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  1. Reminds me of the App I had to fill out in Athera to join the server, and I didn't know it had been made easier, so it gets a +1 from me! Only comment would be that full rp scenarios are hard, as you don't have people to emote at you further, so it can be hard to remain dynamic, unless you only expect a 1 emote response.
  2. “Being that there are Mali’Aheral residing in Fenn, Aegrothond, and Alderyn, this must be a joke...one nation containing some members of one race railing against all others for their Valah masters, just as they did in Athera, they do today....”
  3. “This “declaration” by the Aheral does nothing but prove their own complete idiocy...” Elros would muse “A race that destroyed the previous state of Malinor in Anthos, persecutes, attacks, belittles, and destroys Malin’s other children, and whom were mutated from their original form by a pool themselves somehow claim to be more in the being of Malinor than all of the other elves combined...” he would say with a sigh “And they prove they are just the lackeys of the Valah in this as well. Proves our reason for the creation of this Union all the more true.” The Keeper of Malin’s Flame would then go about his duty, feeding the Flame of Malin in Aegrothond with a laugh
  4. A Final Farewell ~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_ [!] A missive would be posted around the Principality of Aegrothond, The Underrealm of Urguan, the Druidic Grove, and the Princedom of the Fenn. Brothers and Sisters in the Silma and Friends and Allies without them, it is my sad duty as the Keeper of Malin’s Flame to announce the passing on of Loriens Silma. You may have known him as a brother, a father, a Commander, or as a High Prince, for the great man touched many in varying ways throughout his long time living in this world. From the Times of Malin to recent decades he sought to serve and protect elves however he could and brought the light of Malin’s teachings where ever he tread. I wish to invite all those in the realms to whic this missive is sent to a Memorial for Loriens Silma next month on the beaches near the city of Caras Aegrothond in the Principality of Aegrothond. I wish all of you peace, and May the Flame of Malin and whatever gods you hold always guide your path. Signed: Elros Silma, The Keeper of Malin’s Flame, Lord of the Silma, Councillor of the Seastone Court of the Principality of Aegrothond OOC:
  5. I'm planning to come back after a long absence, hopefully it hasn't been too long...

    1. Ark


      Welcome back man, if you need any help hit me up.

  6. ((I am not missing, could someone move me to the clan brothers section?))
  7. Name: Elros Age: 128 Race: Wood Elf Job: Sirame Guard, Hunter Appearance:He has fairly long brown hair and brown eyes. He is 6 feet tall, 140 lbs, and has a thin yet muscular build. Wears the uniform of the Order of Sirame with a bow slung over his shoulder and an elvish longsword at his side. He has some scaring around his eyes. Status: Alive and Healty History: Elros was born in 1430, in the middle of Anthos. He lived an ordinary life until 1475, when his parents died during the battles with Halenor and the beginning of Laurelin. He joined the Ivory Order, which was Laurelin's military. At this time, when he was only 45. He spent his days guarding the gate and city, scouting the dreaded undead fortress of Embermore, and training. His first real battle occurred when the Ivory Order attacked Embermore after one of the townspeople was kidnapped. They attacked and defeated the undead and the cultists, secured the imprisoned man, and went back to the city. A month or two after this he killed a litch by shooting it with a aurum arrow, an achievement he still looks upon with pride. Shortly afterwords the war with the High Elves begins. He helped with the raids and sieges on Halenor. He remained a guard in Ceruin after the war. At first he hated the idea of the subjection of his home to the Valah of Oren, but he warmed up to the idea a bit when he found how much freedom they got, though he still prefers the old alliance with the dwarves to the current arrangement. He made the transition to Valior somewhat hardly, as he loved Athera. Then, his life went sour as, after 40 years of service, El'Annil Kairn kicked Elros out of the Sirame for questioning his actions in wanting to kick a man who had done no wrong out of the city and when he was being coarse to a new recruit. He now searches for a new purpose and feels as if 40 years of his life have been wasted. After this event he became reclusive for many years. However, in Axios he has resurfaced several times, rejoining the guards, where he still is now. Personality: He is fiercely loyal to his country and people. He is witty, intelligent, and likes to debate, especially on politics. He is not very nice to purist high elves, as he still begrudges them from the war. To friends, colleagues, and citizens he if fairly kind, respectful, trusting, and attentive. Despite this, he is introverted and tends to not star conversations and rather wait for others to start them with him. Religion: Aspectisim Alignment: Chaotic Good - He respects the law of his people, however even if he receives orders from a superior he will not break his own moral code, such as if ordered to hurt the not guilty or throw people out for no reason. Skills: He is good at fighting with the sword and bow. He uses his wits and intelligence to try to see through claims he thinks are untrue, and is fairly good at it. He can guard the gate fairly wisely and impartially. He is diligent and gets the job done. He has a good memory. Weaknesses: He is sometimes too serious when on the job. When he gets suspicious, unless he gets some proof that your claim is true he will keep on trying to catch you as a liar. He can be taken by surprise if he is distracted with a debate or a call for help. He is stubborn, and impulsive and aggressive to raiders, thieves, and other enemies, even if it would be wiser to fulfill their demands. Goals: To rise in rank and respect in the guard and defend his city faithfully, get married, and live a long, full life defending his people, and possibly other jobs in the future.
  8. MC Name: SmartScout Character Name: Hurin Grandaxe Character Age: 30 Profession (See above): Engineer (Soldier in the future) Appearance: A 4 foot tall dwarf with fiery red hair, a fairly long well-kept beard and blue eyes. Wears a leather shirt over chainmail and black pants. Bloodline and relation to other clan members (Feel free to contact me for guidance): Braveaxe An image of the skin you intend to use: http://i.imgur.com/NQ9XNC8.png Skype Name (If you have it):I would prefer not to use skype
  9. I won't be on the server for some time, sorry.

  10. I created a persona in game as a general "elf". I decided to settle in Leylin and wanted to be a wood elf sub race. If there is a difference between the mod req process for that and one made on the fourms, I would like to know. Thanks for all the help.
  11. I have a new elvish persona, and I put him as an elf. However, I would like to change him to the wood elf sub race. Could I do it or would I have to put in a mod request?
  12. Sorry, I was just seeing if the the code worked (which it did not.) I have now filled it all in to how it should be.
  13. Character Name: Morgan Cassidy Nicknames: Age: 25 Gender: Male Race: Human(his mother was a Highlander and his father was a Heartlander) Status: Deceased/missing(refused to leave Athera) ((I permakilled him to create a new charecter as I never really used him after making my elf Description Height:6'2" Weight:160 Body Type: Muscular Eyes:Brown Hair:Brown Skin: White Markings/Tattoos: N/A Health: Deceased Personality: Kind to others, but is cautious when people seem to be trying to manipulate him, intelligent, free-spirited, impulsive and aggressive when very angry but calculated and diplomatic otherwise. He always tries to seek a peaceful solution first unless there is no choice. Inventory: Further Details: Life Style Alignment*: Chaotic Good, but neutral good when it comes to planning. Deity*: The Creator Religion: The Faith, except for the part about the decendents of Horen being the representetives of the Creator Alliance/Nation/Home: The Independent Town of Praven Job/Class: Soldier Title(s): Profession(s): Soldier Special Skill(s): Is skilled in the fields of bussiness, farming, hunting, and politics. He is good at reading and writing. He can fight well and is a good shot. Flaw(s): As all chaotic goods he does what is right and just even if it is not completely lawful. He is a strong supporter of individual freedom for everyone, causing him to lash out against an oppressive government. He also is very violent when greatly angered. Magic Current Status: Morgan does not currently have magic Arch-type:N/A Sub-Type:N/A Rank:N/A Weakness(es):N/A Strength(s):N/A Current Spell(s):N/A Weaponry Fighting Style: He has a baleced style where he defends and dodges untill he sees a time to strike Trained Weapon: He is adept in both the sword and the bow Favored Weapon: He uses the sword and bow equally well, it just depends on the situation which one he chooses Archery: He is adept with the bow Biography Parents: John Cassidy and Lauren Aldwyn Siblings:N/A Children: Not yet Extended Family: N/A Pet(s): A black cat named Merlin History Morgan was born 1 year before the fall of Anthos and got used to not staying in one place for long. His parents, His father being a writer and historian and his mother being a master of herbal medicine, farming, and tailoring, wanted their son to be well educated despite the unstable state of the world around them, so they taught him to read at a young age and gave him books to both occupy his time and to teach him valuable skills. Finally they reached the land of Atheria, and Morgan finally, after 12 years of near constant travel, knew what stable life was like. He helped his parents work their farm and tailor shop in the town of Pravets. At age 14 his parents sent him to formal education in the town. He graduated at age 18 and started a general store in Pravets and lived in a small farmhouse outside the city. His business grew and he had a decent amount of money. He lived contently and meets with his friends often at the Turncrow's Tankard. He enjoys the freedom he has and would lay down his life to defend it. He enjoys traveling the lands and exploring Atheria when he isn't too busy with work. He plans to start a family of his own someday and to gain more wealth and power in his community. He joined the Order of Saint Amyas when he was 25 after his bussiness failed, and served for the rest of his days. He refused to leave Athera, and died shortly after everyone else left.
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