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  1. [!] On the Bramblebury noticeboard you'll find a poster Bramblebury Fire Safety Ordinance Hello wee-folk of Bramblebury! Let this poster show to you that in fear of Fires wiping out our village, the Fire Department has created a Codex of Rules in order to ensure the safety of our village! Every year the Fire Department will do village-wide checks of burrows to see if they are up to code. The moment this is stuck to the noticeboard the rules apply IMMEDIATELY to keep our village safe. Please follow the rules accordingly and adjust your burrow to maintain the safety of
  2. Perry looks over the application intently, "Safe'y violations? Very very bad indee'. We nee' t'is Keen eye in our team. Accep'ed!"
  3. The Ballot: ((MC Name: ChefMiguel)) Name: Perry Overhill Vote Anne Cottonwood for Sheriff? Yea () Nay (x)
  4. Perry just wants to give away Cactus Green brownies in peace.
  5. Perry's first action as Fire Chief is making his main competitor, Orlando Otterbowl, his co-Fire Chief! May they work together strongly to ensure the safety of the town.
  6. Perry seems bored, "When are t'e fire election chief resul's gon' be announce'?"
  7. The Ballot: ((MC Name: ChefMiguel )) Name: Perry Overhill Vote for Elder: James Peregrin (xx) Greta Goodbarrel () Filibert Applefoot (x) Jordan Applebottom () Winter May Gardner ()
  8. Perry starts reading the newspaper with a smile on his face, "Wow, Filiber' mus' be t'e bes' wri'er in t'e village! Much be''er t'an any o'her halflin' I've ever me'."
  9. Perry has a great idea to create a Base-of-Operations to smuggle drugs into the anti-narcotics State of Haense.
  10. Perry prepares a new Cactus Green and Quartz powder batch for the streets of Providence.
  11. "Le'ssss gooooooooo." Perry replies.
  12. Perry sighs as he hears of the news, "I wan' a new Sheriff, yes, 'owever isn'' t'is Anne lass improper? Canno' be allowin' an improper ter punish improperness in t'e village." He huffs, then meanders back into his burrow to make some more Cactus Green.
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