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  1. Dromui

    New Player Guide Ideas

    Should do a FAQ section for new players.
  2. The Hummingbird Druid is conflicted lul
  3. Dromui

    A Mother's Memory

    (( You honestly hate to see that. My condolences. A parent losing their child before they can ever truly experience holding them is a great tragedy that I would not even wish on the people I hate most. You deserve far better and I know you will be able to push past all this. You are a strong and beautiful mind. I hope you and your partner see better and brighter days. ))
  4. Perhaps we can have a Lark 2.0 and you can go ape **** on the various playerbases that do nothing for this server as well. Big +1 cause I think it be funny as **** and I find you funny.
  5. I think you need to slow down and deal with what’s going on in your life before dedicating yourself to another team. LotC is a very draining environment for folks who don’t take on the relatively thankless staff work. Couple an already poor atmosphere with unpaid labor and you’ll find yourself sinking more and more time into something that doesn’t matter at all in comparison to the OOC ailments and troubles you already deal with on a daily basis. Focus on one team, if you are going to focus on any, and just relax with minimal labor. It might help keep your mind off troubles while you work towards a solution to them.
  6. No argument is “invalid” because you declare it as such. The Ascended being a plot device would be fun and interesting, if it ever occurred in a way that brought benefit to the majority of the server. Rather, a large number of the server find this group and magic intolerable due to the former leader of it. Hell, I was slashed out of interaction with it due to his and another’s falling out. Does that make me unhappy? Most definitely. I personally believe this rewrite is far more interesting than Ascended magic once was, but I also think the Ascended are indeed a group that have ran their course and that’s enough. With as long a history the group has had on this server, with as little impact as it’s actually had to any long term story telling, it’s time to put it down and do something else. Keep in mind, this is my opinion on the vast majority of magics this server offers in general. Aside from like, the void, which I consider the basic and boring magic of any fantasy setting. Special and fun stuff that offer an additional layer of RP, deity/dark/whatever should be doing more than impacting an individual character. I also stand by the opinion that less is more. Having to rewrite Fitermon’s initial 9,000,000,000 pages for Shade magic when I had it was stupid and frustrating. If I had to sit down and bang this out just to learn the magic, because my teacher was being lazy on an OOC level like most teachers are, you know I’d be EXTRA heated. I think with the full amount of stuff here, most new folks to the magic (if there are any, I’m entirely unsure since I don’t follow MAs and such) would be doomed to fail when those with TAs inevitably fall into stagnation and do nothing.
  7. Dromui


    Changed Status to Accepted
  8. Dromui


    Welcome to Lord of the Craft! It is my pleasure to be the first to welcome you to the server! The application was a great read and well though out. If you have any questions or concerns in the future, don’t be afraid to contact a member of the Application Team, as we’re here to help all new players get settled into the server itself. I would also like to recommend utilizing the LotC New Player Discord if you do not already. It is a great source to find players, groups, and roleplay opportunities on our server. Have a wonderful day and happy roleplaying! LotC New Player Discord https://discord.gg/eySYjqw
  9. Dromui


    Changed Status to Pending
  10. Dromui


    Changed Status to Accepted
  11. Dromui


    Changed Status to Under Review Welcome to Lord of the Craft! If you have any questions or concerns regarding the server please don’t be afraid to direct them towards a member of the Application Team. We’re here to help! Your application was well put together and I’m glad I was able to review it! I highly recommend utilizing the LotC New Player Discord to find others within the community to aid you in getting settled. It is a great resource to contact players and staff alike. Have a wonderful day and happy roleplaying! LotC New Player Discord https://discord.gg/eySYjqw
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    Changed Status to Pending
  13. Dromui

    Please Ban Me Vol.2 [Art]

    The actual madman.