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    this is a new account as i forgot the code of my previous one

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  1. Im bored Contact me If you can Build orc Caves i wanna Build one (paying if u do it)

    1. Taketheshot


      Is it for the goblin caves??

    2. bahbou123456


      No i just want a cave Which idk yet Buy might Put on the server 

  2. -=-Hafling Recent events -=- -=- -1)Greeting a new comer -2) Bigguns Shogging- -3) Visiting Sutica- -4) Greeting people at the Pub - 5) Normal Everyday conversations - -6) Giving out Drinks during the Festival - -7) Having fun at the docks - -8) People Lining up to play darts - -9) Gathering around a greenie -10) Taking care of many bigguns - -11) Watching an Elf
  3. Iv known chaw for over a year now all i can say is thanks for helping me when i joined , only reason why i stayed and had fun +1
  4. Fm's! Helppppp Wrote My Et app in the At Area...

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      *Slow clap*


      (Don't worry, I'm pretty sure they'll move it for you)

  5. Minecraft name: Bahbou123456 Skype name: Bahbou123456 Time-zone UTC +2 Do you, or have you held, any other staff positions I never held any staff positions: No I never held any positions Where do you grab inspiration from: Usually movies, but most of the time I like to imagine tne build in my head and build towards that’s view. What type of building are you best with: Medieval, Burrows/Dwarven style, Terraforming/garden What are some of your most treasured builds? - Fort Amherst: http://imgur.com/a/ytnjQ It is My Favorite Build because to build it all it took 1 week with about 5 hours building a day, with the pits that took an extra week, with 4 others helping me dig. Are you capable of handling all aspects of a build: Yes, I would say so, but I do get stuck sometimes and take some extra time on that, if not I take advice and opinions from people. Pick three building styles and show us a build of yours that corresponds to each choice: Medieval: Fort Amherst: http://imgur.com/a/ytnjQ Halsworthy walls: http://imgur.com/a/wNjPa Mini fort: http://imgur.com/a/lpKxb farm House: http://imgur.com/a/9iX2s Terraforming: - Mellsburry: http://imgur.com/a/Nt3mX Burrows: - http://imgur.com/a/3sLFm Orc / Caves: http://imgur.com/a/gxog3 How long does it take for you to complete a build? I Build pretty fast, usually depends on the scale of the build and if I have gamemode. Tell me a trick about building: You can put armor stands in glass and also make a torch look better: http://imgur.com/a/S5NAA Additional details: I know both voxel and world edit. Would like to point out when it comes to houses, I can build them but they won’t look good. Tell me a joke: I love Lotc
  6. Il get one for you by the end of the week hopefully
  7. Hope to see a lot of you there !
  8. -=-Rare Items for sale-=- Once again Im trying to get ride of my stuff please buy them Sword of Thornes recipe 3500 x2 Thanhium cowl recipe 3500 x2 Thanhium Boot recipe 3500 x1 Dragon Sacle Helmet Recipe 6500 x2 Heavy carbarum spade recipe 8500 x1 Polar bear Egg 400 xUnlimited Llama Egg 400 x1 Any tomes 700-950 Most of them xUnlimited Caskets 125 xUnlimited Diamond Helmet (single) 5000 X1 Brewing Stands 300 x5 TNT 350 xUnlimited Arch fire 500 xUnlimited -=- -=-May have Other recipe's or stuff if i like you-=- -=-
  9. -=-Courland Land Sale-=- Plot of all sizes and shapes are now for sale all over the large lands of Courland in any of these tiles B9 B8 B7 B12 B20 B18 A33 A35 A38 A53, there is a wide option depending on what you are looking for with all types of terrains and locations, if you are unsure on what suits you ,I always have some areas in mind! -A Class Plot: 100x100 Plot, costs 7,000 Minas with 500 Minas a week Tax -B Class Plot 70x70 Plot costing 4,000 Minas with 300 Minas tax a Week -C Class Plot 50x50 Plot 3000 Minas with 250 Minas tax a week -D Class Plot 30x30 Plot 1500 Minas with 150 Minas tax a week Notes: - An additional fee is required for a Fort in a less than 70x70 plot. - These are just standard; plots can be sold in any sizes. - For any bigger/smaller Contact me! -=-How to buy a plot-=- - Find a suitable location search for an area in those tiles (B9 B8 B7 B12 B20 B18 A33 A35 A38 A53) - Take a screenshot and note coordinates - Send me the details and it shall all be arranged! -=-How to contact me (bahbou123456)-=- -My skype -In game -Forums
  10. MC Name: bahbou123456 Tiles you own (include affiliated group): Regions you own (include affiliated group and tile it is located in): Mellsburry (a44, Halflings) Amherst ( a32, Amherst men)
  11. Eden Huntley says excitedly " Finally "
  12. Good guys loved to help +1
  13. +1 He can fit in very fast and bring a positive impact with him
  14. -=-Calling the Halflings-=- The Town of Mellsburry has grown into a Fledgling Nation, named The farthing of Haysend. All members of the community have helped this happen, we are calling all the Halflings and to be Halfings to join our Nation. The village of Reedsbrough and Mellsburry are being merged, with very big plans ahead, a lot of activities and events are being planned as well as a bright future for the Halfling race is being thought off. -=- A Picture Taking by one of the Halflings it shows one of the beautiful areas of Mellsburry -=- -=- Make a Halfling -=- Being a Halflings is one of the best races you can play, with a guaranteed great experience, who wouldn’t want to be a small lazy creature that loves to eat and party! -=- My experience as a halfling: Tidemanno: (This is one of my favorite experiences) A Halfling named Smallfoot and a Halfling named Bigfoot (me) were having an argument about Smallfoot having bigger feet than Bigfoot. Irp it lasted for hours (Much funnier than it sounds though i won't go into detail). Bahbou: Funnest race I have played by far although i do enjoy pvp , being a halfling is more than just the boring rp you think it is. Best race, strong community, you can achieve anything. BDDTR: Are you, uh, a real Сivilian? Have you ever played a halfling? No? Alright, i can see that i will have to teach you how to be Civilians! TakKumn: I’ve played a Halfling since Early to mid Vailor, Despite My Character being pked, remade, again and again, The Rp still never fails to make me laugh, Bippun, Is my current halfling, And needless to say for /any/ Halfling, I’ve made more than a Few friends with him, in truth he’s began to click with my own personality greatly, I Enjoy Pvp, And RP Just the same, And normally try to get a mix of two with all my characters..With Halflings that’s a bit different, I’ve never pvped or have done CRP-(Combat rp.) On Bippun, and still I Love every last moment, having rps from 30 Minutes, To Hours, even if they start off with someone simply asking a question, Overall, Bippun has taught myself on how to keep rp fresh and fun, for both The Characters involved, and the People playing them. Jumperhand3: I’ve only gotten into the Halfing RP 2 months ago or so, yet I still manage to have loads of fun playing as my Halfing, Gerald. The race is discriminated against enough for interesting roleplay situations to take place, yet not so discriminated that you feel OOCly hated. The only thing this race lacks is any PVP, but most people who play Halfings don’t care that much about PVP anyways. MissToni: I have not played a halfling for long, but it is interesting and fun to do. Micbox: very entertaining to draw your character’s development and your own entertainment not from combat or conflict but from bizarre sports and parties. -=- Perks of being a Halfling -Halflings are lovely little creatures who care more about the community rather themselves. - Being a Halfling means experiencing the best festivals and parties you can imagine. - Halflings work together closely to achieve goals, it's all about sharing rather than owning. -Halflings are laid back folk, farmers, fishers, drinkers and don't forget peaceful little half men, but when provoked they can be dangerous. -Playing a Halfling is a great experience especially when you have a wander community to work with such as the current one. -Being a Halfling is all about the peaceful life, halflings love to chat whether between themselves or to bigguns. - Trading rather than using minas creates a fun experience increasing rp and teamwork to complete orders. - Halflings are cute little people who live in cozy burrows, building one is a great experience and not to mention very fun. -=- -=-Some Events from the past few weeks -=- 1)-A Diplomatic Journey to Courland - -2) Fighting off two bandits( Yes we did down them)- -3) Preparation for the First Festival - -4) Two people fighting during the festival- -5) Ordering some Drinks at the Pub- -6) Greeting a new comer - -7) Talking about bottomless pits- -8) Random Daily Discussion – -=- Big Thanks to Everyone that gave me Photos and Helped me -=- write this! -=-
  15. jack bundle would read the parchment " Agreed something will be done "