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  1. We’ve been sitting here for months! Finish the damn loremag before I piss mehself.

  2. @Delmodan your time is up.


  3. welcome back, hope everything is gucci
  4. bring back /money top

  5. _Jandy_

    The Swamp

    A shaman would prepare a walk to meet with Laklul, the powerful spirit of swamps
  6. Nazark’Gorkil would search out for aid from a healer. His eyes were discolored, streaks had drawn themselves through the mud on his face and in his frustration he had broken his fist against a wall. One of his oldest friends, the orc he had most respected, the one he always knew to be honorable and strong had passed on.. Stargush’Stroh is not worthy to harbor the soul of Falum’Lur, he thought to himself.
  7. Nobody:..

    Devs: /sit IS RUINING THE GAME!

    1. Omar Grimmer'Lak

      Omar Grimmer'Lak

      it is. my goblin can’t rest his legs without it working 😞

    2. _Hexe_


      doesnt that plugin make like a dozen invisible entities

  8. ban the devs

    1. drfate786


      Ban the players.

  9. Now people will just fill the forums with it, good job lmfao The abuse being... what exactly? A tiny message on the screen every 20 seconds? nobody cares about optimizing the lobby since people want to be in the lobby for a minimal of time. Those two seem to contradict each other. ^^ People only care about the game mods so that we can pm them if we die due to fall damage or something. Everybody else could just be found through their respective /[team name]list. It’s pretty lame to put staff in front of the rest of the players really.
  10. Whoever your favorite twitch.tv streamer is
  11. you won’t be banned for swearing or smoking the good stuff, it’s better that way!
  12. A letter would be delivered to the Warchief of Clan Braduk. @Zorozeenee “The head of Nazgud has been retrieved and brought to Vruk by myself, Elder Nazark’Gorkil. Do not hang this head with pride, this death was a misdeed make no mistake about it. After searching Sutica for the wanted Braduk I proceeded down the roads towards Urguan to search for the brother. I found him mounted upon his rhino on the road, he was flanked by the woods and I spoke with him. I had once been accused of falsehoods and so I allowed him a chnace to defend himself. He admitted to his crime and he made it clear his best interest was held for the Braduk clan and the traditional rights even though he had lost his klomp. He was mistaken and I explained such, he was furious and he wanted to return and help his clan. Perhaps he could have redeemed his foolish actions though he did not believe such would be permitted by you. The war chief. He firmly believed that he would die fighting and hoping he would find his way into Stargush’Stroh. I told him he ought to try to return but his confidence that you would be entirely intolerant was palpable. He donned his weapons and steadied his Rhino. I asked him which spirit he favored because I would owe that spirit a debt when he was finished and he responded ‘Enrohk’, in true Braduk fashion. It was a mistake that I had to slay Nazgudd but there was no way around it. He would kill me or I would kill him. I fell back into the woods forcing him to abandon his rhino and he found his way into my line of sight where he was met with an arrow to the leg. He succumbed to his blood lust and charged madly. He fell into my legs which I would use to choke the light from his eyes after suffering injury. This brother was faithful to the spirit, to his clan and to Krugmar though he made a mistake against acient tradition. His mind was changed before he died and he knew his folley though he had to die nonetheless. It was a good orc who died, no matter what you think of him. He will be in Stargush’Stroh, I have no doubt in my heart of this. Should the spirits smile upon us we will also meet him there one day. This issue was created between Murak’Gorkil and yourself and it was finished by myself and Nazgud. We have resolved this matter though it costed more than was required. Braduk is a brother less now. Krugmar is a brother less now. A rhino now roams freely in Urguans mountains and a new soul entered Kor’s gates. That is something to reflect upon without pride.” The letter was stamped with the seal of the red boar
  13. Restore the Buddylist. 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. _Jandy_


      It was also likewise used to monitor old friends who barely ever log in, for example I’ve got CosmicWhaleShark on mine and he logs on maybe once or twice a year. If he has to accept it then... I’m simply not gonna be alerted to when he logs on if he ever were to do so. @Wrynn @Viltaren

    3. Viltaren


      @KiausT@_Jandy_ yeah both of those are reasons why the new one isn't as good. but it isn't truly gone was my point. If you are simply tracking friends, I feel like the new system is better. 

    4. TheAlphaMoist


      I mean I was just listing reasons as to why people would have a problem with it. I think it’s silly to act like there aren’t any differences between buddylist and friendlist. I personally like the fact that I get notified when people friend me, just cuz it makes me feel nice, but I get why others don’t want that. 

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