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  1. There’s plenty you can do with voidal magic right now that doesn’t necessitate a CA. All of Squak’s feats and world lore have allowed a wide range of leeway for MArt creation; within current voidal magic lore, you can do some really crazy ****. Adding more fuel to the fire doesn’t make an uncreative community suddenly creative. The tools are there, more people just have to catch on. You also drastically misunderstood me and Johann’s vision of what we wanted a CA to be. What we were writing at one point had only a couple similarities to original “archons” and were otherwise 100% conceptually different. I’ve got like 3 Google docs I can send you to prove this. Your proposition here is stronger than anything Johann and I ever created. Passive connection, immunity to fire and sharp weapons, increased speed, the ability to “learn more magic” as is described in the last few paragraphs. You claim to have written a CA that emphasizes the detriment of the Void, yet what you’ve made is unironically just as strong as Phil’s archons.
  2. no more archonposting. im 99% sure this is a joke but voidal CAs are harmful to the voidal magic community. I would know
  3. “I’m not a fan of identity politics, sorry,” commented Lhindir.
  4. where’s the CA endgame that gives you an extra magic slot
  5. you don't really explain what imagini's are beyond the vague description in the purpose. however, i don't think this should be added to housemagery at all. very similar effects can be accomplished with transfiguration's "alter color" spell, as well as figments in sensory illusion. yeah, its harmless, but i'm really not a fan of housemagery encroaching on the aesthetics and cantrips locked behind fully fleshed out voidal magics. -1 edit: and tbf i can also see this devaluing the minority of artist roleplay to an extent. imagine spending years perfecting oil painting only to be trumped by some redditor housemage using his camera printing spell.
  6. nah mate it’s as long as that piece of string you wont shut the **** up about
  7. The following redlines ought to be added under the general redlines of "Enchanting": Purpose The aim is to cut down on the loud minority of Transfigurationists that place Enchantments on the Auction House strictly for a quick buck. Doing so sets a bad example of what Transfiguration Enchantments aim to achieve in roleplay. Although this doesn't stop Transfigurationsts from selling their crafts strictly for financial gain, it severely restricts them and forces people to meet up on the server mechanically or conduct deals in roleplay.
  8. @King_Kunukposting this for everyone to see. Kunuk was an absolute soldier and produced some rewrites of some magic lore that are honestly pretty solid considering how new he is to a server. his ideas are kinda eccentric but he writes really fast with a pretty consistent quality throughout his pieces. hats off to him, even if you think his ideas are cringe.

  9. could you teach me that magic you had that let you see people's auras or whatever

  10. the xionists are the good guys and the protagonists AND the main characters. we're all just 1 dimensional background characters in their war on deities
  11. this is literally a few spells from Titanium's old thaumaturgy lore that the LT strongarmed him into merging into Housemagery. it doesn't need to be incredibly substantive, as it's just a couple neat cantrips.
  12. I support Oren "stand your ground" laws.
  13. i love archipelego lore i love archipelego brand merch subscribe to archipelego
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