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  1. "Am oi teh onleh 'un t'a' t'eenks t'is es funneh? 'Ow der t'eh expec' ter der aneh'in' w'en t'eir uniforms ar' li'eralleh a s'i''eh 'leme'? All yeh need ter take 'em duwn es a stab ter teh leeg." James Peregrin would chortle, before tossing the document to the side. "Weh moig'' use t'is, t'oug'." James would say, before poking Gustaven von Halsfield with a stick. @ninja805
  2. MC Name: __Clocky Current Tier: None :( Desired Tier: A Reason to be Moved: I literally **** on you in 1v1s Aiden
  3. A halfling by the name of James Peregrin gazes upon the letter, thinking to himself. He let out a long sigh, and finally spoke. “W’a a waeh ter deneh tradi’ion. Yeh wer a foine eldah, bu’ oi suppose yer toime ‘as come.” Having said that to nobody, he continued ambling along the pathway, humming to himself.
  4. ((MC Name: __Clocky )) Name: James Peregrin Vote Anne Cottonwood for Sheriff? Yea () Nay (x)
  5. ((MC Name: __Clocky )) Name: James Peregrin Vote for Elder: James Peregrin (x) Greta Goodbarrel (x) Filibert Applefoot () Jordan Applebottom (x) Winter May Gardner ()
  6. A halfling by the name of James Peregrin gazes upon the posters around Providence as he would trot around, a large burlap sack hung over his shoulder. He would slowly shuffle up to one, looking closely at it as he read. "Foig''en, ISA, Oren bad, aye. 'Ow comical. T'is would 'ones'leh jus' beh be''ah ef Oren dedn' der fawk all ter 'elp teh people. Oeh well, teh attacks will conteenue." James would whisper to himself, before continuing to trot along with the bag on his shoulder...
  7. A halfling goat reads over the missive, saying to himself, “T’a es a big lie. Bu’, ter eac’ t’eir own.” James would say, before grumbling and walking away.
  8. James Peregrin stumbles upon the note, reading over. He nods happily, saying, "Now t'ere es noeh biggun-'alflin' marriages en teh village."
  9. A halfling by the name of James Peregrin would read the note, beginning to rapidly spasm on the floor as he read through the entirety of its contents. “Bigguns... bad.” He chanted to himself on his bedroom floor. He then, in defeat, gets up, ambling to his desk to write the note to Kerra.
  10. This is more of an april fools than making LoTC a pvp server
  11. [!] A poster is pinned to the Bramblebury noticeboard. Elder Candidacy of James Peregrin With great pleasure, I, James Peregrin, would like to declare my candidacy for elder of the Village of Bramblebury. ★。------ \|/------。★ I plan to serve my people by leading the impropers to the true way of life, as Knox intended us to follow, as to salvage them from the watery pits of Arugula's depths. ★。------ \|/------。★ I will also be implementing a pumpkin system! I believe pumpkins will ward off bad spirits, as they are a
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