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  1. Shuggie_

    A Open letter to Nottingham And Atlas

    Denis would say, " Now this is epic."
  2. Shuggie_

    The War on Terror

    The War on Terror A DISGUSTED Denis after having read the Kitab Alsalam My fellow denizens of Atlas, I Denis of the Quickblade come before you bearing a message from the great King John- Shadow-Leader of all races of Man, Orc, Elf and Halfling. ATLASIAN ADDRESS™ This world has recently come to know a new menace, one worse than any this world has seen before. This threat be not by the weight of their swords or density of their muscles, but by the levity and destructive power of the ideals they uphold. Due to this grueling fact, we must make a stand, a stand against the proselytization of Kadarsi ideals which seek the sodomization of our women, murder of our children, and the obliteration of our very ways of life. I for one will not see the castration of my germ and desecration of my wife, and I expect the same of YOU. Though many of us have skirmished in the past, the Great King John sees fit to cast aside nonsensical squabbles for the betterment of the world as a hole by PERSONALLY delivering the Kadarsi and their sympathizers to their 74 virgin goats. This intolerance will not stand, for the chivalrous men of Nottingham uphold the values passed onto us from our forefathers of the Alamo; if none do come to our aid then the singular might of the Nottinglads shall fall upon our enemies, and then those who chose to abandon us in our time of need. We have observed the forces of those we call enemy and have read their ‘holy’ book (it was truly loaded with falsehood and bigotry) and now see fit to carry out this valiant act of war. With this decision made, all books of theirs shall be burned to stop the spread of their heinous ideals and on top of that King John has declared that all those of Kadarsi descent be labeled as less than a beast, a rodent of insignificance till the end of time. The War on Terror Begins.
  3. Shuggie_

    Condemnation of War Criminals

    The EPIC hero DENIS would simply, Lie flat and pull his knees to his chest, Lie on his back and bring both knees up toward his chest. Place one hand over each knee and gently pull his thighs closer to his chest. Breathing deeply, holding this position for 20 to 30 seconds. He would then tilt knees to right and left Lie on his back. Bring his knees to his chest, then tilt them to the right, bringing them as far down as he comfortably can. He would hold this for 30 seconds, come back to center, and repeat on the other side. Repeating as many times as is comfortable. He knew that proper stretching would be essential in his battle against the COWARD dwarves of Azgayum.
  4. Shuggie_

    Skin Shop

  5. Shuggie_

    Vtyx, DPMagnum's Event Team Actor application

    this guy is a good man, +1
  6. NOTTINGHAM ALL STARS DELUXE EDITION (HOW DO THEY KEEP DOING THIS!!!) (IMMERSION MUSIC) https://vocaroo.com/i/s1jEO4qmt4Oj The mighty Denis in all his glory As the day settles down, the Nottinglads settle down by the fire once more to recount the happenings of the day. Today, Denis The Quick-Blade stands before the men, his bandana blowing with the wind, and his blade shining with the fire. “Boy have ah got a story fer y’all” The Happenings from the legendary hero Denis’ prospective. Ok guys, so basically this was epic. Blogus, the Stinky Dur’Zub, a mysterious goblin, and myself enter Lord Beesechurger’s stank dungeon after hearing rumours of epic manlet plunder. Sweat, and fecal matter wafted through the air, but we powered through. The tall stone walls smeared with ****, and unwashed manlets running around (not epic). The manlet king himself Balrog approached the mighty men of Nottingham, thinking himself strong enough to face us. Spoiler alert: He was not. Balrog and his pointy eared boy toys ran into their gate house, begging for mercy, but Denis knows no mercy. The coward Balrog looked me in the eyes and said, “PLEASE DENIS PLEASE FORGIVE ME, I GIVE YOU ALL OUR IRON PLEASE BRO PLEASE BRO!!!!”, so we take his iron and SLAYED him anyway. That’s pretty much it, it’s just that easy boys. Would definitely visit again. Durzub, The white Ologs perspective zOuNd sToUTy MAyKEz: https://vocaroo.com/i/s1jEO4qmt4Oj Blogus da Black’s Perspective The city (City is where people live together) was epic, a stone city built from the finest of stone. Blogus knew what was going to happen as he walked in with his allies; Denis (the quickest blade in the land) and Durzub (the great big brother of the honorable Blogus da Black) and a mysterious goblin who decided to join (epick man) were at his side, blades at the ready. “Who heer finna klomp mi?” Blogus roared, however nobody answered. A city of complete cowards(Cowards: meaning cowardly biches). As the cowards cowered in fear of the mighty BLOGUS and his allies, the skygods pushed and prodded them to come out. The mighty raiders had even let the weak cowards gear up before the fight! How merciful! Try as they might to avoid it, it was inevitable. The klomp ensued and guess what? The Nottinglads won again surprise surprise. “Nyze zity” Blogus said, “Mi finna vizit next week hur hur”. Reginald Speaking on a different matter Earlier that day, Demon slayer and Reginald The Sly-Blade escorted a dwarf of marshal status he claimed. They took no payment only the horses in which sat in there unlocked stables. Once doing so they rode around using these horses to guard the dwarf at the entrance of the room. Once Time passed they allowed the marshall to leave yet forcing the two on horses to stay and fight there horde of men. Outnumbering these lads 3:1 They defeated all odds and escaped with the horse. The boy would have a bag full of armor along with weapons and other items he stole from these boys. Once doing so, They had knocked out the leader of the land stripping him of his gear then tossing him on the fast horses of his own. Once riding off to curon they’d find no use for him and toss him to the guards on grounds of him harboring enemies of the nation. The dwarf would be stripped of pride there and word got back to Reginald from the screams you heard outside the barracks that this man was slain. To hear the fact that this Balrog grandaxe fellow was once more executed following by the same people of his home, would shock him and make him ponder on whether not only harboring fugitives they now follow to harbor undead. Reginald hid the horse off somewhere and chuckles at the thought that they couldn’t even kill the two waves of people that came today, for the ball was in there court and they layed it up on there hoop. The Nottinglads begin to sing Song of the mysterious goblin Oh the prophets they tell of a mysterious man Whose REDACTED is as green as a green ogre’s head This man’s blade goes where he pleases Slicing and dicing whatever appeases Goblin! Goblin! Oh how we sing! Goblin! Goblin! This world’s new king! THE END Signed Reginald The Sly-Blade : | Lord of Manor Sheckle Wes | Head of Bokolo Tribe, Molo Bumba | Carpenter of the letl dez hoza cullin Ship | Head of the Yezchec guez chec’ rel rech boat | Son of Denis The Quick-Blade SIGNED BLOGUS DA BLACK : |CHOZEN ZON OF KRUG | CHAMPION MUD WRASSLER | EPICK MAN | FIRZT BLACK REX OF KRUGMAR | BIGGEST BLACKEST MAN IN THE LAND | SIGNED BY : HEROBRINE - EPIC GUY SIGNED BY : GARROND FROSTBEARD - SIGNED BY: DENIS THE QUICK-BLADE
  7. Shuggie_

    The Epic Victory Royale of the Nottinglads

    Denis say, “Nice epic”.
  8. Shuggie_

    _Eigghus's Event Team Actor application

    +1 yes nice
  9. Shuggie_

    Taking What is Ours

    Denis would unsheathe his EPIC blade and hold it to the sky, “HUZZAH! THE TRUE EMPEROR IS HERE. THIS IS EPIC!”
  10. Shuggie_

    lucasking321's Wiki Team Application

    -1 YOu smell like lord Beesechurger, also you are DUMB and SILLY bro. HARD pass from me you god damn WARLOCK
  11. Shuggie_

    [✗] Southron Lore

    NO, SouthERons exist, Southrons do not. We got rid of the E
  12. Shuggie_

    [✗] Southron Lore

    The Atlasian Adunians: Southrons A documentation of a racial assimilation ‘When th’ goin’ be gettin’ tough, da tough be goin’- An old saying passed down by generation to generation through old Southron tradition. Since before the dawn of the descendant’s arrival on Atlas there has been the wall, and those who choose to thrive off the wall. These mutted Half-Breeds chose to do just that, survive. Origins During the departure from Vailor towards the isles of Axios two groups of fleeing refugees had their boats swept away from the main convoy of ships. A small contingent of Snow Elves in a boat and a large group of highlanders in a separate boat landed on the southern icy fringes of a new land. The year was 1572 when both ships crashed into ice and rocks forcing them to leave their vessels.  The highlanders were most likely a group of Raevirs and the Snow Elves were a group of religious dissidents who were planning on finding a new homeland anyways. Upon landing both groups were aware of each others presence, but settled on opposite sides of the same snowy valley. The Snow Elves faired well in the cold, but as a group of religious dissidents they did not fair well in catching game. The Raevirs on the other hand had issues in the cold, but with their ample supply of mainly bronze spears they easily hunted boar and seals. Slowly the two groups began to settle closer in the next couple years after landing, both realizing that a mutual relationship would be the only way they could survive the tundra. Around 1583 both groups were well integrated with each other, with the Snow Elves being the leaders of the group and the Raevirs being the workers. In the coming decades a mutt-race of half elves began to slowly be the main force in the population with the last pure snow elves slowly dying off. The Raevir population simply disappeared into the half-elven bloodline with their next of kin breeding into the half elves. By the year 1613 the population of the settlement was purely made of the half-elves with their leader being an aging and mad snow elf. The high elf went by the name Thrandir and made his loyal tribe take part in the religious ceremonies such as the blood duel where two willing participants take part in a deadly duel. However, as Thrandir lost his grip on reality the elders of the tribe staged a coup and threw him into an gorge. The tribe became many different tribes after this moment as their unifying force caused a schism between the elders. Between 1615 and 1631 a period of tribal war began known as “The Time of Trials.” Legends such as Kalvass the Unbroken who killed thirteen members of a rival tribe with a bronze shovel emerged in this period. Many Southrons to this day claim lineage from a hero or legend that performed a great deed in this period. This time period ended in 1631 when a major cold spell caused the tribes to work together to survive. At this time to present day the culture began to flourish with traditions such as the Woad and ceremonial bloodletting beginning in this time. The Southrons began to call themselves this name due to find an elven compass that told them they lived in the south. This land known as Baurgs in their tongue would later become known as Atlas to those that would come later. Appearance Due to their elven blood those of southron descent hold high cheekbones and an all around chad appearance. Their Raever blood lends them stocky frames and a more masculine vissage than their elven kin. This peculiar mix gives the vast majority of Southrons golden hair and blue to green eyes with a stocky and masculine frame standing at 6’0-6’7. Though as an effect of mixed genetics, many abnormalities in the Southron phenotype may occur such as the appearance of darker hair, mellower features, or even a slim elven frame. These mutted men do not see their outbred ancestry as a curse, or as totem of inferiority, but instead it is viewed as a product of their environment. Survival of their people would not have came alone, and through perseverance they were born. Inheritance Of Curses Because of their mix Elven and Human blood, intertwined through generations of inbreeding the curses of Iblees have seemed to become intertwined and express themselves in a way much like their adunian counterparts. The seed of elven infertility is deep rooted in their people, slimming their already few numbers to just a few family groups across the southern desert. A Southron couple can only conceive a child every few years. Though not to the near infertile extent of their elven brethren, having children is harder for Southrons than for the average human. While the human inherits the curse of a short life, elven blood lends itself as an aid to this ailment. Southron folk, though short lived by the standards of their elven kin can live a comfortable life to the age of 200. This age is rare however, and to see one so old as in the harsh desert conditions near the wall is very unlikely. Language Dexas: Large amount of land. Capital: Ustin Cow: Longheffer Guard: Sheriff Friend: Partner Greetings: Howdy You all: Y’all Hell/Oblivion: Tarnation Isn’t: Ain’t Invader: Drakkar Dilrusti!: Cheers Goodbye: Uthrec Yes: Yup OOC Reasoning for the Promotion from Culture to Race The original Southron post was many months ago, and since then the playerbase has grown and we even have our own active freebuild settlement called Nottingham. Many people have interacted with us during this time, and we hope this this post could provide incentive for players to try out our fun perspective on the server and cool epic type of roleplay. Lore Holders Senor_Tortuga (LordOfTheCraft)- Though he is currently a banned player, he helped immensely in the writing of this lore and played a huge part in the fruition of these ideas. Mithrad- He wrote the original culture post which this was based on, a good man with big plans.
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    Krugmar-Nottingham Alliance

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    Kaz'Ulrah - Nottingham Defensive Pact

  15. Shuggie_

    [Denied][I] Americuck's Game Moderator Application

    +1 from me, Americuck is a good man, and I think he'd be a viable asset to the GM team