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  1. Free Wud.

  2. I actually really like the CRP lock and invis system despite all of the complaints on this thread. I'd like to see changes to permit halt emotes to be done in #s though. You just need to clarify that if it's conducted in #s then the halter starts the encounter 20 blocks away. If they utilize #rp then they begin 10 blocks away.
  3. It's better than nothing but I don't think it's enough. The creation of the content is just as much a part of the issue as the distribution is.
  4. "The Krughai pretends to answer to the Rex's demands. In truth they answer to the ideals he is meant to embody. Strength and Honor." - Rex Phaedrus'Yar [1527] __________________________________ The Horn of Yar sounded throughout the desert, summoning the Urukhim to encircle the Rexrock. Instead of Rex Grommash standing atop it, however, the armored Targoth paced with his helmet in his hand. "BROTHERS AND SISTERS OF THE HORDE." Grothzark'Dom turned to address those before him "News of Rex Grommash's death has spread like flames across the desert. In his absence Minto, the Druii, has fled. Now the pivotal ranks of Rex and Dominus each remain unclaimed. As the highest authority remaining with The Horde the responsibility falls to me to ensure that The Horde remains, although mournful, as strong as we may be in such tumultuous times. Such a wide absence in the powers of the South will test our convictions and obligations to remain honorbound. As a Lutauman of the Shamanic Lodge I am compelled to remind you all not to lose sight that our destiny, if our honor remains about us, is for eternal paradise in the Stargush'Stroh and Ancestral Spirits. Let none squander the gift of Krug over petty political squabbles. Allow us now to display why we are truly superior to the races Horen, Malin, and Urguan." Targoth Grothzark'Dom stamps the butt of his waraxe into the ground, signaling in the Krughai battlesigns by pointing three fingers towards the ground. "As the highest remaining authority within Krugmar, the Targoth, leader of the Urukhai- I hereby charge the Urukhai to uphold an honorable transition of powers in accordance with KRUG'S LAW." Might makes right. "Let not snakes infiltrate our great union. Should any foreigners, be they of Krug's blood or not, attempt to demand participation in the Rexklomps then I entrust my loyal Warbosses to execute them. These Warbosses are as follows and all members of the Urukhai are charged to follow their orders: FALUM'LUR KEZMUR'VINTEKI APEK'GORKIL KLOG'GORKIL MADOC'LUR They will be easily distinguished by wearing red horns upon their uniforms." "Those who do not live by Krug's Code shall never invoke it to attempt to curry favor. Only loyal and devout members of the Horde may challenge in accordance with the Rexrights. These challengers are to make themselves known promptly. The pit shall know toil when Aztran's sun next rises." __________________________________
  5. This is what happens when you don't free Wud. Be warned.
  6. Hei-zhu bros...

  7. wow, I didn't know forum coping was so effective. that's crazy.

  8. In the depths of the southern desert, flames take their time to consume a war axe buried into the sands.. "By Grizh or Gaash.."
  9. “By Grizh or Ghaash.” - Rex Vrogak’Gorkil [1481] __________________________________ It is the formal standing military of the Iron Horde and as a collective force are sworn to uphold Krug’s Codes and the Rex’s Will. Oath of the KrugHai: I swear upon my soul and my honor, now and forever, to uphold Krug’s Law. The pit is the grand justicar of the Bloodfather, the strongest Spirit. I will conduct myself with honor and integrity so that I may enjoy the splendor of the Stargush’Stroh, the greatest gift ever wrought for my soul and the souls of my kin. I will embrace strength and continue to hone my skills evermore so that I may stand proudly beside my brothers and sisters, just as I would desire for them to stand beside me. I will conduct myself with boundless valor in the face of both fear and hardship. My life will be in service to the urukhim and to defend our sands. I hold this axe as a reminder of my purpose, to be resolute in my oath - just as Krug stood unwaveringly against The Great Tempter. Strength guide me. Sands guide me. Spirits guide me. WAAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH! __________________________________ This Military Order is comprised of the most imposing soldiers of the mortal domain and it is composed of those urukhim who have forsworn themselves to project strength and discipline. The Kruggrizh, who owe loyalty to this order, adhere to a strict ranking structure when they are performing actions in service of the Cult. The ranking system is as follows: > The Rex The ultimate authority within the Iron Horde. His commands are to be followed without question or delay. The only disobedience permitted to be shown is to formally challenge him to an honor klomp for his position within the state. The Rex is the Hordespeaker because of his strength and dominance. He is the apex of honor and the paragon of violence. Krug’s chosen. During times of war it is to be expected that the Rex will conscript all people loyal to the Iron Horde to become members of the KrugHai. > The Targoth The designated leader of the Cult of the Flaming Axe, better known as the KrugHai. This position is held by the right of the pit and is bound to follow the will of the Rex. The Targoth is responsible for mustering the urukhim, binding them to oaths of honor and conducting their trials, coordinating the outfitting of the cultists with armaments provided by the Rukahai, doling out discipline for disobedience, promoting the KrugHai as is most fit. In times of emergency the role of Targoth may be suspended and the Rex may assume the entirety of its responsibilities. > The Warbosses The most elite soldiers of the KrugHai, these generals have proven themselves through many battles and have unquestioned honor. They are truly devout to the security of the Iron Horde and answer firstly to the Rex and, thereafter, only to the Targoth. These Warbosses are responsible for recruiting members to the KrugHai, leading the warbands in the absence of the Targoth, and maintaining the many desert garrisons of the Iron Horde which presently include The Black Gate, Fort Mormokh, and other minor outposts. > Yellers These members of the Cult are blooded through battles, they have taken their oaths, and they answer when the Yar Horn beckons. They have earned the privilege to wear the uniform of the KrugHai and come to understand the responsibility they bear as formally inducted members of the Orkish Militia. > Grunts Those that comprise the rank of Grunt are aspirants to the Cult. They are unproven and untrialed. They are yet to make a name for themselves and do not yet bear the right to wear the uniform armaments of the KrugHai. They are to be watched closely by the Targoth and the Warbosses and are the most likely suspects of disobedience in the fields of war. The Wargoths of the Horde Clans will be invited to recruit particularly promising recruits into their own ranks. Note upon the Keshig: These closely held and selfless bodyguards of the Rex lay beyond the orders of the Cult and answer explicitly to the Rex’s Orders. Kheshigs, upon ordination into that elite sect, are granted the functional status of a Warboss within the KrugHai while upon the battlefield. __________________________________ Trials of the KrugHai: To become a Grunt- To become a Grunt one must simply accompany The Rex, The Targoth, or a Warboss upon a raid or battle and earn their approval. To become a Yeller- Upon careful evaluation in their time as a Grunt, if they have proved themselves capable, then they will be invited into the Cult of the Flaming Axe. To be officially inducted they will stand before the Rex or the Targoth while holding an axe upright before them. The axe will be engulfed in flame and the Grunt will hold the burning axe while they recant the oath of the Order. Upon completion of this they will be afforded the uniform armaments of the KrugHai. To become a Warboss- After a long tenure as a Yeller a particularly distinguished member of the KrugHai may be invited by the Targoth to join this distinguished rank. To do so they will be charged to capture and kill a [XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX] and make such a sacrifice unto Vulka - The Immortal Spirit of Warfare, Strategy, and Siegecraft. This sacrifice will be witnessed by the Motsham or one of his appointed representatives. To become a Targoth- To ascend to the rank of Targoth one must defeat the previous Targoth in an honor klomp for the rank. If the rank has been vacated or left dormant than the Rex will appoint a Targoth to his liking who must then defend the title against any prospective challengers. Upon ascent to the position of Targoth it is expected that they will host a private tourney among the Keshigs and Warbosses for the entertainment of the Rex. Afterwards a meeting of thoughtful planning will commence. To become the Rex- The Rex is the supreme leader of the Iron Horde and to attain this rank you must defeat the previous Rex in an honor klomp for the title or, in the event of a vacancy or dormancy, then one must formally declare ownership of the rank and defeat all challengers for it. This is the Right of the Pit and Krug’s Law. The new Rex is expected to christen the helms of his sworn KrugHai with the painted print of his palm. *Battlefield Promotions may be conducted by the Rex, Targoth, or Warbosses. __________________________________ Krug himself donned the scaled armor of a defeated Scaddernak, proclaiming himself champion of the desert in place of the beast. Now his children must don armor of their own and retain his claim to the sands. This armor is tailor made to suit a warfighter of the barren desert while adequately protecting them from any invaders or beasts of the night. The horns upon the sallet helmets would help to distinguish rank, with the colors of these horns varying. Ivory Horns - Yellerate Red Horns - Warbosses Black Horns - The Targoth Golden Horns - The Rex __________________________________ Upon attaining the rank of Yeller you will become privy to a classified silent battle language that is conducted by non-verbal signals with your non-dominant hand. This code is designed to be utilized by raiding parties and is optimized for the urukhim who is holding a shield or a knife in their off-hand as well as for the empty handed. This code will be altered each decade so that it’s secrets do not fall into the hands of our enemies. The Code: Affirmative- [REDACTED] Negative- [REDACTED] Enemies Near- [REDACTED] This is a Friend- [REDACTED] Attack Soon- [REDACTED] Attack Now- [REDACTED] Help Them- [REDACTED] Get Help- [REDACTED] Go Away- [REDACTED] Be Careful- [REDACTED] Be Ready- [REDACTED] Distract Them- [REDACTED] Be At Ease- [REDACTED] Prepare to Flee- [REDACTED] I Am Ready- [REDACTED] Follow Me- [REDACTED] I Will Follow Them- [REDACTED] Come Close to Them- [REDACTED] Stop- [REDACTED] Pain Here- [REDACTED] Thank You- [REDACTED] Pay Attention to This/Them- [REDACTED] I Am Busy- [REDACTED] They Just Lied- [REDACTED] We Are In Danger- [REDACTED] Allies Are Coming- [REDACTED] Enemies Are Coming- [REDACTED] Kill At Will- [REDACTED] __________________________________ In order to endow prestige upon the members of the Cult of the Flaming Axe for their great acts of valor a collection of remarkable medals have been assembled. They will be given to the members of the KrugHai by the Rex or the Targoth. The Mithril Gate - Given to members of the KrugHai who partake in a successful defense upon the capital city of the Iron Horde. The Aurum Shield - Given to members of the KrugHai who partake in a successful rescue raid to save the Rex. The Onyx Rhino - Given to members of the KrugHai who kill 10 men upon a single battlefield. The Ivory Fist - Given to members of the KrugHai who were pivotal to the capture of an enemy king or queen. The Silver Jabbernack - Given to members of the KrugHai who have served a tenure as Rex. The Sapphire Cactus - Given to members of the KrugHai who have killed 15 whitewashes. The Crimson Fang - Given to members of the KrugHai who have partaken in a victorious war. __________________________________ THE STATUS OF HORDE RELATIONS: The Desert: Qalasheen - Allied Kwee - Allied Aluria - Allied Hyspia - Hostile Numendil - Unfriendly Humanity: Norland - Neutral Balian - Neutral Petra - Neutral Aaun - Neutral Minitz - Neutral Vlachia - Neutral Reinmar - Neutral Haense - Unfriendly Elfendom: Amathine - Friendly Haelun’Or - Neutral Nevaehlen - Neutral Nor’Asath - Neutral Rah’Tuma - Hostile Sakuragakure - Friendly Vikela - Neutral Talar’Nor - Neutral Other: Dunwen - Friendly Vortice - Friendly Lurin - Friendly Ostoja - Neutral Kaethul - Friendly Ravenmire - Allied Ravenswood - Neutral Urguan - Unfriendly Hokhmat - Hostile __________________________________ ROSTER OF THE KRUGHAI The Rex - Grommash’Gorkil (Narthok) Targoth - Grothzark’Dom (_Jandy_) Warbosses - Falum’Lur (Stargush) Kezmur’Vinteki (Rlngo) Apek’Gorkil (Olpx) Klog’Gorkil (LobsterLarry) Minto’Lur (Hermit_Jack) Madoc’Lur (TheAmazingSewer) Yellers - Drolzu’Gorkil(JerryTheNoob) Druggen’Gorkil (Orlanth) Himdokh’Azog (Boomsteel) Kronk (FalseLogicIT) Veizark’Vukh (Dracanium) Gundanat’Vukh (Hairy_Sonic) Gnarla’Vukh (HypedAngel) Obok Metaldrinks (Wulfric_Borr) Slith Cobbett(_Helmet_) Zabub’Lur (Astrophysical) Gharak’Yar (Gomoore) Fagh’Xetol’Yar (Alioth192) Murthraka’Lur (patato12) Foo’Tzie (drfate786) Gutlug’Lur (Wasteland_Shaman) Gazhnahk’Akaal (BakedPotato7) Votar'Lur (eamorc) Grunts - Bon (LordMJO) Spuds (Turbo_Dog) Gummy (Zemzy_Oakheart) Hakiki (IttyBittyMitty) Drorg’Vukh (MandoDragon) Gul’ash (FloralHedgehog) Grunt Application: Name- Race- Place of Residence- Battle Experience- __________________________________ [Pictured below is the red handprint of Rex Grommash]
  10. Wow. Ur so handsome for this. Ty.
  11. Grothzark'Dom begins training for his undercard bout by driving fist, shin, and shoulder into the spines of cacti.
  12. Grothzark'Dom reads the written missive, croaking aloud to those who'd listen "Da twig would only meet in zekret agh upon neutral landz. Too many otherz would interuppt da duel to put down the magi. Sandz guide lat, Bruddah Klog."
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