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  1. The Green haired human:

    Steven “Frick the High Pontiff” Vega


    never forget

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      The legendary homunculus that played for a whole 2 days

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      Oh heck you’re back

    4. Moochael


      Heck no I hope i never get back on lotc 

  2. if you aren't gamblin for that pipeweed then im not interested edit: I see no steel skeleton event, -1
  3. @Krugalicious is friccin gay but you should still free him 'cuz he aight.

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      its been a while since ive logged on is saying someone is gay ok

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      Nice profile pic


  4. Moochael

    [LM Application] drfate786

    that wasnt a really mature gesture
  5. Moochael

    Rate the above User's Profile Picture

    how can you meh doug dimmadome's dimmsdale dimmadome?!?! also i rate that 9/10 pretty good
  6. Moochael

    Rate the above User's Profile Picture

    h-hawt 6/10
  7. Moochael

    [Denied]Bahbou's Gm trial application

    I literally said that my points weren't directed towards his IC actions, it was all his OOC behavior
  8. Moochael

    Why are the Forums Weird

    Does anyone else get different sets of posts when they are viewing a topic rather than on the home page? It's probably something like the most recently posted on but idk, help will be appreciated.
  9. Moochael

    [Denied]Bahbou's Gm trial application

    People move from town to town for better lives, indeed, but kinda different when they move for the pure OOC reason of ranking. has the town even been up for a month? No it's been up for maybe 2 weeks... And like I said, I dont care what you do INRP, but what he's demonstrated OOCly has prompted me to make this post. (Edit: whoops, you might've edited your post or I read it wrong. But yeah if a GM proves to be biased, they will be removed, so I dont see why you want to state this. Habits reflect upon the person and just because they did it before doesn't mean they won't do it again) I have personal issues because he isn't qualified. This is my last post pertaining to his position as GM... Good luck
  10. Moochael

    [Denied]Bahbou's Gm trial application

    He literally told me he dumped Sutica and moved to Oren because he was offered a position... So what we're halfling players? I literally stated this isn't out of hate of his village, this is out of my experience with him, which I have had a lot of. Not only have I communicated with him prior to the 'conflict' (even though i honestly couldn't care less), I have had trouble talking to him when he was a part of our society. And us being halflings doesn't make it not fair because we've experienced lots of things with him. Power hungry staff members get kicked off most of the time, I don't wanna point fingers at anybody because that'd be rude, but your logic is flawed. "Other people who were corrupt got accepted so that's not relevant" is very flawed because that doesn't help stop the problem. Also everything I stated before is valid.
  11. Moochael

    [Denied]Bahbou's Gm trial application

    You're not a bad guy, but honestly, you'd be a bad GM. I know I'm somewhat biased due to being one of the founders of Reedsborough and a part of its community, and you having opened up a new halfling village, but I think my opinion is needed. (I am not stating any of these points as a bitterness towards bahbou's decisions RPly. I respect it, but after talking to you I think it's important the GM team knows what they're getting into) So, you made a village without much knowledge upon halfling lore (Or as extensive as some of us EX: Jandy, Prologued, Free the Hobbits, etc.) and want to make it a nation, I respect that, everyone should RP what they want to RP. We have a perfect village set up, so this confused us initially, so we've constantly asked why you did this and your only answer is, "To make a nation because you can do more in one." (You elaborated on how you can make a military [still not halflinglike], set roles, etc. And if I may add, you don't need a nation to do that) I honestly doubt this and I just think you're somewhat power-hungry, and it's likely that trait might come along with you while you are a GM. This quote somewhat reflects that as you want GMs to be allowed to 'do more stuff'? Not only is it somewhat vague but it further enhances my point. In the numerous occasions, I have talked to you regarding the village and not only have you not only been difficult to comprehend but whenever I have tried to communicate my opinion towards you, you simply reiterate what you previously said without acknowledging my point. And as player-to-GM communication and relationships are very important regarding this role, I doubt you could handle the job well. Lastly, your previous ban. I know people have bad times and have changed from past behavior, however, you were banned for a long while for asking someone to be your 'sex slave' inrp (To my knowledge). This is not only not good behavior, but you have failed to mention that within your GM app. If I had such a history, I would've mentioned it to notify the team I've changed and to say I'm past that, but not mentioning it is just... weird, in my opinion. That's all I have to say, but hey, it's just my
  12. Moochael

    [Trade] Pipewee' fer Bar'er

    You see a somewhat old halfling hollering in the streets (maybe even in weddings), traveling from isle to isle in the realm of Axios. He is waving around packages screaming, "PIPEWEE' FER BAR'ER, ONLY T'E FOINES' PIPEWEE' IN ALL O' AXIOS! OVERHILL'S SPECIAL RECIPE! TWO WHOLE S'ACKS O' I'!" Upon further inspection, you examine the pipeweed and it seems to be the best possible product around! The halfling emphasizes he is trading this pipeweed, not selling it, minas are not permitted.
  13. Im doug dimmadome, owner of the dimmsdale dimmadome

  14. South Africa will not stand for this terrorism

  15. wheres all the cool kid rp now that johannesburg is kinda dead

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      Ponce. Pink/white cart from Jburg

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      URGUAN. We have an industreh.

    4. Tornado_