader, or their God or Goddess. It seems like an impossible task, with all the lies, deceits, and rumors flowing around in the very earth of our soil. Forgiveness, as per definition, 'forgiveness is the intentional and voluntary process by which a victim undergoes a change in feelings and attitude regarding an offense, lets go of negative emotions such as vengefulness, with an increased ability to wish the offender well.' Many studies cite the importance for forgiveness, and the ability to let go of a grudge. However in certain extreme cases, crimes like murder, massive theft of one's property, sexual abuse, domestic abuse, mental abuse, and other types of crimes, the person who was afflicted, might feel better not forgiving their attacker. We seem to throw around that forgiveness needs to happen in order for somebody to move on, or that forgiveness comes inside a neat little package. One of the many struggles afflicted feel, is the urge to not forgive. Many fall into the Five Stages of Grief, denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance, can happen in any order, and last any period of time. Since all races are complex, something simple as a heartbreak, or getting rejected by your crush, may take years, while others, only a few weeks. The first stage, Denial, is often when the person denies what happened. They try to ignore it, or ignore the person that caused them harm. I've seen that this stage typically is the longest. The second stage, Anger, is simply, when the person becomes bitter and angry with the other person. They lash out, make false judgements, and often lead to poor choices. Typically, this stage lasts from one to two months. The third stage, Bargaining, is when the person attempts to re-gain what they had lost. Often going to extreme methods to con, swindle, or otherwise get the person on their side. This stage is the most destructive, and typically the third longest lasting. The fourth stage, Depression, is when person falls under depression like moods. They often do not eat, or eat too much. They often do not sleep or sleep too much. Lacking motivation and willpower to do even the simplest tasks. This stage is the second longest lasting. And the final stage, Acceptance. Accepting that the actions in the past, where the past. Nothing you can do can change it. As I've said before, these stages come in any order. However, some afflicted may find themselves unable to finish the stages. This where the person turns to bitterness, rage, and anger, which fuels their mind to a point where it corrupts it. What people get often mistake is, forgiveness is the not saying 'I was ok with your actions,' forgiveness instead, teaches us to let go of the anger, sorrow, and regression. Forgiving another is NOT saying: -I was not hurt by your actions. -I am not in any mental or emotional pain because of your actions. -The pain I feel is gone. -I am back to the person I was before it happened. -My life can pick up to where if left off, before this happened. -I no longer think the other person was at any way guilty for what they did to me. -I am excusing your behavior. -I no longer view as what happened as important. -I can share the blame on what happened. -That I can ever forget what happened. With these words, I hope I bring some light on troubled souls. Sources: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/inviting-monkey-tea/201803/what-is-forgiveness-really https://grief.com/the-five-stages-of-grief/
  3. Seraphin Visajs

    Name: Seraphin Visaj Title: None Reason: None Race: High Elf Religion: Atheist Hair Color: Blond Eye Color: Blue Height: Weight: Pet's: N/A Talents: Magic: Deaths: [Time/Date, Reason] Wounds: [Time/Date, Reasons] Personality: +Loyal to the Silver City and Being Pure: -High Racist: -Shy and Quiet Relationships: Aerion Visaj: Dad. Inventory:
  4. Ishralli

  5. Rose Cleary

    Inactive due to main group leaving the server.
  6. Chat Bug???

    I don't use any mods and I've never used /fouce
  7. Chat Bug???

    **MC Names of all involved** firegirl7892467, Shunon_North was not affected but witnessed it. **Description** Chat system would temporarily not allow me to go into any of the OOC channels, kept erasing large blocks of text without me hitting the delete key. **Date of occurance** Teusday March 13, 2018 at 11:30am. **In game specifications** Carsandra Ivydale. **Steps to Reproduce** 1. Step 1: Start typing, hope that the chat system doesn't bug out. 2. Step 2: Relog. Realize that didn't work. 3. Step 3: Completely relaunch MC. It works now. 4. Step 4 **Expected Behavior** You should be able to type normally. **Actual Behavior** It randomly deletes your text that you type **Additional Information** Here's me trying to type into local but it blocked me. https://gyazo.com/6b2346e77664bf60b6c8ffdf01d8eb01 Here's me testing the RP channels, which work fine. https://gyazo.com/17de0fd8356b1e0bc39f4c9e975b4178 **Error Message** 'Unknown command'
  8. Amber Meditation

    It's not magic. :P
  9. Amber Meditation

    ~Amber Meditation~ Original Lore and Co-Written by Shunon_North Written by firegirl7892467 It’s Source Amber meditation is a method of finding calm derived from the ancient Mali’ame way of bronze meditation, even if there are some differences. Bronze meditation suppresses your emotions to keep them in check and under control, Amber meditation embraces them, not tries to hide them away or shun them. As all emotions are necessary for one to function, Amber meditation’s focus lies in finding the source of each of your emotions, what causes them, and in the end, hopes to gain control over these emotions to further the progress one can make. Someone practicing Amber meditations allows themselves to feel anger, to feel sadness and heartbreak, since suppressing such emotions only leads to further complications. Instead of suppressing them, a practicer of Amber meditation let’s them flow freely, but practices control as to not let their heart rule their head, teaching themselves to store their emotions during situations when such is not appropriate to handle them at a later point in time, or, not at all, if it is a temporary thing such as anger over an insult, at which the practicer would merely store their anger as another source of energy, not in the moment, but a driving force for longer, as anger is as all other emotions, a necessity, and a driving force in and of itself. How It Works Amber Meditation works by not suppressing and removing, but acknowledging and controlling the negative emotions. This process is less intense and takes less time than Bronze Meditation, but more intense and takes more time than normal mediation. In the beginning, the Amber Meditation does appear to have little effect, but at the end, the character will have greater control of their negative emotions. One learns this method of control via simply sitting down and meditating. Thinking back to one’s most painful, and happiest memory, and then trying to calm the emotions from both. This of course works in stages, a beginner will start with something as simple as trying to calm from insults or being jabbed, and increasing their anger or sadness level from there to learn further control of the self. What differs It From Meditation, Voidal Meditation, and Yeu Meditation Normal mediation aims at bringing the character to find peace, have energy, clear their mind, and have a more positive outlook. It aims at improving the character overall. This can take a lifelong progress, as meditation is a constant in everyday life. Voidal Meditation is connecting to the Void in order to cast spells. This can be learned by yourself, but it takes longer. This takes around half a year with a teacher, and two years by yourself. Yeu meditation is used to cast Yeu magic, and is like meditation, it helps improve the character overall. However it is restrictive and it takes 13 years to fully master, and requires the worship of an Aenguel, and Strictures that your character must follow. Amber meditation meanwhile is a process not focused on finding inner peace, or finding any kind of power or connection. Rather, it’s used purely to know yourself and control your emotions when need be. OOC Time-Guide In total, Amber Meditation takes about two years. (Two weeks IRL) Quick learning students will take about a year to master it. (A week IRL) The first couple months (about 2 IRL days) should be a fairly hefty struggle for your character. It requires 100% focus and quiet. The character will struggle with focusing, and doing the basic exercises. Beginner students only meditate for about 20 minutes a day, without prior practice. If the character is well-versed in meditating, then around 15 minutes should be good. ~Examples~ Carsandra sits in a dark quiet room with her teacher, who is sitting in front of her with his legs crossed. He nods his head, “To start, I want you to think of your most happiest memory, and close your eyes. Once you think of it, tell me it outloud.” She nods, closing her eyes and thinking of her most happiest memory. She said it outloud. “Good, now think of your most painful memory, and say it outloud. Push through the pain.” She wrinkles her nose at the request, but does as he said. She struggles to focus on the good memory. After 45 minutes, she finally does concentrate. After the second month, months 3-5 should be still of fair struggle. However your character should have better grasp on controlling the negative emotions. It still requires 100% focus and quiet. Your character might notice they are generally more calm. Months 5-7, any fast learning students could have a good grasp on their negative emotions and how to control them. At this point, it is possible for the student to control their negative emotions. At this stage as well, the character is generally going to be calm, focused, and able to have a central peace of mind. Controlling their emotions should come easily and naturally. ~Examples~ Carsandra takes a deep breaths at the insults thrown her way. She remembers her Amber Meditation training, and slowly calms down as she pushes the anger away and lets it’s dissipate,letting peace overcome it. She forces a smile on her face. In the second year, the same amount of months apply. Months 1-2 of the second year should be a lot better. This is going above and beyond the normal ‘level’ for a fast-learning character, however slow learning characters might still experience struggles. Months 3-5, the meditation as gone to the point where the student can be inside a crowded Inn, courtyard, or other space, and still be able to calm their negative emotions. Fast learning students find this is more common practice than stressful, slower learning characters will get stressed if pushed too hard. Months 5-7, the student is well practiced and can meditate in stressful situations. They are well-versed. Fast learning students and students are at the pinnacle of perfection when it comes to their emotions and controlling them. After about two years of practice it is possible that a use of Amber meditation can force themselves to be peaceful even in the most chaotic and stressful situations, such as on the battlefield, in a forest fire, or suchlike. After two years of practice even the more slow-learning of students should have reached a level of mastery of control of themselves. Red Lines: -Amber Mediation is in no way in any shape or form a mental help strategy, nor akin to actual therapy. -Amber Mediation does not work on deeply disturbed, insane, or psycho characters. Reason being, their mind is already too far gone for them to take control of their emotions. -Amber Mediation does not work on characters with mind altered states, both magical and mundane. -Amber Meditation does not work on characters who are currently drunk or high. Simple reason, their minds are not exactly in a state where they can focus on them. -Amber Meditation does not work on undead or homunculi. Undead and homunculi have no feelings, and operate on their brains and logic only. Any creature or race with their emotions permanently stripped, it also does not work.
  10. The sword becomes heavy

    Carsandra stands in the crowd, swiftly writing down 'BRING GIFT PACKAGE FOR KHAINE, POSSIBLY HOME-MADE DRINKS??? CHECK WITH GAURDS'.
  11. *The following books are handed out in the square* ~Preface~ The following is a piece by piece dismantlement of 'The State of the Treasury of the Dominion of Malin', written by Lord Treasurer Azoth Hawksong. This is not a personal attack against him, I wish to bring to light, and have people make their own conclusions about the piece in question. ~Income~ 25,672.5 total earned from a collective branch of three separate sides, The Treasury, The Stewardy, and the Virriam. As outlined in the very graph below, This graph in important, for the next sentence, Treasurer Lord Hawksong wishes to increase Virriam earnings. Might I ask, why are the guards getting a raise when they contribute less? Would this new plan not raise the taxes on the citizens in order to afford their new pay raise? ~EXPENDITURES~ Again the money leaving as Lord Hawksong wishes to circulate the money into public services, a worthy endeavor. The next two sentences below the second graph as me concerned, "To satiate any claims of corruption from the open and transparent Treasury, the High Prince will now own the majority of minas for his own use in government proceedings." To 'own' something is to keep. A puzzling concern, if by the charts, the Dominion makes more than 20,000 mina in a decade, yet it claims the rest is for the Prince to use in his government proceedings, which when doing the math, leads the Prince with only 5,675.6 mina to spend on his own government. A despairingly low amount compared to the Treasury. The rest I have combed over and found no faults that lie within your plan, Lord Hawksong. You may ask 'Why are you writing this?' Well, I have a keen eye, and I have have noticed you love to argue and debate. Bringing in other fresh eyes, to glance over the plan, your plan, in a more narrow light, helps the citizens think and also input for themselves. For the city of Dominion is built by the citizens as well as the workers and the Princes. My hope is that my word, though this may bring disfavor on my name, will bring a chance for yourself and the citizens to mold on the future of the city. [!] The book is unsigned [!] As an OOC note, please no overly negative comments. This is all IC, and a reason to possibly stir up some juicy drama. The book is unsigned, so please no meta'ing who actually wrote the book....thanks. @The Media Wizard
  12. Awaken, My Champions

    *Carsandra read's the book, frowning at the code* "Why does everything have to riddles and rhythms..? Why can't things be super simple?"
  13. Regaining Our Roots.

    Carsandra reads over the missive, nodding. "Aye, something I can agree with from a Druid, no less. I hate to see infighting among circles, it's what dulls even the sharpest blade. I'll be sure to attend."
  14. Yeu Pilgrimage and Mass Teaching

    OOC: Starting the walk tomorrow! From CT I'll walk to these planned areas: -Dominion (I'll host a sermon around noon CST) -Dunshire (I'll host a sermon around 1:00pm CST) I'll make a pit stop there and in another 3 hours after 2:00pm I'll continue Carsandra's walk.
  15. A Inquiry for Tutelage

    *A letter is sent back to Sythaeryn quickly, by hawk* Please be advised, the Wood Elven district disallows seeking Voidal Magic Arts, as well as learning it. If you live in the Wood Elven District, I would advise you to move out. If you are still interested, I am not a teacher, but I know a Water Evocationist and telekinesis teacher. -The letter remains unsigned-