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    Prince Avurak Syllar, Gadhaal the Black, Krothuul'Ram
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  1. Signs began to pop up around the horde following the release of this list. The signs had a simple bloodied handprint upon them with a signature at the bottom. The signature read 'Mauk没rz'. The signature appeared to be a genuine match to that of the signature on any document he produced.
  2. A Final End ([!] Written in Blood and berries mixed) Dah tik ub Krug鈥檚 descendents am here, for an inferi ztompz at our door demanding our Rexdom. Skorkonz wordz am tainted wib malice, falzehoodz, and corruption. Diz two-faced entity, masquerading az a Wargoff ub Krug, haz nub right tu conzpire tu murder our Rex undur dah falze pretenze ub zavin dah Horde. Dah document Skorkon zent out zhuld bi consigned tu dah flamez, zymbolizing dah true nature ub diz creature. Dah urukim hab alwayz been at dah forefront ub our defenze against dah inferi who onze threatened our realm. Dah heroic anceztorz ub orcizh descent gave der livez tu protect uz from dah inferi scourge. Dah urukim exist tu carry out krugz will, which am tu zhield dah descendentz ub diz realm from dah likez ub Skorkon. Dah lazt Uruk who zucceumbed tu dah inferi, much like Skornon, betrayed hiz clan, Ram. He attempted tu murdur hiz grizh bruddah an rejected the zpiritz an traditionz daht are dah anchor ub our culture. Hiz true zelf, personality, and ezzence were lost. Skorkon and dah defiled Uruk, Turge鈥橰am, walked ah zimilar path, drivun by greed and ah dezire for powur, but at wub cost? Their actionz led tu corruption, zevered their zpiritual connectionz, and resulted in dah death ub der egoz. They became ah threat tu dah very zpiritz they once revered and to that ub dah Horde. Skorkon zpeakz ub dividing powur and fracturing our clanz, dizguizing it az ah favor tu our anceztorz, but in truth, hiz intention am tu weaken uz. Hiz liez wont deceive dah discerning earz ub an azhen uruk within dah city ub hornz, where our anceztorz watch ovur uz. Wi cannub accept Skorkonz challenge for Rex, az urukim, ib wuld make uz all dizhonurabul in Krug鈥檢 eyez. Skorkon, ah practionur ub dark mojo, am a mere shadow ub hiz former zelf, ib dat. Deception may make him appear az azh ub uz, but a cloze examination ub hiz character an idealz reveals ah being whu am far from an uruk. Mi demand dah removal ub Skorkon鈥檢 titlez wibin dah horde and a banizhment frum our landz for dah honur ub Krug and for our dutiez az urukim will ib. Allowin him tu remain wibin our landz am ah betrayal ub our duty az protecturz againzt buurzhom an servantz ub dah zpiritz. Skorkonz fate will bi met at dah handz ub dah mozt honurabul amogzt dah urukim, an dey zhall be rewarded by both mi an dah zpiritz. Mi call upon dah Dominuz, Targoth, an Motzham, tu put an end tu diz dizplay ub dizhonur. Signed, Kukaal Maukurz鈥橝kaal Ancestor of Zurge鈥橰am
  3. An ashen Akaal of Ram descent stumbled through the Goi. News of an Akaal being slain found his table as he awoke from a deep slumber after the mess of a failure the Bronze Band had yesterday against the Azdrazi. His head still pounding from the nonsense that interfered with his Clan Meeting. He read the notice from the Rex, stating what Atemu-Ta had done, his face grew dark instantly, his eyes bloodshot. He roared himself out of bed, anger filling his veins "AZH UB MINE HAB BEEN ZLAIN? WHU?" the skeletal uruk shouted, a sadness in his voice, spit and blood flying from his maw as he yelled in pain, from within. The ashen orc marched to the center of the goi and questioned the Rex for more details, to which he got. "Dey will gruk whi dah realm feared dah anceztorz ub Ram." Maukurz roared out to the goi
  4. Challenge for Kukaal [!] A flier with a message written on it. The ink appears to be blood. The Honorable Rex has led the Horde into a new age of light. One that will thrive for years to come. The Horde grows because of Rex Kybal鈥橝kaals commitment and drive. During this time, the Rex has had to focus on global politics, instead of Akaal. He is not to blame for the stagnancy that is occurring within the clan. The work that comes with being Rex far outweighs the work of a Kukaal. A weight must be lifted off the Rex鈥檚 shoulders. A weight that should not be there to begin with. A weight that should have been passed on to the next Grizh of Ram when Kybal took power over the Horde. That being said, I, Mauk没rz鈥橝kaal, challenge Kybal鈥橝kaal, for their position within the clan. That being Kukaal. A klomp with Leyd as our witness will show if I am meant to ascend. Leyd decides my fate as he always has. No matter the outcome, the Grizh of Ram will help guide Akaal, while the Rex guides the Horde. With Respect, Mauk没rz鈥橝kaal
  5. This is a point I've made plenty of times and most recently when a 13 year old was made a mod. I guess we are supposed to report sexual content to a 13 year old because 90 percent of the time admins ignore your complaints in PMs or are completely full of themselves in their response. If you want to run this server like a business with your official responses matta, you need to take these complaints serious. Maybe actually get an HR department because you are incapable of doing it.
  6. @itdontmatta make a team of adults that aren't just mods that will investigate whether someone should be able to continue playing or not. Some mods are minors themselves, we shouldn't have to reach out to minors about adult issues. Either you take all reports seriously or you need to give the players a voice to make these decisions for you. There's plenty of safe adults on here to do this job for you.
  7. Can we dethrone freygoth while we're at it?
  8. Krothuul is disgusted from the spirit realm
  9. The Last Ramgoth (Targoth of 3 Rexes, Ramgoth, Kukaal, Servant of Leyd, Witch Doctor, Haruspex) Krothuul The Rotten, Son of Gadhaal the Black, Grandson of Ram, has fallen. Cut down by bandits of the Mudd family, Krothuul's final words, muttered out and barely audible were - "Af芒r鈥橧lzg没l, L没p鈥橧lzg没l, Mor-aarshu Mor-aar没rz." (It's been fun playing this character for the last 4-5 years. Thank you for all the fun roleplay to those who knew the character!)
  10. Kukaal Krothuul'Akaal approves this message
  11. Krothuul'Akaal, Targoth of Three Rex's, including Skaatchnak, drew his aurum warhammer and slung it into the air only for it to smash onto the wooden floor before him. His white Akaal armor splattered in the blood of his buurz victims. The orc roared out in anger, calling for an answer to how Skaatchnak fell. Upon hearing the news, the giant orc broke down, roaring out for war and redemption. Realizing the only Elder orc he could speak to for knowledge and wisdom had fallen, he felt defeated. With help and wise words from the Grizh Rex Ar-Borok, Krothuul saw reason. "Dah grizh will flow"
  12. Akaal is love, Akaal is life
  13. Favorite memory is our conquest on the jungle while teaching you shamanism. Fun lil event line with my students. I'm sad in not on your shaman list. Skaher! No other orc can spread horns to orcs! What's the highlight moment of when you were Rex?
  14. "Mi wuz nub guna du dah trophy system anywayz." Kukaal Krothuul'Akaal laughed to himself
  15. Will my character finally not secretly hate on the elementals for abandoning him and the orcs? Or will the skygods deny us of this glorious MA.
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