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  1. Turn off raid timers and raid caps between people who are engaged in war. For warclaims charge attacking sides minas for each person they bring, charge defenders 75% of the price per person. Make certain items and enchants available for use in warclaims for the cost of minas (elytra, diamond armor, flame for bows). For opposing sides in a war create a way for city gates to be broken down in a raid. Allow the repair of a trebuchet in a warclaim. I’d like to see less fuckery about which forts are allowed. Because PKs are not viable perhaps have people take a break from their character (1 or 2 weeks) in instances where a large raid is lost, or if a side loses a warclaim, then maybe a leader needs to take a break from their persona. Remove sweetberry bushes or perhaps their slow and damage. Allow the usage of lava buckets in standard pvp.
  2. What’s to stop allies from becoming “vassals” and being a part of the nation they support?
  3. @NotEvilAtAll it’s cool for a halfling player, but I see houses with roofs so that’s gonna cost you. 3/6
  4. "Az it should alwayz be." remarks Motsham Nazark'Gorkil.
  5. I look forward to seeing a verdict to your thread in 11 months. Good luck, dude.
  6. This is generally common sense stuff but I’d like to raise a few points and some concerns: - “The frequent example that we run into is if your character stops and frisks someone on the road—then following up by killing them would murder any chance for genuine character development. You will have to be creative in the way you promote the story if you don’t let their character go. Otherwise you are simply taking the easy and uncreative way out of the situation.“ This seems to suggest that the give has to be directly to who you are taking from whereas this indicates otherwise “For example: take thievery and stealing property. You can leave behind some mud tracks and maybe a personal handkerchief with an emblem. Maybe a sign detailing broken glass? The point is, there is always the option to create a rich story. Perhaps your character is the handkerchief-thief who always leaves one behind? Maybe your character always carries one such handkerchief hanging off their breast pocket… and one day they are recognized?!“ Perhaps some clarification about who the give needs to be directed towards would help to clarify this. - “This is primarily because they feel that there is a disconnect between Roleplay and PvP. While this can be the case, it doesn’t have to!“ You’re out of your mind if you are trying to say that there isn’t a total schism between what makes sense in roleplay and the results of PVP. If DPM plays a 4 year old halfling who is crippled and blind he could come out on top of the conflict against even the Rex of Krugmar, when PVP happens it places the fate of the played character into the abilities of the player rather than having such be reserved for the character to defend. So unless your point is that the Rex, in the previous example, should just be entirely willing to make a joke of his character in order to abide by the results of PVP and have it translate into RP then your logic isn’t consistent. - “Something that happens in many PvP fights is that one side gets bored waiting for another to push out of their castle, or simply just want to taunt their enemies. Groups turn to shouting or emoting trolly things just to get the other groups goat. This has taken the form of people mass-emoting ‘*just vibes.’ or shouting thinly-veiled OOC memes or insults “IRPly”. This type of behavior is unacceptable, and will earn you a timeout ban or worse. A good policy to adopt is that once the PvP starts, keep the RP to a minimum or stop it completely until the battle is over.“ So now, going off of my previous point, you’re having the player assume the combat role in place of the character and the player is likely just waiting outside of a gate or hiding behind a tree. This is boring, people want to goad their enemies and as previously established it is the player that is in control of the moment rather than the character; this is the reason why you see this behavior and the kind of change you’ll be creating won’t eliminate the toxicity. Rather all you will see is the distasteful flaming and toxicity be translated into the character’s speech or patterns of behavior, likely this will actually lead to such toxic behavior outside of these conflict scenarios. You will have made the character to be just as toxic as the player was in that moment. - Finally I’d just like to see some kind of way to avoid Mod abuse in these situations or at least some given way to stave off the bias of some staff who may be dealing with these reports. There’s a lot of discretion left for the mods to determine what RP is acceptable and I can absolutely foresee abuse that could easily be curtailed.
  7. An Orc still remembers aiding to retake the Dwarven home back for the Dwed after they shamefully lost it to Iblees and his cultists. He frowns when he hears such disrespect despite such.
  8. Flambo’s the kinda dude to take 2 weeks to respond to a message, say “sorry, got caught up with irl issues” and then do it over and over again.

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    2. TheAlphaMoist


      Man if you wanna be honest Jandy, your lore should be denied because it wasn’t updated to the proper format like everything else was supposed to that was posted before the lore games started. It also had nothing to do with the lore games lore in the first place, so it got the lowest priority.

    3. _Jandy_


      There was no proper format that met the category for my submission, which does have important information that needs to be clarified. Lore games or not, taking damn near a year should be grounds for removal and probably a staff blacklist for the many people responsible.

    4. Hastur


      And I thought my app was taking forever to be graded. Didn’t know “a few weeks” translated to 5 months.

  9. _Jandy_

    Tech Update

    I have a bad feeling that we’re gonna flop again and need Korvic to save the day. Hopefully he comes back with a list of demands.
  10. “Skalp will return stronger, defy him and his wrath will be undeniable.”

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    2. _Jandy_


      if you thought it was harassment you would’ve banned me or given a formal warning, stop being disingenuous because your feelings are hurt

    3. frill


      Yeah, you were warned by three people because your behaviour wasn’t suitable for the Discord and you were subsequently removed from it. Please stop lashing out and take it up with that nation’s discord moderators.

    4. _Jandy_


      I’ll make sure my low effort minecraft memes dont hurt your feelings next time

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