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  1. Duke Sergei Kovachev is the most handsome, his two sons would be sitting next to him as he looked out to the snowy landscape "Ave Haense. Ave Kovachev. The west needs our aid, come along boys. Stick close, the undead threat is real." he'd stand up and make his way west through the mountains behind Carnatia
  2. "The threat is serious" Sergei would shout "There is a necromancer in our forest, living dead at our walls. The threat is more near then we could have ever imagined" he'd state while staring out the window "My Scribe, write a letter to all nation leaders warning them about the undead in the North aswell." he'd turn around and face the scribe "Now!" he'd shout, his voice echoing in his castle
  3. "Ave" Sergei would state
  4. Ooc: MC Name: StokedOff Do you have skype?: Yes Do you have Teamspeak?: Yes Are you a GM alt spying on us? No IC: Name: Worm Place of Residence: Nomad How many fruit carts do you squat?: 6 maybe 7 if I really try Do you have battle experience?: Manny Do you pledge yourself to the Captain, so long as he is fit to lead?: Gungo
  5. "You think I'd hand myself over to a Staunton?" Sergei Kovachev would scoff "Try again Tobias." he'd look out of his keep at Carnatia "My family should have cleaved the heads of all of your ancestors. Looks like we will have to do it correctly this time around."
  6. "Gungho!" Duke Sergei Kovachev would shout "Finally you see that Courland is a land full of small boys in the heads of grown men!"
  7. Sergei Kovachev would sip his tea as he paced around his castle "This is war!" he'd shout, his words echoing throughout the keep "I have more claim to their throne then anyone who fights for them." the young Kovavhev Duke would chuckle as he sat in his chair "You've got a problem Tobias! GOD is on Haense's side and it always has been. God has abandoned your **** fest of a family in the past and will again!" he'd yell towards the fire glowing in the fireplace before him "By Righy of Flame."
  8. A Celebration of Sacred Matrimony The 10th of the Sun’s Smile, 1600 The cathedral in St. Karlsburg is filled with people as many from across Haense coalesce to celebrate the union between His Grace, Sergei II Kovachev, Duke of Carnatia and Her Highness, Princess Katherine Aleksandra Barbanov. As the groom stood atop the dais before the altar accompanied by the Jorenus Archbishop Rory Othaman, the occasion was filled with excitement and fanfare as the princess walked down the centre aisle in an immaculate and gilded gown. As Archbishop Rory began the mass, the cathedral was silent and all attention was on the two above who were about to enter sacred union. At the closing of the sermon, Sergei and Katherine join in hands and meet in each others’ eyes as the clergyman began to affirm their commitment and vows in the ceremony. With the conclusion of the sworn oath that each now newlywed had taken, Rory yells at the crowd, “By the Grace of GOD above, I now proclaim Sergei and Katherine husband and wife! You may now kiss the bride!” Immediately, the two seal their matrimony with a kiss and walked down the aisle hand in hand jovially looking at the guests as they prepare a perpetual unification as one.
  9. Sorry I don't remember seeing you at the WC. If you were there you must have gotten slapped pretty fast or your mom made you get off because you didn't do your homework. :/
  10. "They nearly forgot the part where my bannermen walked Adam Brawm around like a dog. They even had a leash around his neck" he'd laugh loudly-ale and food fling from his mouth "Thatle teach any man to slay an unarmed Kovachev."Sergei Kovachev II would shake his head as he peered off the top of his castle at the destroyed dog kennel
  11. "The hounds will be put down shortly papej." Sergei would shout towards the Brawm keep. Only four people in the keep should hear him as they are inactive and irrelevant. "Papej let you have this one" he'd shake his head
  12. Deano you're an erotic man
  13. Theodosius I would remember the times he had with Benegar and wonder why Theodosius II would try to use the name Theodosius without the II's
  14. Sergei Kovachev would read over the act, nodding many of times with a smile on his face