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  1. "Ave Haense! Peace in the North!" a young Kovachev teen would shout
  2. Yas
  3. The Deceased Theodosius I would remember blessing the Gold Corps before they slapped the Courlandic rebels the first time "Slap them again" he would say as he looked down at the rebellion, smirking as he does
  4. Smirk
  5. Sketch, Polished, or Color: Color Color Details (if applicable): Whats on the skin Character Name: Sergei II Kovachev Age: 5 Gender: Male Race: Human Link to Character's In-Game Skin (optional): https://gyazo.com/1c083bbca104245c0cf2e162fb728844 Flowery Physical Description: For his age, a bit muscular. Skinny. Has a nice big smile. Clothing (this will only be visible from the shoulders up): Skin for referance Other: Thank you :)
  6. Nikolaj Kovacs would vote for Bishop himmel
  7. "You take the name Theodosius and shame it. All will remember you as the Pontiff crazier then Daniel III." Alexei would shout
  8. Alexei Nikovich would look over this, nodding many times "My father proved his legitimacy and worked hand in hand with His Imperial Majesty. For this man to excommunicate the Emporer insults my fathers work and him directly. This false pontiff should be tried in court. Long live Philip I!"
  9. He has the most detailed and professional emotes I've ever seen on lotc. Hes always fun to roleplay with and would be an excellent ET member. ++++1
  10. Alexei Nikovich would clap
  11. “I swear to be true to our Lord, our Imperial Liege, and His realm, to not be silent in the face of true evil that conspires against our homeland. I swear to raise my blade against any foe, righteous or wrong, against our Lord and our Imperial Liege, to not stand idle in the face of danger. I swear to cast off any traitor be it friend or foe in honour of our Lord and our Imperial Liege. I swear this before God and men. I bid farewell to my former life and grace my newest with my shield and blade; stalwart and ever vigilant for our Imperial Liege. On this, I kiss the cross.”
  12. Alexei Georgivich would smile, watching the coronation from afar, chewing on a piece of hay while applying creme to his mustache. "I will assassinate any man who commits treason during his reign, or make take of their children as punishment if I fail." he says in his thick, Raevir accent. "I've done it before" he then spits out the hay dramatically to the floor
  13. BASIC INFORMATION « OUT OF CHARACTER NAME » Throwhands « IN CHARACTER NAME » Alexei « SURNAME » Georgivich/Nikovich « CLASS » C1 « GENDER » Male PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION « DATE OF BIRTH » 1562 « HEIGHT & WEIGHT » 6'2, 220 « EYE, SKIN & HAIR COLOR » brown, pale white, Brown « CULTURE » Raevir « MARKINGS » PERSONAL INFORMATION « HOME ADDRESS » N/A « PROVINCE » Traveler, North + Crownlands « OCCUPATION » Professional child smuggler CITIZEN'S OATH « ALL CITIZENS » I, Alexei, Son of Georgiy Nikovich, hereby swear my loyalty to the Emperor of the Holy Orenian Empire entirely by my free will. I swear to read and obey the laws of the Empire and understand the punishments and penalties that will be incurred should I violate the law. « CLASS A OR B » I,Alexei Georgivich, hereby acknowledge and give my consent to the OOC rule that should my character be found guilty of High Treason within the Empire, the Emperor personally (and only the Emperor) has the right to execute permanently my character. I accept this condition and make it entirely upon my free will.
  14. Alexei Nikovich Signs the document
  15. MC Name: StokedOff RP Name: Kofeth Reasoning for Applying: I have some friends within the dwarves and was recommended to the Doomforged when I asked what kind of dwarf I should play. The lore is very interesting aswell. Do you accept to follow the rules of playing a Doomforged? Yes Bloodline: Tarumir Parents (Optional, only if you are playing a current member's child):