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  1. A foot is afoot

    1. Motherchild


      toe lore coming soon!!!!!!!!

  2. A L O N E P H I L O S O P H E R W O U L D A P P R O V E O F T H E M I S S I V E .
  3. Yo pun, when is my Kani lesson. I need a time and place! thank you homie

    1. Sorcerio


      Elysium Ferry at 5:30PM EST tomorrow 😳 😘

    2. Mojo
  4. Sorry to see you go, but I wish you all the best. Appreciated the few times we interacted, and hope you feel better soon.
  5. Discord: pundimonium#9142 IGN: Hollowgeist Skin Name: Helix Bid Amount: 100
  6. I can better define the detriments. Basically they may be more easily damaged by said forces. For example, abjuring or using a Kani attack directly on an Eidola would feel like fire inside them, whereas Xannic mists would similarly burn. Apologies for the lack of clarification, will update shortly.
  7. THE PALEKNIGHT Eidolons of the Synod Born a bastardization of life, they are the pure children of a twisted parentage - what was once animate bound to a wretched husk of what is neither living nor dead. With their minds and bodies cleansed through being strained by the Veil, these are the ultimate offspring of the occult arts, bearing no value by utility, but the sheer notion of their existence - a triumph of undeath arguably more impressive than the Wight Barrowlords themselves. Through the convergence of two Mystics, each knowing the direct creation of one such creature, and
  8. Me: *wants to post lore

    Forums: "no"

    1. 1_Language_1



  9. Please give posts a solid background again, I beg you. I can't format on transparency 😩

    1. 1_Language_1


      i want everything to go back to the old brown

    2. rukio


      same language

  10. I'll never be able to format another lore post again...

  11. THE BALLOT ((MC name: Hollowgeist )) Name: Olrin Hildinyr Vote for Sohaer: ( XX ) Arelyn Iyathir ( ) Nuala Telperion
  12. "Finally, reason seems to ring among the dissonance which the liberal Mali'ata stir." Olrin Hildinyr would remark with a brief sigh of relief, then bringing his thumb and forefingers to tiredly rub his eyes. "Let us hope their ill doings are done away with soon." And so he returns to constructing the acid pits, for they would be needed in the coming days.
  13. Im so happy we finally got it out there Oh this is good too I didn't see this part
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