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  1. “Ew, Godrics gonna kiss a girl!” Alaric would say after reading the parchment to his group of friends. The collection of Morsgrad children letting out a collective “eeeeew”
  2. Alaric would be saddened by the news “soon my brother will rid these lands of those savage long ears” he’d say as he rose from his desk leaving his studies for later, throwing himself into his bed. “Maybe Morsgrad could take the cats in?” He’d say as he pet his loyal fox.
  3. In all seriousness though ideally this is a good system and a good step forward, having mods actually talk with players (preferably in vc, tired of mods being afraid or unwilling to communicate with players even if they're undesirables) and those involved in the situation will help get rid of what seems to be knee jerk reactions from mods when nobody involved want any punishments. We’ll see how it goes, here’s to hoping though.
  4. “Finally something interesting from the small men” Lorien would say as his associate recited the news to him, laid back in his attic hammock. ”Maybe they’re worth a visit after all”
  5. SaltAlt


    Alaric would sit in the tavern, staring at the small mug of mead clasped between his small hands. Taking a drink from the sweet drink, and wallowing in its bitter after taste, the young boy would savor the taste of the first drink his father had promised to share with him.
  6. The First Morsgrad Hearthmoot Issued by Godric of Morsgrad on behalf of the H.H.C en absentia de H.K during the winter of 1732 (OOC: Friday September 13th 9PM EST) To my fellow servants of the Father. Be you Keeper, or Hearth Keeper. The increasingly apparent void in the High Hearth Council must be rectified. For too long has our faith lacked the guidance of a High Keeper. A lantern in the dark to guide us all amidst the storms of sin burdening the mortal realm. All keepers are called to gather at the Morsgrad Hearth Temple to discuss faith business. The following shall be discussed. I. Election of a new High Keeper II. The state of the Order of Purifiers III. Determining the Hearth Keeper of the Morsgrad Hearth IV. Establishing the Fatherist Seminary of Morsgrad V. Establishing a schedule of Fatherist Services INVITATIONS To Keeper ALIFER AMICE of Nordengrad we request your presence at the Hearthmoot To Keeper SOLVI FARETTO of Dunharrow we request your presence at the Hearthmoot To Keeper ELLENORE of Nordengrad we request your presence at the Hearthmoot To Keeper SEPTIMUS of Nordengrad we request your presence at the Hearthmoot To Keeper GODRIC of Morsgrad we request your presence at the Hearthmoot To Keeper GARETH of Dunharrow we request your presence at the Hearthmoot To Keeper TYR FARETTO of Dunharrow we acknowledge your absence on pilgrimage To Keeper LORIEN VOLAREN of Nordengrad we request your presence at the Hearthmoot PENNED BY Godric of Morsgrad EN NAMEN DE The H.H.C en absentia de H.K
  7. The First Morsgrad Elections Issued by Edvard I, confirmed by H.H.C en absentia de H.K during the winter of 1732 (ooc: Friday September 13th 8PM EST) Seeking an Alder of the Grandburgh With the Grandburgh of Mordsgrad nearing completion it is becoming increasingly apparent that the Grandburgh will need a competent administrator to handle daily affairs on behalf of the Thorned Crowned. The responsibilities of the Mordsgrad Alderman are as follows. I. The sale and upkeep of homes owned by the crown to prospective settlers. II. The collection of taxes and tithes of the Grandburgh III. Managing the stewards of the Grandburgh IV. Upkeep and supplying the defences of the Grandburgh V. Providing an annual report of Burgh affairs and news to the collective Chieftains council VI. Keeping a record of all residents, their citizenship status and their homes. The Alder will be compensated for their labours with a salary of sixty Nordish Marks per year. The Alders term shall last four years at which point another election shall take place. Only Nordish citizens may vote. For those seeking office, please make an appropriate speech in the public square Seeking a Chieftain for the clanless As the Throne privileges all citizens with representation upon the Chiefsmoot. The lack thereof in regards to the clanless must be rectified posthaste. To that end the clanless commons must, from their own ranks select a chieftain to speak on their behalf. The candidate preferably being an elder male. It is worth noting that only citizens who are without a clan or clan ties may vote for a Chieftain of the Freemen. All candidates must of course be Fatherists, Citizens and Residents of the demesne. The responsibilities of the Chieftain of the Freemen are as follows. I. The communication of Freemen interests and concerns II. The defence of Freemen if requested in judicial matters III. To steward the clanless, ensuring acceptable moral behaviours and social conformity. Penned By Godric of Morsgrad En Namen De The Thorned Crown and the Chiefsmoot of Morsgrad
  8. Lorien would stumble upon the fellow elf, a bow slung over his shoulder and arrows snuggly in their quiver on his hip. “ah, I see another eagerly awaits the slaughter” he’d say as he raised the bow from his shoulder, plucking it a few times ready to take a few shots into the mass. “who you got mina on? Personally I think there won’t be a single orc leaving that battle without moistened toes” he’d say with a slight chuckle.
  9. Registry Form Name: Godric Branch: Edvardsson Line of Descent: Godric from Aeyn from Exander, from Arthas, from Beo, from Edvard, from Thoromir Registry Form Name: Alaric Branch: Edvardsson Line of Descent: Alaric from Edvard II, from Exander, from Arthas, from Beo, from Edvard, from Thoromir
  10. The Holy Rurikid Registrar Ensuring an accurate record of the Holy lineage and its membership Letters have been sent to all Ruriks known to the Edvardssons by way of Exander. However for those unknown to the Mordsgrad Ruriks and the High Hearth. It is asked that a registry form be provided to them. Those who are not registered within a year of this documents publication shall not be considered Rurik. Those Rurik not dwelling in Mordsgrad, on pilgrimage or at odds with the Mordsgrad Ruriks need not fear bias nor exclusion by the Hearth. All pious and patrilineally blooded Ruriks are to register at soonest convenience regardless of worldly affairs. The Holy Institution of the High Hearth shall register every claimant of the Holy blood to ensure the absence of false Ruriks and to accurately record the lineage. To that end it is requested that all those who believe they are of the Holy Blood make themselves known to the Keepers of the Holy Hearth. That they may be added to the official record of the blood in descendance from Thoromir I to the days of modernity. To remind all. To claim Rurikid once must be able to patrilineally trace descendance back to the first of the blood, Thoromir. Those who have a mother of the blood cannot claim Rurik. Nor can those who have renounced the Father, the Hearth or been declared anathema. These unholy Notruri or Ashes have no claim to Rurik. Known branches and sub branches. Edvardssons -By way of Exander -By way of Caunter (thought to be extinct) -By way of Thoromir II (thought to be extinct) Freysson -By way of Alvar (thought to be extinct) Eiriksson -By way of Rorik -By way of Rosik -By way of Ashton (thought to be extinct) Registry Form Name: Branch: Line of Descent: Penned by Godric Edvardsson Ruric En Namen de The High Hearth Council
  11. A Response to an Incompetent Academic A demonstration of gross error ( @lev @EdwardM ) To synthesize your thesis, you believe that the Nordish people are comprised of excessive zeal tempered by insufficient discipline. To substantiate this claim you offer no examples or evidence of Nordish routs in battle. Your chief conflict which masquerades as evidence being the Avar conflict. A war occurring centuries ago. Let us for the sake of history examine the happenings therein from our perspective as well as yours. The battle of the whale comprised of the Nortruppen led by Thomas Eiriksson Ruric in the name of his father, the incumbent Earl of Ostavar Sven Eiriksson Ruric. In addition the skilled men of the dreadlands marched with there as well. Bearing the gleaming gold leafed cuirass of the finest warriors ever to grace the mortal realms. It was these men, who hearing of Thomas's desperately foolhardy mission to plea his Father's case before the Emperor set out to save him. Knowing the heart of their prior liege. Hearing his screams as he was brutally tortured within the depths of the Emperor's own castle they descended. Without thought to life or limb. Four warriors crashed the palace gates. Their coming heralded by smoke and flame. There they slew every man who drew blade. Causing the Emperor to flee (as he would do many more times) leaving his men, outnumbering the foe ten to one. To die. It was this great outrage that sparked the ire of Sven. That his heir had been abused so after many tired and thankless years of service. Thus it was war. Yet the Empire of Vailor was not the monolith its scholars pretend it to be. The majority of its levies being offered by minor houses. Namely Ruric and Staunton. For none of the more favoured vassals could match them in rally. There Thomas, knowing the heart of the Haensemen, who had unjustly raided his home whilst he was a vassal. To no response, reprimand or justice from the Emperor (a common theme perhaps?). Sailed to Courland, to break bread and make words with a man who by vassals duty should have killed him on sight. There he met the High Staunton. And [vege] knowing the fate that was to come on his people, unfavoured as he was vowed to sail with the sons of Avar. On the day of the whale that oath was broken. The word of every Staunton from that day until the final day made ash and smoke in the eyes of the Nordish. Outnumbered beyond the counting still the Nordish charged. Beating back the levies of their oppressors. The deadly skill of the Dreadmen playing out countless times that day. As they stood, bruised, exhausted, wounded to the point of collapse. Then came the Nauzican. Breaking the lines and slaughtering the survivors. Having waited past the real fighting and dying. Some few survivors returned to Seahelm. And so that city was burned. Countless women and children put to the sword. Where was the cowardice of our people here good professor. Where was our rout at the breaking of the wild charge. The nortruppen a unit almost excessively drilled and disciplined. But I digress. Let us look to other Nordish conflicts perhaps we can find what you seek there. Yes, let us then speak of the Krag. That great bastion broken only by internal strife as it was invaded for the third time. Its lords renouncing the All Father. Clearly its fall was a punishment from the divine. Perhaps Ruriksgrad or Nordengrad? The records hold of a vicious defence with the wholesale slaughter of an entire generation of our people. Yet the Nordish stood. The Nordish fought. And the Nordish died. Again no signs of rout. Perhaps if you spent less time absorbed in your own self aggrandisement you would study all sources of the history and people whom you seek to analyze and criticize. Let us then speak of the Dragons war. That great meaningless conflict. Spilling so much blood so that nothing yet everything could change. But the post war decline of Renatus or Cascadia is a discussion for another time. Rather, let us engage in the war itself. When the rebel Emperor of Marna stood seeking to take by pen what had been gotten by sword. All these opportunistic vassals fled the banner of their liege. The pathetic nay, the womanly act of Antonidus, 'releasing' his vassals after he had been deposed by his own privy. A pathetic legal facade. Yet once more the Nordish stood resolute. Outnumbered, facing almost certain defeat we alone held to our oaths. And after the first battle of the bridge. Proceeded to smash these vaunted 'Imperials' you now fellate over and over in service of our Renatian lords. When these 'imperials', consorted with the dark alf to bypass our defences. Sieging Helena directly. We stood beside our Renatian brothers in arms, along with the valiant high alf and orkin. There we shed blood, defending another's city with our very lives. Not a soul broke. Several of our own were named heroes of the realm you've now inherited. Namely one elderly Keeper Amice and a young Freysson. He who stood amongst the final four, having slaughtered the invaders back to back with his countryman, before the old man was knocked unconscious. We stood, we fought, we died, we won. Beyond this, for some reason you contrast us and the half-men with the armies of Kaedrin. A martial people certainly. But a proper Kaedrin nation prior to the current iteration has not existed for some centuries now. And have engaged in no real campaigns of note for a similar length of time. We've no ill will for the modern Kaedreni but they remain untested and unproven in war. To choose them over the Renatian as the pinnacle of warfare is an exercise not only in historical revisionism but in grand delusion. You embarrass yourself with your faulty, clearly partisan scholarship. And should be ashamed. Your claims sourced from nothing more than biased anecdote. Your conclusions are what you wish them to be rather than what is. The Nordish people served the Renatian empire with noted decoration. And once we had done our duty we departed. Hoping to find a long pursued reprieve from endless heartland nay, from 'imperial' wars. Were you a properly read scholar you would have cited the Nordish of the 18 year war period. One of the more primitive periods wherein they served as coastal raiders against Imperial settlements along the northern coast of the southern continent. Even then your conclusion would remain false. The Nordish are an ancient people. Of the extant houses and peoples. It is we who have persevered the centuries. Never fleeing to misted continents, always reforming. As a people the Nordish are passionate beyond measure. Their philosophy dictating they live life rather than merely exist in the fashion of livestock waiting to be culled by death. More oft than naught this obstinate, uncompromising passion had led to their folly. Alienating allies, engaging with foes far more numerous. Yet to be 'less than women' to as you insinuate be cowards should they fail the first clash. Slanderous and untrue. Even in the eyes of our innumerable foes and detractors. Retract your thesis. You embarrassment to the historian's craft. To the Esteemed Gentlemen of the Imperial Academy It seems by unfortunate error a buffoon has taken up residence in your organization. His credentials surely mistaken, or perhaps he has ventured beyond his realm of expertise. I, an amateur scholar hope to see this individual reprimanded if not expulsed. Lest the quality of his publications reflect upon the esteem of you and your organization. With the embarrassing display of Sergius, in submitting so totally to a nonhuman. Let us not further degrade the reputation of man in academia. Yours truly, Penned by Godric of Mordsgrad, occasionally reader of history books
  12. Lorien would wonder why this random citizen would have more to say on this topic than the duke in question. “perhaps this man is sucking the dukes toes as well, could be some kind of degenerate toe sucking circle in Vintas!”
  13. Alaric would wonder if Norland were included in the “Highlander Realms”
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