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  1. @FlamboyantTyrant bro, stop ignoring my PMs. I’m gonna keep harassing you over every medium until you actually respond. 

    1. Ford


      what are you pming him about

    2. _Jandy_


      @Ford what kind of formatting he’s looking for on a lore piece. For this piece-

      I waited 4 months to be told that it’d be subject to lore games, then it was only a week ago I was informed about needing to find the right format to put this all into, though there isn’t an appropriate lore games format for it. There are formats for new open races and formats to explain aging and immortality but nothing in regards to a way in which I could clarify many issues about Orcs as they currently exist. Well now that the piece has been denied I assume I’ll have to wait until all of the lore games are done to be able to submit this again, that is if there is going to be an appropriate submission format available, which is honestly cancer. It was entirely ready for review before Delmodan left the team and that took 4 months to get to. Now that Flambo wants to revamp the review process to meet his linear submission standards, which alienate a document like my own, I imagine that I’ll be waiting another 4-5 months to be able to have it reviewed again.

    3. Ford


      That is pretty shitty all things considered. Flam is either busy with IRL or just likes taking his sweet time

  2. If you’re planning to nuke banditry then you’ll also have to nuke slaving or else people will just take travelers to their city, remove all their belongings and then dispose of the slave at the earliest behavior. 

    1. Fireheart


      why stop there?! let’s just nuke rp!!! 😅

    2. Crovidae


      or.. you know.. instead of nuking it we could just disable mechanical fighting when it comes to banditry so it’s less about killing them and running away with their stuff, and more about the roleplay you get out of it.

      Edited by Crovidae
  3. it’s honestly been years since I’ve seen poor banditry rp, probably because that would require me to leave my city which isn’t practical with the current activity system.
  4. You shouldn’t discourage raids with ooc cooldowns, just fix your imprisonment rules like I suggested in 2017-


  5. The Rexdom of Krugmar The familiar, scarred, old, and grey Gorkil would have the warhorn sounded to rally the inhabitants of Krugmar and he would meet them upon the stairs of Krugmar’s innermost fort. Once they had gathered he would call out to them “Bruddahs agh ziztahs. Rex Hargurr’Gorkil has retired his Rexdom. He wishes for me to tayk his playz, a tazk I am skeptical of my ability to fulfill. I will speak with all my honezty when I blah dat over my centuriez of life I hav nub accrued a reputation for my klomping prowess. However if anything is thought of me it is that I am loyal to the scorpion banner that we stand behind. Goi after goi, wagh after wagh, rex after rex, if they were in Krugmar’s naym I klomp’d for it. I hav peep’d many eras of Krugmar, Green Tides, Golden Ages, Iron Hordes agh I hav learned what I may from each of them agh I will put that knowledge to practice. I will lead Krugmar tu da bezt ob my ability in da zight of all ob latz agh da spiritz. Lurs. Lakz. Shrogos. Yars. Gorkil.” he would holler out for his promise “I hold lat all to da highezt ezteem agh expekt lat to korrekt me if I am to fail lat. Zhould da day come when it iz thought dat I am unfit to lead then submit your Wargoth to challenge me agh da right ob my Rexdom will be investigated in da Arena dat we liv by.” The Rexdom of Nazark’Gorkil would begin. The following missives would begin to circulate Arcas: To Whitewashes- To Leaders of Pinkees- To those loyal to the Spirits- To the people of Krugmar- Diplomacy: Llyria- tbd Cascadia- tbd Urguan- tbd Fenn- tbd Curon- tbd Aegrothond- tbd Sutica- tbd Adria- tbd Haelun’or- tbd Haense- tbd Druids- tbd Current Ranks of Krugmar: Rex [Leader of Krugmar]- Nazark’Gorkil Dominus [The substitute leader of Krugmar if the Rex is unavailable]- Lubok’Lak Wargoths [Leaders of Krugmar’s elite clans]- Ugrad’Lur, Korgahk’Gorkil, Lubok’Lak Kheshig [Bodyguards and handpicked soldiers of the Rex, warheralds during times of war and raids]- Toa’Lak, Murak’Gorkil, Shakul’Gorkil, Hargurr’Gorkil, and Ugrad’Lur Warchiefs [Leaders of Krugmar’s lesser clans]- Shiitake’Shrogo, Nurena’Yar Motsham [Primary Shaman of Krugmar]- Nazark’Gorkil (until a replacement can be determined) Snagagoth [Primary Official in regards to all things slaving related]- Shiitake’Shrogo Grubgoth [The primary provider of food to Krugmar]- Zuub’Yar
  6. In regards to Jabbernak just rule out use for combat. Orcs have had an intimate relationship with them for almost as long as the server has existed, it seems like a mistake to cut that off now over an issue that is yet to happen and can easily be prevented as I previously said, just axe the combat use.

    1. Mavromino


      B-But my balance. Seriously though if LoTC's combat is to be more authentic it should be unbalanced.

    2. shoahinsnowyfields


      never trust an orc 

  7. So, let me just clear up this final thing. In my lore piece, which is supposed to be reviewed soon, it lays out the Braduk height and intelligence issues and corrects the issues you’re primarily having in regards to balancing. Should that piece be accepted would the team maintain that Braduks could not be played in such a manner? Edit- It’s worth pointing out that Halflings also do not have approved lore for how they came to be given the differences that they have with their progenitors. I assume that this precedent will be applied equally if this isn’t strictly an issue of balancing.
  8. Do you imagine that such a process would take another 4 months to review? In such a case this pause on Braduks seems genuinely unfair.
  9. It’s justified, in my opinion (as a non-braduk), since the Braduks weren’t outwardly contacted whatsoever or causing any issues. This change doesn’t stem from reports of misuse or anything of the sort, just a lone LT’s opinion that the Braduk’s are rubbish. Though it is just 4 inches the entire “taller and stronger than you” attitude and the muscle to back it up is the foundation for their clan culture. The changes that the team is looking for are at their feet and it’s been waiting on them for months now, the outrage is justified since the team is perfectly willing to shelf the lore but not review the fixes that they’re asking for. Love you Dingo, but you’re wrong here.
  10. Why have you stuck with elves all this time? Why are Mani a thing? Do you like the direction where Hou-Zi are going? What would you change about LotC if you could change anything? How do you think that Artimec will be remembered? Would you like to see Fae Rings removed if you could do so? Thoughts on the Lore Games? What was your favorite map and why was it Athera? What are your general thoughts on Orcs excluding tropes about the playerbase?
  11. I agree that such a post can and should be made though to halt the legitimate roleplay of all Braduk personas over such is uncalled for when the changes you’re looking to have outlined are already in the process of being proposed. You aren’t putting a pause on the Braduks because their backstory is not appropriately outlined or because they are causing some kind of dire issue. There’s certainly no fair reason that I can see as to why this kind of temporary bastardization of Braduks must be immediately made when the fix you’re looking for is at your team’s feet. Would the change be in a post solely about Braduks? No, though it would be there and it would functionally serve to outline what you’re looking for until that post can be made. I think calling for a post specifically devoted to backstory and fluff is a bit disingenuous in regards to the issue of any potential powergaming that you’re perceiving.
  12. I’ve actually submitted what it seems you’re looking for it’s just that @FlamboyantTyrant and the rest of his team are yet to actually finish the review. Outside of blatant misconceptions in your post such as- Which is terribly a misguided concept that I already handled with Flambo while I was on the team. The Braduks are currently capped at an 8’4 height limit, whereas uruks are capped at 8’0 and ologs are capped at 10’0. This is clearly leaning far closer to the uruk side of the spectrum than the olog side and of course it’s well known that Braduks are not meant to rp as intelligently as the uruks they stand beside. This brings me to the more important reason that I’m commenting on this post and that’s because I have written and laid out exactly what you’re asking for. You seem to be asking for a formal lore piece which will definitively lay out the intelligence and height capabilities of the Braduks and yet back in MARCH of this year I submitted this piece of lore. Of course the piece, I’ll admit, needs some work and with the guidance of Delmodan I was instructed about what the team was looking for and so after months of delay by the Lore Team I was able to submit this google doc that has already been reviewed by numerous members of the Orc community and individual members of the team- https://docs.google.com/document/d/12ZxVRZrvVAyGRj3htzB67oD5VwIgJg_XV5wC0IvT6wA/edit?usp=sharing This document, when speaking on the intelligence of Braduk characters, cedes that they are mentally very similar to uruks much like their height but it also lays out a more defined way to roleplay their mental deficiencies. These weaknesses are very aimed at combat and general ability to lead and would accurately make them wild warriors who are functionally handicapped by their intelligence. Of course I would love to hear the feedback of the team on this but another failure of the team appears to pose as a hiccup for it’s review. The team seems to have heavily invested in, the now former LT manager, Delmodan. She was leading the charge on the very delayed lore review but has since left the team. Since then I have been contacted by Flambo who would explain to me that the review of my post (which had begun over 1/3rd of a year ago) needs to begin the re-review process all over again. I assume the team wasn’t dying for these changes, else any of the Lore Team members that I have had review my piece thus far would have asked for them. If you’d like to talk to me about making any changes you can of course talk to me since we are pretty well connected in Orc leadership, Shaman chats and Gorkil chats. So I would actually hope that you repeal this decision so that Braduk players, such as fooddude I believe, can rp their character normally. Then when the time comes to pass or deny my piece, should you decide to deny for some reason, then I hope you consider the amendment you’re putting forth. ~You have all my contact info should you wish to reach me.
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