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  1. I’d never imagined myself writing one of these, but I suppose it’d be a bit unfair to many people if I simply vanished without a word. Besides, real life circumstances seldom respect the lack of foresight, so I suppose it is only fitting of me to play the fool. I remember when I had first joined LOTC some three-odd years ago. It was everything I’d hoped for and more: an open platform where I could meld my creative mind with my love for a simple block game. I still fondly recall waiting until the end of every school day where I could rush home and log on to experience the vast and vibrant world of Atlas, immersed fully at the crossroads of Belvitz. From a bright-eyed new player desperate for a taste of magic and fantasy, to an active and experienced member of this community, it would seem I’ve gone through my LOTC arc surprisingly fast in the meagre span of three years. Nevertheless, every encounter and experience all added up rather profoundly in the end, helping me to grow in ways I could not have imagined. On the matter of why I am leaving, or at least stepping back for a while; as much as I love writing lore, it is a rather draining process, and once you are committed to building the world of LOTC, there’s no turning back. Unfortunately, it’s a lot less engaging to participate in a world where all its secrets and mysteries are already known. Still, I was more than willing to take on that responsibility, knowing fully well what it might entail. Very much to the warnings of my friends I have, in short, burnt myself out. If the poor in-game presence and infrequent discord activity weren’t proof enough, I’ve been slowly shedding my ties to LOTC, continuously pushing off projects to the next day until it has amounted into one great tower of work. It eventually grew into too much, and I realized it was time for me to be fully transparent regarding my absence. But just because I am taking my leave does not mean I have given up hope on the server, far from it fact. I still believe that the server is set on a track to succeed especially under the recent administration. What we have built here together is unlike anything found in any sort of storybook or fairytale. Sure, it’s no “happy-ever-after” and there are surely improvements to be made, but for the collaborative project it is, it has succeeded in what it was designed to be. I only hope more players can recognize the same. If there’s one thing I’ve learned during my time on LOTC, it’s that LOTC is not fun because staff make it fun, but because of player initiative. We can only give you the tools with which to build, but it’s up to you to actually build it - to mould something with your own hands and to truly make it your own. There may be times when it's difficult, and no one is promising it’s gonna be easy. But taking a look at how those who enjoy the server, and those that don’t, interact with other players, I think it's fair to say that taking initiative pays off far more than waiting for someone else to take it for you. With that said, I wish you all a very fond farewell. I’ll probably check in from time to time, and maybe I’ll even make a return at some point, though for now it seems like I have other matters to which I must dedicate myself. I wish to especially thank those who have stuck with me throughout my time on LOTC and tenure on staff, especially the other ST. I’ll still be around on discord if you want to reach me (pundimonium#9142). I’m always around just to chat or chill out! I hope that, if I ever come back, the server will have grown even more, perhaps to the point where I'll even feel like a new player again. Good luck and take care, LOTC.
  2. Proud of you mate.

  3. You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.

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  4. After some consideration and thought on community feedback, I have decided to self-deny this piece as it does not serve the best interest of the players nor the lore. Though I believe the concept to be viable, the intricacies need to be ironed out and, should I even persist with such a project, totally revamped and resubmitted. That said, the formulation of certain responses certainly left much to be desired in terms of feedback and were rather disheartening if anything. Though I appreciate your fervor for your playerbase, I think there are more respectful means in which your thoughts could be relayed. To those of you who did provide valid and respectful feedback that lead me to this decision, thank you.
  5. Just to clarify, this is not nerfing alchemists, it's only making it so mages can't use potions and spells in the same encounter, or at least while still having potions on them. Mages don't passively cause them to explode, only when they choose to establish a Voidal connection. You can still practice alchemy, you just don't need to be using both at the same time. I'll edit it so mages can't just walk up and cancel potions, that's not the intent. It's only meant to harm mages who try to cast and use potionry simultaneously. Sorry if that wasn't clear.
  6. The mage themselves doesn't suffer problems from the potion, its that reacts to them. If a mage connects while holding a potion then it explodes and likely causes them harm depending on what it is. Non-mages don't really have to worry about anything since there's a clause against weaponizing it.
  7. I'm totally down to amend this, though the main idea is really just to prevent mages from going in guns-blazing with both their magic and like an entire arsenal of like 10+ potions. Not to mention, alchemy as it stands has little consequence at all for basically magic-tier versatility, which makes it even more viable for magic stacking. Besides, regular alchemists are relatively unaffected by this, and mages can still use alchemy, just not in tandem with their spellcasting.
  8. The purpose is primarily as a result of both making lore sense and preventing a common form of minmaxing. Though there are instances of other such groups doing what you've described, I've yet to find an adequate means of actually explaining the incompatibility to the same extend as I have here.
  9. I can probably change the region radius since it's not meant to be region-wide cancellation. I'll also probs change the effect radius to 1 meter. The main idea is to prevent mages from using both these and their magic in the same encounter without some degree of added risk, not to mention that it doesn't make a lot of sense to either way. It's meant to prevent magic stacking, not make alchemy weaker.
  10. The Alchemic Fault Tales are often told of magicians who dare to dabble in material philosophy; an art antithetical to their arcane craft by its very nature. This polarity amongst the alchemic and the arcane yields many perplexities, yet the greatest and most notable among them is the volatility of alchemic imbibements when exposed in close proximity to a voidal connection of any sort. The general concept of this is simple: Should a voidal connection of any sort come within one meter of a potion, be that a connected mage or other source of voidal energy, the potion would be made to fizzle out and be rendered inert. This does vary significantly depending on the inherent volatility of the potion in question, for while an illuminating flask may simply sputter and lose its glow upon meeting voidal energies, a will’o wisp may suddenly combust in a furious rage, inflicting grievous, if not deadly wounds to the haphazard alchemist. This makes it nigh impossible for mages to carry potions on themselves should they hope to cast voidal magic in the same encounter, lest they otherwise risk injury or even death. This effect is far more profound should the alchemical solution be brought into a region of intense voidal energy, such as a rift, tear, or other such anomaly. Potions that enter the immediate radius of a voidal tear or obelisk will be rendered inert, though the passive radius of such objects would not cause any harm. Additionally, those who would be so mad as to dabble in both the voidal and the material would be made to suffer from great confusion upon attempting to learn alchemy. Those who have established an adept voidal connection, or anything higher, will find an additional time and study required to adequately understand basic alchemy In brief, the proposed changes are as follows: Any voidal connection, directly combative enchantment (such as a fire projectile ring, etc.), or attack activated within one meter of an alchemic potion will either fizzle out or combust depending on the natural volatility of the potion. Mages will not be able to cast should they have potions on their person in the same encounter. Damage caused to the wielder of the potion can be anywhere from benign zaps of static energy to fatal explosions of whatever element the potion is made of. This cannot be weaponized by magi as the explosion occurs almost instantaneously following connection. Mages who practice Arcane magic should RP the learning of alchemy as being more difficult to grasp due to the fact that they are trying to directly practice due to the polarity of arts. This is more so flavorful than mechanically capped. Note that this only applies to regular alchemic potions, not other sub-branches of alchemy unless stated otherwise.
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