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  1. Even though I'm only stopping in for a few minutes, it feels weird to be back. I don't want to make assumptions about this place anymore. It never did me any good. But in a very strange way, stopping in to the site feels like time itself has stopped around me. Everyday I wake up, head to work, head home, work on whatever project I've undertaken to pass the time. Books. D&D. Fate. There's comfort to be found in creativity. To create something, for it to belong wholly to me, even if its crap work. Maybe that's what kept me around all those years. A community of people who just wanted to do something. Create something. Stories, legacies, relationships, anything that made them feel something other than the monotony of the same old same old.

    This place never seems to change. Maybe that's for the better, you know? Something familiar when everything else around us feels like its moving a million miles an hour, well out of our control. I'm doing much better than last time we spoke. Work is work. I'm still writing. Working my way through a book, for what it's worth. Every time I open the document I think of whatever you were working on. Sometimes I think about reaching out to your family if I ever make it as an author. I'd love to finish it for you. Get it out there for the world to see. Then again, I'm something of a coward. When your mother and I spoke it broke me for a few days. I hope they've managed to find someone to complete your work. 


    I found someone that cares a lot about me. They put up with my inadequacies, and lemme tell you, there's still a lot going on there. I've been working on that, too. Introspection. Accepting my faults. I've made a lot of progress there. I'm starting to accept the person in the mirror, the people everyone else claims to see, is who I really am. Empathy is a skill I've picked up on. Took me long enough, really. All the schmoozing around I did throughout high school, you think I'd of figured out how I made people feel. Well, better late than never, right? 


    Everything is a lot of the same. Just a whole lot of little successes to keep me moving in the right direction. 


    I think about you and our time together often. You have a lot to do with why I'm striving to grow everyday. One bad night, I nearly ended everything over a disagreement with my parents. You told me to keep going. Because giving up wasn't something you knew me to do. Weird, really. I've never felt like I could keep anything rolling, but if there's anything I'm not gonna give up on, its this. Living to be the person you believed me to be.

    Thanks for everything, J.

  2. Hope you are doing well. I forgot and don't want to remember my old account info anymore. - L

  3. Hope you folks are doing well and keeping up with writing. Good vibes.

    Miss you, brother. 

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      man, been a minute huh drone

    2. Dromui


      Something like that.

  4. Thought I’d drop by, say hi. See how lifes been treating you. Been what? Nearly a year now? 


    Hope all is well with you buddy!

  5. **** man, it’s been over a year since I found out we lost you and it’s not really gotten any better. I’ve left LotC, beat cancer, and I’m moving on in life. Between you and me, these seats should be swapped. I’d rather be looking down watching you change the world than stumbling through the day trying to find my way back. I can’t say I’m happy to be pushing on, but I do it because I know in those final moments you were still pushing. You never would of given up had there been say in the matter. I’m holding out to the day you and I get to catch up. Knowing you, it’ll be one hell of tale. Rest in peace, brother. Keep on keeping on, wherever you are now. It’s a better place, I know it. You earned it.

  6. Gimme your ******* Discord, noob.

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  7. No argument is “invalid” because you declare it as such. The Ascended being a plot device would be fun and interesting, if it ever occurred in a way that brought benefit to the majority of the server. Rather, a large number of the server find this group and magic intolerable due to the former leader of it. Hell, I was slashed out of interaction with it due to his and another’s falling out. Does that make me unhappy? Most definitely. I personally believe this rewrite is far more interesting than Ascended magic once was, but I also think the Ascended are indeed a group that have ran their course and that’s enough. With as long a history the group has had on this server, with as little impact as it’s actually had to any long term story telling, it’s time to put it down and do something else. Keep in mind, this is my opinion on the vast majority of magics this server offers in general. Aside from like, the void, which I consider the basic and boring magic of any fantasy setting. Special and fun stuff that offer an additional layer of RP, deity/dark/whatever should be doing more than impacting an individual character. I also stand by the opinion that less is more. Having to rewrite Fitermon’s initial 9,000,000,000 pages for Shade magic when I had it was stupid and frustrating. If I had to sit down and bang this out just to learn the magic, because my teacher was being lazy on an OOC level like most teachers are, you know I’d be EXTRA heated. I think with the full amount of stuff here, most new folks to the magic (if there are any, I’m entirely unsure since I don’t follow MAs and such) would be doomed to fail when those with TAs inevitably fall into stagnation and do nothing.
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    Welcome to Lord of the Craft! It is my pleasure to be the first to welcome you to the server! The application was a great read and well though out. If you have any questions or concerns in the future, don’t be afraid to contact a member of the Application Team, as we’re here to help all new players get settled into the server itself. I would also like to recommend utilizing the LotC New Player Discord if you do not already. It is a great source to find players, groups, and roleplay opportunities on our server. Have a wonderful day and happy roleplaying! LotC New Player Discord https://discord.gg/eySYjqw
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    Changed Status to Under Review Welcome to Lord of the Craft! If you have any questions or concerns regarding the server please don’t be afraid to direct them towards a member of the Application Team. We’re here to help! Your application was well put together and I’m glad I was able to review it! I highly recommend utilizing the LotC New Player Discord to find others within the community to aid you in getting settled. It is a great resource to contact players and staff alike. Have a wonderful day and happy roleplaying! LotC New Player Discord https://discord.gg/eySYjqw
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