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  1. "The hounds will be put down shortly papej." Sergei would shout towards the Brawm keep. Only four people in the keep should hear him as they are inactive and irrelevant. "Papej let you have this one" he'd shake his head
  2. Deano you're an erotic man
  3. Theodosius I would remember the times he had with Benegar and wonder why Theodosius II would try to use the name Theodosius without the II's
  4. Sergei Kovachev would read over the act, nodding many of times with a smile on his face
  5. Volunteer format MC Name: StokedOff Nation(s) you belong to IC: Kingdom of Haense / Duchy of Carnatia Time Zone: PST Skype (if applicable):dakota_lane Discord (if applicable): Forum Account Link:https://www.lordofthecraft.net/profile/78191-stokedoff/ Preferred Method of Contact: Skype or forums, doesn't matter. How will you go about assisting new players?: I would go out of my way to roleplay with them to give them the proper experience they need. I'd teach them how to properly emote and assist them in properly roleplaying their character. When I first started it was hard to find people who actually would roleplay with a new person so I'd be that helping hand they need. Helping them by giving them a community to roleplay with is what I think would be a good start.
  6. Rped with him for months straight every single day last time he was GM. He was very unbiased and never abused his power. He'd be a great addition back onto the GM team. +1000 Oh and these anti Oren and anti pyro guys posting on here are biased against him. I guarded him almost every day as one of his Nauzican and he never even got close to being killed. That being said he would never have had to tp away from these dudes and abuse powers. These guys are making stuff up to try and slander pyro. Oh and Drfates excuse about him insulting friends on teamspeak is irrelevant. Who doesn't insult their friends on TS? I even recall when I first joined the server all the GMs and Admins were memeing and insulting eachother in a community meeting.
  8. Sergei would laugh out loud
  9. Yas
  10. The Deceased Theodosius I would remember blessing the Gold Corps before they slapped the Courlandic rebels the first time "Slap them again" he would say as he looked down at the rebellion, smirking as he does
  11. Smirk
  12. Sketch, Polished, or Color: Color Color Details (if applicable): Whats on the skin Character Name: Sergei II Kovachev Age: 5 Gender: Male Race: Human Link to Character's In-Game Skin (optional): https://gyazo.com/1c083bbca104245c0cf2e162fb728844 Flowery Physical Description: For his age, a bit muscular. Skinny. Has a nice big smile. Clothing (this will only be visible from the shoulders up): Skin for referance Other: Thank you :)
  13. Nikolaj Kovacs would vote for Bishop himmel
  14. "You take the name Theodosius and shame it. All will remember you as the Pontiff crazier then Daniel III." Alexei would shout