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  1. It was a dull, soulless spring day, plagued by grey clouds which overshadowed the north-eastern peninsula as a blanket of gloom, dew fresh upon the damp grass. I had set myself to working upon the ballista which the Haensemen had left smoldering upon the shores where I resided, the charred wood now sodden and damp from the heavy rainfall which plagued the land as of late — though scorch marks yet still fresh and ever-present upon the seashore. But after much toil and sweat wrought amidst the humid air, I had finally brought my work to fruition. Alas — noon soon drew, and I had thought it was high-time to retire to my residence. The home was of wondrous make, constructed of fine brick and stone, overlooking the bay with an ever-watchful gaze, a witness to many of the atrocities which had transpired within the recent invasion upon Arcasian soil, yet even so still gazing towards the heavens and stars themselves. I entered the abode, lungs now filled with the smell of salt and leather-bound tomes, gazing about at the fire which crackled dimly within the lodging. It was then that I began to prepare, collecting that which I knew I would hence need in my endeavors — food, tools, weapons — for it would be unwise for one to venture unprepared, yet I had still not considered complete preparation. Yet even now, I could not bring myself to release the apprehension which sat within the back of my mind, for I very well knew that any wanderings could very well be my last. Descending down to the depths of my estate, I reached the lower chamber — a room fashioned from stone, the floor built of tials upon which appeared a mural of great beauty, yet enigmatic to those who failed to know — a tower which rose, poised towards the heavens, the stars themselves seeming to acknowledge the presence of such a great feat of mortals. It was then, with all that I possessed, I had readied myself, coming to stand in the center of this elliptical mural, producing what appeared as salt, which I then decorating the mural with in the form of many enigmatic symbols and drawn lines — the likes of which I will not ponder on at this present time. It was then that the ring had been established, now surrounding both I and that which I sought to carry with me. And then, speaking forth that which I had learnt, a great flash of sapphire erupted amidst the room — and so I had begun my journey. I was pulled through the abyss, the thin veil torn as I was flung forward — what seemed stars all about me passing in a flash and a whirl of motion. It was then I was overcome by an immense cold, perplexed by this bizarre occurrence, yet any speculation I might have come about was cut short, for it was then that I found myself to land within a great heap of snow and frost, several feet deep. The wind wailed overhead as I attempted to raise myself from the heap, caked by frost to near-entirety. Overcome by a great wave of nausea, an unfortunate byproduct of interplanar travel, I stumbled back into the snow, casting off the goggles worn upon my arrival. With my eyes now bare, I looked about in search for any sign or semblance which may hint to my location, yet I only found myself surrounded by the wailing of a great wind, one which surrounded me from every-which-way. I anxiously looked towards the skies only to gaze upon a bleak, grey whirl, even the heavens themselves concealed by the nigh unbearable storm. Once again, I rose, brushing the snow off of my clothes, then picking up the headwear which had been cast aside. Then, treading onwards through the snowy storm, I sought to find shelter from the relentless bellows. I pushed on through the howling storm, my arms brought close to my chest as the chill creeped through my equipment, gnawing at my flesh like some foul beast of frost. Were I to not soon find sanctuary, I could be all but lost to this insufferable plane. What seemed as hours passed, each step more perilous and draining than the last, half-buried within the pile of snow which only grew greater with each minute. Soon, I had lost tracks of time itself, the bellowing winds pummelling against me, snow to hail, hail to sleet, and yet still all the more colder — not but ice and frost as far as the eye could see, and even sight was depraved, for there was little to be seen amidst this violet, frigid wind. And then, I saw them — magnificent spires of ice towering overhead, great like mountains, rising beyond even the storm clouds which engulfed the valley. Perhaps from there I would be able to see. And thus, my ascension began. Stone after icy stone I climbed, the wind bellowing against me in taunt, anticipating the slightest misstep which might send me flying off the side of the mountain. Persistence was all I could muster, still grappling for the treacherous summit which remained beyond my gaze, shrouded in the veil of wind and snow which whipped around me. At one point, I had lost my footing, slipping upon the ice as I tumbled downwards, landing in a pile of stone and stone with a thud — my lenses cracking as the rucksack upon me spilled its contents off the side of the mountain, the flasks and materials plummeting into the frosty abyss below. I lay there, cold and exhausted, upon the side of the mountain, the wind still battering against me. I then closed my eyes, perhaps only to rest a moment — and so I fell into unconsciousness. Feeling the touch of something gently rubbing into my back, I opened my eyes groggily. Yet, despite my efforts, everything around me were only seen in a fuzzy blur. I could make out only a few specific details, but I came to note that the interior of the room was warm and comforting, so I knew there must’ve been a fire near. My vision still hazy, I made an effort to rise up and regain my senses, only to be gently pushed back down onto the woolen pillow, speaking to me in a dialect I could not come to decipher. I saw another figure walk in as I closed my eyes, the sound and color around me fading in a blur as I drifted back to sleep. I suddenly jolted upwards, everything around me dark and cold. My vision had come clearly as I looked around. It seemed that I were in some primitive, though by no means crude, tent, the walls made of tanned leather and fur pelts, a cold, pale light pouring in from the entry way and into the tent. A smothered fire lay only a few feet away, the smoke rising in a gentle wisps which only managed to rise briefly into the air before fading. But I had little time to dwell on such details, for my ears were soon attuned to the sound of cries and screams coming from outside, quite alarming to me in this state — for who knew swhat might dwell in this plane. Moving to rise from the bedroll, I took note of a great pain within me shoulder, bringing me to inhale sharply. Pushing through the unbearable pain, I knew could not stay here, for I drew too much attention. I staggered over to retrieve my belongings which were hanged upon a wooden beam to dry above the flames, though the lenses still remained cracked, but no matter, for I could repair them when I returned. Setting upon my coat, I reached for the rucksack which had been layed next to the rest of my belongings, only to find half its contents empty and recall how they had fallen down the mountain. But perhaps some of these would be of use. I exited the tent with haste, emerging into the pale light. The sky was grey and dull, as if a great storm were approaching on the horizon, dark clouds gathering menacingly in the far-off. My gaze was then brought to the great clamor before me. And so I came upon a most terrifying sight; a great titan wrought of ice and malice, towering overhead as it swiped at and stomped upon the villagers which seemed to flee in a futile pursuit. Some were picked up and consumed ravenously by the abomination, while others were flung into the sides of ice hills and tents or even crushed beneath the icy behemoth. I had completely froze, struck with awe and horror. But it was then that the creature turned its attention to me. “...A great titan wrought of ice and malice, towering overhead as it swiped at and stomped upon the villagers which seemed to flee in a futile pursuit…” Realizing I was still wounded, I knew I could not outrun it well, but I had needed to devise a plan quickly, for the goliath creature lumbered at me still and at a terrifying pace. I reached into my bag, taking note of two distinclty warm bottles within the deeper compartments of the rucksack. However, my effort to produce one was cut short as the creature swiped towards me with its horrific, icy claw, I just barely managing to evade with difficulty, pain surging through my arm as the sack was cast off to the side, one of the warm orange bottles spilling out — melting the snow around where it had surged. And so only one of the bottles remained. Staggering, I attempted to flee, but the creature’s gaze and attention remained locked upon me — certainly due to my foreign presence within this plane. It knocked over tent after tent, relentless in pursuit as I stumbled away in flight. If only I were able to reach the bag once again, which remained stagnant behind the great behemoth which persued me, the wind picking up and nipping at my flesh. I took note that many of the villagers had fled as well — perhaps for the best, though some remained in hiding, watching almost curiously as the creature still charged at me. By this time, I’d come full circle around the campsite, which had now been decimated by the attack. My shoulder burned as if one fire, the creature having lost me yet only for a brief moment, looking about the scattered tents and ruined wood as I hid behind a large jagged ice chunk. And there, I caught sight of my bag, yet it was in direct sight of the frosty creature. Finally summoning my determination, I made a stumbling dash for the rucksack, the creature turning its head a full one-eighty as it caught sight of me, letting out an otherworldly screech as the back of its throat began to illuminate a pale blue, inhaling loudly as air, snow, and ice were all sent flying into its mouth from the powerful suction. I continued to push on against the pull, heaving nearly reached the bag which was stuck upon a piece of shrapnel wood imbedded within a ground, flapping and flying in the wind as the leather band began to tear. I left for the bag, but alas, I was too late, for the band snapped against the wood, the bag flying towards the mouth of the creature as I made a final effort to grab it, but that too failed. The sack and all its contents were sucked into the creatures mouth, engulfed entirely as it remained locked upon me. Then, suddenly, the creature stopped, the terrible vacuum vanishing as I then looked to the titan beast. It appeared as if it were chocking, gagging and pounding on its own chest. I then caught sight of an orange glow emerging within its snowy form, their form becoming much more watery as the creature frantically tried to flee, but was stopped as several liquid poured out of it, giving a horrendous wail as it slowly slunk away into the snow, reaching its hand upwards in a final attempt, before being rendered defeated. The villagers cheered, emerging from their hiding places and nooks as they came to the center of the decimated campsite. I was now able to make out their forms completely. They appeared as humans garbed in furs and pelts, much like that of humans, let were a pale white, almost as much as the snow itself. The largest of them, draped in the pelt of what looked like a wolf, approached me, addressing me in a foreign tongue, at which I was only bewildered, and thus, made no immediate response. However, the chief seemed to understand my puzzlement, granting me an understanding nod. Looking back to the decimated town behind me, I felt some unease at the trouble I had caused these people, for surely whatever beast had attacked was attratched by my foreign presence. Knowing I must depart quickly, I bid farewell to the villagers and the chief, now turning to depart down the winding valley road which trailed out from the encampment. As I walked away, I came to realize that even greater caution must be practiced upon such endeavors, not just for my own sake, but whatever lived there in peace as well.
  2. Donation potatoes are arguably the darkest magic on the server.

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      Farmer Billy Bob is an agent of Iblees and no one can convince me otherwise

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      he IS Iblees

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      I would counter with the mooshroom soup from farmer billy bob.

  3. Hey, welcome! Hope you enjoy it here!
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  6. This Lore has been accepted. Moved to Implemented Lore, it will be sorted to it's appropriate category soon. Please note that if this is playable lore, such as a magic or CA, you will need to write a guide for this piece. You will be contacted regarding the guide (or implementation if it isn’t needed) shortly.
  7. A wandering individual came to read scholarly publication, taking it upon himself to find the author of this astonishing work — for this one could perhaps have gazed upon what he too had witnessed...
  8. Still an epic clan tho from the looks of it!
  9. Can’t wait for this thread to be locked and/or deleted too x3
  10. Earth – an element that is firm and unyielding, rigid and strong, yet holds power whose potential few recognize. The potential for those who harness the powers of the Earth is immense, allowing them a plethora of capabilities, from city building, to demolition, to terraformation. It was with this recognition in mind that mages sought and learned to conjure forth earthen power from the Void, applying it in a surplus of ways, the likes of which few scholars have seen. Overview Earth Evocation is the conjuring of earthen materials from the Void and ‘casting’ it in a variety of ways. As most evocations, it is one of the more versatile arts of the Void, as well as far more durable than the others, allowing for multiple uses and applications which few evocations can call their own. - Earth Evocation takes up [1] magic slot. - Earth Evocation is a Voidal Art under the Evocation subtype. - Earth Evocation can be practiced with a valid Earth Evocation [MA]. - Earth Evocation can be learned under a character with a valid Earth Evocation [TA]. - Earth Evocation requires a stable connection to the Void to cast. Learning and Casting Casting Earth Evocations requires a connection to the Void, creating their Mana Anchor from which they may draw their elements from the Void in exchange for their mana. This connection, however, is not a simple performance, repetitive practice with one’s connection being a preliminary for conjuring forth any elements of the earth. Struggle with connection is not uncommon, often discouraging many aspiring mages despite their predicament being quite normal. In order to conjure earth, one must dedicate many years towards the study of the mundane element, requiring them to understand every little detail of stone and earth ever so accurately; from the texture of its surface, to how it tumbles down a hill. Having an adequate teacher is also a necessity for learning the ways of Earth Evocation, one who has mastered all aspects of the art. Once one has learned to connect to the Void and studied earth itself, they will be able to draw earth from the Void. They must connect, picture the earth in the void, form it, then summon it from the Void and project it. Properties of Earth Being as diverse of an art as it is, Earth Evocation possesses a myriad of various traits and characteristics which set it apart from many other Voidal arts. Yet one who practices Earth Evocation must be steadfast and resolved in their learning, lest their will crumble like the desert sands within the dunes. Earth Evocationists may conjure sand, dirt, rocks, and gems, each of these reflecting their real life counterpart/element. Sand is coarse and rough, while rocks are rather rigid, rarely being smooth. Typically when conjuring earth, it would likely appear as if particles of sand or earthen material were to collect around the casting area, remaining granulated if applied as sand or another loose substance, or coming together and solidifying if being used as a rock barrier or projectile. However, one may adopt other aesthetics should they wish, so long as they do not change the function of the spell. Any form of rock element may be conjured for aesthetic purposes (sandstone, basalt, etc), though will always have the same level of solidarity as regular stone. This applies to gems as well. Gem materials may not be conjured until [T4], though this is purely aesthetic and offers no mechanical benefit, having the same solidarity and endurance as any stone, though perhaps appearing far more smoothed and refined than pure rock. Rocks and crystals will either crumble or shatter, respectively, with enough force upon contact with a hard enough surface, before vanishing back into the Void. Properties of Earth Evocation apply to all spells of the art and must be taken into consideration when casting unless explicitly stated otherwise in the mechanics or redlines of the spell. Abilities Earth Evocation is one of solidarity and firmness, centered around order and control, as opposed to more free and flowing evocations such as fire, water, and air. As a wave crashing against a rock wears it away over time, so too has time chiseled this arcane art to be applied in powerful and strange new ways. Abbreviation Key: N - Non-Combat C - Combat Earth Evocation [N] An earth evocationist can conjure sand, dirt, gems, or stone from the Void and manipulate it into any shape that they so wish. This can be used very diversely for non-combative purposes — from creating mere artistic expression from rocks, to a large boulder which can push road-blocks out of the way. Sand Offensive [C] Similarly to conjuring rock and stone, an Earth Evocation may manifest earth in a far more granulated state, like that of sand or salt, able to apply this in various ways, such as greeting small blasts of sand to blind foes within a moment’s notice, to conjuring an entire furious storms of sand around them. Earthen Defensive [C] An aspect of Earth Evocation which may appeal to more defensive mages, allowing them to create powerful barriers which may sustain themselves against harsh attackers. Due to the unyielding and rigid nature of rocks, these barriers can be incredibly durable and effective. Earthen Offensive [C] Earthen Offensive employs the use of Earth Evocation in projectiles which may be directed towards the mage’s opponents, often being the most used of all the art’s evocative combat capabilities. Such projectiles may be used for anything from creating harmless pebbles, to entire flurries of earth to decimate foes. Tier Progression Tier 1 - Novice The mage has just learned to connect, assuming they haven’t learned such already. Should they be able to establish and maintain said connection, they will be able to conjure perhaps a few grains of sand before becoming exhausted, thought towards the end of the tier, things as pebbles may be conjured. This stage is often used for study of Voidal Connection and the earthen elements as opposed to casting. Tier 2 - Apprentice The mage has increased their proficiency in connecting to the Void, able to conjure more tangible manifestations of Earth evocation and Sustain them for a longer period of time. Vague shapes may be formed, though no more than crude geometric shapings. Tier 3 - Adept The mage has mastered their connection proficiency, now capable of refining their shapes to be more precise and detailed, allowing them much more artistic capability and freedom. It is at this stage where they may also employ their magical abilities more confidently in combat encounters. Tier 4 - Expert The mage has reached near-mastery of the earthen elements, possessing much more fluidity in their conjuring both in and out of combat. Their capability to conjure more versatile attacks has also improved as well. It is at this stage where they may begin to progress on their own, no longer requiring the aid of a mentor. Tier 5 - Mastery The mage has mastered every aspect of Earth Evocation, capable of showing masterful affluence in the art both in and out of combat encounters. They have access to all spells of Earth Evocation, now truly mastered, in which they may begin to teach other individuals should they so wish. General Redlines of Earth Evocation An earth evocationist cannot manipulate real earth, only control what they themselves have conjured forth from the Void. Once they have cast their earth and it has made contact with the real world, it may be controlled further so long as it is actively concentrated upon, dematerializing back into the Void once the mage relinquishes control. All spells require line of sight, that being their maximum range, unless specified otherwise. The further the spell is casted, the more draining it may be and the more time it may take to charge. Any aesthetic of any spell cannot change its mechanical function. For example, creating an object out of gems will not change its solidarity in neither negative nor positive ways. In non-combat, different materials have different levels of solidarity for flavor purposes, though in combat, all rock will have the same consistency as regular stone. Gems and other conjured minerals will not serve any function besides aesthetic. They are brittle and cannot be forged, and will simply vanish the second the mage’s focus is placed elsewhere. While things as glowstone would still glow for a flavorful light, gold ore conjured would have no effect upon any dark or undead beings, for example. Refined materials may not be conjured, such as iron. Ores may not be conjured either. OOC Purpose The former Earth Evocation rewrite was done in a rushed manner, lacking quality and definition, as well as having numerous errors which made it quite confusing to understand. It was then that I decided to amend the lore and give clarifications to the abilities, as well as remove those that seemed useless or unused. It was also with this rewrite that I had decided to lower some of the capabilities, while also boosting others, to allow for more opportunity for those who wisely position themselves, though the general purpose of this write was to allow greater clarification and correct errors. Please don’t have this **** go through admin voting, I’d literally have a stroke.
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