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  1. _Jandy_

    Drone414's Game Moderator Application

    Kinda edgy, an elf, magic cuck but somehow is still an overall good guy that I really respect. +1
  2. _Jandy_

    Enough is Enough.

    Were the Admins who made the final decision also targeting you? Could you possibly think that there was enough evidence to find you in the wrong and like I had told you a month or so ago that you have found a way to simply convince yourself that what you wanted to do was in the right? Really, take a step back man.
  3. _Jandy_


    Accepted (If you'd like to join the Shaman Discord you can add my Discord at TaxSeason#7949
  4. Please contact me for an interview!
  5. Since playable CA Muya are cut this means that the ancestral Muya will not be something that can be viably roleplayed out.
  6. it's running season, time to lace up and lose your winter weight or else it's actually just your normal weight.

  7. _Jandy_

    Clan Gorkil in San'Khatûn

    Nazark'Gorkil snorts. "Theez faykz blah ob honur but apparently hav none ob their own. Dey hav left Krugmar, zumthing dat many hab been whitewazh'd fur in da pazt. Dey hav nub kum tu klomp any official dat mi gruk of, any official ob Gorkil or ob krugmar. Dey baztardize da naym ob a grand klan wiv their akzhunz agh muzt find their way back ontu da path ob Krug on deir own, be helped tu find dat path or brutaly removed frum da path they am on." he would then head off to venture into a spirit walk for further guidance.
  8. gf, cba to sit around and wait an hour for anything to happen though.

  9. _Jandy_

    Make it more challenging to apply again.

    Sky and I aren't on the team btw
  10. _Jandy_

    Make it more challenging to apply again.

    As Minecraft as a game becomes generally less popular for all people our pool to recruit people from shrinks. Attempts to remove barriers (such as creating a forum account) do help to make that pool of prospective roleplayers larger so that the server can continue to maintain it's size. The application process is of course easier than it was back when I applied but I don't particularly think that is an issue. This gets down to the brass tax of what new players need to know and it filters out the players who are way off base of what we expect of our players (ex: demigod characters and children). If you want applicants denied for having poor spelling then you need to realize that this won't make them a better speller, though constant roleplay and typing will. If you want them denied for having boring characters then realize that the character will develop into something interesting as they continue to roleplay on it. If you want more applicants denied because of petty reasons that don't actually inhibit their understanding of the server realize that those flaws wash out with experience, not with an AT telling them that they are wrong.
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