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  1. M-Maxie...
    Get back on Lotc

    Or Luna will become more edgy 

    *Screen fades to black and a booming evil laugh is heard*


    Nah that's impossible



  2. You stole my heart when our eyes met,

    It is a robbery I forgive, gentle thief.

    Our moments may be short but they will last forever,

    you filled my thoughts with smiles and laughter.


    I think back to a time when I was without your love,

    it is a time I do not care to remember.

    Your love consumed me and cared for me,

    for that - I thank you.

    In my darkest hour these thoughts made me smile,

    put my mind to rest from the evil.


    You may not be here but I still feel that you're near

    In my loving memory - I forgive you.


    [This poem symbolizes the connection that memories bring to those you love and care for, they do not need to be with you to make you joyful, they simply need to have meaning]

  3. The heavy rain drops fell like stones from the sky only to collide with the ground in a dull thud, It had been raining heavily for most of the day and it was beginning to get dark, these woods were dangerous at night, all manor of foul creature lurk in these woods, dire wolves and ferocious bears 12ft tall when they stood on their hind legs. The sun was beginning to dim against the backdrop of the sky and the moon was rising above the snow tipped peaks of rocky mountains. I bedded down for the night hopping that the tomorrow would bring better weather so that I may gather firewood and hunt, I slept calmly waiting for the soft heat of the sun to kiss my cheek and wake me in the morn but when I woke it was not because of the soft heat of a gentle sun but the wet nose of a bear sniffing and jerking at my arm, its breath smelt foul, a smell that can only be described as rotting meat in the hot summers sun. I did not panic or fret, I simply lay motionless as I allowed the deadly creatures to rattle my body like a child's toy, it grew board and wandered off back to its cave but not without taking a souvenir with it, in its jaws it carried my satchel, without that satchel I was sure to die, it had the last of my rations and herbs. I did not accept defeat and leave the bear alone, I packed what little I had left and tracked the bear back to its cave which wasn't hard, the smell was a dead give away. Deep in the cave growling and the sound of rocks sliding could be heard, the gigantic creature stood over the carcass of an elk half devoured, there were all manor creature living on the carcass, from 100m away behind a large but jagged I could see while colonies of maggots feasting on what the bear was too slow to digest. The bear did not leave me with much but the beast did manage to free the skinning knife hidden within my boot so I began work on a trap, I could not fight such a beastly creature in hand to hand combat so I created a small trap, I dug a small pit with my hands which took nearly the entire day, a few times I began to worry if the bear would come out to investigate but it never did so I continued working, digging, I covered the pit in large branches and camouflaged it well, the next step was the deadliest, I picked up a loose stone from the ground and hit the bear in the face, naturally the bear did not respond well, within a matter of seconds I was running for my life and carefully I vaulted over the pit I had dug, the bear was not so lucky, the branches snapped under the tremendous weight of the creature and it tumbled into the bottom of the pit where it met its swift death at the tip of a make shift wooden spear positioned pointing straight up. I gathered what supplies I could salvage and skinned the bear as a trophy, every day I wear the skin of that bear to remind myself and all that threaten me about the might of a dwarf.

  4. The crypt walls seemed to ooze with a thick dark red liquid, it seemed to glow in the dim light seeping in through the half open door at the summit of the aging staircase. The liquid is cold to the touch. The dripping of water in the distance echoed in the empty halls, the ruined walls of stone crumbled and cracked as I brush past them maintaining my focus on the pot holes that riddle the floor. My footsteps as light as a feather I move further into the dim lit crypt. Strong stone supports are placed in rows separating the corridor in two halves, I hug the left wall still maintaining focus on the uneven floor beneath my feet, careful not to trip.

    Another sound echo's in the seemingly infinite corridor, a rat squeals as I step on its tail revealing a whole nest of the small fury creatures, they dart across the floor like a sea of vermin before disappearing into the large cracks that cover the walls. The dim light from the open door becomes ever dimmer as I move further and further away until I can no longer see my own hand in front of my face, there is not enough light to reveal the path ahead so I place my hand into the dark and grip the wall, placing one foot in front of the other hesitantly I edge forward step by step taking great caution with every step.

    I feel my way over to a rusty door and with all of my strength begin ripping it from its badly damaged hinges. Immediately light fills the room knocking me back and blinding me temporarily, as I find my footing again I adjust to the light and view beyond the door, the room matches the same architecture as the corridor, there are strong supports, moss covers the cracked walls, the room is large and circular and at the center is an elevated platform with a large coffin placed upon it, the coffin is constructed from a strong wood, the iron hinges appear to be rusting and various cast iron handles are placed on the sides and top. I approach the coffin with caution, craning my neck I assess the area before venturing further towards the object. I muster the courage to open the coffin, it opens with a loud and sharp screech. I grit my teeth and continue opening the lid, a complete skeleton sits inside with its arms crossed, my skeleton.

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