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  1. ****’s finally lookin’ back up...
  2. I guess it’s sort of like the descendant race curses, such as elven infertility or human aging, in this case being a more severe form of the latter. Not necessarily something one can just flick away with a simple holy spell.
  3. I didn’t put any of the admins in any particular order, plus, dewper is controlling it all really 👀
  4. EDIT: plz upvote my low quality meme
  5. They are so in love that they even skipped engagement! What a couple!
  6. “Whew! Close one there!” an old man would comment sarcastically, finishing his beating of the squirrel corpses as he would move to skin and turn them into little furry coasters for his chipped mugs.
  7. An old and senile old man has no idea how people can respond to another person’s comment from miles away, though makes nothing of it and quickly goes back to beating squirrels.
  8. “After all these years... finally!” An old man would comment, tears welling up in his eyes.
  9. Olrin Maehr’tehral, upon reading the missive, would hold his head in shame. His hands would ball into fists, recalling what had transpired during the trial, the poor elf simply going to continuously murmur to himself. “It’s all my fault, it’s all my fault...”
  10. “This will be horrifying.” comments a random old man.
  11. “Oh I can hardly wait to visit again!” Olrin spoke upon reading the missive. ”And perhaps a wine bottle collection would be a nice thing to start...” he would add shortly after.
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