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  1. Updating plugins to current/working MC version, Limited Creative, nation currencies in autoshops, etc Not that I hate the pvp changes. I think stacking procs with the dual wielding thing is completely wack and there‘s a lot of redundancy/complexity that could be cut at no loss, but seeing the overall care for balance is a good and refreshing thing. I have to respect Nickyrocky for that even if he‘s brainwashed into Oran hate I really like the gear carrying capacity thing because it makes sure macro users dont get a massive advantage. Hopefully it doesnt get in the way o
  2. "Humanum..?" remarks Ensign Fitzpeter with a squint to Lieutenant Puller. "It feels as if whoever wrote this lacks a good grasp on our language. A Dwarf, perhaps?"
  3. The Haylunorese bucked the alliance with our country to serve the coalitioners, sir. So responds Ensign Fitzpeter after the speech, earnestly offering his perspective. Our country answered the Haylunorese call for war during the recent Peter‘s reign, and they immediately gave thanks by joining the invasion against us, sir. The Nordlings aren‘t a world power that could trounce the Haylunorese, regardless, and I don‘t see how they would manage it a world apart unless in the unlikely chance the Haeseni were to help them. In that case, coming to the defense of t
  4. Ensign J. Fitzpeter contemplates the week‘s events with a guilty solemnity. Regardless, he resolves to dedicate himself with more passion to his country, to defend and uplift the lives of his compatriots.
  5. savoy teamspeak ban appeals are now open.
  6. when are we getting limited creative back, having to jump through hoops for basic building blocks is absurd

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    2. rukio


      We have like two coders, I've already touched on this in past threads. We'll get LC eventually, it just takes a while because there's a lot of other things that need maintenance and, well, our Devs sometimes have lives. Its not like Axios etc when we had what, 5-6? coders. 

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    3. NotEvilAtAll


      Honestly a lot of LOTC's problems come down to not having enough coding effort (Although if they wanted to bring pits back as a temporary bandaid for block scarcity I think mods could do that maybe?)

      I'd be fine with a big donation drive to hire a coder for the server or something, or give the coders a slight monetary remuneration so that more people want to code for the server, =

    4. Shorsand


      i miss anthos

  7. J Fitzpeter begins cultivating the grounds for his new farm, expecting his promised help to arrive any day now...
  8. Ensign Fitzpeter drunkenly belts to his companions at the bar in Provi, ”They couldn‘t win here, they won‘t win there. The moon‘s in the sky, they‘ll surely die. HAHAHA!“
  9. "But you have heard my name!' Asserts the esteemed Orenian economist, anthropologist, etcetera J. Fitzpeter.
  10. At the commotion of the fight, J. Fitzpeter peeked his head out a window of Café Milano. He was greatly surprised by the nearby face of a fleeing enemy, prompting him to spit a torrent of hot coffee from his mouth! The accidental attack slowed the raider enough for Joe ( @EddyTheBrave ) to slice his hamstring with a bloodstained saber, felling the foe for good.
  11. J. Fitzpeter suddenly regrets applying for an army commission. As he marches forward into a world of death, he cannot help but think of the deceased Robert with a cool respect - the dead like him had given it all for their beliefs. Could John maintain courage to risk his life for his own while such sweet things waited for him? With a deep breath, he finds assurance in the fact he will be marginally safer as an artillerist.
  12. ”Yeah, me too,“ says J. Fitzpeter. ”Did I mention that I‘m an economist?“
  13. After completing his latest mission, and taking a well deserved coffee break at Café Milano in Providence, J. Fitzpeter arrives at the bastion for his artillery officer commission. "... in addition to economics, yes, I am also educated in mathematics, physics..."
  14. “I could save her...“ Says J. Fitzpeter to his acquaintance Joe. @EddyTheBrave
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