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  1. I hope nobody utilizes the current Crowns sale until the staff can get their **** together.

  2. Wolfkite was going sicko mode tbh
  3. _Jandy_

    Public Reports

    this is nice
  4. How tall are you IRL? Also why are cows the best kind of livestock? Please provide images as proof.
  5. _Jandy_

    Vice City

    Nazark’Gorkil would shrug, never having been too interested in drinking but instead he keeps passing out copious amounts of cactus green to try and help his bruddahs cope.
  6. I assume this will apply to Forum and MC Usernames also? @Telanir
  7. @SpaceOfAids how mad are you?
  8. @Telanir I will ping you over every medium until you respond.


    1. Telanir


      Responded! sometimes I gotta cook & eat food too like most human beings! 🙂

    2. Lumii


      Please email telanir@lordofthecraft.net and expect a response within 3-61 business days.

    3. JokerLow


      Reasonable amount of time to wait!

  9. _Jandy_

    The Old Orcish Rex

    “Wub?” -Nazak’Gorkil
  10. Nazark’Gorkil gritted his teeth as he watched the duel between Skalpboila and Korgahk, his own tusk hung from Skalpboila’s neck as a testament to his fighting prowess. The fight was close, a quick gust of wind could have changed the result of the contest but no matter, Korgahk fell. Nazark had the urge to leap into the pit to help Korgahk rise, his clansman, wargoth, one who he had helped guide and raise like another father. Yet he refrained. It was Skalpboila’s hand which reached out to help Korgahk back to his feet, setting the old Gorkil at ease. This Raguk, leader of the Gorkil’s rival clan, maintained his respect for his fell opponent. Nazark sat back, although a great comrade of his was defeated a smile would splay out across his face. It had proven true, what he had written to Mau’Madur, that stone sharpens stone. Brother betters Brother. Competition breeds strength! Skalpboila had risen to the task and bettered himself for this challenge. And better yet this would not be the end of Korgahk’s legacy. The young Gorkil still had much potential and he himself would make time to train in order to position himself to challenge once again for a Rexdom. Beaten though not broken. Only now was it apparent how foolish the Lurs had become in their endeavor to create Mau’Madur. The rival clans of Krugmar, Gorkil and Raguk, the ones who were always battling, always looking to get the edge over the other, always attempting to claim any level of victory over the other... They had been brought together now as great allies. Now they would have a common purpose and a common enemy, to defend their ancient tradition and to bring those who disrespect it to heel. The strongest orcish clans with the most dominant histories had been turned from their bitter fighting now and brought together against a common foe. Mau’Madur, your end is surely nigh. The Goj of Krugmar, Nazark’Gorkil, would set out at work. He would rise a new shrine to Leyd for the Rex and he would design a brand new standard for the nation. A scorpion for tradition. Tusks for pride of Krug’s bloodline. Mirrored ivory to represent the Mammoth and Boars of Gorkil and Raguk. Red and Black to display the dominance of the two primary clans and the history of Krugmar. It will be flown with pride and Krugmar’s enemies will soon know fear when it is flown before them. Let an age of Ivory begin.
  11. It’s probably time you close this tab, bud. I am yet to say I have, yet you are the one on this thread screeching about RPers taking losses to PVPers. If you want to know how to appropriately take an RP loss from a PVP conflict you could just check in on the post that Mina made yesterday about the conflict between him and I. Though I don’t imagine you’re inclined to do so because I have a creeping suspicion that you’re on this board raging about how PVP affects you, not because you want good RP created from it, but rather because you are a child who is opposed to losing. I hope you can learn from the Orcs, the superior roleplayers, and become a better player overall. G’night.
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