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  1. Perhaps plots could reserve the right to slaughter horses under certain circumstances. Like if a city has public stables outside their gates, that anybody can use at any time, and a horse is still found unattended in the city the region owners reserve the right to slay the horse... Just an idea, I know it wouldn't work for all settlements though.
  2. Meh, I completely disagree. It stops others from being able to use what is in a chest.. So it's improper in rp. Simple as that. Though like I had said there are plenty of ways to fix this issue. Many times halflings have had hidden areas under desks, beds, carpets, etc... to hide their goodies (because they have the dwarven curse of greed) but they are still following through on the promises they make to each other by participating in their culture. If you want to avoid losing all your building materials, shogging shovels and precious pumpkins then I would advise coming up with a fun and clever solution in rp (just like all the former generations of halflings had done). Best of luck.
  3. A much need change for the team. +1
  4. I feel I'm pretty qualified to speak on this matter so here is just a list of ideas about this situation (which I have dealt with many times): - You should have secret caches of your good stuff under places like the tavern or sheriff's department, where thieves wouldn't look, but have the things you can replace open to the community. - You can appoint a village quartermaster who manages storage and can loan/give supplies upon request. - You should not be taking this OOC, if an element of the culture is being abused and failing then you should address it in character (perhaps with the suggestions I have given) - You could even propose a rule change that people can only access places their characters can. Such as that people cannot swim up a stream of water, an orc could not enter a halfling burrow unless it was modified to be suitable to do so, if your character does not swim then the player should not spend exorbitant amounts of time in deep water, etc... If you want to speak further with me about the things I did to combat these problems then feel free to message me. It's really not as big of a deal as you are making it out to be.
  5. [OOC] IGN: _Jandy_ DISCORD: you have it TEAMSPEAK: yes, but not preffered *TS is mandatory. Uncoordinated soldiers are as bad if not worse than lack of soldiers. [IC] NAME: Nazark'Gorkil RACE: Uruk DESIRED FIELD (NAVY/INFANTRY/CAVALRY): Infantry
  6. This map has seen amazing steps to deter poor villain rp from road banditry and defender default has been a key factor for that.
  7. Late night shoutout to @Kowaman who is doing late night dev stuff so as not to be too disruptive to the playerbase. What a guy.

    1. Slayy ◡̈

      Slayy ◡̈

      You are so sweet to say that xD

  8. Best of luck with all the future developments on 6.0. Can't wait for more updates!
  9. -5th of Snow's Maiden, 1625 A young and proud Hei-Zhu would exit his home, overlooking the sea, carrying an ornate shield into the middle of the village. He'd look around to his kin who are laughing, dining and bragging about their spoils of the most recent raid before clearing his throat and proudly proclaiming. "Hei-Zhu. It has been many moon since we learn that our last Toumu has gone missing. We need new leader and it will be me. Unless any dare challenge me to Renming, which me will gladly accept. Me will make the Hei-Zhu allies, bring back the yearly festivals and appoint members to a Mingzhi de Lao so that we may be branded our symbol and revive old and glorious culture. We will feast together with pride and make Shen-Li and our ancestors proud of what the Hei-Zhu can and will be once again."
  10. Because it really wasn't too fun after the initial creation, was being planned to be used in wars (which would have had an incredibly negative affect on warclaims), was used as places to hide during raids, was used to hop over the walls of nations, was generally being kept to particular groups who were given a blueprint and details of how to make the fireproof paste that was used on the fabric of the balloon AND because the balloon generally did not belong in the medieval era. That's why they were correct even if the LT knew little to none of those facts. The current setup for the server is not designed for the existence of certain things that belong closer to modern times than medieval times.
  11. Not too sure what you mean but the balloon was simply removed because the LT had deemed it simply didn't belong on the server. There was no powergaming, no gain from the removal or keeping of the balloon, no biases or anything of the such. Rather it simply did not fit with how the LT thought the server should develop. Simple as that and in retrospect they were 100% right about the inventing of the Hot Air Balloon. ~Thanks
  12. please do On the contrary. Back in Vailor I spent a month or so inventing a functioning hot air balloon, with RP posts about it and the whole sha-bang. It lasted for a while, nobody batted an eye. Some mods went with it and allowed for hot air balloon fast travels and seemed perfectly alright with it, though others such as Cosmic were not a fan. Cosmic asked the LT and the LT eventually decided that hot air balloons did not have a place on the server and so all of the RP was voided without needing my consent and the balloons were deleted. I was not banned but I was warned that if I planned to do such things in the future I needed to make sure that I 100% had the LTs approval.
  13. Given I gave 2 dates, one to show when the pistol was invented and another to show when the medieval era began and ended.... You'd get the idea that the gun does not belong in the medieval era.