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  1. The loss of his closest family was all but too familiar for the ageing Eugen Barclay, however the loss of his mother was something else entirely, the memories created with her and the times he spent in her care was something that he would never forget, the death of his mother was sure to draw the most emotions from him. However he would continue to live in her memory, "Ich will miss Du.. Ich will see Du and all of them once more Mutter.. Ich have some time left here." He would mutter then as he returned to polishing his dented armour.
  2. "Not too bad for my first.. in a few years." Eugen Barclay would state then, a grin resting over his features as he made count of the Orenians he had brought down, wipping his blade of the Orenain blood that had been spilt onto his blade once more.
  3. Eugen Barclay would read through the missive as he let out a quiet chuckle, putting down his ciagrette before he spoke as he looked up to his armour, "Krusae Zwy Kongzem.." The Barclay would murmur as he began to prepare his armour!
  4. Eugen continued on his travels with saoirse, though promptly pausing on their track whilst he received yet another bird from reinmar. He promptly opened the letter, grimacing at its contents whilst he shook his head then, a shaky sigh leaving his being as he took a moment to himself, whispering to himself signing the hussarian cross whilst he mourned for his father’s passing.
  5. The warmth of the lands gradually disappeared with the appearance of a cooler and calmer temperature and weather alike as darkness came, revealing the stars that it had hidden with the passing of the fluffed, white clouds. Eugen would have set up the camp for the two of them before the approaching night. The faint sounds of rushing water a few steps away from where they had set up camp for the night had offered a basic but utterly gorgeous view on the areas they now crossed. Saoirse had aided Eugen in preparing their supper for the night as the stream with many fish traveled south, and with the cool weather lightly brushing their skins, their feast would further improve their surroundings. "I shall be at the waterfall," Eugen stated as they finished their meal and moved off one of the two fallen tree barks they were sitting on. "Certainly, you are welcome to join." That was all the Barclay said, dusting off the fallen leaves and branches that had accumulated on him while sat and leading the pair to a tiny overhang of boulders that had been positioned just far enough away from the splashing water to avoid hitting any of them. The timing of their leaving could not have been worse for him, but he felt at rest, a calm that he had finally found, albeit his thoughts heavy with the premature loss of his brother. Eugen looked out over the shallow waters of the pond that would be produced by the waterfall, the night sky shining and the stars reflected off the clean water, illuminating their surrounds. Eugen clenched his teeth as he envisioned his family all there, a rare sight for all of them to be present and together, he would only let out a deep yet shallow sigh knowing that he had done wrong by them all. Yet it felt right, it felt natural to him, where he was and who he was with, traveling across the continent in freedom, he simply reminded himself with his thoughts that there was no one else this world could provide for him to join in that moment, only shifting his hand to take hers whilst they sat in silence.
  6. Eugen Barclay would grit his jaws tightly, his eyes lined with faint tears while none fell as he inhaled sharply, he thought little about the letter in his hand presently, having expected wholly separate, upon reading the content of the letter the man would grit his jaws firmly, his eyes lined with subtle tears while none fell as he inhaled sharply, picking a tree by him, the Barclay would subject it to his punches, birds retreated whilst wild animals ran at the mere sight. The Barclay would soon rest his forehead against the bark of the tree, panting whilst his hands bled. "Ich am sure Du will be happy with my choice Konstanz, Ich am sure. Ich await the day that Ich can see Du again.. one day." would be all the man said dragging himself to sit in solitude whilst he gazed at the brightly lit campfire, quickly pocketing the letter among his most valued possessions.
  7. Adhemar Dusek would have visited his father and his sister frequently, though tending to his squierly duties, the oldest son would find himself frequently to his own thoughts and worries about both his father and sister, thinking to himself, he would nevertheless pray for his sister's condition to improve.
  8. "Foc' her, Du don't need her Borris, Du were too Gutt for her anyways." Eugen Barclay would affirm, looking to Reinhardt as he quickly began to plan their trip to the gym with Borris.
  9. In front of him a scorched battlefield littered with the dead and dying. Hundreds of tangled bodies strewn across the field. Horses among them. So thick and twisted they carpet the sodden earth. A deformed mass. Bloody, black and brown. Eugen Barclay walks along the field. Broad shouldered. A cape of fur over leather and chain mail. He walks laboured. "Ist Providence next?" The Barclay would inquire, to no one in particular as he wiped blood away from his cheek.
  10. AN OPEN LETTER TO JOHN AURELIAN Issued by the HOUSE OF BARCLAY On this 5th day of July and Piov of 419 ES To servant of the Anathema, John Aurelian of Novellen, Last month, during a conversation between Princess Klara Elizaveta, Lord Jakob Dimitry, Lady Sibylla Barclay and the Orenian ambassador to Haense, John Aurelian, an argument had broken out within the Palace of Haense. The quarrel that ensued had primarily stemmed from the ambassador himself, of which caused him to spew insults in the name of our revered princess, as well as to assault Sibylla Barclay, who had sought to prevent the assailant from escaping. We shall afford only a question to this Novellen; how far have you fallen? Have you no honour? As an ambassador to Haense, I am certain that you would have had some form of education on etiquette and the proper manners to conduct yourself whilst at the mercy of a nation's people who are actively in conflict with your own. In the years preceding this, our nation has offered and allowed for those of Orenian descent to take part within our social season. We have treated all as visitors, not as though they are of a nation that we are at war with. Despite our goodwill and hospitality, the likes of yourself will always exist; a dishonourable coward who desires to plague our nation. A shameful display, but one that should have been expected. John Aurelian, I implore you to find yourself at the doorstep of Haense, I implore the people of your nation to send this man with shame, for he is summoned to appear within our courts. If he shall not comply, then the men of our house will see with all means that he is delivered. SIGNED, His Princely Lordship, Eugen Heinrik Barclay
  11. "For Foc' sake.." A young Eugen would murmur, sighing at the letter's content as he was delivered it, commenting thereafter. "Nicht again.."
  12. Eugen Barclay would recount the day they saw the unprovoked attack on Her Abraham, the boy simply sighing as he burnt away the letters from Oren onto his candle, his eyes intently watching the ashes form before the boy spoke in New Marian, his practice showing, "Tamort eo nie antijvahr iv ain world filled tiz ve anathema's" He would state, his eyes then shifting onto his armour and weapons thereafter.
  13. "Ah shi' here we go again." Eugen Barclay would murmur, though the boy grinning at the missive as he finally had his chance to fight alongside the Ferrymen, "Ich like this, this Ist Gutt."
  14. Eugen Barclay would've read through another piece of the Hearsay's work, "Well.. this Ist a surprise, but Danke for the compliments nontheless." The boy would murmur to himself as his eyes narrowed onto the piece, his face plagued with surprise, he would soon emit a thin grin, folding the parchment neatly before setting off on his journey to find Lukas and show him. @Mio
  15. Eugen Barclay would have let out a sigh of relief at the news of his father's safe return, the boy retaining his emotions as he was informed, "It Ist Gutt to see that there Ist honour that remains." The boy would mutter to his quickly mounting his steed once more before making his return home, hopeful to see his father.
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