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  1. Dromui

    Fixed Raids, Please Read

    Both of these things are incorrect. It likely won’t be as large, but that doesn’t mean it’ll bleed out and die. The maps will just shrink, less nations will exist, and more RP will be centralized by the players who dislike PvP no longer needing to hide behind walls to find RP. PvP can be fun and enjoyable, but the server doesn’t need it to continue to exist. Though that doesn’t mean the server wholly benefits without it either.
  2. Dromui

    Malin and his Quest to get a Nut

    I’ve been trying to convince Flamboyant to let me play Malin. We’re almost there, brother. I’ll give you the low down once I get the lore.
  3. Dromui

    AT Monthly Update Log - October 2018

    Throw me a message on Discord, I have something in mind similar to that but not exactly the same. Might be able to blend the ideas.
  4. Dromui

    AT Monthly Update Log - October 2018

    If you have any ideas on what you think we/you can implement to increase the applicants to these races, don’t be afraid to let us know.
  5. Monthly Update Log – October 2018 Introduction Hey folks, I hope everyone had a wonderful October and hope everyone will have a great November. I’m going to go ahead and get everyone up to date on the Application Team before moving forward to statistics, app King/Queen, and all that good stuff. To begin, during the month of September I was declared the Application Team Director with the departure of @BritBritt. She was a fantastic director and gave her all to the team. If you’ve not already thanked her for her hard work, don’t be afraid to do so. I’m sure she’d appreciate it. Anyhow, the month of October proved to be a difficult one. We gained and lost a fair number of members, promoted managers, and were forced to put projects on hold. However, we’ve managed to create a solid base for the team. After bringing on a fair number of hardworking individuals who’ve already gone above and beyond to prove themselves, I’m sure the team will begin to thrive. I would like to take a moment to both thank and congratulate @tenreduxand @Ivoryyy_for their hard work and promotion to managers. Finally, the Application Team is still looking for new members of the team as well! If you have a passion for helping new members grow within this community, want to get your feet wet with staff duties, or perhaps have a yearning to return to the front lines, please don’t be afraid to post an application. Application Team Roster New Player Data Moving into the bread and butter of this update we’ll go ahead and get the gathered data for October put down. Unsurprisingly, humans were once again the most applied for race at 42.7% while the elves followed behind at 33.6%. Dwarves followed up in third place with a resounding 8.5%, orcs followed with 4%, and halflings brought up the rear with 1.5% of applications sent their way. Our application rate has dropped in comparison to past months, falling to 265 total applications. There are a few factors that come directly to mind as this number is put down. It is exam season, as we’ve had a few members step away from the team on hiatus to handle such responsibilities. The coming months will also continue to see a heavy emphasis put onto schoolwork. Also, guest applications have officially been removed from the server, thanks to @Sporadic. In the past, guest applications made up a bulk of our applications themselves, with their removal it is only expected to see a drop in overall numbers while folks adjust to our return to the current system. With the removal of guest applications, our acceptance rate has skyrocketed to 79.6% as expected, while our denial rate has dropped to 20.4%. This month we’ll be testing a new multi form to gather data and responses, courtesy of @Time Lady of Kittens. Our most accepted timezone was American with 64.9% of incoming players, European timezone players came in second with 30.3%, and Oceania had a total of 4.8% of incoming players. Member Alterations October was a pretty crazy month for the team, as we saw promotions, recruitment, and folks leaving all wrapped up in one, spooky month. I want to thank everyone who has worked on the team during my tenure, whether you’ve come or gone. Your effort is appreciated and will not be forgotten. This section will cover any changes for the month of August, September, and October as they were not listed prior. + Dromui promoted to AT Director + + Ivoryyy_ promoted to AT Manager + + tenredux promoted to AT Manager + + notaboutangels promoted to AT Trainer + + hellebore promoted to AT Trainer + + BronCloch accepted to the AT + + Gaia_ accepted to the AT + + Gilded accepted to the AT + + Gusano accepted to the AT + + Jondead accepted to the AT + + Nectorist accepted to the AT + + Stargazeology accepted to the AT + + MamaBearJade accepted to the AT + - Torkoal_Tom stepped down - - MickMeist stepped down - - BritBritt stepped down - - harold stepped down - - _Jandy_ stepped down - - ZachoSnacko stepped down - Team Data This month was a difficult one, with all the changes that transpired leading up to my Directorship and the additions we made. Many members were on hiatus handling IRL responsibilities, so it was a bit of a crawl. Without the help of our very own @sophiaawe’d of found ourselves far worse. With that being said, let us go ahead and announce our Application King/Queen. This month, with a total of 75 applications handled, sophiaa takes the crown as our Application Queen! Going into November and December, the team will be focusing on revamping and bringing to life quite a few projects that have been put on hold with the changing of leadership. We’ve already put together a fair number of folks ready to put the time in to finally get the Tailor’s Guild rolling. Aside from that, sophiaa and Ivoryyy_ are currently working on large scale New Player’s Guide while BronCloch is putting her time into an Application Guide. We’ve a few other things in the works as well, which you lot will be seeing soon enough. Sit tight and get ready folks, we’ve got a fair bit coming at you! A Personal Thank You Throughout my time on this server, I’ve put myself out there numerous times in the hopes of managing to make it onto a Staff team to help out where I can. If it weren’t for @Skytaking his chances with a banned player, I wouldn’t be where I am today to help out. @BritBrittalso put her faith in me and relied on me to help this team when she was unable to do so herself. Thank you so much for trusting me, Brit. I’m not going to let you down. Aside from that, I also would like to thank @Knoxfor helping this team when it was likely at it’s lowest. Without him there I’m not sure I would’ve been able to get it rolling in the right direction. The Administration has done great work in helping me step into the position to ensure I am well trained, so thanks very much for that @Fireheartand @FlamboyantRage. @SeventhCircleis appreciated for existing. A special thanks to @sophiaafor carrying this team through the month of October, as we were in a rough spot activity wise and she really helped out.
  6. Dromui

    Looking for RP partner/wife

  7. Dromui

    Challenge to the Dominion, 1688

    “Looks more like the same group of people are refusing to give up leadership. Huh.” Skale and Diraar say in unison.
  8. Dromui

    GM Monthly Update Log - October 2018

    16 =/= Dozens
  9. Dromui

    The Stag is called to heed.

    Skale gives a thumbs up. “Good stuff, nephew.”
  10. Dromui

    Activity, The Lastest Plugin

    That’s a completely fair point to make. I imagine if it’s a reoccurring issue a compromise can be made between your NL and the administrator. I think the plugin should be transparent anyway, so the players aren’t getting shafted by 3 AM EST checks.
  11. Dromui

    Activity, The Lastest Plugin

    I think if your nation spends more time on the road banditing/enslaving rather than at least visiting the homestead from time to time, it probably would be better to save a plot for something else. Being a war nation doesn’t mean you guys wouldn’t be home at least some of the time, eh? Can be a group of nomadic warriors if all your time is spent everywhere other than your city.
  12. Dromui

    PvP and Raids Generate RP: Change My Mind

    I don’t think anyone particular cares as much about the actual act of the combat, whether it be PvP, CRP, or rolling a d20. I think it’s more the consequences that come after the fact which people enjoy. Whether you’ve bested your foe and have claimed victory over a group of bandits, or have lost against a roving horde of orcs and are now a slave. It’s less the act, more the RP coming after it. I think PvP is fine, I think CRP is fine. Personally, I just roll a die at this point and whoever wins can describe how they won. I don’t personally have the time to spend, cause CRP can be an hour, the **** that can follow PvP can be an hour. Rolling a dice after agreeing is pretty absolute. Though I can see why most players wouldn’t enjoy losing player agency over just a roll.