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  1. Sandk1ng is a respectable lad.

  2. [!] A message is delivered to the home cities of the Dwarves, Kharajyr, Hou-Zi and Orcs. It would quickly be plastered onto the local notice boards for all residents of the cities or villages to read. “Friends, it has been established that the Orcs of San’Raakh will host fantastic hunts every year in a celebration of camaraderie and pride. Your people are known to be fierce warriors and the Uzg has a deep admiration for your way of life and deeply treasures you as an ally. This hunt will be hosted by Clan Gorkil and will take place at different hunting grounds each year. You are encouraged to bring your strongest men and most honorable warriors who have the potential to make your people proud. After the hunt is concluded we shall feast together and select a champion of the hunt who will take the first pick of the gathered spoils and will help to establish the next years hunt with the Wargoth of Gorkil. The attendance of your hunters would be a great sign of our enduring alliance and will offer a great opportunity to meet fellow warriors, make a name for yourself and bring pride to your homeland.” [[The plan is to establish a weekly event for the invited groups, if your group is interested have somebody send a skype request to andy.barrett18 and we can all communicate to try to establish a time that works best for all of the groups. Any ET who wish to participate are more than welcome to message me to get involved also.]]
  3. @Gryftrot, or Elk happy early birthday

    1. Gryftrot, or Elk

      Gryftrot, or Elk

      hey thank you pal! that made my day :)

    2. SuperDuckyGamer


      If there won't be a 'happy birthday Jaeden' meme in this post, I will be very disappointed of you, people that make bad memes.

  4. This application has been denied. Moved to the Denied Applications forum.
  5. --- Denied --- Your Application has unfortunately been [DENIED] for the following reason(s): - Denied for failing to have a long enough character biography, we only ask that you do this so that your character is more developed and thought out. Do not fear, this isn't the end. It just means that your application is not yet up to the standards we look for. If you complete the points I have laid out, you should be accepted on your next attempt! You can re apply in 24 Hours from the time of this denial.
  6. During my time when I was learning monk magic it was explained to me that after death a soul chose to continue living or to die. This was why people who committed suicide, and chose death, didn't come back no matter how hard the monks tried or wanted to bring them back.
  7. If it's lore friendly then it should be enforced like all other death related rules.
  8. Like I said, in most cases people don't have players lined up for their kids. That's why we see so many forum posts asking people to "play my daughter" or whatnot. Also like I had said previously it's about character development and consistency and because it's lore friendly to my understanding.
  9. Most of the time people who are pregnant don't have anybody chosen to play their soon to be born child so it's not really forcing a PK to a persons character in most cases, but still the child wouldn't have the mental capacity to make the decision the monks offer them.
  10. It's not like that really but when you bury somebody, mourn an unborn child, watch a character develop accordingly and then they're just back.. They're just like, ha sike *****. There is something kinda messed up about it. Idk if it's something inherently wrong with how the revival system is but it really tosses a wrench into what could be good developmental rp for a character. Anyways an unborn chill still wouldn't have the mental capacity to make the decision the monks give them, to my understanding.
  11. I'm not trying to start any controversy, just trying to get an unwritten rule put on paper.
  12. Well this could just dissolve into an abortion debate or we could just leave it to saying that they can't make the choice the monks give them.
  13. I may be wrong but I think the explanation has been that they can't make the choice to continue through life or die when they are in the state of limbo between death and revival by the monks.
  14. It has been an unspoken rule for as long as I can remember that children who are under 5 or not born yet are to be PK'd, many people who I have spoken to have also held this belief. After an incident where a pregnant person died and we tried to talk to them about dropping the character's pregnancy in the future they refused to do so. Well the GM chat talked about it and they came to the realization that there was no written rule about it and that they couldn't really enforce anything. So I'm making this post to propose a rule that all characters who are under 5 years old or children that are unborn are not to return to the realm through the Cloud Temple. ~ Thanks
  15. this person is the gatekeeper to the server


    simply EBIC in all regards


    true follower of the clown

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      wow, I feel blessed