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  1. excuse the shit formatting I’m phoneposting To give some thoughts from the perspective of somebody who is essentially a new player - (registered years ago and only started playing now): Most of the ‘issues’ here are ones of perspective - and the people voicing those are incredibly passionate about the way in which these issues are handled. There is a truth in the difficulty that many have raised about the balancing act of the servers different pillars and communities - that being between things like PvP/CRP, magic, nation RP, etc. The server absolutely excels in doing that- but cannot make everybody happy. Things like constantly avoidable PKs are something I don’t care for, but many do. LOTC is the Premier RP server for its scale, and with this scale there will always be internal conflicts of interest between groups who have different wants both in and out of character. The server has a few core issues which can be ironed out, but are like growing bedsores to long-time players rather than actual key issues with the gameplay loop and overall experience. RP quality, power of nations, OOC conduct (rudeness, racism, homophobia, etc), and other such broad and ultimately subjective issues are ones which will continue to diverge and cause friction. This is the reality of community-led large scale projects like this one and ultimately unavoidable as much as we might try to curb their excesses. This isn’t to say the discussion is pointless, but is to instead affirm the broader reality that things are “ok” - and the doomsaying and panicking around our displeasure regarding certain systems isn’t to the benefit of ourselves or the server. Far too many servers have collapsed due to these sort of unneeded internal community dramas and have left players worse off for it. It’s not to say that you shouldn’t voice concerns, but it needs to be done that we don’t throw the baby out with the bath water and turn issues into a bigger deal than they really are. LOTC being an overall healthy and positive community is best for us all - and as unlikely as it is, a few threads of positivity about improvements to systems, experiences ICly and OOCly, etc would massively help remind us why we all cancel IRL dates, parties and sporting events to go play dress up pretend in Minecraft. TLDR: Yes there are issues but it’s not that big of a deal, be positive. - Some of my own subjective thoughts while I’m here: - The ability to resist PKs under any circumstances isn’t good. It reduces risk and consequences for actions. I understand the reasons for implementing such but there needs to be nuance. Intentional murder and violence should be possible - whilst PK immunity can be great to not have people making burner characters for war. - Some of the consistent Minecraft mechanics are strange. I need OOC signs for breaking and entering, but I have to gather and craft them? Why can’t I just do /kit sign? What gameplay purpose does crafting signs give me? - Please bring back multiple people being able to ride horses (I heard this exists as a command now? Unclear) - Netherite armour is poo with the speed-debuff, there needs to be another way to balance the armour. - Whilst I understand the risks of any sort of magic plugin for PVP - it still feels a little strange to have wizards that can shoot fireballs reduced to just random foot soldiers as soon as PVP occurs. There needs to be some workaround, though I’m stumped on this for now. - More random ST encounters and event locations/factions would be lovely. - Soul-stoning everywhere is weird - I much preferred the carts from last map. - I agree with the hour-before-raid warning sentiment. Will create more fun conflict if both sides can prepare (which they would be able to ICly). Some issues do come with this but net positive IMO. - Too many RP hubs! Players are too spread apart for the amount of RP going on. Having a multiplicity of nations to RP in is fun but it’s a bit overkill right now IMO. And a few positive ones: - Really pleasant experience with staff overall, they have a levelheaded and approachable demeanour about everything. Generally have agreed on their decisions and found their justifications understandable where not. - RP quality is super high IMO! As much as there’s always going to be bad RP on such a big server - there’s been TONS of great experiences I’ve had across all the nations I’ve played in doing a variety of different RP. I get filled up with character ideas just due to the sheer number of RP opportunities given the scale of the server and RP potential. - I love the magic systems and find the way which they and other parts of the lore to be distributed through the server (especially libraries) to be fantastic. Yeah, they’re sometimes a bit cliquey for the rarer magic - but I don’t think they’re supposed to be very easy to access. I think they strike a good balance (and ultimately I think the cliquey was actually is a helpful organic barrier preventing bad RPers getting powerful magic). - The nation RP is involved and interesting. I’ve really enjoyed the developments allowed with the new resource nodes and the balancing there of whilst playing a merchant character. There’s lots more I could discuss like the freedom offered to players to run events, healthy resolution of CRP in my experience, positive OOC communities - but you get the gist.
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