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  1. SaltAlt

    My Personal Issues in Life

    In the mean time you should seek at the minimum a part time job.
  2. SaltAlt

    My Personal Issues in Life

    I remember like a year ago when another player was put into a similar situation and had to ask of this community, they received help and I hope you will too.
  3. SaltAlt

    All Hallows Eve

    Kanna Yaander would give a light smile at the third pumpkin she had finished carving, picking all the seeds from the gooey guts she had placed in a large bowl. Placing the seeds in a smaller bowl she quickly brought the two bowls to her kitchen eager to get to work on her pies, and various pumpkin seed treats.
  4. SaltAlt

    Do you want freebuild in 7.0?

    Honestly I think freebuild would be cooler if you were only able to make small roadside towns or taverns like it realistically should be. It would add a lot to traveling the roads, show the difference between living in an established nation to the wilds, and give you things to stop and interact with/role play at; rather then just walking past walled in mini city #37 that’s too big for its player base. The opportunity to grow should be given once shown that the group is active and big enough or something. Realistically I know this would be horrible to the people living there as they’d just get clicked easier by goonies, but the thoughts nice.
  5. SaltAlt

    The Third Nordengradic Decree

    Small Council Vote Voter Name: Kanna Clan: Volaren Sheriff Preferred Sheriff: Kanna Mayor Preferred Mayor: Xalid
  6. SaltAlt

    Norlandic Songs Mega-Thread

    Kanna Yaander wheezes
  7. SaltAlt

    September Prince, Feedback!

    Yeah I agree with that and Id support it if there weren't a clearly stated rule on the server saying that nobody could force you to pk.
  8. SaltAlt

    September Prince, Feedback!

    What I'm seeing here isn't an issue with dying, rather an issue with someone being forced to pk their character, being forced to not play their character anymore.
  9. Xalid is a great guy, have had nothing but positive experiences with the guy, very mature and well conducted. +1
  10. SaltAlt

    Heresy of the faith

    Exander Ruric would get busy burning the heretical copies of the Paragons Codex
  11. Minecraft Name FuzeAlt Discord REBEL RIXT#0026 What can you bring to the World Dev Team that is Unique? Personally I don't know most of the World Dev team so I cant really say what I can bring that is different, though I see myself as an energetic and eager to help person. What do you think the most important decisions are when it comes to designing a world? Personally I like just walking around and finding cool places to just stare off into the distance so for me feeling immersed in a world is priority numero uno. When working on smaller projects such as a village, a cave or a ruin; what is your aim? My "aim" for a build changes for each one, not really focusing on a specific end goal just based on what I'm building. For example I could make a village to either look good, function, or hopefully both; it all depends on what its for. However I tend to make "Player interaction" a priority, constantly stopping to see how many different ways someone could approach something. A large part of the World Developers job is finding new ideas for environments. Give a brief synopsis of an idea that you have had in that regard. So, this is really my whole reason for applying personally however I REALLY don't want to go too into detail about it yet since if I don't get accepted ill just give an attempt of doing it vanilla and much smaller scale. Anyhow, I could be completely incorrect about this, but with all the maps I've played on LOTC I've noticed that we all just show up to a new land thats never been touched (think you guys went back to an old map once, though my sources are unsure). This doesn't feel all that realistic to me and is a complete loss when it comes to story/world building and potential events. Synopsis After arriving at the newly found land everyone would likely spread out and get to building their towns and cities. When wandering the lands a group would stumble upon remains of a long since passed civilization, a vast barren city of rubble with a spire sat directly in its center with no sign of entry anywhere to be found. As the descendants spread out into the land few would begin to find smaller ruins, exploring them to find towering doors of similar design that refused entry against any attempts made to open them. I have plans for whats behind and If I can get a chance to speak with the World Dev team about it I could go further into it. I have it mostly planned out and its something that can be used for various things for likely the entirety of the map. Sorry for the "secrecy" but I really don't want "my idea" yoinked. If you could, what would you change about Atlas and why? Honestly I really don't know all that much about Atlas, I personally found it to be dull and for that reason never took the time to explore it like I did in Vailor and Axios. Thats not to say there isn't anything cool to find from exploring, I actually found some really cool landmarks by off the road, though they were too few and far in between and half the time I couldn't be bothered to leave the road. So I would try to include more landmarks to find and explore, maybe a few that intersect with the road so people can run past and say "oh cool" or something. How much time are you on average able to contribute towards being a WD? I work a full time job M-F but I would be able to be on at least 2+ hours most days, more time on weekends. The World Developers Team is a diverse group with a wide array of opinions, meaning disagreements often happen. Discuss how you handle disagreements or criticism when it comes to your designs. My whole time on LOTC has been spent with a rowdy group that constantly "banter" so I'm quite used to disagreements and criticism. Please include any examples of your design work below! So this took me much longer to make only cause I debated not making it simply because I don't usually take pics of my builds/whatnot except to update people I made them for. I can make something if asked to though, however I do know my strengths and weaknesses in building, and I do have a ways to go to be honest. Anyhow with what limited pictures I could find. A little landmark I was making on a friends server for them, made a lot more progress on it then is pictured. Some worlds I made when learning a bit of World Painter (still learning) Part of an underground tunnel system I made under the Krag I have a lot to learn, and I understand the responsibility of this role, because of this I was a little iffy about even uploading. just really really want to help with the next map, and hopefully get my idea in there 🙂 UPDATE! I found some pics I took from a map I was making awhile ago Other Comments (Not Required)
  12. SaltAlt

    [✗] [Server] Chromie Ban Appeal

    With summer quickly approaching for most of the kiddos here Lotc will get its yearly boom and possibly map change. While I hate most people I would hate to see a good kid like Chris miss out on basically a yearly thing because he stepped out of line once, whereas many repeat offenders have gotten lesser for worse. Chris would be a great help to a lot of new players, and possibly help retain a large group of them. Very community oriented player. Just clear all his gear or some ****.