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  1. Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow... creeps in this petty pace from day to day...

  2. Only offering positive critique here, no harsh judgement. Firstly, do you guys have statistics for the number of retained accepted players yet? If so, that would be a great thing to add to these monthly posts. Maybe do something like adding the player retention from the previous month, etc. Secondly, I noted a large percentage of apps being denied right off the bat. While I understand that there is a reputation to uphold concerning quality and criteria to be met, perhaps it would be best if we tried to amend the reason for why so many apps are being poorly made and den
  3. Lore has been implemented on the primary Mysticism post. This post has been moved to avoid lore clutter.
  4. Omg how could you troll the playerbase like this so many hard working players were fooled by your barbaric and sick f*cking jokes and we were all excited to finally have shattered the constraints of the techlock but now we realize it's all a facade boo hoo
  5. And so another court convened, beckoned by whispers in the dark - invitations unseen. They called to one another, each in their own tongue, gathered before the pool - the waters churning with the blackened, rotten taint. The air grew heavy, and the murmurs subsided, each looking then to the lord that stood in the pool below - whom uttered a woe'd decree: "What one was lost shall na'er be found." "Our mercy stolen, to vengeance ever-bound." "Deprived us our wholeness, took it they did," "We paid the price no wealth could bid."
  6. * Read the preface for information regarding applications * Preface: "What are we if not some pensive reflection?" The Spectral Codex Plagued by dubiety, the dead do not always slumber, resisting the sweet embrace of demise which beckons their spirits to the Soulstream. Many among them would believe themselves held to a singular, unfinished task which demands their presence in the Mortal Plane - leaving the soul to remain restless until the mission is completed. All other motives are made obsolete, the spirit determined to enact this irrefutabl
  7. This Lore has been accepted. Moved to Implemented Lore, it will be sorted to it's appropriate category soon. Please note that if this is playable lore, such as a magic or CA, you will need to write a guide for this piece. You will be contacted regarding the guide (or implementation if it isn’t needed) shortly.
  8. This lore has been denied. You will be sent a forum PM regarding the reasons for denial within the next 24 hours.
  9. Can someone please bring back text indenting on posts?

  10. Somber, cold, pale - The unlit heavens churned ceaselessly, shrouded by blackened cloud, as the moon itself t'were ensnared by the ravages of the storm. Yet within the cathedral, a sable baron processed down the isle, among the last of those faithful to his once-righteous cause. The winds wailed from beyond the stone walls, the candle flames quivering as if caressed by the wind's dying kiss - vainly dispelling that encroaching shadow that licked along the marble floor. And with each hushed step, the howling winds curtailed their bemoaning fugue. Now, atop the predella, the baron s
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