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  1. This man is a true follower of the fine arts

  2. Playing the server more isn’t gonna bring back the feelings you felt for it when you joined. Move on and find a new thing to fall in love with.

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    2. seannie


      very woke, very thinking  

    3. Priceflash


      nah u capping this **** still hits

    4. ScreamingDingo


      a drug is still a drug even if you replace it with another

  3. InfoWaaaghz will be on hold until my character actually returns to Krugmar. Sorry to all my adoring fans 🙂

    1. KeatonUnbeaten


      i am devastated

  4. dont look back homie, peace
  5. 2 guests? Big thanks to @MinaGobbler and @OrcSimp
  6. Orcs got a single event which was meant to carry on once we got back to Arcas. With Mystery gone those follow up events stand no chance of happening and functionally nothing happened in Athera of note except the voided ending event. It may be too late but if not then reaching out to try and work with Krugmar would be cool.
  7. I can be rude to my homies, don’t be stupid with him
  8. [[RP]] Given Name: Lothar Family of Origin: Conradin Years of Age: 20 Province of Origin: Helena Prior Occupation: Tailor and Marksman Battlefield Experience: Minimal, though sufficiently trained with a bow Reason for Interest: Searching to begin monastic life [[OOC]] Username: _Jandy_ Discord: you have it
  9. People dont want trannies or lasers either. The magic community isn’t a hivemind, magic users often disagree with each other and there are some who want to push magic to the extremes and some who dont.
  10. There really doesn’t need to be. – Cannons good. Hand cannons bad.
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