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  1. MyLittleUnicorn's AT Application

    Minecraft name: MyLittleUnicorn Discord: Ali#0878 Time zone: EET (UTC/GMT +2h) Describe your knowledge on the descendant races: I am quite much familiar with all of the races and subraces. I have role-played with a lot different raced people, and that way, and also from the wiki site I have gotten to know the races quite well. (Myself I have a human character & a wood elf character, that actually speaks a bit like the orcs do.) Describe your knowledge on other pieces of lore that you believe relevant: Recent happenings are usually the most important things for new players when they join, of course also the map change from Axios to Atlas, as usually people tend to put their character so, that they would have been born in Axios. The religions are also big part of LOTC, which is why they are relevant. Detail what drives you to become a member of the application team: I want to help out the community and I have huge amount of extra time I'd like to put for good use. Also why I apply for Application Team is because I actually went out to apply for GM few days ago, had interview yesterday (14.3.2018) and now came out with an answer that It would be best if I first applied for another team, and then head for my goal, which is to become a GM on LOTC. I was also suggested highly to try out either AT or ET team, and in my case I saw AT as a better option as I would still get to help out the people, and now also possibly IF I get accepted, help out more and more new people to LOTC. So far I have helped around 5-10 people to LOTC, helped them by telling a bit of recent happenings on LOTC and explaining some lore, as sadly the Wiki is a bit outdated on things. Provide an alternate way to assisting new players apart from reviewing applications: I would be actively watching the Wandering Soul chat and answering any questions people may have. I wouldn't either mind on helping people out if contacted via discord. I would be honored to explain out the recent happenings around the server, point them out to read some stuff from the wiki, etc etc. Survey the application process and provide any possible improvements which could be made: At times AT team could be more active on reviewing the applications and answering out questions in /WS chat. Get more people from different time-zones. Provide any additional information that you believe is needed: I study IT-Support for the second year currently IRL, and it includes customer service. This would also help out me in my studies actually, that I am to help out such community and bring out new people to the server. I would dare to say I get a long with quite much with everyone, I don't get stressed over things, I remain calm on things, but when case requires I can be strict. So, helping different kind of people is no issue to me! I am also very active, on weekdays I can be online around 4-6h, on weekends +12h easily! I can also be easily contacted via discord, pretty much always, even if I am work I have discord on phone so I should be able to respond quickly! My GM application also has a lot of information If you are curious out to know more of me, my skills, etc: MyLittleUnicorn's GM Application Tell a joke: What do you call a frozen puppy? - A pupsicle!
  2. -= Elf-Slayer =-

    Renee stares at one of the posters, tilting her head lightly to right. The girl squints her eyes, trying to read the text. The 6 years old elf child would only understand the word 'kill'. "Mi run! Mi hide!", the child states loudly, running home quickly, the bouquet of just picked flowers on her other hand!
  3. Pontifical Writ of 1655

    Alison Skion shooks her head, watching the city of Halsworthy from quite a distance. "Dear friends... What the hell did you get yourselves into.. And why are people always forced to become canonists.. Should let the people just be", the woman mumbles, making her way back home.
  4. [Denied]put me in coach

  5. [Trial]Alex’s GM Application

    My fav staff member of all time! :) Totally deserving the spot again ♥♥♥ Helpful and nice! +1
  6. [Denied]MYLittleUnicorn's GM Application

    IGN(s): MyLittleUnicorn Age: 19 in may. Timezone: EET (UTC/GMT +2h) Discord: Ali#0878 What map did you join during?: Axios Do you have access to a microphone?: Yes, however I admit being very shy, and just on the point of trying to get more comfortable on actually speaking. Average daily playing time?: I have no life, I play on weekdays around 5-8 hours, on weekends +12h. Currently at 680 hours of playtime on Atlas, with my main character. Have you held any LotC staff position(s) before? If so, for how long?: N/A Why do you want to join the GM Team?: I honestly have many reasons for applying for Game moderator. One of the main and biggest reasons is the fact that I really do enjoy helping other people. I also miss my times when I have been a staff member on other servers. Second I'd like to state the fact that I believe the server needs some fresh blood on the GM team. I know I am quite new but that doesn't mean I don't know of things nor that I wouldn't have the skills to help out those in need. Have you applied for this position before and been denied? If so, link the application: N/A Anything else you want to tell us?: So hello to you all! I am a young woman from Scandinavia, north Europe, Finland. I speak 4 languages: Finnish as my main, Swedish as my second, English and German. I have to admit my English isn't always 100% perfect, however I do not find that as a too big of an issue, and I hope that isn't a problem for you guys either! I am always happy to learn new things, and share my knowledge on things to others! I have high experience on being a staff member on servers. My past of being a staff on servers is very colorful and starts from year 2015 when I got Minecraft. I have been from all the way of builder position to owner position. I have owned two servers myself, currently still keeping up one of my servers, that has quite much however died as LOTC is the thing I put my time on, it's my addiction. I have worked in different type of positions as said, and one good example of my skills is actually the fact I worked on very known about 400 players server as a helper,(I still weirdly do have my rank there). Along with positions I obviously have huge knowledge when it comes to commands, plugins and such. Here is a small list of plugins I am very familiar with: Worldedit, tickets & helpop, PEX, Coreprotect, advancedban, regions, holographic displays, plugman, RCD, and basic essentials plugin and it's commands. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thank you for putting your time on reading my application!
  7. Ajax Ironwood's Will

    Alison Skion places her fist over her heart. "May his soul rest in peace."
  8. "The Adylith Solution" [Human Summit]

    Alison Skion reads through the notice, giving out an accepting nod. "About the time. No man or woman should ever proclaim theirselves as kings or queens, and break the traditions. Not to forget their oathbreaking. Fools. I'v seen it go with the old Kingdom of Arbor, and it only led on death of the king and the kingdoms fall. These people should totally be happy to get another way out the crap they got themselves into."
  9. Assassination of the Skion

    ~ Handouts are shared around in the lands of Atlas by few couriers ~ First with the sad news of the death of the Maer of Haense, Ser John. Now also Haense's vassal, Riviä has lately gotten more than enough bad news. The Governess's brother, Leon Skion has been brutally murdered, and few of his body parts were sent out to the Governess, along with a letter. As for this all, a reward of 1000 minas is placed out to anyone who gives out information, that will lead to finding out who is behind this assassination. So if anyone is willing to help out and catch this brutal murderer before it gets to harm other innocent people, send a letter out straight to Alison Skion or Rythel Sylric. Hopefully no more of these horrible murders will be seen around. We shall work on stopping those who wish to harm the innocent, and bring end to this madness! Stand on the side of the weak! Stand on the side of justice! Signed, Governess of Riviä, Alison Skion
  10. A Decree for Election, 1654

    Alison Skion would read the letter, brusting in tears. "H-how?", she would question from herself.
  11. Workers Guild

    The Workers Guild Foundered 4th of Malin's Welcome, 1654 by the Government of Riviä Location The guildhouse is located on the way to Riviä. As you start your journey towards Haense, before the big hill you will find a path taking you up the stairs, signs of Riviä can be also noticed on cobblestone pillars. Keep running by the road, following signs that would take you towards Riviä. Eventually you will hit Riviän farms, and as you continue the road, there is a sign pointing through the farms towards the Workers Guild. Basic Information The Workers Guild was foundered to help out people and the economy around the lands of Atlas. Fairly paid job for those who are in need of one, more food and resources to those who wish to buy some. The workers will get fair payment for the jobs, and the foods and resources will be sold in local markets around the lands, mainly in Markev. Everything will be sold with 2-10% profit. The extra gained money again will go on keeping to run the guild and pay the workers. Anyone joining the Guild can also freely leave the guild, no oaths, vows or documentary that you will not be able to leave. Everything within the guild is voluntary work that you will be just paid for. Until we find someone to officially lead the guild, the governess, the Chancellor and the Lieutenant of Riviä will be the ones in charge of the guilds work. Safety Many might question the safety of working outside city gates, and as for this we have put the military force of Riviä mainly in charge of taking care of the well-being of those who work in the guild. Along with this the Government of Riviä has hired the Rivian Mercenary Guild to patrol out the surroundings, making sure to keep all troublemakers away. So worry not workers, your safety has been secured! Housing The Guild will provide anyone in the guild a safe place to stay at. You will be given a room or a house in the are, if you just wish for one. Along with this a storage spot will be handed out to store out any personal belongings. Once joining the Guild you will start out with a room (If you just want one) and as you work and show that you are an active member of the guild, you will be given a house nearby. We are to build a small village in the farmlands, along with constructing small cottages in the woods, only for you workers! Notice: Getting a room or a house won't make you be forced to live in the area, as this mean you can have your main location where-ever that is that you live at. Jobs & Tasks The workers guild will hand out a lot of different jobs and tasks, so you will have a lot to choose from! Got a request or need for materials? Contact one of the guildleaders and they can put up a notify of the request for the workers to complete! Below is small list of the most common jobs: ~ Farming - The Guild are holds massive farm areas, mainly out of wheat but also other farming resources can be found. Farmers duty will put you to harvest and replant the crops. ~ Mining - Mining duty will require you to go out for the mines, bringing out stone, coal, iron and other resources that just might be requested. ~ Fishing - In the fishing duty you will be handed out a rod and sent out to the lake, obviously to try your luck on getting some fish. ~ Hunting - Hunters duty might be the hardest one of these, as it will require patience and basic skills with swords and bows. Hunters usually are sent out in small groups just to ensure the safety of the workers. Mainly the hunting targets are deers and such, basically just to bring some meat in the markets. ~ Lumber-jacking - As a lumberjack you will be sent out to the treefarms we hold in the guild area. You will be taught skills on how to plant down new trees and how to cut down some old ones, which will be chopped into logs. ~ Baking & Cooking - Bakers and cooks will work in the kitchen area of the guild house, creating out bread, cookies, cakes. Cooking meat, fish and so on. What is just requested. ~ Brewing drinks - Brewery duty requires basic knowledge on incidences, as in this duty you will be brewing out different alcoholic drinks. ~ Breeding animals & taking care of them - You will be sent out to the barn / stables area, where you will breed out animals, feed them, shear sheep, milk cows, pick up eggs from the chicken and make sure the the animals are in good health. ~ Blacksmithing - You will be working in the small smithing area, creating out weapony, tools and armory. -=+=- In the guild we will also give out guiding and teach you skills that might be new to you, so worry not if you aren't skilled with anything, we are here to also give you a shot to learn new! -=+=- Sign up today! ((IGN:)) Name: Age: Race: Hometown: Jobs that mainly interest you and fit to your current skills: ((Discord:)) Signed, Lady Governess of Riviä, Alison Skion Chancellor of Riviä, Rythel Sylric Rivian Mercenaries Guildmaster, Douglas Merek
  12. Attempted Assassination of the Chairman [BOUNTY]

    Alison Skion would make her way inside the Rivian Mercenary Guild. She would place the notify poster on one of the walls. "Time to catch this fool" she would state, grabbing her shield and sword, making her way out of the building.
  13. The Rivian Mercenary Guild

    The Rivian Mercenary Guild Join up with the Rivian Mercenary Guild today! What is the Rivian Mercenary Guild? The Rivian Mercenary Guild is mainly planned to be the moving forces. Their main duties come from the Officers of Riviä, however these mercenaries can also be hired by outsiders. [It is totally up to who is hiring and what the case is, if they are to take up the mission or not] The main duties given by Riviä are to patrol out the roads and take out bandits. This is to ensure that the roads are safe to travel for everyone. Main locations of the patrols are around Rivian and the Haensetic lands, yet the mercenaries are to at times make longer travels. So these aren't just any type of mercenaries, but men and women who travel out with honor in their hearts. How does one join the guild? To join you need to head out to Riviä. Travel out towards Haense and eventually there will be a road leading off from the main road. Following the road and signs, you will eventually get to Riviä. As you arrive in Rivia, you will just have to find an officer of the rivian company ('army'), member of the guild or the governess. Sending out a letter to the governess, officer of Rivia or leader of the guild also works. To join up you will also be put in a small test to see your current fighting skills. Requirements? There are few requirements you need to fill to join up with the guild along with passing the test. These requirements are listed below: - You are capable to fight, at least somehow. Training will be given out regularly, but basic fighting skills are required - You are to be loyal to your fellow guild members and Rivia - Carry out the small sash within your armor to show you are also part of The Whitewolf Company Of Rivia (The 'army' of Rivia) - You are not seen as enemy to Haense - Anyone joining the Mercenary Guild will also be signed up as part of the Army of Riviä, so it is required of them to help with anything going with the army, when just called upon - The members of the Guild aren't required to wear the uniform of Rivia, yet their armor needs to include at least a small sash that has the Rivian colors, blue and white. This sash can be given by the leader of the guild, Douglas, once joining the Guild. Benefits? The guild and it's work surely benefits many. Starting out from Rivia and the guild members straight to the people who use the roads. Below is a small list what you gain once joining the guild: - You will be seen as a member of Rivia, which will give out protection - You will be given out regular training to help you improve your fighting skills - You will be given out all the armor, food and weapony you might need - For free - You will be either given a house or a bed in the city - You get key to the city and to the Guildhouse - When you are hired by an outsider, you get to keep the money gotten from the job So what is it not to give it a try and join up with the guild!
  14. Markev City Elections of 1652

    Alison Skion would obviously give out a vote to her coming husband, Ser John!
  15. Alex's MT Application

    Ayy hes a great person :3 ! Also knows tons of stuff !