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  1. The Green haired human:

    Steven “Frick the High Pontiff” Vega


    never forget

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Moochael


      The legendary homunculus that played for a whole 2 days

    3. NotEvilAtAll


      Oh heck you’re back

    4. Moochael


      Heck no I hope i never get back on lotc 

  2. @Krugalicious is friccin gay but you should still free him 'cuz he aight.

    1. Moochael


      its been a while since ive logged on is saying someone is gay ok

    2. _Mason_


      Nice profile pic


  3. how can you meh doug dimmadome's dimmsdale dimmadome?!?! also i rate that 9/10 pretty good
  4. You see a somewhat old halfling hollering in the streets (maybe even in weddings), traveling from isle to isle in the realm of Axios. He is waving around packages screaming, "PIPEWEE' FER BAR'ER, ONLY T'E FOINES' PIPEWEE' IN ALL O' AXIOS! OVERHILL'S SPECIAL RECIPE! TWO WHOLE S'ACKS O' I'!" Upon further inspection, you examine the pipeweed and it seems to be the best possible product around! The halfling emphasizes he is trading this pipeweed, not selling it, minas are not permitted.
  5. Im doug dimmadome, owner of the dimmsdale dimmadome

  6. South Africa will not stand for this terrorism

  7. wheres all the cool kid rp now that johannesburg is kinda dead

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    2. Heff


      Ponce. Pink/white cart from Jburg

    3. Medvekoma


      URGUAN. We have an industreh.

    4. Tornaedo
  8. Berilac gives a small prayer to his knox pumpkin before grabbing his shovel and running into town
  9. where you at ;-;

    1. onm224


      oh wow... it’s been a looong time

  10. 9d07c743fd8e88ccf5c968e5ba9c6eee.png
    Dont tell me youre a gamer if you dont play this

    1. 2samspan


      I actually bought this game at Gamestop for 49 cents. One of the best purchases I've ever made.

  11. A book you guys should read:

    courtesy of @The Spooky Panda

    1. Wendigo


      Mind giving us a tldr?

    2. Moochael


      dont join lotc

  12. Who else is hype for Liverpool vs. Man United?!?!?

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