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  1. gf, loss = learn

  2. Nazark’Gorkil looks fondly upon the new scar of a gatehouse, a sign of Kor and of the battle in which Zagbub had fallen. His flesh would never let him forget the clansman who had fallen defending his nation and Kor would surely welcome the honorable elder. ”Gug’ye, bruddah.”
  3. Apparently the mods just don’t bother resolving player reports now that they are private. They should probably be made public again so that the server can hold the staff accountable because it’s evident that they just don’t give a **** currently. 

    I’ve had a report up for a month and a half and it took the report a month to be “Claimed” but still nothing is being done. 

    It’s gotten to the point where if the player in question does get punished in any way it would probably blind side them because they’ve likely forgotten about the incident. 

    The staff can’t make things private and expect us to trust them behind closed doors if they consistently fail to do their job in the absence of community pressure.


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    2. Unwillingly


      1 hour ago, ReveredOwl said:

      i don’t get why they were made private to begin with

      Probably to prevent "targeting"

    3. Sky


      Yo man, stop trying to stop a great feature – I’m trying to get some people shadow banned here

    4. rukio


      Make reports public again, this team is incompetent. 

  4. @501warhead what donation rank am I gonna need so that I can ride a piglin beast?

    1. Jenny_Bobbs


      Wait two years and Aether VIP until you'll see the update 😘

  5. anything for you, bud
  6. _Jandy_

    Enuf iz enuf

    “He’z been heyr for long tik.” Nazark would assure Garrdum
  7. The ST are yet to actually use the ancient ruins beside Krugmar AGAIN. This **** happened last map and it’s gonna happen again, don’t bother building the **** if we never get to interact with it in any way, it’s ******* obnoxious. Though other than the ruins beside Krugmar? I have no ******* clue. In case you forgot I will remind you, there is currently a system in place where players are punished for leaving their activity square. This means we don’t adventure around for fun. We don’t see new parts of the map. We often don’t meet new people.
  8. LotC needs a nuzlocke challenge for characters.

    1. ScreamingDingo


      its called pk’ing on every Rp death

    2. _Jandy_


      I’m thinking even more strict than that.

      Maybe like you can only eat food if you’ve RP’d acquiring it, you PK to pvp deaths also, you have to actively roleplay your racial curse or a side affect of it each week, etc...

  9. have their been instances of Moon Chi being abused? I agree that the rewrite was terrible but hey, just curious.
  10. “Probably ‘toez yummi’.” remarks an orc
  11. um I recall a Drogo that was buried somewhere near a lovely burrow.
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