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  1. Elsiimah'Ceru would nab himself a raffle ticket from the small shop in Savoy, before nodding to his companion, Kosher Daesmon. "See, this is why we can have nice things. Get one for yourself, will you?" @Pancho IGN: Xhawn RP NAME: Elsiimah'Ceru
  2. This Lore has been accepted. Moved to Implemented Lore, it will be sorted to it's appropriate category soon. Please note that if this is playable lore, such as a magic or CA, you will need to write a guide for this piece. You will be contacted regarding the guide (or implementation if it isn’t needed) shortly.
  3. MC Name: Xhawn RP Name: Robert Yoo Are you are Citizen of Oren: No CRP or PVP: Both? (If not, PVP)
  4. Southern Sutican Alliance - Rustlers Contract Preamble: Following the recent declaration of the Southern Rebellion of 1834, the rebels have deemed it fit to employ the Company of the Rustlers to assist them in pursuit of victory. Agreements: ARTICLE I: On Military Aid The Company of the Rustlers will aid the Southern Sutican Alliance in their operations against the Commonwealth of Sutica and their allies throughout the duration of the uprising. ARTICLE II: On Compensation In exchange for their service, the Southern Sutican Alliance shall imburse the Rustlers with 350 minas per Elven Week for the duration of the conflict. If victory is achieved, the Southern Sutican Alliance shall grant the Rustlers a plot of land along the roads of Sutica. ARTICLE III: On Non-Aggression Throughout the duration of the conflict, the Rustlers shall refrain from any hostility against the Southern Sutican Alliance and their allies in the Southern Rebellion of 1834. ARTICLE IV: On Association The Southern Sutican Alliance recognizes the Rustlers as an external force whose actions do not reflect upon the Southern Sutican Alliance. As such, the Southern Sutican Alliance holds no responsibility to assist the Rustlers with any pursuits or conflict that does not relate to the Southern Rebellion of 1834, both during and following the uprising. Penned by, Elsiimah’Ceru, Rustler Boss Signed, Elsil'Ceru, Rustler Boss Signed, Kalinicus, First Marshal Of The Southern Sutican Alliance Signed, Aristagoras, Marshal Of The Southern Sutican Alliance Signed, Xenokrates, Marshal Of The Southern Sutican Alliance
  5. Name: Akvel Grandaxe-Stareyes Age: 16 Are you a citizen of Urguan?: Yes Are you of Urguan’s Folk? (A Dwarf/Honorary): Dwarf
  6. MC Name: Xhawn Character Name: Elsiimah'Ceru Contest(s) you wish to enter: Combat Are you a citizen of Urguan or one of Urguan’s Vassals? If so, which one: Stygian Hollow
  7. Discord: __Clocky#6667 Skin: Royal Blue Warrior
  8. THE START OF THE LONG DISPUTE [!] A well drawn picture of a few rustlers outside of the gates of Elvenesse. Just over two years had passed since the last attack on the Woodland Realm. The elves of Elvenesse had thought they were safe... But everything changed when the Rustlers attacked. Today is a day of triumph. The Wardens- cowards. Sitting high up in their towers, useless to the onslaught the Rustlers brought upon them. Arrows flying through the air- falling upon rock and dirt, only to be picked up and loaded into the crossbows of the very Rustlers they were shooting at. No iron clashed upon any soldier, no blood was spilt. - The citizens took their place. Massacred, robbed from, forced into hiding during the slaughter. No Wardens on horses rode through the city. Instead, they hid in their tower in an act of cowardice. Time and time again, Elvenesse has lied - coming up with continuous nonsense about winning raids, killing people, and the ‘might’ of their cowardly army. No more shall it continue. They shall be brought to light for their chants of ‘victory’ over the likes of the Orcs, Rustlers, and Ferrymen. This marks the start of the long dispute. [!] A well drawn picture of the rustlers after they stole a painting of an elven warrior. [!] A well drawn picture of the rustlers.
  9. "Easy." Elsiimah'Ceru would chuckle, looking upon the room filled to the brim with loot- some wood elven heads hung up on the walls.
  10. "Wonderful." A 'ker would state- preparing for the meeting to come.
  11. Snaga Auction Second Official Snaga Auction of Almaris [!] A depiction of the snaga is drawn onto the paper. A young, hardworking elven snaga is for auction! The snaga is/can: Understand Blah Loyal A hardworker Listens to commands Orcs and honoraries of Almaris who would like to buy the female elven snaga by the name of “Naexi Qinkalyn” are invited to come to this auction. The bidding will start at 5 teef (50 minas) and will increase by increments of 1 teef (10 minas). May the snaga go to the richest in the crowd! [OOC: Auction taking place June 10th, 8 PM EST in Krugmar by the bank.]
  12. __Clocky

    The Syndicates

    The Syndicates “Strength from Unity” The two mali’ker left their Sedanian armor behind them as they set out. Though they served as good and loyal Goats for many years, Elsil’Ceru had determined that her time had come. She had been a follower for many years, but now it was time for her to be a leader. A day prior, she had discussed her plans with her brother. “Speaking of the Goats...I've been thinking of leaving,” began Elsil, hesitant as she formulated such words. “And what do we do afterwards?” queried her brother, Elsiimah’Ceru, in response. Though he began reluctant as well, he went on nonetheless. “The goats did not quite let us have our own freedom in doing things.” “What if…we started our own group? Mercenaries? Bandits, perhaps? It isn't honorable, but I've been thinking…thinking of the minas.” Elsil was right. It was not honorable, nor was it ethical by any means, but it was profitable. Her moral judgement had been completely clouded by the temptation of minas and wealth. As the Ceru siblings departed from the Sedan encampment, they couldn’t help but feel a tinge of guilt. Was this truly the right decision? Despite their hesitance, they continued to stray further and further from the place they had called home for many years. Only time would tell if they had made the right choice.
  13. Bugharz'Grat remembers that all orcs in elvenesse, peaceful or not, are kill-on-sight.
  14. The First Snaga Auction First Official Snaga Auction in Almaris [!] A depiction of the snaga is drawn onto the paper. A young, hardworking human snaga is for sale! The snaga is - Hardworking Strong Understands blah Will listen to commands All on Almaris- those with noble hearts who would like to buy the snaga’s freedom and orcs, who would like this snaga for themselves- are invited to the first official snaga auction of Almaris! The human name of the snaga is “William Sirsk”. The bidding will start at 5 teef (50 minas) and will increase by increments of 1 teef (10 minas). May the snaga go to the richest in the crowd! [OOC: Auction taking place May 29th, 8 PM EST in Krugmar by the bank.]
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