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  1. When's the next teaser for the new map?

  2. "we're winning!"

    No. I will be taking that.
  3. That was fun, glad I got to do it three times now.

  4. I think somebody dared the staff to try and delay this warclaim until next map.

  5. I, for one, blame Gizzy Gazza.

  6. Tempered Australian Magic Team Application

    Yeah, he is one of the only magic nerds I can tolerate. He knows more about lore than most other people and more enthusiasm about the stuff too. He's cut out for the team and should be implemented at once. Hard +1
  7. Is dual riding a horse a possible plugin?

    1. ibraheemc2000


      I would like to see that


    2. Sporadic


      yes and no... mostly no.

    3. _Jandy_
  8. Reviewing Tutorial Island

    Too scattered and the exit is difficult to find. Scrap what we have and make a more linear tutorial.
  9. The origin of the documents that bring about the creation or summoning of these creatures is a bit important and Smaw has already said that So like I said, perhaps some clarification is in order.
  10. Raguk isn't really an 'ancient' clan, right? Maybe some clarification on that could be helpful.
  11. Mine World Reset? Warclaims Reset?

    it's just annoying. we sit around rallied for a few hours just waiting for the wc and this kinda stuff keeps happening.
  12. this is obnoxious  75abfe87cb67d102745b445a687cbb2d.png75abfe87cb67d102745b445a687cbb2d.png

  13. I've seen Wud do some seriously amazing RP on his most recent character. Whenever his shovel salesman visits the halfling village everybody enjoys RPing with him because he is excellent at portraying who his character is, how they speak, what their intentions are, etc... For those of you saying that Wud can't do serious RP you are simply incorrect. He is a good RP'r and he belongs on this team. +1
  14. A Guide to Hou-Zi Subraces

    I'm here to help