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  1. Himdokh reads upon the missive with fiery eyes, “MI WILL LEAD DAH ORCZ TU GLORY!!”
  2. Himdokh slams a fist on the table, “We do nub zpeak ill ub da Ologarch! He waz a very hozh rex.” The orc holds his hat to his chest, wiping a tear from his face, “Mi miss Grubnakh.”
  3. “Yub yub.” Says the great Nob warrior
  4. Mods please assess this unruly individual a warning point. They are injecting out-of-character animus into the forums. I feel unsafe, please do something about this.
  5. Who do u think u are?
  6. Most mods on this server are faulty and aren’t and will never be truly impartial, save for a few good ones.
  7. A lone templar would read the missive as he sat by a lake. “What an insolent woman, demanding the orcs meet her every whim.” He chuckled, tossing the paper into the water, watching as it floated away.
  8. The Kharajyr looked towards his orcish comrade, “Is this the woman we robbed a while back?” He questioned before setting the missive aside.
  9. Bro you are cutting off our balls with these nerfs. This isnt a rewrite this is a massacre.
  10. “Tey’re mad t’at tey’re losing.” Theodore Frostbeard remarked, desiring a collection of ears himself.
  11. Theodore Frostbeard grinned, arms full of loot from the battle, making his way towards the Clan Hall.
  12. Upon reading the declaration, the exiled elf stuck the sword in question into the hardwood floor, drawing out a piece of parchment and penning it directly to his kin, "You know where to find me, I'll be waiting for you to come and take it yourself." He wrote simply, sending the message off before going to polish his weapons.
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