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  1. Reminder that all the donation perks were gassed and haven’t been effectively replaced.

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    2. Hobolympic


      Back when diamond vip gave you a 100x100 regioned plot. Those were the days

    3. Vaynth


      Reminder that lotc was forced to change their vip perks by mojang because they didnt follow the eula

    4. _Jandy_


      @Vaynth reminder that idc, give me goodies 🙂

  2. Nazark is proud to have been able to keep the horn safe, having brought it from city to city and realm to realm, until the Yar clan could once again rise to prominence.
  3. You truly just refuse to answer why they grow a new head. Them eating somebody else isn’t a sufficient explanation for this. It’s totally unnatural and comes out of nowhere and you attribute a magical ability to be innate to a descendant race without explanation. I’d be more accepting of this if you could manage to somehow explain that growing a new head was a result of evolution, mutation, a curse, magic, a spell, some kind of surgery, a fusing of souls, anything; though we don’t have that here. You’re just dropping that they grow a new head without fair justification. Why don’t uruks or dwed grow new heads if they eat somebody? Give something for your lore to stand on. Writing new and fun lore for fantasy is fun but it needs a basis that can be explained – the entire point of suspending disbelief is because we do so in order to give the storyteller a chance to explain things later on. With your submission you’re essentially asking for an indefinite suspension of disbelief with no answers for each player that interacts with these newly changed ologs.
  4. #FreeElite

    The GMs are exchanging our FREEDOM for security. A trade that the citizens of LotC did not ask for. This is FASCISM. #FreeElite#FreeElite#FreeElite#FreeElite#FreeElite#FreeElite#FreeElite#FreeElite#FreeElite#FreeElite#FreeElite#FreeElite#FreeElite#FreeElite#FreeElite#FreeElite#FreeElite#FreeElite#FreeElite#FreeElite

    1. Elite_Snipes_


      Tysm for the support Jandy

  5. _Jandy_

    Clan Khal Rises

    ((just ftb it
  6. May the ancestors welcome our fellow spiritualist home.
  7. Nazark’Gorkil frowns, having helped to stop a Renalian assassination by two goblins on the same day.
  8. _Jandy_

    Technical Update

    C, just don’t let single servers drop off or else **** gets fishy
  9. on novaskin.me and shading using GIMP software and you’ll mostly just practice at the start, then do the tailor’s guild when you have the hang of things, and then you may begin to get requests when you get even better.
  10. I can hear the crabs dancing.

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