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  1. Hello darkness my old friend

  2. this is literal unbelievable shit why tf do people still stick around if this server is just gonna be turned into this by its administrators? no offense alex or whatever strange blob being put you up to this but this is the most horrendous rule change ive ever seen period dont care if im wrong didnt ask nor did i read the post
  3. when you gonna leave? why do you even stay what are your opinions on the current conflicts of the server? is it too stagnant? are you gonna stop dodging my clash 1v1s? would you give me pvp lessons if i ever came back?
  4. Elsiimah'Ceru sharpens his blade dilligently. Washing the blade of its crimson stains of a hundred dwarven and haensemen alike. Preparing for the next battle to come.
  5. Elsiimah'Ceru the Sailor nods lightly, skimming the missive. "Hopefully this will stop those apes from screwing with the tavern. A fine place to get drinks after a 'hard' war."
  6. Elsiimah’Ceru could not care one bit. He throws the missive aside and continues tending to his single wheat crop.
  7. A ‘ker gave a careless flick of his wrist as he counted up coins. “Shame; I wasn’t credited.” His own blade still had a light dent - and stench, from smashing it into the iron citizen doors, and one such Orenian hiding behind it.
  8. Seems moreso like a voidal magic if anything, as @ᴜɴᴡɪʟʟɪɴɢʟʏ said above. I feel like this fits more in the category of a feat or magic if anything, and a pointless one at that - just reiterating what unwillingly said, but it seems like pointless party tricks which some people might like, I'm obviously fine with that - just no reason for it to be a CA or magic and for it to die out and nobody use it except for the three people who play deranged jester characters. yes, you know who you are
  9. A benevolent 'ker strode about the grounds of stone tower, picking up all the lobsters flailing about on the ground. Unfortunately for them, he was not so benevolent - the same fate being met upon them that they sought to enact upon the kin of Urguan.
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