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  1. Can we either dial back the Christmas festivities to the point where immersion isn’t entirely shattered or establish a rp reason that the festivities exist?

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Southeron


      Dude it could be awesome as a ******* Snow Elven winter solstice thing instead – it needs a rework.

    3. Nummy


      Its christmas, just enjoy it lol. Sometimes things just dont have to make sense. 

    4. _Jandy_
  2. _Jandy_

    GM Update Log - November 2018

    It’s wild to see JollyB, Sky and Jaeden are all on the team at the same time.
  3. _Jandy_

    Community Meeting

  4. The recording of the Community Meeting is too large for YouTube and Vimeo. Not sure how to share it with yall since I don’t have the software (or motivation) to divvy the recording into multiple parts. Any advice is welcome.

    1. z3m0s


      Did nobody else record it? If you have a verified youtube account (youtube.com/verify) you should be able to upload files up to 128gb. Unless it went for like 6 hours I’ll assume you probably recorded it at a high quality, which isn’t needed in future, only audio.

    2. Tofuus


      You can probably upload to soundcloud if it’s audio only?

    3. _Jandy_



      we got it sorted, thanks lads.

  5. I will make an orc skin every day for a month and see how much better I can get over time by testing new things and hopefully learning how to shade. If you want to spectate my progress I will upload them to PMC.


  6. _Jandy_

    Unwritten Rules

    It was simply a mistake, I modreq’s asking to be pointed to where the rule was and neither the mod nor I could find it. After thinking on the issue a bit I image that the issue that was being discussed was about how exactly to interpret and handle the rule. The fort was in a peculiar position because it wasn’t within the tile that was captured but it also (and more importantly) wasn’t built while the tile was owned by somebody else. The situation has finally been resolved with Corpean relocating the Fort to a new position.
  7. _Jandy_

    The Fifteenth Annual Dunshire Drinking Night! (PRIZES!)

    Sheriff Ander Swiftoat eagerly awaits to cook salmon for the first time in a long time.
  8. _Jandy_

    Unwritten Rules

    Perhaps I was wrong, neither Jollyb nor I found the rule yesterday. I was instead told that the rules were still a WIP and that the situation was being discussed.
  9. _Jandy_

    Unwritten Rules

    Looks new to me, when I modreq’d yesterday asking for a GM to show me where the rule was neither they nor I could find it. I was told that the ruling was currently being discussed.
  10. _Jandy_

    Unwritten Rules

    Fort Stronk is being evicted for being within 50 blocks of a nation tile, check the freebuild rules and there is nothing referencing such a rule.
  11. _Jandy_

    Community Meeting

    Why did the LT fail to put out a monthly update log for last month? Why did Delmodan (LT Manager) tell Hedgehug that the team would not enforce max racial age caps lore? Age caps are a part of the server lore and it is the team’s job to enforce it. Do the Administration expect many playerbases to be greatly held back by not being able to get nation status? Where is the Olog guide? What steps have been taken to ensure that this years end of realm eventline succeeds given that these events have generally been consistent failures? Does the administration think that raid timers and raid rules are generally in a good place right now? Do you guys expect roadside taverns/forts/shops to be prevalent in the next map? Given that soulstone pillars seem to be headed in the direction of just becoming mina sinks that will encourage grinding rather than rp, will VIPs get the ability to create the red soulstone pillars in the future? (this would be especially helpful for those groups who were not granted nation status and will be farther out into the map)
  12. We should try to make an updated version of this video, to help out the AT and recruitment in general, for the start of the next map.