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  1. Atthil Frostbeard had a fellow dwarf read the missive out for him- upon concluding he praised the catalogue "Well written and very informational- a great excuse for an adventure!"
  2. I was going to do a status comment or whatever it's called. But since people were discussing about how certain players (I suppose the bigger human nations especifically) didn't care about this world-changing, I just wanted to yap for a second and give my two cents. I play dwarf and peasant human characters. How will my illiterate dwarf or my ignorant and not so well traveled human peasant know of any of this cool lore without SEEING & HEARING of these? My knowledge on the event thus far is the following: - Xanists & Paladins = Same thing? They do some cool magic things and Order-like stuff, church is not against them afaik? - Xan = Apparently some Angel or Aengul guy that is a diety. - Azdrazi = Bad (Mark Zuckerburg/lizard people) Church is against them, evil. Did I say they were bad? - Azdromoth = Dragon overlord who is like their host? Like Xan is to the Paladins? I know this is a very lore-illiterate perspective, because I truthfully have not pushed myself to read much of the cool lore Lotc has to offer. HOWEVER, these recent events (IF THEY REALLY ARE AS BIG AS PEOPLE SAY THEY ARE) ignorant or not more characters/players should have heard about it. I get there were supposedly people going around. But not only should they have spoken to NL's (I get some may have been boring and said they didn't want to help) but even if IRPLY an arrogant descendant King didn't wish to help- there should be consequences to that, and these consequences should be hinted at BEFORE the big pacific Rim battle between Xan and Azdromoth so people know its the real deal. Talking to the Canonist Church could have helped too? I mean most human players skim through their posts? Could do the event emotes that players get WHEN THEY LOG ON (A lot could miss the server wide emotes as I did) Heck although I have less than 10 hours of activity & read the forums quite consistently, maybe staff can PIN the event posts? I haven't seen one. (A little meta gaming is good for the soul) This Age of Dragons thing, and buffed Azdrazi & no more Paladins (even if I don't play Azdrazi or Paladins) sounds awesome and although this is a small playerbase it IS world changing.. Like if it had been spun as a religious thing im sure human players would have wanted to contribute more. If players/characters don't SEE/HEAR about these things how are we suppose to know? Anyway, not quite sure how this can be solved but just saying myself and others would have participated if we just had known about it. It might seem like I live under a rock- and lore-wise.... I might. But just saying, had no clue. Seems very cool tho, props to the ST team, ggs to Paladins, well done to Azdrazi ig, & hope we get to see the consequences of this going forward (Haven't seen the blackened sky but thanks for that tech team & ST start spawning dragons or something, im ready for my Skyrim RP.) Also comment links to the posts regarding this world-changing thing if possible. Thank you
  3. I own a musket for hovel defense, since that's what the coal mining union intended. Four ruffians /breakdown into my home. "What the iblees?" As I grab my powdered wig and providencian rifle. Blow a golf ball sized hole through the first descendant, he's sent to the monks on the spot. Draw my pistol on the second man, miss him entirely because of a low /roll and nail the neighbors pet automaton. I have to resort to the cannon mounted at the top of the stairs loaded with grape shot, "Tally ho lads" the grape shot shreds two men in the blast, the sound and extra shrapnel scaring off their horses. Fix bayonet and charge the last terrified rapscallion. He Bleeds out waiting on the legion medics to arrive since ten minutes passed, thereby combat locking us.

    Edited by Hunnic
    Aaah... Just as the CMU intended.
  4. This realm gained instant legitimacy with me just by having cool COA.
  5. Atthil Frostbeard who remained uninformed on political matters, scratched his bearded chin "Oi wondah wot this is about..." he turned then towards the tavern to ask about the political message & its meaning.
  6. Atthil Frostbeard drank the moonshine he had made in his bathtub earlier that day - "These wee folk sure are strict with their regulations"
  7. Antonious, an old heartlander anti-orenian veteran starts to convulse.
  8. Why have I been wasting 5 minutes of my day voting on each site individually when there has been a megalink on the forums this whole time?

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      You mean the megalink actually works now??

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      Bros... fsr it only worked the first time 😭

  9. A lil passive aggressive imo. Many people have their ups & downs with lotc, Coming and leaving as they please- some just don't know if it will be their last time leaving or not. I agree it can be a bit much since I have noticed some people posting about leaving and then coming back only to be thrice more active- but unnecessary to dismiss their goodbye Just disregard their post
  10. Reasons for leaving and server issues are misplaced if vented here. And while I hope you come to enjoy lotc again, this is a dnd post. I do think an LOTC adaptation should be set during the time of some of the most well known conflicts. I often hear of the War of two Emperors for example, and I think placing your story during this time HOWEVER focusing on other RICH aspects of LOTC would be cool. Its like this memorable and world changing conflict going on, but your story is focused on other characters (preferably not humans to enhance the fantasy feel) and their own issues and challenges - the major conflict being a relatively far away issue.
  11. How come are people able to be "passive aggressive" by spam commenting that it's "trans visibility day" while if someone were to comment "Happy Easter" on the trans post it would be seen as "passive aggressive"? I'm just confused And frankly, cringing at the people commenting about the trans day. It's not a holiday battle or something. Happy Easter folks
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