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  1. firegirl7894523

    First Blood

    Homraz and the rest of the party, along with the Rex, clad in shining, dented armor, stood among the billowing sand dunes. The afternoon sun beat down on the party, but Homraz didn’t mind. Two of the party members, much to their dismay, had gone inside a cave that they had discovered. Suddenly, and eight foot tall creature rose out of the sand beneath them. One of the Orks was brought along for an unlucky ride, to which he belly flopped in the sand. Half the party members distracted the creature in the front, and the rest went to one side of the creature and stabbed it. Pieces of it’s armor broke, the creature let out a mad set of chitters, to which it turned toward Homraz’s group, at the same time, the second party, lead by the Rex, stabbed the other side, to which the creature yet again turned. The entire party kept doing this, until the creature made the fatal mistake of turning it’s back toward Homraz. Seeing her chance, she plunged her sword into the underbelly of the creature, to which it let out a deafening screech, and tried to hide in the sand again. However the creature was too late, as a horde of smaller creatures scuttled over the hill, and devoured the bigger one. Enraged, the Rex roared at his prize gone, and with the help of the other party members, they slaid the smaller creatures. After leaving the fight and licking their wounds, the Rex, ordered them to gear up. Homraz put on her studded leather armor and brought along her sword, still slick with the creature’s blood. Many other Orks were gearing up, talking among themselves. Despite the light mood, they were there to do one thing they do best, kill. After going to the Cloud Temple and doing a quick headcount, the Rex lead the group to Holm, a bastion of all free races. The gates were left open, and the Rex ordered the charge in. Homraz charged in, flush from her earlier fight, only to discover that most of the citizens had locked themselves inside their gates! Some of the dwarves tried to make a deal, other citizens made a break for it, it was chaos. However, she was very tired from her morning, so with a ‘Goodbye’ to the Rex, she made her way back to the Warnation, to clean her sword.
  2. firegirl7894523

    War of the Sands

    Homraz raises her bloodied weapon, "Lat peep whitzwashz nub more! FOR KRUGMAR."
  3. firegirl7894523

    [Complete][Slave Auction] Young Female Human

  4. firegirl7894523

    [Complete][Slave Auction] Young Female Human

    15 MORE MIN'S.
  5. firegirl7894523

    [Complete][Slave Auction] Young Female Human

  6. [!] Within the confines of the black market, a new slave was inside a putrid cage...[!] *"SELLING FEMALE HUMAN. VERY PRETTY. CAN DO MOST CHORES. YOUNG. BIDDING STARTS AT 100 MINA." "GIRL IS A BIT OF A FIGHTER, AND FIESTY. SO BE CAREFUL." *Translated from Blah to Common
  7. “So,” Qauv stopped just a few feet away from her. They were on the path to Holm, and herself, her boyfriend, and Qauv were all traveling. Qauv was currently carrying a bird cage, which was covered by a white cloth. “Ceasar said to me ‘You never cared about Thania or the people inside of it.’ and then just walked away. ERg.” She nodded, feeling sympathy with his plight. “Did he try to hurt you?” “No, no. He did not try to hurt me. I will show them my creation,” he lifted the cage a bit. “I can make deals with this.” She frowned, not particularly liking Qauv using magic in such a way. She treated all of them equally, with kindness and compassion. But she shook the thought off as all three of them entered Holm’s gate. Two guards standing duty, both dwarven, nodded as she passed. She entered the tavern like it was typical day at work, then suddenly, she spotted him. His orange hair and blue shabby coat was instantly recognizable. He was currently leaning back in his chair with his eyes closed, napping? No, he was awake, just resting. She didn’t even hear Quav leave, nor Tsishia walk up beside her and try to talk to her. All she remembered was the past, how the same orange haired, blue coated man had murdered his wife, and two children. How he had strangled them to death, cut open their insides, hung his daughter’s entrails on another’s door, and then walked to The Dominion covered in blood. His giggles of insanity as he was arrested, followed by short hiccups of laughter bounced off her mind. She saw red. She walked away from the entrance of the tavern and halted near him. Epsilon, he called himself. A fake name for a fake person. She glared at him, rage fueling her eyes. He didn’t notice, his eyes were still closed. That made her snap. A screech of rage ripped her throat, and she launched herself at Epsilon, her nails raked his tanned face. “CHIKR.” She screamed the ugly curse word in Elvish, which translates to child killer. Epsilon hollered, falling to the ground as she fell on top of him. His chair clattered to the side, and the few bar patrons looked at the conflict, she kept scratching at his face, seeking to destroy the only thing that mattered to him, his vanity. “YOU SPINELESS COCK****** PEICE OF HOGS ****. YOU GET ARRESTED AND THEN LET GO?!” He yelled back something at her, now he was trying to cover his face as she wailed on him in fury. She felt a pair of weak arms latch behind her, pinning her arms behind her back. Enraged, she was forced to kneel, breathing heavily. “I CAN’T ******* FIX THE PAST, I KNOW WHAT I DID MADE ME A MONSTER, BUT I’M TRYING TO FIX IT.” He yelled, he was angry, but she was more. “And you expect me to have sympathy for a man who slaughtered his **** FAMILY LIKE PIGS?!” She screamed at him. “I DON’T KNOW. I’M TRYING TO FIX THINGS.” He had scrambled to his feet, brushing off his coat. He wobbled to the nearest chair, collapsing. “These things are in the past, Carsandra Ivydale.” “CARSANDRA.” Qauv’s voice, sharp like a drawn bow string, cut above all else. He made his way toward her, with disapproval in his eyes. His eyes flickered to Epsilon, then he lowered his voice to but a whisper, “Don’t respond.” Her breath heaved, her nails and fingers were caked in dried blood. She would have loved responding to Epsilon, loved tearing him apart. But Qauv’s gaze bore into her, and her submissive side finally kicked in. The urge to protect herself from further harm. Some dwarf in the background was complaining about the noise, she wanted him to shut up. She finally relented, allowing her boyfriend to take her to the firepit. Qauv’s voice carried outside, “Take her away from here, so nothing else happens.” And off they were, leaving behind the city of Holm to rest. “I will hurt you. A day will come when you think you happy and safe, and your joy will turn to ashes in your mouth. And you will know your debt is paid.” - Carsandra speaking to Ceasar years ago, after his arrest in The Dominion.
  8. firegirl7894523

    ––––•(-• Cyrene •-)•––––

    FINALLY. Add relationships?
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    Zen Wood Working

    In the quaint Republic of Vrakai, a new shop opened. Paddling inside the tavern, one would notice and various walking sticks, either craved or smooth, and different display items hanging on the walls. There's everything a budding person could need for. Zen Wood Working is proud to announce it's opening. From the nestled spot of the tavern, folks of all races can come and browse the selections of hand-craved objects. Wooden Animals Animals can include any common, mythical, or magical beast. Small - 5 mina. Statue - 10 mina. Walking Sticks/Staves Walking sticks can have different craving of animals, or a pattern. Staves can be made to fit the user's needs. Walking Sticks, Plain - 3 mina. 2+ mina for extra decorations, such as cravings or additions. Staves, Plain - 3 mina. 4+ mina for extra decorations, such as craving or additions. Wooden Furinture Tables, chairs, benches, cabinets, bed frames, bookshelves, and much more. All - 100-500 mina, depending on the item. 6+ mina for any added decorations or additions. Wood Decorations Stands, candle holders, bottle holders, item holders, chests, wooden flasks, and much more. All - 50-100 mina, depending on the item. 3+ mina for any decorations or additions. Roles Owner - The owner of the shop, who runs and manages the place. Can hire new folks. Mentors - Mentors are the ones who train the new folks the art of wood working. New Folks - People not experienced with the art of wood working. Code of Conduct 1. The Republic of Vrakai is a Cannonist town, however other races are permitted to buy as long as they are approved to enter. 2. All customers must follow The Republic of Vrakai laws. 3. Don't be an ass. Staff List Owner, Carsandra (firegirl7892467) Contact Carsandra for a position, or inquires to buy an item! (Discord, Firegirl#1321)
  10. firegirl7894523

    A most treasonous teen.

    Carsandra read's the wanted poster with the other bar patrons, she shakes her head. "A mear child, getting into more trouble than I did as a child...!" Homaz read's the wanted poster, nodding her head. "Mi luk for pinkie if comz near Krugmar."
  11. firegirl7894523

    Male Elf, Age 42 - Krug & Co

    A hooded female see's the Elf's picture. "Ah, that's one of the Cannonists gaurds...such a pity." She walks off from the assumed black market, to do her shopping.
  12. firegirl7894523

    The Siege of White Peak

    Carsandra get's the newspaper, reading it over with another bar patron. "Aye, looks like the forces won. Oh well, but I am a simple barmaid." she goes back to cleaning mugs.
  13. firegirl7894523


    ((Yeu magic was not removed, if it was, then Aurtic_Saint and I need to know ASASP.)) ((At t4 Yeu followers get their permeant tell, below t4 their tell is only able to be summoned when summoning Yeu magic, and dismisses when the spell is over. However at t4 the connection to the Aengel is constant, thus, characters's tell becomes apart of them until self-disconnection. It's unable to be banished or destroyed))
  14. firegirl7894523


    The two spooks where on the roof of the Dominion, with a small child. The child seemed unaware of the danger. A large crowd had gathered below, staring upwards. The two spooks seemed fine not harming the kid, in fact, they were fine just watching the crowd. Carsandra herself stood in the crowd, watching the proceedings with a worried frown. Many people were talking at once, and finally two Clerics arrived, moving inside the Inn. The spooks both vanished from visible sight, and she saw Evan make his way to get the child. While she was occupied, a sudden strong hand yanked her away. She startled, looking toward an unfamiliar face. A Wood Elf, with a claw weapon at his side. His face was a scowl, and he looked like he woke up on the wrong side of the bed. “What is this?” the Elf gestured to her tendrils, which flowed from her back. This was not a polite question, it was a demand. “It’s Aeungel magic, from the Goddess Yeu.” she answered plainly, slipping her arm out of his hold. She stood politely, frowning a tad. “They are not allowed.” his eyes narrowed. “Under the Dominion law, unneeded or reckless use of any magic is banned. Dismiss them at once.” She blinked, “It doesn’t work like that, I can’t dismiss them. My connection to the Aeungel is constant.” “Then I’ll chop them off.” he hissed, his face wrinkled. She sighed, turning around and waited, knowing what was going to happen. She heard the man take out the claw weapon and closed her eyes, waiting for the blow to the head or heart. But none came, true to his word, she felt the claws swoosh past her back. Like she knew, the tendrils didn’t seem affected. At this point, Mel had walked up, obvesersing. She turned back around, looking at him plainly. “I told you Sir, they cannot be dismissed, nor cut off.” His face remained into a scowl, he turned to Mel. “Take her to the gate.” Mel’s face turned into surprise “Aeungel magic is allowed.” “Your not in any position to question me, take her to the gate.” Mel’s face turned sad for a moment, he sighed, gesturing to her. She nodded, following Mel to the gates of the Dominion. Mel looked at her. “I assume your banned, so don’t come back unless you want to be arrested or killed.” She nodded, unable to really process what had happened. She took out some bandages and herbs. “Here, for your ear.” She gestured to recently lopped off left ear. He took the supplies, nodding his thanks as she turned, and walked out of the gates of the Dominion, unable to return again. OOC: Short story of what happened 5 hours ago, thanks for the RP ❤️