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  1. what happened to you in Ves? Peronsally I hate the place. So I am wondering, what happened to you there
  2. The King of Meszair agrees with the King of Banardia. All these idiots who dare come to Aeldin are executed on sight.
  3. 1728 Auction for the Bird & the Bard Come one, come all – domestic crooks and foreign meddlers – for a great vacancy has appeared in the Golden City of Ves! Fate has seen it that our leal tavern lady lays loyal no longer, and her long revered establishment, the Bird and the Bard, opens an opportunity for an intrepid entrepreneur to seize. This property is one of the largest in the city, standing at four stories tall with a cellar below, and is one of the broadest structures around – plenty of room for creative business. The beautiful building sits right at the gates in the main square of the city, guaranteeing ludicrous profits from the many jovial citizens and heavy traffic of foreign visitors. For those who dare, wealth and fulfillment comes! If you would like to become the honored owner of this legendary building, please submit a small summary of your plans for the establishment to the Administrator General Antony Sigismundic posthaste. Private bidding is already underway, so act quickly! The stakes are high, and the costs even higher – the bidding has begun at ten-thousand (10,000) Minae. The City looks forward to your business. On behalf of the Golden City I give you my warmest regards, Antony Sigismundic
  4. DAE want to make snarky comment to post 😄 upvote if agree
  5. They say history is written by Victor but who is Victor?
  6. dude who are you? you creep me out.



      Heard that alot.

  7. “Heh... might be interesting.. mayor? might be the job for me...”
  8. “Heh... hope you realize Oren and Cascadia are just dwarf puppet states now. Stay safe, stay informed.”

    The Response

    U did the crime. now do the time If U wanted us to think ur the internet badguy shouldtve cried on the forums about this. And got all your friends to cry too Could use a smoke
  10. A serf escapes from the deranged tyranny of Nobleton to join the fight!
  11. Could use a smoke

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