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    this is a new account as i forgot the code of my previous one

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  1. The First Election of Dunshire! Place yer Vote Now!

    Name: Jack Bundle Race(Ye have ter be a halfling!): Halfling Who do you vote for Sheriff?: Balorien Who do you vote for Elder?: Lemmy Wendel Lambshanks How many whiskers does an Otter have?:sixteen , eight on each side ! Anything else to add?: T'o t'eh best of t'eh Aflins!
  2. The First Election signup of Dunshire

    Race(Ye must be a halfling): Halfling What are you running fer?(you can run for either sheriff or Elder): Both Pumpkins or Melons?: Melons! What are you going to do if ye are elected?: -A will Fix t'eh village - I wil unit all teh 'Aflins - I will protect the village and keep it proper Any thing else to say?: i am experienced in the role of elder and sherif
  3. Mapleshire Election!

    Name: Jack Bundle Race(ya have to be a halfling for your vote to count):Halfling Who do you vote for?: Sherrif-Wimpy Anything else to say?:
  4. [Denied]Dewper - Game Moderator Application

    +1 welcomed me well into his town few weeks ago and helped me get back playing
  5. Im bored Contact me If you can Build orc Caves i wanna Build one (paying if u do it)

    1. Taketheshot


      Is it for the goblin caves??

    2. bahbou123456


      No i just want a cave Which idk yet Buy might Put on the server 

  6. Fm's! Helppppp Wrote My Et app in the At Area...

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      *Slow clap*


      (Don't worry, I'm pretty sure they'll move it for you)

  7. [Denied] [Builder] bahbou Et app

    Minecraft name: Bahbou123456 Skype name: Bahbou123456 Time-zone UTC +2 Do you, or have you held, any other staff positions I never held any staff positions: No I never held any positions Where do you grab inspiration from: Usually movies, but most of the time I like to imagine tne build in my head and build towards that’s view. What type of building are you best with: Medieval, Burrows/Dwarven style, Terraforming/garden What are some of your most treasured builds? - Fort Amherst: It is My Favorite Build because to build it all it took 1 week with about 5 hours building a day, with the pits that took an extra week, with 4 others helping me dig. Are you capable of handling all aspects of a build: Yes, I would say so, but I do get stuck sometimes and take some extra time on that, if not I take advice and opinions from people. Pick three building styles and show us a build of yours that corresponds to each choice: Medieval: Fort Amherst: Halsworthy walls: Mini fort: farm House: Terraforming: - Mellsburry: Burrows: - Orc / Caves: How long does it take for you to complete a build? I Build pretty fast, usually depends on the scale of the build and if I have gamemode. Tell me a trick about building: You can put armor stands in glass and also make a torch look better: Additional details: I know both voxel and world edit. Would like to point out when it comes to houses, I can build them but they won’t look good. Tell me a joke: I love Lotc
  8. [Denied] Nafari's AT App.

    Good guys loved to help +1
  9. [Denied]Vegetarianism's GM App

    +1 He can fit in very fast and bring a positive impact with him
  10. [Complete]Plots Sale Urguan

    Aye half true but its much cheaper buying a bigger plot from 70x70 or even less considering gm's sell a 70x70 for 5k, and also for smaller settlement(also big settlements) who need protection get the guarantee protection from Urguan so no worries about sieges or raids.
  11. [Complete]Plots Sale Urguan

    -=- Land Sale in Urguan -=- A Cross the Vast Kingdom of Urguan certain lands are for sale directly from the Grand King himself, the prices and locations are listed below. -Plot Type A) Standard 30x30 plot 1000 Minas + 180 Minas tax Every Saints Week -Plot Type B) Standard 50x50 plot 1800 Minas + 230 Minas Tax Every Saints Weeks -Plot Type C) Standard 70x70 plot 3200 Minas + 320 Minas Tax Every Saints Weeks -Plot Type D) Standard 100x100 plot 6000 Minas + 500 Minas Tax every week Notes: - Any Plot Under 70x70 must pay an extra few to contain a sort of fort. - For a Larger Plot contact me for discussions - For another Location contact me for discussions -=- Some Available Plots-=- (1330,110,-1300) Plot Type A: Lovely flat plot surrounded by valleys its shape is great for farming. (1285,203,-117) Plot Type C: A Great Plot its deep shape is well suited for a fortress and a possible town. (1080,248,-1200) Plot Type B: A Great area on top of a mountains peak, its great flat area makes it a remarkable area for a town. (925,202,-1300) Plot Type A : A Suitable area for a town under the feet of Fort Amherst (660, 219,-1600) Plot Type D: This vast terrain on the hill side of a mountain provides a great area for a great castle and large town. (530,233,-1200) Plot Type B: The flat area overhanging underneath a city of Haense , provides a great spot for a rich town (760,200,-2200) Plot Type A: This small area overlooking a large farm of the neighbouring Nation of Haence provides a great area for a small Town or Large Manor. (1870,70,1442) Plot Type A: This small plot deep into the deserts provides a great area for a large Manor and farm (2000,81,-1450) Plot Type C: This vast area of the desert is a great emplacement for a strong fortress or large town. (865,185,-1700) Plot Type B: This big piece of land almost Bordering the Kingdom of Courland , is a perfect spot for a new settlement .
  12. New Player Assistance

    Volunteer format MC Name:bahbou123456 Nation(s)/Faction you belong to IC:Melsbury/halfling Time Zone:GMT Skype (if applicable):bahbou123456 Discord (if applicable): Forum Account Link: Preferred Method of Contact:any How will you go about assisting new players?: I will do a tour of the map explain main things, answer questions and teach them about the server and how to halfling
  13. The Bundle Family

    -=- The Bundle Family -=- A Family descended from father Dodo Bundle and mother Dora Goldilocks. The family has been fading away ever since the separation of Dodo and Goldilocks back in the isles of Vailor. The family insists in helping the community and staying close, thats why they are mostly not married. The Bundle's are Happy folks looking always for challenges and always look forward for meeting new people, They also are fair merchants trading with many other halfling and sometimes Bigguns, they are merely tall for Halflings , and most of them would have a big mustache, their hair color is somewhat brownish or blond, they are Around 2'8 , but can grow bigger. -=- Cultures and Traditions -=- They are almost always seen wearing formal clothes , and most of them would grow a big mustache. Aging and making cheese and wine is one of their fairest and greatest hobbies. One of their greatest creation is the old Ford cheese which has an exceptional taste. -=- Religion and belief -=- The Bundle's would believe in Knox the Pumpkin Lord , but it would not seem strange if some of them would believe in an other God. -=- Beware Bigguns They are Masters of the shovel
  14. Recipe's For sale

    As you walk By you read a poster , pined al over Axios: =+= =+=Recipe's for sale!=+= Thanium cowl : 3000 Minas (2 available) Thanium Boots: 3000 Minas (1 available) Sword Of thrones 2500 Minas (1 available ) Dragon scale Helmet 7200 Minas (1 available ) Heavy carbarum spade 8500 Minas (1 available) -=- All Prices negotiable-=- -=- Send a Bird to Eden Huntley fer questions-=-
  15. Soviet's WT Application (Hi mom)

    Wrote some good stuff , good guy for the this job +1