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  1. _Jandy_

    Dragonslayerelf AMA

    Favorite spirit?
  2. _Jandy_

    Art stuff is Art

  3. _Jandy_


    gender bending
  4. _Jandy_

    The Spirits - Grand List

    I don't have control of the list but I did all of the needed RP and made a rp post about it to let people know. There's even a shrine to her on the map.
  5. _Jandy_

    [I] Sky's GM App

    I've known Sky for a long time, long enough to know that he tells things how they are and he respects people who do likewise. So I fully intend to do so. I've known Sky for a handful of years now and we've been generally good friends, that friendship peaking at our time on the AT together. He was a stellar team lead, he did great work when he was just a manager and he was consistently doing more than what was asked of him when he was a lowly member of the team. Nobody would have been a better fit for the position and Sky was always self critical of himself, which is an important aspect of pushing yourself to be the best you can be. Though when he left the AT we did drift apart a bit, we still chat every now and then and I'm on the MT now. Since I'm on the MT I was confronted with the full frontal of his scheme to revive a PK'd character. It seems indefensible, I haven't spoken with him about it and I know it's probably not fair to hold it against him without having heard his side of the story for it. Though I do think that ultimately he knows he messed up in what he did and I do think that he is a competent person, experienced staff member and a veteran member of the community. +1
  6. _Jandy_

    GM Team Q&A

    Favorite spirits?
  7. _Jandy_

    The Spirits - Grand List

    The spirit of the Oasis, named Ytris, was actually already discovered by Tajo and Nazark on a Spirit Walk. They were a lesser of Ramakhet.
  8. I imagine Veluluai as looking exactly like Sylvanas Windrunner.

  9. why do jiu jitsu when you can do krug-fu!!

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    2. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      👊 because in KRUG-FU YOU PUNCH FASTER

    3. _Jandy_


      you should get paid by somebody to advertise krng-fu

    4. ForeverGinger


      What about Kha'v Maga?

  10. _Jandy_

    AT Update Log- July

    hell yeah man, I really really wanna get into jiu jitsu once I get some time... or some money lmao.
  11. _Jandy_

    AT Update Log- July

    Which martial arts? BJJ?
  12. _Jandy_

    [OOC] Scarcity of Braduks

    The LT has seen many problems crop up around the Braduk Bloodlines, as they are something that many people like to use as a tool to min-max their character, and it has been decided that the Braduks will be treated like any noble seed/family or clan. You must have legitimate permission from a Braduk player to play their child if you wish to have the benefits of being a Braduk on your character. Such benefits include being a maximum 8'6 (6 inches taller than the tallest standard uruk) as a result of Braduks having old ties to Olog heritage. If you are found to be playing an illegitimate Braduk character then a Braduk player may ask you to return your character back to the state of a normal uruk and refusal to do so may result in disciplinary action from the LT or GMs.
  13. _Jandy_

    Server Rules Feedback

    I'd like to see a more in depth look at how much memeing is allowed in rp.