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  1. Gruzag would be cooking something at home when he heard the shouting and the news, before grinning as he spoke. “Well, diz plaze iz getting mer agh mer interezting bie ze dey!”
  2. LOL Llyria 2 but with extra conflict protection. EDIT: If new players are lost, CT should be guiding them more. Of course none of you are around every twenty-four hours of the day, but when there’s a new player around, really make an effort to guide them. Like many others have said, allowing players to just hide where there’s no conflict or worries will just lower the bar for roleplay standard. Don’t introduce players to an environment which doesn’t really exist on the server.
  3. Friendly reminder that maximum human height is 6’4” and if you’re roleplaying otherwise I am going to stabby stab. 

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      I am just unproductive bro.....

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      My younger brother is nearly 6’6” 


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      all my characters are 7’12. also sorry for the late reply lol

  4. Since when have Kha lived so long? Also can Kha contract rabies then become feral?
  5. Remember our first interaction?
  6. Name: Olrin Maehr’tehral ((MC Name: Gohlbez/Sorcerio)) Age: ~50 What magic are you trained in, if any? I am proficient in the art of Air Evocation. How do you lay claim to the fact that you are a pure Mali’aheral? I have resided within the elcihi’thilln for many years and currently serve in the Esillumiran. How long have you resided within Lareh’thilln? Around two decades. Do you swear to follow the Maehr’sae Hylun’ehya? I would not have it any other way. I swear. What magical knowledge do you wish to acquire, if any? I seek to learn the arts of Transfiguration to aid me in my Jewel Smithin, perhaps to create more exquisite jewelry.
  7. Absolutely NOT! This video demonstrates why this player certainly should not join story or any other staff team.
  8. The State of the Void The Void has been a great and rather prominent part of this server’s history, as well as the magics it has helped to develop. However, we at the LT have come to reach the decision that the Void has run its course, becoming nothing more than a background figure while subpar mages fill the ranks of once powerful and memorable sorcerers, oblivious to the Void’s meaning. Many of us have seen the horrors which have been birthed from Void Magic in recent years – such as AI or arcade machines, and other magical machinations which just don’t fit the theme of the server. Thus, as of today, the LT will be disassociating the Void from all lore for the foreseeable future. What does this mean for Void Mages? As of today, the LT will be going through all Void Magic applications and denying them, meaning that all Void Magic for the foreseeable future will be shelved, unable to be used by anyone. This also will be applying to all Voidal MArts. Additionally, ET are also dissuaded from using anything related to the Void or its former magic in events. Hopefully, before the next map is over, the Void will make a return, along with all its magics. However, magic related to it will not be returned to its users, having only two grandfathers for each magic which will be assigned to spreading it back responsibly. We hope you understand the intention of this is to usher forth a new, more responsible generation of Arcane Magi. Why are we doing this? Because most modern Void Mages are unfortunately misusing the magic, playing self-insert magi protagonists which center their character’s around a singular magic and are ever-so-thirsty for more power to feed their self-insertion. Hopefully with this project underway, we will be able to, as I mentioned before, create a new, much more responsible group of magi to populate our server. While we are disappointed it had to come to this state, we have deemed such a course of action to be necessary. All we’re truly seeking to do is to generate better roleplay then there is currently. Sincerely, - The Lore Team
  9. Overall good work, particularly with the projects! However, I am still quite disturbed by the lack of player guidance as opposed to the month prior, as 141 new players were accepted, yet only a fraction of them received guidance. Of course, I’m not saying every player needs guidance, as even staff have other duties to attend to, but the current number guided certainly does not reflect good effort in that regard. What is even more offsetting is that twice as many players were guided to Sutica as opposed to any other nation. I don't understand if it’s because Sutica is closer to Temple or the team has personal bias towards the nation, but regardless, this is something that should not be happening as frequently as it does. While I can acknowledge that some players may not wish to relate with a set racial nation, most new players tend to adapt quite quickly from what I saw as a CT, able to conform to set roleplay systems when they associate themselves with a more racially oriented nation, such as Oren (humans) or the Haelun’or (high elves). A nation like Sutica where there is no roleplay conformity or culture is certainly not a place where so many of our new players should be lead to start off. At the very least, nations should be getting semi-equal amounts go guidances per month (give or take a handful of variations). As a CT, your job is to go the distance to ensure new players successfully fit into the community. Please try to make an effort to take people elsewhere, even if it means sprinting across the map for an extra five minutes. I obviously cannot speak for all CT, some of them may very well be taking those extra steps, but I implore those of you who this relates to to change your current course, for the new players’ sake. Otherwise, I look forward to seeing how your other projects will turn out! Peace.
  10. That's precisely the problem. People don’t roleplay the effects right because it’s something you can just get on whim. There’s no need to prove yourself through roleplay nor act as if it’s an actual struggle when you can instantly remove a character flaw/development by merely posting an application.
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