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  1. “This will be horrifying.” comments a random old man.
  2. “Oh I can hardly wait to visit again!” Olrin spoke upon reading the missive. ”And perhaps a wine bottle collection would be a nice thing to start...” he would add shortly after.
  3. Sorcerio


    I don't know what to say...
  4. OOC MC NAME: Olroxx DISCORD: pundimonium#9142 RP NAME: Olrin Maehr’tehral AGE: 51 ARE YOU A CITIZEN OF HAELUN’OR? Yes An additional note would attached: ”While the current accusations against my family are a great notion in denying me my application, I wish to assure that my loyalty still lies with the Silver State and that the promoting of the Maehr’sae Hiylun’eya will be my only goal and desire.”
  5. “Such a blight must be purged from these lands.” a young man spoke to himself, walking down the path towards the town of Rubern.
  6. An old man signs his name under the petition.
  7. An old and weary man would squint at the missive, humming to himself as he stroked his graying beard. “Perhaps...” he told himself, taking one of the applications to sign. ((mcname: Olroxx)) ((discord: pundimonium#9142)) Name: Alfius Age: ~85. Old yet maddened by his vast experiences. Relevant experience: “Well, I’m old. That means I know a lot. And I’m wise - I think.” were all that was written upon the application.
  8. RP Name: Alfius MC Username: Olroxx Discord: pundimonium#9142 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Paladins Why Do You Wish To Come?: “Because it’ll be fun.” – Alfius... but he has other reasons to go. What Skills Can You Bring?: He’s old, he’s wise, but he knows ****. Also alchemy and magical knowledge.
  9. ”An unfortunate state our good Empire is in.” a man commented sadly upon reading the letter.
  10. ”Why do you sell such enigmatic and mysterious objects, especially to strangers?” an old man would ask as he read the advertisement, scratching his head.
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