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  1. Sounds like Nexus to me
  2. l o r e m a g ?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. _Jandy_


      @Archipelego this is a bruh ([brə]) moment

    3. Archipelego


      ill probably die of old age before we see another piece of lore accepted

    4. _Jandy_


      I’m placing bets that my piece hits 12 months

  3. @Heff you gonna retire that pfp?

  4. @GodEmperorFlam you’re running out of vacation days.

  5. RP Name: Motsham Elder Nazark’Gorkil MC Username: _Jandy_ Discord: TaxSeason#7949 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Krugmar Why Do You Wish To Come?: My character was born during early Athera and has actively been played in every map since then. This adventure would be an amazing callback, challenge, and chapter in my character’s story. I’ve participated in Mystery’s events in the past and I’m beyond eager to dive headfirst into this one. What Skills Can You Bring?: In RP my character can bring a familiarity with each of the lands that we will visit as well as being a generally wise old fart who is the highest ranking Shaman in Krugmar. He is an uruk so he’s not one to shy away from a fight because he has extensive military training and experience. Also for when we’re not questing he is a well developed character with lots of experiences and will be generally different from the other people of the realm, though this won’t drive him to violence so long as it is known that the other people are on the same team as he is. Also OOCly I often do skinning work for free, so if that’s needed then I probably won’t mind.
  6. What’s the over-under for this loremag ending on time?

    1. Jenny_Bobbs


      Lore games are "officially" over since the 28th of December for accepting lore submissions on rewrites.


      So a bunch of magicis now shelved... Or is it? The team hasn't posted anything about it.


      Though now we wait 2-3 months for the current rewrite lore up to be reviewed to RP it.

  7. Can we use “ape” or “monkey” as an insult about intelligence?

  8. @VonAulus open up the ama, I need to ask @Narthok about his thoughts on Hexflash.

    1. VonAulus


      that thread got caught going 30 over in a work zone had to lock em up

    2. ferdaboys69


      wheres the actual explanation 

  9. Give the playerbase access to view the documented ban history of all players and continuously update it with the new bans. 

    The privacy of those who decided to break the rules should come as a secondary priority to the community being able to accurately assess the other members of the server. It would also serve to help the mod teams actions be more transparent to the community as a whole.

    1. Language


      I wouldn’t mind that, as long as evidence that is supposed to remain anonymous, remains anonymous.

    2. TheAlphaMoist


      inb4 “bUt YoU dId ThIs 4 yEaRs AgO sO uR sTiLl A bAd PeRsOn”

  10. If I ever see your username near Krugmar then you’re getting pugsied, I’ll eat the ban to make a statement that we don’t want your type close to our community. Hopefully this thread solidifies that you deserve a perma though.
  11. because the player obviously hasn’t learned, delete this thread and enjoy your break
  12. Krugmar SMP > LotC

    1. Lumii


      ⚠️⚠️⚠️You have received a warning point for advertising! 

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