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  2. MC Name: Bad_Medicine69 Character's Name: She-Tan Character's Age: 21 Character's Original Race (N/A if not applicable): N/A. Transformed form: Fei-Zhu (subrace of Hou-Zi) Creator's MC Name: N/a. Creator's RP Name: N/a. Briefly explain the lore behind this construct or creature: The Fei-Zhu, subsrace of the Hou-Zi, are the most graceful and debatably the most beautiful of the Hou-Zi tribes. They are known for their iconic fur, the color relative to the rainbow color, often resulting in brilliant contrasts that stand out among any crowd. Fei-Zhu in the old Empire were primarily the Noble caste, they were serving the following duties: politicians, courtiers, ministers, artists, poets, musicians and councillors. They were always in the minority compared to the much larger Laobai population. They were historically pious to Hou-Shen, the God-King of the monkey people (Hou-Zi). Fei-Zhu have less physical strength than the other monkey people, but the Fei-Zhu are more agile and have more dexterity, using speed and agility in their advantage. A Fei-Zhu can stand from 5'5" tall to 6'5" tall, they can weigh from 100 to 200 lbs, their lifespan is about from 250 to 300 years. Hou-Zhen was the first of Metzli's Hou-Zi creations and was created to become a leader. He was the Monkey King who wore a crown of jade and was the one to unlock the gift of sentience for all of the apes on Asul. Hou-Shen was able to quickly develop a culture for the Hou-Zi and share with them the knowledge that Metzli had shared with him. Under Hou-Shen the Hou-Zi began to attempt to conquest Axios, this was a command from Metzli that Hou-Shen had seen through meditation. The Hou-Zi fell into a great war with the kin of Malin and rumor has it that Hou-Shen felll in the battle for the Isle of Malin. With the loss of the Monkey King the Hou-Zi retreated back into their jungle where they met a new foe. This enemy was ancient god referred to as 'The Poison'. It drove them from their homes and brought despair to the Hou-Zi. The Hou-Zi ran from 'The Poison' and to a place where the elves would not find them and so when the elves arrived at the once home of the hou-zi they found desserted ruins. As Metzli watched the homeland of her creatures be ravaged bt 'The Poison' she brought Hou-Shen back to life and so he assumed his position of leadership and re-built their once great capital. With the return of Hou-Shen came the return of the ambition of the Hou-Zi and they made plans to conquer Axios once again. This time Malin was long gone and the elves had broken apart and so the Hou-Zi prepared for war once again. Though now that the elves were divided they had evolved in their own right to be able to defeat the army of Hou-Shen. The High Elves used their skill in the voidal arts to fend off the Hou-Zi, the Dark Elves used their shamanism and comfortabilty in the night time to aid them and the Wood Elves were experts of guerilla warfare who had no capital to lose to Hou-Shen. Though eventually Hou-Shen learned it best to pit the elves against each other to help defeat them but with a cost. Hou-Shen had lost each of his three sons in battle and ended up fleeing back to his beloved jungle to mourn. He surrendered and to the elves as he realized the cost of war was far too high and the Hou-Zi returned to their jungle where they remained, and often fought among themselves, for centuries. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: No. Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: I agree. Are you aware that if this creature's lore is undergoing an activity trial and that trial fails, you will no longer be able to play this creature and will be forced to either revert the character back to its normal form (if it was a transformative type) or stop playing the character entirely (if it is an entirely new creature)?: Yes, I am aware. Do you consent to accepting what may happen to this character?: Yes, I do. Have you applied for this creature on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: No.
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    [et actor] wud plagiarises witty application title

    I will leave this +1 from me because I know Wud is fit for a ET actor. I've seen him roleplaying so many times and I can tell that he is very good at it, he deserves to be in the Event Team!
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    [Actor] Bad_Medicine69

    Current Username: Bad_Medicine69 Discord: Bad_Medicine#8183 Time-Zone: UTC+02:00 Have you held past Staff positions?: No, I haven't. Do you plan on applying for other Staff Teams?: I will plan on applying for other Staff team in the future, but now I will try to stick to the actor if it's possible. Where do you find inspiration?: I find inspiration from movies ( like LOTR), basically any games I play, any books I read ( fantasy books ). Which race/group do you believe your events might best cater to?: I believe that my events might best cater to monsters, undead, beasts. What do you believe the key factors of a successful event are?: I think the key factors of a successful factor are these: every player from the event should have a good roleplay experience after the event and while the event is in progress, difficult conflict so the players will be able to have a longer experience of roleplay and a reward at the end of the scene. What strengths do you bring to the team?: If I would be able to join the actor team, I could help the other members of the team with their scenarios or anything they ask me about helping them out. Why do you wish to become an ET?: First of all, I really wish to become a actor because I am really into the unique roleplay as an actor, I really like to create scenes where people can enjoy roleplaying, to bring more roleplay on the server and to have a good time with the players that I am creating scenarios with, and a good time while being a actor with the other actor players. Please create three unique event scenarios based on server lore: 1. A group of 3 people approach a bridge and when they try to walk over the bridge, they can hear some rumbling and cracking from underneath the bridge. Suddenly, a troll's head pops from the side of the bridge creeping at the people that are trying to walk forwards on the bridge. The troll makes his way to the end of the bridge and starts to scream at the group. The people are stunned by the fear that is running through their veins, the troll approaches them and suddenly he swings his fists towards one of the players from the bridge. The 3 players from the group unsheathes their swords and, slowly, they make their way towards the troll. The troll spots the players coming towards him, he attempts to swing at one of them, successfully hiting him. The player gets knocked off his feet down on the bridge's concrete. The other player swings his sword towards the trolls leg while the troll is distracted by the downed player, he loses stability because of the strike and falls onto his knee. A player decides to run towards him in attempt to stab the troll in the chest while he is on his knees, but immediately fails as the troll hears him running and punches him, the player flying about 3 meters away from the group. The player that stabbed the troll decides to slowly make his way to his back, he then strikes the troll's back, the troll letting out a loud screech once the tip of the sword makes contact with his skin, the sword penetrating his fat and flesh. The troll turns and attempts to hit the player that recently stabbed him, but while he is occupied on doing so, another player unsheathes his sword and makes his way towards the troll and forcefully strikes him in his stomach area, making a serious, deep cut into his flesh. The troll falls down on the ground and all the players in a hurry strikes the troll multiple times in the neck, leaving the troll lifeless on the ground. 2. A group of 5 people are in Mordskov, when suddenly they hear a loud bang coming towards a house near them. They come running in the house and they spot a pool blood in the center of the house and next to the pool of blood 2 bodies of dwarfs lying on the ground then they hear a loud screech coming from upstairs of the house. The group manages to walk upstairs finding all the doors open and all the things from the house broken, and when they glance towards the roof of the house, they spot a tall ghoul hanging on the wall. The ghoul manages to leap towards a player, then all the players come out running from the house. The ghoul follows behind them, and leaps towards another player and attempts to bite him by the neck. The player struggles in keeping himself alive, when the other 4 players decide to help him out, some of them unsheating their swords, and some of them normal clubs. They make their way to the beast and 2 of them attempts to strike the ghoul's head in succeeding with the strike. The ghoul turns at the player, and immediately swings his super long claws towards them, one of the players getting deep cut by him and the other one not so deep, but still a serious cut. 5 other players manage to get to the ghoul's back and successfully strike him with their swords in the ghoul's back, leaving the ghoul with a severe, deep wound on his back. The ghoul lets out a loud scream once the swords make contact with his back, falling forwads onto his stomach. All the players gather to the ghoul in attempt to kill the beast in success, they strike their swords and clubs, 3 in his head, and the others all over his body in attempt to kill him. The ghoul finally dies because of too many hits to the head. 3. A group of 10 people are in the Oren capital, at the church, when suddenly a ogre comes to the group of people and swings his barbaric, swamp club towards one of the man's ribs, letting the man knocked out cold. 3 of the people unsheathe their swords and one of them successfully strikes the ogre in the back making a deep serious cut in his back. The ogre turns and swings his club towards the player and successfully hits him, the player flying a few meters away from the group. The other player comes sneaking from behind the ogre while he is distracted by the player from the ground and successfully hacks the ogre's waistline with the axe, followed by another strike of a sword by the other player from his side. The ogre backs off, cornered in front of the church and he quickly dashes to his left so he is no longer cornered. The forth player decides to takes his bow out, drawing it waiting for the perfect moment to shoot. The ogre spots the player and places his left, huge chubby hand on his face for protection and charges towards the player. The player shoots the arrow, the arrow hits his hand and the ogre strikes the player and the player immediately dies. However, a sister manages to set a spear on fire, she slowly walks outside of the church and manages to throw the spear at the ogre's side. The spear penetrates his skin, fat and flesh, his clothes start to burn, a player comes with a horse and quickly, at full speed, manages to swing his sword at the ogre's neck while he is distracted by the fire, leaving the ogre decapitated. Send me a song you enjoy: Drake sneakin ft 21 savage.
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    [✗] [Ban appeal] CansofXans

    I can confirm that we were just joking around because there was literally no roleplay in the orc lands. We were trying to go get some slaves after we were done with that out-of-character fuckery which I really regreat on doing so. I am really sorry for what we have done yesterday, it's true he accidentally killed his parrot because of me, I instantly knew I was going to regret that moment when I saw his 2 parrots die. All I have to say now is that I am really sorry CansofXans and Langeschwanz for all this misunderstanding just because of his 2 parrots dying, of course, I can literally call myself a dickhead because of what we did yesterday, we were just on discord making fun of each other and right now I am really sorry because of that.
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    [C.A] Lm3allem

    MC Name: Lm3allem IC Name: Daniel Original Race [n/a if not applicable]: Highlander, Human. Transformed Form: Ghoul. Creator [mc name and ic name, n/a if not applicable]: dralazar. Briefly explain the lore behind this construct or creature: A ghoul is a undead created by a necromancer using life force. Life force is the essence of life that is found in all beings, that live in the mortal plane. The necromancer uses his powers to absorb it and then put it in the undead giving life to it once again, lesser undead like ghouls may not emember their past lives. Ghouls are slow minded and sluggish, from their rot, the necromancer that raised the ghoul has full command over him but if the necromancer attacks the ghouls can fight back. Ghouls, like most undead are weak to aurum/gold and holy magic and they are also weak to fire. A ghouls main goal is to consume flesh and by doing so to absorb life force.
  7. MC Name: Lm3allem IC Name: Knod Original Race [n/a if not applicable]: Elf Transformed Form: Homunculus. Creator [mc name and ic name, n/a if not applicable]: MC name Jistuma, IC name Prohan, and JavaWizard, IC name Lotho Briefly explain the lore behind this construct or creature: Homunculi are creatures created by alchemy. Some are created scratch, and others from dead descendants. The ones which are created from scratch are able to live a shorter life than the others, if the creator uses better ingredients, the better the homunculi will be. It is often an accident, something created due to hubris and instability within the ingredients, a severe imbalance that goes deeply against the universe that it takes from, and sometimes they are created with purpose. The creator of a Homunculi usually adds 4 ingredients, one and the most importand of those ingredients is the homunculi's symbol, it can be a water deviant, a earth deviant, a fire deviant and a air deviant. A homunculi can't use magic and their worst weakness are the gold weapons, they are weak at holy magic too.
  8. TheSultanate

    The Homunculus’ Alchemy

    OOC In-game name: Lm3allem Skype: (just so we can keep in touch with you) lm3allem7 RP Homunculus name: Knod Key Symbol in the homunculus: (fire, water, earth, or air) Earth Race: (what descendant race does your homunculus resemble? Elf? Dwarf? Human? etc) Elf. Appearance of homunculus: (Remember, your homunculus must be have slight disfigurements, such as a ripped eye, twisted shoulder, hunch, leg longer than the other, missing/extra fingers, etc. Also, the homunculus’ skin must be closer to the Symbol’s colour: red for fire, blue for water, yellow for earth, and white for air. Aside from that, you are free to choose eye colour, hairstyle, as well as clothing.) Knod is an earth homonculus, he is 6'3", he has a sinewy body, he has 1 eye, twisted fingers, 8 fingers in his right hand and 3 fingers in his left hand, doesn't appear to have a mouth, his both legs have only 4 fingers and he has a leg bigger than the other, he has dark blue eye color and his hair is a type of mixture between blue and dark. His shoulder is pretty twisted and he moves a bit slow because of his torso, his torso is a little bit twisted. Personality of Homunculus: (It’s best to have your homunculus have some traits from their key symbol. For example: Fire homunculi are more temperamental and easier to anger, as well as more destructive than the other three. Although they may be caring and gentle, depending on which side of the Symbol you want to take.) He doesn't like to use weaponry and if he has something in his mind, he will not change his opinion until he does that thing. He likes to spend time outdoors in the nature, he likes to socialize with all kind of races. He dosen't like to think about his goals in his life, he wants to remain who it is and he thinks before he acts. He seems to be a calm homuncul, doesn't like to pick up fights or to argue. He is very careless and he is not emotional. Are you aware of the PK cause and do you agree that your character will be PK’ed if one of conditions are met?: Yis.
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    The Homunculus’ Alchemy

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