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    Motherland's used skin auction

    500 for #2
  2. SaltAlt

    Burning of a Branch

    Exander Ruric would let out a sigh as he sat on his bed, his feet keeping him rooted to the floor. “I just don’t want my families name drug through the dirt anymore... I have watched the downfall of this house with my own eyes over my many years, playing a part in it admittedly...” the old man would say, his voice catching. ”This is for young Thalens sake... you cannot raise him a Ruric as you nay lived as a Ruric. Raise the lad a Mournstone and spare him the hatred that comes with the name of Ruric.”
  3. SaltAlt

    Burning of a Branch

    Burning of a Branch ____________________________________________________________________________ Exander Ruric sat up at his desk in thought as the sounds of his wife, and childrens steady breaths broke the nights silence. A pale candlelight cast dancing shadows across the aged man's weathered and worn features. The lonely breaths only being joined by the light clank of a feathered pens insertion into an inkwell as the man was finally ready to put his thoughts, and final decision to paper. ____________________________________________________________________________ Writ of Disownment With the tragic, and much too soon passing of my son Thoromir I wished to keep in good relation with my grandchildren. However I cannot simply look past the actions of the House of Mournstone who currently hold custody of my grandchildren. Knowing that the caretakers, and family of my grandchildren activity fought against, and went under those who sought to destroy my people saddens me. I cannot rest easy knowing my blood will be raised by enemies of our people, and possibly used against me. With a heavy heart I, Exander Edvardsson Ruric, Chieftan of the Edvardsson bloodline and the House of Ruric declare the children of my son Thoromir II Ruric, and Valencia Mournstone be stripped of the name of Ruric. They are to be cast from the blood of Edvard and their connection to the herald severed. Writ en Namen De Exander Edvardsson Ruric, Chieftain of the Edvardssons, Keeper of the Faith, Bearer of the Herald's Blood ____________________________________________________________________________ Exander let out a light sigh, sitting back in his chair as his eyes bore holes through the parchment before him. He felt his chest tighten as he overread it once more, his fingertips brushing over Thoromirs name on the parchment as his calm eyes were filled with dread. “My dear boy…” he’d say to himself, his head lowering to the table as he remembered years past. His vision clouding as he remembered his once youngest, how he smiled, how he played, and the greatness he had grown into. “I wished so much more for you… you deserved better…” he would say in a hushed tone, recollecting himself as he prepared to write more copies. Much of what the tired man had wanted to write was withheld, it was easier to keep it simple and to the point. Standing from his chair he’d slowly walk to the door, opening it slowly to not disturb those who slept. In the cover of night Exander would nail the papers on the posts that lined the roads of Atlas from Nordengrad to Haense. The man would return to his home with his new family just as dawn broke, returning to his place in the bed, his tired body welcoming a good rest.
  4. SaltAlt

    Dev Update December

    Actually loved the artwork ❤️ great update as usual.
  5. Astolfo Rosiere scratches his head “who... who is this?”
  6. SaltAlt

    Farm House For Sale Act Now.

    An Elfess raises her hand “2500!”
  7. SaltAlt


    Kanna Yaander rips her badge from her uniform, tossing it to the ground. The Sheriffs badge being crushed beneath her boot as she walked away from the huts of Nordengrad, shaking her head. “The Clan of Yaander does not recognize this new group as Norland. With no recognized Ruric king or leader the Clan of Yaander will not be renewing their vow.” Kanna would pull her bandana tight, following Robin.
  8. SaltAlt

    The Anti-Imperial Movement

    Exander Ruric shakes his fist, the old man giving a disgruntled “Nyeh!”
  9. SaltAlt

    The Coronation of Louis II

    ((Its almost like people don’t comprehend anything they read)) Astolfo Rosiere smiles after reading the parchment placed on his desk. he’d mutter to himself shortly falling back asleep upon his stacks of blueprints.
  10. SaltAlt


    Astolfo Rosiere smiles as he reads the paper. “Bon travail mon ami” he’d say returning to his blueprints plotting out their city.
  11. SaltAlt

    Vtyx, DPMagnum's Event Team Actor application

    The months I’ve known Chromie I’ve definitely seen a big improvement in how he acts. He brings a good attitude with him and has been extremely helpful to myself and others. He is definitely worthy of at least a shot at the position. +1
  12. Yo, a few people including myself are having issues logging onto lotc, other servers are fine. something up?

  13. SaltAlt

    I need female elf char

    Just make an elf? If you HAVE to be given one I guess I could toss you a character. Clan Yaander, never really done much so it’s a decent starting point unless you’re looking to start with a reputation.
  14. To be fair; I don’t know you all that well, but from what I’ve seen on the forums alone in roughly a couple of months you have “Quit the server”. Made a few rp posts that honestly were a bit cringy, sorry. Been denied from almost every staff team. Apparenty spurged on a livestream (First i’d heard of it) Honestly you’re not somebody I’d go to for support if you did get GM since the image I have of you causes me to not hold you in that high of regard. Whereas there are enough people here who have already voiced their concern or listed a fair number of reasons against you getting GM that I agree with. That being said I’ll have to agree with what I view as the majority that you seriously need to step back and do some reflecting/maturing if you want this position. The position of GM is kind of a “big deal” and I don’t think a class on business adds any merit to your app. Always been a firm believer that learning in practice > learning in theory. A good example of that is last thanksgiving when I tried to make a cheesecake. I read the recipe numerous times but still managed to burn the cheesecake. Anyhow, give it a year. For now though it’s a -1
  15. Username FuzeAlt Discord REBEL RIXT#0026 Timezone PST Group/Nation: Nordengrad / Haense / Independent Have you ever held a staff position before? I have currently not held any staff positions on LOTC, I have applied for World Dev recently and plan to re apply much later. Have you ever been banned before? Yes, Xray when I first joined in Vailor. I had just joined a group that was in the middle of a war and wanting to help my new friends I decided to try and get them iron, but went about it the wrong way. What style do you prefer to build in? I prefer to build dungeons, terrain, and small keeps/towns. To be truthful I'm not too knowledgeable on what build styles mean what, I've always just sort of built and integrated things into my style. Are you comfortable using World Edit commands? I am decently comfortable with them. Provide screenshots of three builds you have created from the following list: Terrain, Creature, Medieval, or High Fantasy Tavern: Keep: Terrain Things: Explain what you feel results in a quality build I believe a quality build has to do more than just look good, but have a clear feeling tied in with it. When a player walks up to a tavern they should feel a sense of comfort, or familiarity with it; while a mysterious cave should make one feel cautious or curious. The feeling associated with a build can dictate how its perceived entirely and could completely ruin it if not done correctly. Why do you wish to become an Event Team Builder? I applied for World Dev earlier and due to irl issues lost a lot of time though came to realize that I still had a lot to learn, and a lot to improve upon when it comes to building on that scale. I want to become an Event Team Builder to improve upon my skills while working to add to the world creating memorable places for players to enjoy events at, or enjoy discovering and exploring on their own. What are your strengths and weaknesses? I work well with groups being very vocal with my own ideas when asked and being open, and welcoming to ideas to add to builds of my own. I prefer to work in an environment with other people I can depend on to keep me focused as I do get sidetracked easily and can forget things I'm working on, though simple reminders get me back on track. How much time could you give this position in the foreseeable future? I could give anywhere between 2-6 hours on weekdays and at least 3 hours minimum on weekends as long as I have something to work on.