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  1. IsaaKc


    bye king
  2. hey whats up not here to talk about the state of the server, middle eastern border conflicts, or any of that. just want everyone to drop some sick songs in this thread. here's my pick:
  3. literally just a tape recorder. magitech is okay in some situations but this is just lacking in any sort of flavor or taste imo. -1
  4. time to start the IRA on lotc
  5. Wait a minute, this isn’t archons...
  6. The problems must be clearly addressed to come to a solution. A rant wouldn't offer proper solutions and recommendations, which I have included. It's quite the opposite. Throughout the entire post, I have encouraged people to RPly create theories and cultures surrounding Voidal Magic. The only thing that I have discouraged in this post is scientific Magic RP due to the fact that it's overdone and doesn't contribute much that's interesting. The antithesis of creation that houses cosmic horrors unbeknownst to mankind shouldn't be the source of generic fantasy Magic.
  7. Yeah all Voidal Magics suffer from bland writing in some places, namely Evocation, but every Magic besides Telekinesis has some sort of somewhat dynamic out-of-combat usage or gimmick to it. Telekinesis, in its last iterations, has just been floating objects around. Sure, there’s only so much RP that can be generated out of fireballs, but at the end of the day, there’s a reason why elemental magic stuck around and why Telekinesis got shelved.
  8. Holy ****, keep it dead. It’s not coming back because Telekinesis is an objectively bland magic with no interesting aspect besides floating objects around. What a cursed lineup btw
  9. Please stop messing with the forums. It’s true that LotC forums were never the paragon of web design, but I think it was fine before the update a few months ago. If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.

  10. Preface Before I begin this guide, I want to address something that I know is going to show up in the comments of this thread. Voidal Magic, in its current position, is very flawed both structurally and thematically. The Void, a metaphysical body that holds terrors and cold, bitter truths incomprehensible to the average joe, is being misappropriated to serve as a narrative explanation as to how Mages sling fireballs around. Additionally, many of the Magicks encompassed in Voidal Magic have their own flaws and inconsistency. This, I all acknowledge and am in concurrence with. I wis
  11. sorry man no one does 1 year AMAs, therefore your thread is irrelevant what’s your opinion on the direction of the economy of the server
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