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  1. only real ones remember Absalom

  2. Dunno how much longer I can do this...

    1. Zarsies


      he says as the meeting starts

    2. Sorcerio


      Just for u I stay

    3. Arafel
  3. Once I rose above the noise and confusion, just to get a glimpse beyond this illusion...

    1. Salvo



    2. Sorcerio


      There'll be peace when you are done... 

  4. Whats going gamers?

    1. Traveller


      1. 1.
        an act of leaving a place; a departure.
        "don't lose track of your child's comings and goings"
    2. Nozgoth


      plasmodial slime moulds

    3. Panashea


      healing and going crazy

  5. Inb4 necromancy recruitment post 





      Jarvis, we're running low on necromancers. Make a forum post. Only accept people who write seven paragraphs and quote multiple philosophical authors. Laugh at the others in private discord chats.

  6. The CCP is at it again! 

  7. Wow, this is great! Glad someone put this into words.
  8. My god I'm becoming obsolete...

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      who are you again?

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    3. Panashea



  9. Geithwald: burnt ice-cream Azigaté: probably Caribbean rum-raisin or something like that Dresden: moose-tracks
  10. You guys are epic (mostly) 

    1. Spindle


      By you guys, you mean me right?

    2. Sorcerio
    3. Unwillingly


      By mostly, you mean me right?

  11. And in the fiery heat of the rebuttal, a response was penned by the instigator: Do not impugn my honor by proposing I am of the Xionist flock, for they have long-since faded into obscurity, mentioned only in whispers by madened cabals who cling to shreds of forgotten knowledge. But such identities remain beyond this exchange, for I have doted upon the thoughts encapsulated within your letter, and have found them to only confirm my gravest of fears: You assert that the gods are to man as we are to insects, and that we are to forfeit our will with only trust that man’s best interest will be maintained. But this is fallacy, for men and the gods were made alike; only in light of the cataclysm of Aegis have we grown to see them as beings of greater power than we, for they have woven that delusion deep within our hearts and minds. In truth, it was man the gods most feared and coveted in the beginning, the Enemy greatest of all, hence his instigation of chaos among the Brothers of Old. He, too, was of the Light, even though his dominion came to darkness and corruption in the end. But that primordial desire to rule and have a domain of his own, it lingers in the hearts of all who are born of The One, and this is evident by the many suffusions of boons within our realm, each one a desperate scramble to claim dominion over mortal men. We may not fathom the ways of the gods, but do not fall prey to the belief that they know us better than we understand ourselves. Your Lion claims he is for man, and perhaps that is his deepest intention, yet he knows not our ways nor can comprehend our potential, for he is not of us. How can he say he cares for our freedom, when he has stripped freedom from other men who have dared to stand against his mission and pursue their own path? He seeks to control that which he does not understand, and thus his vision of freedom dramatically contests our own. So tell me, Espouser of Gold, what shall your Lion do when all is said and done, and the last resistance of men has been banished beyond oblivion? Do you truly believe he will cast away his hard-earned dominion? No – he will seek to preserve it, to make it everlasting, as any despotic power. On that day, the farcical shroud of mercy will be cast aside, and free will shall be left as a smoldering remnant in the wake of a seething light. Man will have forfeited his freedom, and we will be left as slaves. Even now, you are played as a pawn upon a board, bound to the whims of an oath which, though perhaps you share in sentiment, are not written by your own hand, but by another, distant one. I do not wish for man’s fate to be woven by a hand who shares no part in it. Your words are condemning, but they shall not stand against the might of Man. When my deed is done, then I shall rest, and shall not return. Divine and demonic, light and dark, none among them shall linger any further in our world, and there shall only be Man to stand against the Void. But until then, you have only to see me rise to the height of my mission and creed; and it shall be greater than any yet mustered among the descendants, nor those who dwell in our lands. Thus is my promise unto you, O’ Scion of the Light. Know it well. — Vicar of the Flame in the Shadow
  12. And in the fiery heat of the rebuttal, a response was penned by the instigator: So then there is wit among the forked-tongues, but your claims are vexing still. Know that I am beyond the puerile sort of Xion, and their ways have left them shattered and in the choking dust of antiquity. They had their call, and it proved hollow. But do not think I hate you for thy nature alone, nor because of my ties to that feeble religion; but that you share in the same vow as those of silver and gold who you claim to hate in turn. You are not of men, and yet you serve him; is that not what is proclaimed by those who quiver to the whims of aengulic decree? Like a withering bough in the face of the breeze, they would shift their very will to align with those who granted them power, solely for power’s sake. For only ever have I encountered those who you say are now ash and dust; I have not seen their lord, but only that they pay him homage for their power, and that his likeness are spurned by the realms of men. Tell me then, Word of Fire, what is it he promises to you? To me he is but an extravagant flame which lingers beyond this world. Where is he then? Or is he only of those who hide behind shrouds of deception, speaking empty words to his adherents? For while I have not long-tread this land of living men, and yet I have found it festering with the touch of the divine like a pool of poisoned water, a taint which must be cleansed by the fire of men – for only he is fit to rule this domain. But you, who claim you are not beasts, are consumed by the notion that we are all but slaves; speaker of dragon-ilk, which is the better to be? Is a man better as a slave to his passions? Or is it better for a beast to pretend to be a man, as you so boldly claim is the nature of your brood? For if you are not of man in spirit, nor in body, from whence did you come; from where does your line hail? If my claims were sweeping and broad, your oath to your Father is yet broader still – for even now his likeness flits between joy and sorrow, envy and giving, wrath and mercy in your words. Perhaps your Father is beyond my own understanding, and by that I am humbled. But even so, the deeds of his progeny remain ever-clear in my mind, and unto that is my image of him and his ilk painted. So then prove to me that you are not what I most of all loath; prove that you are not mere hollow words, but deeds. The flames roar with anticipation, and yet they are not fueled by draconic brood, but by man. Therefore, hark, men of fire, for I wait and see whether you too shall fan the flames, or be consumed in their wake. — He Who Holds the Key to Flame and Darkness
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