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  1. News travelled swiftly throughout the Canonist realms. The High Pontiff was dead, assassinated by servants of the Deceiver. The common people gossiped, and some even grieved, but none appeared quite as stunned as the wandering hedge knight. Albéric trembled with anger, but never raised his voice. He could have cursed whoever bore the blade 'til daybreak, but why offer them a rhythm to cackle over? He would offer his lamentation in silence; only the heavens above would bear witness. Most would offer their condolences for the death of a holy man, but Albéric would fondly remember his younger brother. The bothersome middle-child with a knack for irritation. If only they could have had one last conversation. There were still matters to discuss. "Another day, perhaps..."
  2. "At long last," Marcus stated, putting aside his sword to focus on domestic matters.
  3. A wandering knight briefly caught sight of the missive, reading its contents. "Someone spends too much time in their mother's basement," he remarked before moving on.
  4. A wandering knight prepared himself for the journey south. His heart swelled with determination, for at last the winged tyrant would be skewered from the skies above.
  5. Prince Marcus of the Petra offered a solemn prayer in memory of Gob. "Small in stature, yet brimming with courage. May his spirit find peace, wherever it may be."
  6. "Frankly, I'd rather cut the heads off both snakes," Prince Marcus remarked upon reading the missive. "If the accusations are true, Aleksandr will receive his dues. But first we stamp out the festering rot that is Veletz, once and for all."
  7. "Fine then. We finish the fight," Prince Marcus declared, retrieving his sword.
  8. ". . ." Albéric stirred as word of her passing reached his ears. "Elena. Cousin." They had been closer in their youth, in spite of the occasional verbal spat. But regardless of what differences manifested in later years, his admiration for her mind remained. Besides that, she was family - someone the wandering knight cared for, albeit in a reserved manner. He felt greater pain still for the Princess' family. For Robyn, Tristan, Caelia and Percival. "Let us pay our respects. We travel to Balian," he stated to his household. @EmiliainWonderland@Tea_Guzzler
  9. "Finally, it is over..." Prince Marcus stated in relief, for now able to put his arms to rest.
  10. "Let's get to it then," Marcus stated firmly, weapons ready. The last days of the war were upon them.
  11. "Whilst I wish for an end to this war, Markus' so-called 'reforms' change nothing. We shall see our campaign through to the end," The other Marcus stated, equipment once again prepared for the upcoming battle.
  12. "Right back to it then," Marcus remarked, preparing himself for the march ahead.
  13. It had been an arduous fight up the cliff-face, but swiftly the Coalition clamped upon Drusco like an iron vice. Prince Marcus of the Petra recalled charging through the breach, and the subsequent collapse of the League's forces. "Gaspard's folly has spelled the death of many. He thought he could strong-arm the kingdoms of men to satiate his ambitions for power. Now he reaps what he has sown..." The young man strode over the field of corpses. Sickened by the overwhelming presence of death, yet his resolve withstood. "Onwards now, for Veletz will fall."
  14. A little sad to see that mutations have been reserved specifically for hommunculi and klones now, though I can understand why that decision was made. Still, perhaps a feat system as @Lapidary suggested could work as an ideal compromise? Also, considering healing has always been a quinessential aspect of Paladins in the fantasy genre, I think contemplating the removal of Mist Healing, which in itself is a relatively underwhelming spell, is a mistake. It doesn't make sense to gut Paladinism of said spell when Templarism has seen such a massive expansion recently.
  15. "To think that the Stassions stole this many titles. They must've been compensating for something," Marcus Antonius remarked with a chuckle.
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